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Friendship, and in particular women - a phenomenon complex and ambiguous. Indeed, the beautiful half of the world's population is divided into two camps. In one of them lives a firm conviction that a strong relationship of trust between the two women are not in relationship - is a myth. No, the supporters of such a position does not deny the possibility of being friend, chat in a neighbor, to cooperate, and so on.

But in the sphere of personal none of the people are not going to start. And is little reason for such behavior? Without end we hear the "terrible" stories: the one friend took her husband from another, gossiped with envy, then do something else unworthy. What trust people after that, opening before them the soul and letting into your heart!

But the other part of the women says that life without a good friend is empty and devoid of many colors. After all, neither my mother, nor sister, nor a husband or boyfriend can not tell you what you can share with like-minded best buddy. Who but she will be able not only to listen carefully but also to give some advice? Criticize honestly express their position, to rescue, if necessary, and to keep secret your secrets?

But all this is only possible if there is sincerity and honesty to each other, the ability to listen to the thoughts of a person whose opinion may be different from yours, and mutual respect. In addition, a real friendship - is a deep level of trust, almost the same as the one that defines love. Treachery, deceit, insults and innuendo such relations are not terrible, especially if they are checked for years.

Does a strong friendly relationship in the present? Of course, after presenting birthday, March 8 or other holiday bottle of perfume, a set of stylish jewelry or high quality cosmetics, which have long dreamed of a close friend, it is best to tell her about your sincere and good relations.

Of course, the long-standing friendly relations are not estimated amount spent on greetings to any date in the life of one of two women or girls. But any sense, whether friendly, romantic if necessary makeup as something material. After all, a gift - is primarily a sign of attention. And from what it would depend a lot.

How to start a gift-dream?

The choice of how and what you plan to congratulate his girlfriend with an important date in her life depends on what mood it's done. Of course, if you are a burden to go in search of a decent gift, it is possible and even necessary to postpone the mission until later.

After all idle wandering the shops without a purpose in search of unknown what surely end in disappointment and left behind a deep sense of dissatisfaction. And the very thought that such a trip would have to be repeated, you will plunge into depression. So do not go looking for gifts girlfriend gloomy and discontented, pre-programming yourself to fail.

In order to tune in to a positive and enjoy the choice of the necessary idea of ​​the future greetings. What do you think, is it possible to give a close friend of the dream? Well, not in a global sense, because the car home in the Bahamas, a mink coat or groom-millionaire master impossible, and no reason. No, it is a very modest and desires of women, the implementation of which is often more important than global ideas.

If you are careful enough to what your friend says, you probably easily recall, for example, branded lipstick, magical face cream or bracelet, which is great for the recent acquisition of the dress. These and other pleasant things we girls and women who really want to buy, but for some reason it is we can not do it. That time is not enough, the purse is not dense, the mood brings. So why do not you implement one of these modest wishes of his girlfriend on the occasion of her holiday?

Or perhaps, a friend more than once sighed that catastrophic does not have time to hike in the solarium, but just wants a little tan before the summer vacation? Give her a gift certificate for a visit to a good studio. Believe me, having the already paid subscription, it is precisely in his schedule to carve out an hour or so on the artificial tan under the sun, and you will be very thankful for it.

If your girlfriend periodically complains of fatigue, it can make it very useful for the health of a gift of a trip to the spa, where the hands of an experienced masseur will help you relax and forget about everything. Girls-ekstremalki get great pleasure from the opportunity to experience weightlessness in the wind tunnel, take a helicopter ride, a ride on a quad bike or buggy, and even play paintball. Who, if not you know about the enthusiasm of her best friend, so congratulations to her ideas come to mind for yourself, once you start to think seriously about it.

Invite friends for a holiday favorite photographer and arrange her little photo shoot. All of the fair sex in the shower a little actress, so let your friend rejoice excellent opportunity to try on the role of the vamp, an innocent beauty, Japanese geishas or medieval aristocrat.

For these transformations you need costumes and make-up help, but nowadays there is nothing impossible. The resulting images are an excellent reminder of the improvised acting samples of your girlfriend, to give her an interesting and new experience.

