rice diet for 7 days

  • Which figure is most useful?
  • Rice diet for 7 days
  • Two variants of the cleaning rice diet
  • Which leads to the results on the rice diet?

More than half the inhabitants of our planet each day eat rice. After all, when properly prepared, the product does not get bored, on the contrary, can serve as an excellent side dish to many dishes. And, of course, no way not to mention the benefits of rice to the human body. What is it unique? First of all, rice blends well with both meat and fish as well as vegetables and fruits. Moreover, it is a source of energy because it contains many of the desired trace elements for human health: carbohydrates, vitamins B, various acids, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc.

For people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, doctors even recommend to use rice for food, because it creates in the stomach a special protective film. The same researchers proved use of rice in the prevention of cancers, in treating people with intolerance to gluten and vegetable protein, which is not contained in the rice. All these advantages will surely make this product are always relevant. But the most important advantage of rice is that it greatly helps to lose weight and cleanse the body, with little or no harm to health. Rice diet is the first place in popularity, and today we will talk specifically about it. But first, you need to focus on the rice and understand what is best suited to become the most effective diet.

Which figure is most useful?

It all depends on the processing of rice. For example, white polished rice is not so useful, than the wild or untreated, even though it is most commonly used in cooking. Why is that? Before you get to the shops, rice is cleaned and processed, it is to ensure that the finished product is stored for longer. And useful properties "leave" from it in the process of purification. Therefore, rice diet will be more effective and useful if used in her rice brown, brown. You can buy it in any supermarket. Of course, it is an order of magnitude higher than white rice. But your health is priceless, right?

 rice diet 7 days

Rice diet for 7 days

So, we come directly to the description of the diet. Duration of your "hunger strike" will be only 7 days, for the sake of a beautiful figure can be patient for a week, the more that is not such a strict diet and. We begin, as usual, from Monday ...

On Monday

  • Breakfast: boiled rice - 60 grams, flavored with lemon juice or zest, apple, green tea without sugar;
  • Lunch: rice with olive oil - 60 grams, vegetable soup, vegetable salad;
  • Supper: rice steam with carrots and zucchini - about 150 grams, vegetable broth.


  • Breakfast: boiled rice, just 60 grams, filled with low-fat sour cream, orange;
  • For lunch and dinner the same: any vegetable soup and about 100 grams of boiled rice.


  • Breakfast: boiled rice with cinnamon, apple, unsweetened green tea;
  • Lunch: rice stew with mushrooms, salad of fresh cucumbers, olive oil, vegetable broth.
  • Supper: rice steam with the addition of broccoli, a glass of broth.


  • Breakfast: boiled rice, seasoned with a teaspoon of grated almonds and a handful of raisins;
  • Lunch: rice with carrots, steamed - 150 grams, lettuce, radishes and vegetable broth;
  • Supper: rice with parsley and a glass of broth.


  • Breakfast: rice porridge with milk, fruit salad and rice cereal;
  • Lunch: 150 grams of steam rice with vegetables and any herbs, broth;
  • Supper: rice, seasoned with grated walnuts, celery, green onions. Spinach.


  • Breakfast: salad of rice, dates, couples, couples walnuts, figs and pears;
  • Lunch: rice with vegetables - 60 grams, absolutely any vegetables, you can add mint and olive oil;
  • Supper: a portion of rice with apples, you can season with honey, vegetable broth.


  • Breakfast: a portion of 60 grams of rice with yogurt, lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey;
  • Lunch: a portion of the steam is 150 grams of rice with tomato and green beans, vegetable broth;
  • Supper: a portion of the steam rice, 150 grams of olives and zucchini, seasoned with olive oil. Vegetable broth.

Here's a not particularly strict diet. Of course, it is a little monotonous, but the effect is excellent. In just 7 days you lose 5-6 kilos, but it's not so bad, you will agree! The peculiarity of the rice that it brings a feeling of satiety and allows for a long time not to feel hungry. Besides rice diet is good also by reducing the need for sugar and fat, while retaining all necessary energy to the body.

 Useful rice diet for 7 days

Two variants of the cleaning rice diet

The first diet lasts three days, during which you have to eat only boiled rice. Every day - one glass of this useful cereal without any seasoning. A portion is divided into several equal parts, washed down with juice - apple or orange. The diet is very strict, so it can not hold more than three days. You can repeat not earlier than in a month. This rice diet allows you to reset approximately kilogram per day. Good to sit on such fasting on the eve of the holiday, the New Year, for example, to your favorite dress turned out just in time.

The second option, which can offer a cleansing diet rice is not as strict, it is designed for seven days. One day diet requires a pound of boiled rice, which you can add lean meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. The main thing, the percentage of these products should not be more than 200 grams per day. You can drink mineral water, natural juices self cooking, green tea without sugar. This rice diet involves repetition of fourteen days, if necessary.

Which leads to the results on the rice diet?

As mentioned above, the rice diet gets rid of the extra kilos in just a few days, and it takes place without harm to health, on the contrary, the body is cleansed of toxins unnecessary to him, and you will feel more alert and healthy. To diet results please you as much as possible, within the first two to three weeks after the application is necessary to limit itself in the use of meat, fat and dairy products.

Of course, in this article are not all variants of diet on rice, you can choose the diet that suits you best. By the way, before you start a diet consult a dietitian, he certainly will tell you how to proceed to get a stunning effect!

