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Well, what woman does not dream to be slim and elegant? That's right - absolutely everyone! And it starts: trying to do morning exercises, jogging through the park and jumping rope, then limit yourself to sweets, biscuits and cakes ... However, soon all these aspirations somewhere to go, and again the drink of coffee with cream, seizing candy and cakes.

Diet is, of course, fine, but it is required to apply the diligence and patience. Try to use a so-called "Japanese" - everybody knows the Japanese salt-free diet. First you need to get acquainted with the diet.

Menu Japanese diet for a week

The first day

  • Breakfast - a small cup of black coffee (no cream or milk, sugar can be);
  • Lunch - cabbage salad with vegetable oil, you can sprinkle it with lemon juice, a couple of hard-boiled eggs, 2 tomatoes (can substitute tomato juice without salt);
  • Dinner - boiled Pollack (can be fried), salad left over from lunch.

Second day

  • Breakfast - organic coffee, you can let the toast of black or white bread;
  • Lunch - repeats the first day, but without tomatoes;
  • Dinner - boiled beef (preferably beef), about 300 grams of low-fat yogurt is not more than a glass.

Day Three

  • Breakfast - black coffee;
  • Lunch - carrot salad with vegetable oil. Carrots need to boil and grate. You can drink a raw egg;
  • Dinner - green apples in any quantity.

Day Four

  • Breakfast - as always;
  • Lunch - parsnips, grated and fried in vegetable oil, for dessert - apple;
  • Dinner - any fruit except bananas and grapes.

Day Five

  • Breakfast - on a fine grater grated carrot, a little lemon juice, coffee is not permitted;
  • Lunch - fish, with most (half a kilo), fried or boiled, tomato, or a glass of tomato juice;
  • Dinner - kiwi, pineapple, peaches, oranges, plums, pears. It can be in the form of a cocktail, you can simply as a separate dish.

Day Six

  • Breakfast - green tea;
  • Dinner - boiled chicken 300 grams (preferably white meat), coleslaw;
  • Dinner - raw carrots, two boiled eggs.

The seventh day

  • Breakfast - tea (and black, and green);
  • Lunch - young boiled beef, fruit;
  • Dinner - any of the previously proposed.

So it goes "Japanese." Seven days - and this is enough to achieve the desired effect. In strict compliance with all conditions of this period can get rid of the five extra kilos. Of course, it's impressive, but we must bear in mind that a diet to achieve nothing. Be sure to have to step up their entire life - enjoy a banal charge! You do not want? Then try to dance - you can enroll in a dance studio in any direction, but you can dance in the mirror - and the mood will rise and evaporate the excess weight.

You wash your floors? Throw a mop and start to bend, squat, and even lie on the floor - in fact you will have to reach the farthest corners of the apartment. Here is the charge! Do not use the lift - better go up and down the stairs on foot, do not go to the shops on transport - especially if you walk just a couple of stops. It is better to walk on foot, at the same time get some fresh air, take a look at the people around them and look around - what if you missed something very important for his vanity and problems?

 Japanese salt-free diet

What advise Japanese

If we adhere to a salt-free diet from distant Japan, it is necessary to know and what about nutrition think the Japanese themselves. In fact, it is necessary to limit itself to the absolute salt of a lifetime - yes, so say residents of the east of the country. And it's not so hard - just to get used to the natural, the natural taste of food and there is a couple of weeks.

Natural sodium content in products is so great that we are aggravate the state of his health. Appears osteochondrosis, joints start to swell, swell limbs - generally pleasant enough. So - try, stop all salt in the cooking process, it is better to do it yourself on the plate. Any semi-finished products, hot dogs and sausages, canned food and fast food completely eliminate, aim to use only natural products.

Tips medics

Note that out of the diet should be gradual and not lash out at all prohibited dishes. If you decide to hold a diet not one, but two weeks (is allowed), you should know that for a single day can not delay output - high risk of severe disruption of metabolism. And then, you must know who is contraindicated Japanese diet:

  • People with high blood pressure;
  • Those who suffer from diseases of the stomach and intestines;
  • During pregnancy and during lactation;
  • When mental illness.