Romantic lady will surely get pleasure from riding on horseback, after thinking about it imagination helpfully draws thin female silhouette on the back of the graceful animal on the background of the sandy beach. Kulinarka appreciate certificate courses develop the subtleties of Greek, Italian or Japanese cuisine.

Sweet tooth will be delighted by the possibility of their own hands to make exclusive chocolates and eat them along with you for the evening tea. In general, as you can see, the options are many non-trivial gifts girlfriend, but which one is the most interesting and worthy of the title, though small, but still a dream, you know better.

 Gifts friend

Congratulations to the style of "skillful hands"

In this section we will focus on homemade gifts. Yes, it is in recent years they have become especially popular and relevant as ever. This is due to the fact that the abundance of clothes and interior items "per person" somehow ceased to satisfy modern people. Today it is fashionable to be a bit like everyone else, in every possible way to emphasize the originality of his own image and housing.

Therefore, the popularity of the once lost art hand-made regained recognition, especially in young women. After all, by the skill to create something with your own hands, you can express yourself and tell the world of his own talent.

So, if you remember about abandoned since school years and the hoop with gusto while away the evenings embroidering cross, there is nothing in vain ability to spend, because it can bring real benefits, decorate your girlfriend's unique panels. Of course, it is not necessary to embroider a picture with lilac for a room in a minimalist or Japanese style. Trust your own taste and choose a suitable plot or theme. By the way, the author's embroidered today is not cheap, so your panels will certainly be beneficial to stand out from other gifts girlfriend.

I do not know how to embroider, but fine needles or crochet? Then you have nothing easier than to make your own hands warm set of scarf, hat and mitts fashion. Leaf through glossy magazines, to determine what are the basic ideas of seasonal trends and tie really stylish, bright things in which you can show off all the envy.

With hook umelitsy easy to make a great tablecloth elegant holiday, the like of which will not be none. If your friend is going on holiday in hot countries, link to it from thin cotton thread gorgeous beach tunic-net. In general, pofantaziruet and remember that these gifts girlfriend precisely nobody will hand.

You know how to sew? You can make a set of copyright table napkins, patchwork plaid in the popular right now, "grandma" style and even beautiful curtains for the kitchen. Of course, self-made clothing is also an excellent solution for a holiday friend, but you need to take measurements, that is, have a gift wraps. However, for fashionable skirts "to the floor" they need to negligibly small, especially if you have a friend with the same size.

Those girls who work with leather, creating from her original clothing gizmos, you can advise as to the author's idea of ​​congratulations to do anything like that. But it is important to take into account the tastes of the culprit celebration, because if she prefers big roomy bag is a tiny purse with a long strap can hardly find its use and will not be appreciated.

Such creation of your hands, as decorative candles, scented natural soaps, items made in the technique of "decoupage" or felting wool, original interior toys and much more, are also suitable as gifts girlfriend on the occasion of a holiday. The special charm of homemade things that they keep a piece of your soul and charged with positive energy, therefore, have a completely different type of value other than money.

Secrets of successful congratulations accessible things

Of course, there is nothing easier than to choose a gift in a vast range of ready-made things. And who said that for the sake of congratulations on the occasion of a friend needed a long time to mess around with a needle, thread, crochet, or urgently seek a master class on decoupage? Nonsense, because if between close friends a long time ago had warm and close relationship, is it so important that you give?

Of course not. So do not be discouraged if you can not do something with their hands, or do not know what a gift certificate for a service or entertainment will be enjoyed friend. Gift Ideas for good await you on the shelves of souvenir shops, boutiques and other specialty shops.

But to choose the decent thing, purely based on personal preferences, you just will not succeed unless you are an exact copy of his girlfriend. Therefore, be guided primarily on their interests and tastes. This is important even if the friend loves bright pink, and you believe that he does not go to her. Therefore, choosing, for example, a scarf or a scarf, stop for a range of colors, so your favorite friend. While fashionistas can do and less controversial shades of gift, for example, some bright band or elegant purse, because beautiful haberdashery always have handy.

