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Popular wisdom says: if you want to save money on doctor - eat the apples. Well, we suggest you do not just eat apples, and move to the apple diet. No, not for life, just for a moment, for example, seven days. Then, after the results - a great figure, a fresh complexion and clean smooth skin - to secure the effect can be to arrange a discharge (apple) day a week. Stunning views are guaranteed.

Why apples and what they are so good? Let's start with what nature has given the apples all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, fiber. There are even superdefitsitny iodine, which, however, contains no fruit, and seeds.

Apple diet helps to restore the disturbed metabolism and get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Diet really is very effective, but like any diet, it should be treated with caution. We want to emphasize that apples do not have some kind of super-efficient opportunities to reduce weight, everything is based on reducing calorie intake, in other words, you have to spend more calories than you consume.

And some caveats. Mono-diet should not last long. Therefore, even if we say that our apple diet designed for 7 days, it is intended that these days in the diet are some other products. On some apples is not recommended to "sit" for more than three days.

And further. Rapid weight loss is not very useful for the organism. Generally, in order to avoid the unpleasant consequences of the diet and instead use does not harm themselves, we strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor and get tested.

Options apple mono-diet

  1. You can eat in a day to two kilograms of apples. For a variety of apples can be eaten raw, baked, making applesauce. Additionally, it is recommended to drink mineral water without gas, herbal teas, broth hips, green tea. Sugar is not used. It is possible during the day to eat 1-2 teaspoons of honey.
  2. Just baked apples (two kilograms). Divide by 6 stages. During the day, you can drink green tea, mineral water without gas, herbal teas, rose.
  3. Hard apple diet, designed for 7 days. The first day - 1 kg of apples; the second day of -1.5 kilograms; third day - 2 kilograms; fourth day - 2 kilograms; fifth day - 1.5 kilograms; sixth day - one kilogram; the seventh day - 1 kilogram.

Last diet is very heavy, it kept a few. If you find such a test would also be unsupportable, you can spend on apples couple of days, and then supplemented diet at its discretion main condition - it should not be too high-calorie foods, and it should not be much.

 apple diet 7 days

Apple diet with supplements

Apple + yogurt

Extremely effective is the apple diet, supplemented with products such as yogurt, oatmeal. Daily diet such diet includes about a kilo of apples and a liter of yogurt. Apples can be eaten in raw form, and in the liver. Raw apples are recommended to eat in grated form, so they are better absorbed.

Apple + yogurt + cheese

  1. For breakfast you can eat grated apple with a spoonful of cottage cheese and a small amount of honey.
  2. Lunch: Two baked apples and a glass of kefir.
  3. Lunch consists of two tablespoons of cottage cheese and a glass of kefir.
  4. Snack: grated apple and a cup of yogurt
  5. Dinner: 2 baked apple with a teaspoon of honey and chopped walnuts.
  6. Before going to bed you can drink a cup of yogurt.

This is an excellent version of the diet, because in addition to apples there are dairy products (yogurt and cheese), honey and nuts. And honey, and nuts enough calories, but since they are used in small amounts, the process of losing weight does not interfere. And the benefit is undeniable, since both products are biologically active and contains a lot of useful substances.

Apple diet: pros and cons

Efficiency apple diet proved time. Choose whether this method of weight loss, everyone decides for himself. One thing is clear: for a long time the apple diet is not designed as the human body should get a balanced diet.

However, if you want to quickly get rid of the extra kilos, then a few days on apples are guaranteed to give the desired result. It is important then do not go for the food. Eating should be frequent and small meals. This will keep a stable weight. Another advantage will be the fasting days, which you can arrange once a week.

Apple diet has contraindications. Rather, even without contraindications, and the need for correcting the diet according to the state of health. That is why before you begin to diet, you should consult a doctor and get tested.

For example, people with ulcers, gastritis with high acidity, problems with bile, are contraindicated sour apples raw. They can eat only sweet apples, the rest should be used in baked form. Those who have low acidity, on the contrary, sour apples are not simply give the opportunity to lose weight, but also help improve your health.

Allergy sufferers should be treated with great caution to the brightly colored fruits - they can cause an allergy attack. For them, the most suitable varieties of apples are green.

Grow thin with the mind and be healthy!

 Apple diet for 7 days. Your way to beauty!

