Japanese diet 7 days

  • The Japanese diet is based on seafood
  • A diet with five meals
  • Cons Japanese diet

There are several varieties of the Japanese diet, today we look at two particularly popular and effective option. And despite the significant difference in the menus, both of these options will help you lose up to five kilos in 7 days. Naturally, the Japanese diet, as well, and other "hunger strike" has its drawbacks. But we will discuss later, but now let's take a moment it pluses and useful tips on how to ensure that the effect of the diet exceeded all expectations.

The Japanese diet is based on seafood

Some tips:

  • Dairy products such as yogurt or yogurt can be consumed, but it is better to replace them with mineral water rich in calcium;
  • If for some reason mineral water does not suit you, drink green tea, its use is not restricted. Thanks to the useful elements contained in tea, you will not only lose weight but also help the body get rid of toxins;
  • Salt in the Japanese diet is contraindicated. But as the main course of your diet are seafood, which already contain enough salt, it does not affect your body;
  • Bakery products successfully replaces the figure, it is better to use Thai or brown;
  • The Japanese diet includes eating fruits everyday, any - any more than love. They help the body to survive the lack of calcium and vitamins.

Do not be surprised that the menu below, you will not see restrictions on the consumption of fish and seafood. In this embodiment, the Japanese diet for 7 days they just do not, so it too can be considered a significant advantage.

Thus, we begin to lose weight! On the first day:

  • At breakfast - a cup of unsweetened coffee ground;
  • Lunch - two boiled eggs, 150 grams of cabbage braised in olive oil and a glass of juice, the best tomato;
  • Dinner of boiled fish, preferably sea.

On the second day:

  • We have breakfast with a small portion of boiled rice, which wash down with a cup of coffee;
  • For lunch - one small zucchini, sliced ​​and fried in sunflower oil, two apples;
  • At dinner - a piece of boiled beef 250 grams.

On the third day:

  • We have breakfast in the same way as yesterday;
  • Lunch cooked fish and fresh salad, you can take those that you have at the moment;
  • Lunch salad of seaweed, not more than 100 grams of two boiled eggs and fresh cucumber.

On the fourth day:

  • For breakfast, drink a cup of coffee brewed in Turku;
  • Lunch - soup any seafood - a portion of 250 grams;
  • Dinner fruit.

On the fifth day:

  • Breakfast salad of raw, grated carrots on a medium grater, seasoned with juice of half a lemon;
  • For lunch - boiled fish, tomato juice;
  • Supper, as yesterday, the fruit - 4-5 pieces.

On the sixth day:

  • At breakfast - rice and coffee;
  • Lunch - soup made of seafood, 200 grams of tomato juice;
  • Dinner fruit.

Finally, the last day:

  • At breakfast - a small cup of green tea without sugar, fish.
  • At lunch - fish again, you can not cook, and fry in sunflower oil, green tea;
  • Dinner fruit again in the number of 2-3 pieces, drink a cup of tea.

If necessary, the diet can be extended for a further 7 days.

 Japanese diet for 7 days

A diet with five meals

This Japanese diet is easily tolerated by the body. Since its principle is the frequent use of small portions of food, hunger will not be so keenly felt. In addition, this diet is quite varied menu, which is its undoubted advantage. Designed such a diet for 7 days.

Monday and Thursday:

  • Breakfast consists of 100 grams of milk, rye toast with 10 grams of butter and 150 grams of salad;
  • Lunch - fat cottage cheese in an amount of 100 grams and a slice of bran bread;
  • At lunch - soup with vegetable broth, rye bread and a salad of any vegetables;
  • Snack - boiled sea fish - 150 grams with a slice of rye bread;
  • Supper any porridge, drink half a glass of milk it.

Tuesday and Friday:

  • First breakfast menu consists of one boiled egg sandwich with butter and bran bread, 100 grams of salad from vegetables;
  • Lunch - a piece of rye bread and a glass of milk;
  • Menu lunch - 200 grams of lean borscht, a small piece of boiled chicken, about 150 grams of salad;
  • Snack - little fat cottage cheese, no more than 100 grams;
  • Dinner salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, are not more than 200 grams.

Wednesday and Saturday:

  • At breakfast - a slice of bran bread with butter and cheese, 135, 10 and 15 grams, respectively, a teaspoon of honey and green tea;
  • Lunch - half a cup of skim milk with a slice of rye bread;
  • Dinner - 200 grams of meatless soup, 150 grams of salad, a small piece of boiled beef, a slice of rye bread;
  • Snack - 150 grams of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Dinner - serving salad, a cup of black tea without sugar with a slice of cheese.

This Japanese diet for 7 days means the last day of the week a complete rejection of nutrition, ie organize themselves fasting day. You can drink yogurt, green tea, water. And eat no more than two green apples. If your diet is necessary to saving time, the apples can be replaced watermelon - it will be even better. Incidentally, in any of these days it may be even desirable to use the mineral water and green tea without limitation.

 correct Japanese diet 7 days

Cons Japanese diet

Despite the fact that the Japanese diet guarantees you effective results in a short time, it has its drawbacks. If you do not comply with diet after diet, it can lead to the fact that the lost weight back within a few days. After the diet comes to an end, do not rush to lean on high-calorie foods, try to introduce them into your diet gradually.