 Rice diet for 7 days. Preparing for the holidays

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 Chocolate fasting day

  • Birth of chocolate
  • Benefits of Chocolate
  • Discharge day chocolate
  • Features "chocolate hunger strike"
  • Pasta - Chocolate Diet

Chocolate - is the subject of disputes about the dangers and benefits that made him a legendary product. Do you know where the story originates chocolate? The ancient Maya paid attention to the little oblong fruit of an exotic tree. Bitter drink made from this fruit was expensive, it could afford to let only the most notable members of the tribe - leaders, priests, leaders. They called this drink "chokolatl" - a bitter drink, and it is not at all familiar to us cocoa, but the Indians simply adore.

What is chocolate fasting day no one has no idea, but fans have a drink was enough. The Aztecs also considered it a magical and were firmly convinced that the fruits have been sent from heaven. In addition, the cocoa beans were real money: just 10 grains was possible to buy a large rabbit, and 100 - healthy and strong slave.

Birth of chocolate

In Europe, beverage Indians not received due recognition - he was the taste bitter, and society ladies were afraid to drink it because of the belief that they subsequently give birth to a black baby. But one French doctor guessed add bitter cocoa sugar, and then there was the most favorite product for children and adults - chocolate. Many physicians and researchers all over the world debated the benefits or harm of chocolate. So the question remains open, but the fact that chocolate is a product of the paradox - it is an indisputable fact. Judge for yourself:

  • It is thought that chocolate causes allergic reactions, but Japanese doctors is with this sweet treat allergies in children;
  • All believe that chocolate is bad for your teeth, and recent studies have confirmed that it has antibacterial properties and is the prevention of tooth decay;
  • "From the chocolate we get fat" - that's stupid! Weight gain does not come from sugar, milk and cocoa, and unsustainable amounts of sweets;
  • We ate a lot of chocolate and you "sprinkle"? Yes, any dermatologist confirms that the spots of natural chocolate does not happen!

And chocolate is credited with aphrodisiac properties - by the way, it really is not. He always carried with him, even Giovanni Casanova - the world's most famous lover.

 fasting day on chocolate

Benefits of Chocolate

Previously, chocolate was sold only in pharmacies - it contains a lot of minerals (potassium, iron, magnesium) and B vitamins and PP. If you eat chocolate in moderation, it improves memory, decreases the formation of cholesterol, increasing attention. In addition, chocolate relieves women in the days of PMS increases sexuality. Dessert of cocoa beans, even helps with stomach cancer - it's the latest research.

Chocolate is a smart tool for depression - Eat tile "bitter sweets" and you will feel like you have improved mood - this is due to endorphins - the hormone of happiness. In Switzerland all spas have long used chocolate wrap - skin becomes velvety just like a baby. Miracle? Yes, but it is available to everyone!

Discharge day chocolate

Yes, do not be surprised! It is happiness for sweet lovers! Discharge day chocolate - it's nice, tasty and effective. Just need to know what features bring with them these days. Let's look at them in more detail.

Chocolate fasting day may have a negative effect on the liver - before consult your doctor in order to rule out any problems. Days on chocolate, there are two versions. In the first - it is necessary for the day is not eat more than two chocolate bars, 40 grams each. You can drink coffee with milk and sugar.

The second option fasting days are used 10 grams of chocolate before lunch and before dinner, for about 10-15 minutes before eating. To those days were productive, buy only dark chocolate, cocoa content it should be at least 80%. But milk and white chocolate hide away - it contains a lot of sugar.

Features "chocolate hunger strike"

It should be noted that the mono diet is quite heavy for the body. Therefore, for your own peace of mind, it is necessary to make a medical examination - may be any restrictions. For example, in diseases of the cardiovascular system chocolate is unlikely to be appropriate. But in general - it's so cool when you eat a sweet with the idea of ​​losing weight!

During the three days of unloading on chocolate can be reset from one to one and a half kilograms of excess weight. Such a good day to spend before the holiday, a celebration - will look simply amazing! But the number of fasting days may not be exceeded - not more than three in a row. And repeat it will be possible only after a two-week break.

 fasting days on chocolate

Pasta - Chocolate Diet

If the unloading of the body on one chocolate is not desirable, then replace the "sweet day" on a more gentle way to lose weight, for example, try the macaroni-chocolate diet. It consists in mixing the product and have a meal. In such a diet composed of the following products:

  • Any pasta - less than 200 grams per day;
  • Sauces for them, which contain low levels of fat;
  • Vegetables and fruits in any quantity;
  • Water or juice;
  • Chocolate - no more than 30 grams per day.

In those days you do not have to eat just one chocolate. The diet allows to mix all of the above products as well as snacking between meals. The peculiarity of it is in the "piecewise" diet. You can eat often, but little by little, it is possible to prepare these products from any dish which you like best. So you really will not feel hunger and chocolate helps the body make up for the missing power these days.

As you can see, chocolate to arrange fasting days is quite possible, even necessary. It's so nice - lose weight with pleasure! And in order to ascertain the veracity of all this, just try it for 20 minutes before a meal to eat at least 20 grams of sweets, and you'll notice how much smaller portion eat. The constant use of dark chocolate helps to reduce daily calorie intake by 15%. Just be aware of all the measure - in any case it is impossible to eat only chocolate - would be counterproductive, and can fundamentally impair health.

 Chocolate fasting day - and diet may be "sweet"

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