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 what foods burn fat


  • Grapefruit
  • Green tea
  • Pine
  • Salmon
  • Boiled beef
  • Coffee
  • Legumes
  • Apples

What every girl dreams of, decided to lose weight? About to lose weight while continuing to eat tasty. For most of us, sitting on a strict diet after some time simply does not stand the test of hunger and pounce on the forbidden food like a wolf on the lambs. As a result - a sense of guilt, depression, and even a few extra pounds in addition to the former weight. It would seem that a vicious circle ... But do not get upset: the fact that there are very tasty and healthy products that are allowed to eat all those who lose weight. Knowing what to eat and what is not, you will easily cope with their diet, and finally reach the desired results.

So what foods burn fat? They are not too small, and in this article we will give you a detailed list of what you can eat during weight loss without the risk of "eat fat". It is ironic, but some products do not only accumulate fat, and burn them. Of course, instantly melt the excess amount in your waist and hips, they are not capable, but resist the feeling of hunger during weight loss - easy!


Many dislike the healthy fruit for his bitterness, but in vain. It is a chemical (a citrus flavanoid naringenin), which gives grapefruit slightly bitter taste, and is responsible for the breakdown of fats in the body. Moreover, it is not the only advantage, because it regulates blood glucose and insulin levels, which leads to a reduction in appetite. Just imagine, you look at the table covered with delicious meats and ready to eat at least half in one sitting! But if you eat before a meal at least half a grapefruit, most of the so coveted you recently treats will seem not so appetizing. As a result, you eat less and keep their shape.

You can eat grapefruit pure, you can drink fruit juice and even mix it with other juices of citrus. If you're at least a fortnight to eat half a grapefruit before each meal, you will lose weight two to three kilos (and this despite the usual diet!). It is not surprising, because even the fourth part of this wonderful fruit is eaten before dinner, burn calories as many as eight.

But, unfortunately, for the regular consumption of grapefruit has its contraindications. With increased acidity of the stomach, but even more so, gastritis or ulcer, grapefruit has not recommended. Also, should refrain from this product to women in menopause: doctors suggested a link between regular consumption of fruit and breast cancer.

 foods burn fat

Green tea

Green teas of all kinds are increasingly coming into fashion, coming to the aid of not only losing weight young ladies, but also to all those who care about their health. It is not surprising, because a couple of cups of freshly brewed green tea per day prevents the formation of cancer cells, strengthens blood vessels and even protects against harmful radiation from the computer screen and television.

And for us, losing weight women, green tea is especially useful, since it is able to restore normal operation of metabolic processes in the body. What could be better: you have not really eaten a delicious meal, and metabolism has already started to burn all the extra fat (exactly what work products to burn fat). Furthermore, green tea, as well as grapefruit, reduces the feeling of appetite. That is why he is on our list.

Of course, drinking tea to the "greening" not necessarily, especially - to replace his regular food. If every day for a year you will be every day to drink at least a cup of green tea, you will lose approximately four kilograms. Of course, for many, this figure may seem meager, but that such a result is stored in the usual mode, power to you! Nobody bothers you go on a diet and workout - then the "green one" will provide you with a great help in losing weight.

Green tea is contraindicated in women with heart disease, as well as nursing mothers, because it can cause sleep disorders in children. But most of these problems occur in those who abuse this drink. Still, green tea - a kind of medicine you need and take it in doses.


Pineapple - it's very tasty and sweet fruit, and therefore losing weight with it - a pleasure! Look at the pharmacy: it is full of different supplements for weight loss based on the pineapple. The question arises: how is it possible to lose weight on this fruit, if it is sweet, and so - a high-calorie? That's the whole secret that within a hundred grams of the product contains only forty-nine calories! For comparison, a hundred grams of chocolate bar them four.

But not only low calorie helps everyone wishing to lose weight quickly and easily. The Pineapple contains a rare substance - bromelain. Doctors call it enzyme harmony. Its action is that it is perfectly cleaves proteins and fats, improves digestion and strengthens the gastric juice. Due to these properties, the pineapple does not allow excess grease deposited. It is estimated that one gram of pure bromelain in the body a day can help to throw a kilogram of excess weight.

But if you believe that overeating pineapple from morning to night, you will find the figure of your dreams, you are deeply mistaken. All that you will have - irritation of the mouth and stomach upset. Everything is good in moderation! To the magical properties of bromelain it worked and you lose a pound a day, a necessary condition, impossible for the human body. So, just enjoy the sweet, tasty foods, eating on the lobe after each meal. In addition, the pineapple perfectly reduces appetite, so it is not out of place to eat servings of fruits and before eating.