The Japanese diet is designed for a maximum of 14 days, you can not renew it for a longer period. This can lead to malfunction of the body and many unpleasant diseases. And in diseases of the stomach of fasting is to abandon altogether.

During the diet, especially in her last days, be sure to take vitamins, after consultation with the doctor.

 The Japanese diet 7 days - excess weight is gone!

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 fasting day on green tea

  • What is a fasting day
  • Discharge day for green tea
  • Brewing? There are three options

Fasting days on green tea for a long time have earned a good reputation. They help maintain the figure in good condition, but also have a healthy effect on the body, cleansing it of toxins. There are several options for handling these days, and this we want to tell you more.

What is a fasting day

In short, the fasting day on green tea or some other product - it is a holiday for the body as a whole and for the gastrointestinal tract in particular. Not burdening the stomach usual amount of food, we give the opportunity to rest for all systems involved in the digestion of food. This is the first. And the second. Thus we cleanse and restore the health of your body. And as a nice bonus, we get weight loss.

Fasting days are widely used in dietetics, and they may have a completely different content: carbohydrate, kefir, apple, etc. Everyone chooses fasting day at its discretion. May be carried out, for example, two days per week unloading: Kefir and tea. This means that these days your food is reduced only to the consumption of the product that you have selected for unloading.

Difficult? From the first time fit into a diet is difficult, but once it becomes a habit, believe me, you'll be glad those days would, for the observance of such a diet brings tangible results. Firstly, the leaves are overweight, and secondly, significantly improved appearance. Fresh complexion, elastic skin, no bags under the eyes - not what you dreamed of?

Another important point, which would like to stay. If you enter the fasting days in the system, you can get rid of excess kilograms without sagging skin, poor health, which is usually observed when using the so-called "fast" diets. When unloading the weight is lost slowly but surely, and an additional advantage is that with this weight loss kgs will not be returned.

 fasting days on green tea

Discharge day for green tea

In China, Japan and other Asian countries, green tea has always been considered a drink of health and longevity. For quite a long time this drink is considered to be their own and in Europe. Nutritionists have appreciated the healing power of green tea and actively use it for weight loss, suggesting at least once a week to conduct discharge day on tea. If you do this regularly, you can achieve impressive results.

How to build a fasting day on green tea? There are several variations of such discharge: only green tea and nothing more or green tea as the main product, and in addition to it some additional food. It can be fruits, berries, vegetables, salads. In other words, if you do not feel the strength to withstand the discharge of only green tea, you can still afford some light meals. Of course, the best option is a fasting day on green tea without any additives.

In order to discharge day on green tea brought maximum benefit, you should choose high-quality leaf tea (with additives - jasmine, slices of tropical fruits) and brewing it correctly. The taste of tea and its beneficial qualities, not least depend on the water - it should be soft and well treated. Optimal use of melt water.

It is not necessary to fill in the green tea with boiling water, the water temperature should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. One portion of the welding can be used three times - each time the tea will be more fully "open" its taste and aroma. Green tea can be used as a hot or cold.

During the fasting day you can drink a half to two liters of green tea. Should drink little and often. Other liquids that day you do not need, and should the need arise, it is best to drink mineral water without gas or melt water.

You can brew green tea with milk. This option also enables handling of the day a great result. And almost no sense of hunger. In general, this combination of products is very useful for the organism. Green tea with milk is much better absorbed and does not cause stomach discomfort. The drink has a strong diuretic factor, very good relieves swelling, bringing the liquid unnecessary.

Brewing? There are three options

  1. Brew tea in the usual way, and then add the milk at a ratio of 50 to 50.
  2. Boil milk, cooled to 70-80 degrees and pour green tea. Infuse for about 15 minutes, drain.
  3. Brew tea in the water and infuse 20 minutes. Then add the hot milk and leave all together for another 10 minutes, then strain.

In one liter of water or milk is one tablespoon of tea leaves. This drink, as already noted, has a very strong diuretic effect. Therefore, rehydration should be sure to drink water.

Discharge day for green tea before and after

Do I need to somehow specially prepare for the discharge day? This question often arises from those who had never resorted to such a diet. No special requirements, but, of course, on the eve worth slightly reduce the amount of food consumed, not to overeat, and dinner to eat something very easy.

The same can be said with regard to the day that follows the discharge. You should not go for the food, there are lots of fat and sweet. Eat little and often, most of the daily diet Take fruits, vegetables, salads. If you want a protein food, you should give preference to varieties of dietary fish or meat (chicken, rabbit, turkey).

Discharge day for tea with the right approach and the right psychological mood will reconsider approaches to diet, go for a healthy lifestyle and thereby to normalize your weight and improve the body.

 Discharge day for green tea. Simple rules

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