In general, the most successful gift the one that corresponds to the human passions. Therefore, the choice try to determine what range of interests currently holds your friend of. She is passionate about the work of the fashion writer? Get the latest, still unread novel by this author.

If you are not aware of the literary preferences of the friend, the idea of ​​e-book is great rescue you - let him read what he wants. Girlfriend loves to go to the theater and do not miss a single premiere? There is nothing easier than to give her ticket for the next production. Invitation to a concert of your favorite band or artist also bring joy as congratulations on the occasion.

How do you usually spend meeting with a friend? Visit the sushi bar or pizzeria, since love Japanese and Italian cuisine? Then why not choose a set as a gift for cooking the most popular dishes in the near future to try to master them together? If your girlfriend loves the swimming pool or sauna, then a nice bathrobe, a compact hair dryer, spacious cosmetic bag, branded rubber slippers probably will her liking.

Now many women are able to drive and have own car. Your close friend is one of them? Then she really would be delighted annual certification service in the car wash! After all, take care of their own iron horse sometimes it once, and it is capable of heavily laden views spoil the mood in the morning. And it's not often you see a woman with a bucket and a rag to shine namyvali your car.

And what a life is your girlfriend? If her work involves frequent business trips, the idea with the award of stylish travel suitcase or laptop bag is very successful. Homebody and a super-set of the landlady will be glad branded kitchen utensils, new cookbook, multivarka or ice cream maker.

Dame, leading an active lifestyle and adoring guided tours, you can give a handy little flask and album description of the most beautiful corners of the globe. The girl with the head immersed in building careers, appreciate a stylish bag for documents.

 Gifts for girlfriend

Gifts personal and prohibited

Cosmetics for oily skin, anti-cellulite, certificates for cosmetic services in the form of cleaning facial, hair treatment - all this applies to gifts controversial and very ambiguous. This kind of congratulations would be relevant only if there really close trusting relationship between you and a friend.

Because otherwise there is a risk of losing once and friend of, offending her controversial gift from dubious implications. So think a hundred times before handing plump gym, even if it is always discussed with you the problem of excess weight.

Many women are crazy about beautiful lingerie, silk pajamas and dressing gowns glamorous. But such gifts is not necessary to give a friend, without first finding out her preferences. After Puritan girl would not appreciate a corset and stockings with a belt, no matter how sexy these items may seem to you.

Most likely, it will remove them from his eyes with his deeper into the linen closet, and would prefer to forget about such a gift. Imagine today still found the girl with very conservative views, so you can give these things only, if you know about the tastes and the character of her best friend.

But if your close friend is experiencing romantic feelings towards some young man who lives with him under the same roof and sharing with you the plans for a happy marriage, the fashionable set of bed linen from silk have just in time.

You can make another gift, the most desirable for the majority of the fair sex, - a special table for breakfast in bed. And if you add to it any appropriate set of chinaware, then hit his girlfriend careful attention to the heart.

It is very ambiguous gifts include pets, especially puppies and kittens with special needs and available time. Therefore, the decision to purchase a pet each person must take itself.

But if a friend just before the holiday is clearly expressed the desire to get as congratulations pedigree kitten, then instead of buying a small meow take her baby to the nursery pre-selected. Let the friend she would take the animal that like it the most, and you will pay the acquisition.

And what a gift you can choose for a friend who has everything? Presented her with vivid emotions and impressions. Fireworks hosted in honor of her birthday invitation stripper at a bachelorette party on the occasion of the upcoming wedding, a huge cake with candles, balloon flight - this and much more can decorate any event, making it a memorable one for each girl.

Gift-impression may be, and walk in the place where the past your shared childhood. Think about what school you attended where there were dance, which had a first kiss and so on.

If you are currently the two are away from home, organize a trip to his native town, but do not plan to stay with relatives, but rather remove the hotel room. Wander through the familiar places, sit on the very bench where previously smoked in secret from their parents, talking about everything and grandiose plans for the future.

Nostalgic memories, fanned by a light melancholy, sometimes life-giving rain poured on the hardened because of the constant battle for a place under the sun of the heart, making us kinder and gentler.