Despite the fact that the pineapple is very useful for health (there are a lot of vitamins and minerals) for its regular use also has its contraindications. Due to the fact that the substances contained in pineapple, can cause muscle contraction, it should not be there for pregnant women - it can damage the fetus. It is also worth to abstain from the product for women with gastritis and peptic ulcer. And, moreover, pineapple juice and pulp can cause some people have an allergic reaction.


Well, where do without seafood! Salmon - a fish that not only promotes weight loss, but also a substantial strengthening of health! Let's start with the fact that this fish contains high amounts of omega-3, which successfully break the fat tissue. Did you know that the less of these acids in the body, the better your chances of obesity? So a quick run to the store and buy a delicious, fresh salmon.

Also good for weight loss, salmon will help you gain radiant skin, strong hair and nails. It contains vitamins A, D, B12 and V6.Krome, thanks to the regular consumption of fish you lower your cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure. Is not it a reason to eat a serving of salmon at least once a week?

Boiled beef

If you had to look for a suitable diet for yourself, you probably noticed that almost all the menu there is boiled beef. And this is no accident. Agree, eating a slice of beef, you can easily satisfy your hunger. Therefore, this product is stored and in our list. It is not only saturated, but also that the protein contained in the meat, accelerates metabolism in the body. So feel free to include this product in your diet and lose weight health.

One hundred grams of boiled beef contains two hundred fifty four calories, and it is quite a bit, considering that the average rate of a healthy woman - one thousand eight hundred calories. Eating a piece of beef a day, you will not only quench your hunger and avoid the possibility of eating too much, but also increase your hemoglobin, which is important for losing weight persons. In the boiled beef there and useful acids - omega-3 and omega-6 (albeit in small amounts, but the body and glad!).

 fat-burning products


Benefits of coffee for the body has always been a controversial issue. Someone says that it's a real poison for health, and someone - it is an irreplaceable source of vitality. The whole point, of course, how many servings of the drink you drink a day. If you replace them breakfast, lunch and dinner, you simply "burn", placing their heart. But moderate coffee consumption does not face such a terrible: you not only activate your energy, but also prostimuliruete respiratory system, enrich the body with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as calm their nerves during times of stress.

As for weight loss, the coffee is very valuable two indicators: first, it has a diuretic effect, and thus relieve the body of excess fluid; and secondly - it stimulates the acceleration of the body's metabolism. Did you know that every drunk in the morning a cup of freshly brewed coffee frees you as much as three hundred calories? Not a drink can boast the same result. So feel free to drink coffee in moderation and enjoy the result.

Coffee is contraindicated in hypertensive patients and those suffering from a stomach ulcer and heart failure. Be careful to use the drink for the night: you can until the morning insomniacs!


What do you think, why Princess on beans was so slim? Surely it is not just sleep on them at night, but also happy to use them during the day. Unfortunately, quite a few of the modern women often take the food peas, beans or lentils, but in vain! These wonderful products not only help burn calories, but also improve the body.

They contain many useful elements that you can write a separate book about this. Suffice it to say that the beans have fiber, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid ... You can continue very long. Regular consumption of beans helps reduce blood cholesterol, reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Besides, manganese contained in these products, makes our hair shiny and strong.

Legumes - an indispensable product for those who want to lose weight. They contain so much fiber and pectin, which take up much space in the stomach. And this despite the fact that a portion of cereal contains only two hundred calories! In addition, legumes contain forty percent of protein, so you can easily replace the use of more high-calorie meat.


It would seem, such a familiar product like apple knows everything. But not all know is that daily consumption of these wonderful fruits helps to establish the optimum level of sugar in the blood - and hence to normalize the levels of hormones that affect appetite. Eat more apples - less than overeat.

One ripe apple contains about ninety calories, and this is a significant plus for all the ladies dieters. Slimming most suitable acidulous green varieties because they contain less sugar. Of course, it is not necessary to replace the usual meals eating apples - so you will not only spoil the stomach, but also damage the enamel on the teeth (fruit acids in large amounts it can corrode). But fasting days in the bull's eye you do not hurt anybody - it's tasty and useful for the figure.

As you can see, low-calorie foods that burn fat there. You just have to choose the ones that suit your taste, and fun to watch as slowly melt away those extra kilos.

 What foods burn fat: Lose Weight delicious!