You have to be very careful when choosing this particular diet for people with diabetes, hormonal disorders and problems with the spine - in these cases it is better to consult a dietician.

In general, I must say that salt-free diet is considered to be sufficiently rigid and physically and morally, but the result is simply stunning. That is why, more often than once every six months to eat on such a schedule can not be - it is detrimental effect on overall health.

 salt-free Japanese diet

The advantages of the Japanese diet

  • It cleanses the body of harmful impurities;
  • Improves metabolism and tested the pain in the joints;
  • Weight goes forever - is confirmed by the fact that within 2-5 years Driven kgs will not be returned.

Agree, when such benefits can be called "Japanese" useful and recommend, if not all, then a lot of women.

 Japanese salt-free diet to help lose weight

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 Diet Larisa Dolina


  • The seven-day kefir diet: fast, tasty and healthy
  • Diet: precautions

The fact that all known and loved by Larisa Dolina both on stage and in life always looks perfect - quite difficult to argue. In his late fifties it is shaped like a figure Thirty girl who constantly visits the gym. According to the diva, it does not exhaust itself constant and daily hours of training, plastic surgery, just from time to time a star is large enough conventional kefir fasting days, which gives quite good results.

In fact, diet Larisa Dolina - a modernized diet Dr. Saykova who developed her recipe with the needs of the female body in calories, vitamins and minerals during the period of acute starvation. Depending on what you eat and how much you can lose up to seven kilograms a week, ten - twelve days. If you compare and choose a suitable option of losing weight, then this rapid fat loss is difficult to achieve by other, more simple and loyal way.

To consolidate the results and did not score again thrown this way the weight after the diet Larisa Dolina need to start doing some light sport. Let this be a regular aerobics, yoga, dance and so on, where you will be able to visit a few times a week. It is not necessary to drain his body until he lost consciousness for all seven days, the main thing - to pump up muscles in the arms, abdomen, buttocks.

Remember that in any case should not be immediately pounce on all the products in the refrigerator, to begin to eat properly and lead a passive life. Indeed, in this case, after the long-awaited weight loss, you will get better again, with the scales will show much more than up to the days when you decide to experience the prescription diet Valley. And the results of such weight fluctuations to anything good will not result.

 Diet Dolina Larisa

The seven-day kefir diet: fast, tasty and healthy

The first few days you will want to habitually eat everything and more, but if you can overcome your appetite and do not succumb to this temptation, positive results in just a week, you will definitely be guaranteed. To achieve the ideal weight for yourself, you need to alternate a week of weight loss with one or two weeks of normal power supply.

Weekly mode or what and when to eat

  • The first day

Coffee lovers, this diet definitely will like, because they do not want to give up tasty and fragrant drink. It should be drunk in the morning, and no sugar. But over the next twenty-four hours you may use only four grams of baked potatoes in the oven without salt and half a liter of one percent of yogurt.

Recipe for a main dish without additives, spices and a large amount of oil - is quite simple. Take two or three pieces of medium potatoes, wash it thoroughly under running water, then shallow pierce several times with a fork and spread the usual in a special shallow pan, pre-soaked the bottom of butter or olive oil. After the oven has warmed to the desired temperature, place the pot back and bake for about an hour.

  • Second day

In the morning - a standard cup of coffee without sugar, in the afternoon - about four grams of fat-free yogurt and half a liter of yogurt. Do not try to eat everything at one go, divide the dose into several times, so you can satisfy your hunger occurred, and your stomach does not digest itself began. The results of these snacks: rapid weight loss in a healthy way, accustoming themselves to small portions and the correct mode of eating.

  • Day Three

In the morning - coffee, afternoon - fruit and yogurt. As the Diet Larisa Dolina, you can eat about four hundred grams of apples, oranges, apricots, cherries, peaches, pears, and similar products, excluding - bananas and grapes, as they are highly caloric. What is it worth to stay - it depends on the time of year and your financial capabilities. Yet you should not take the winter that are grown in greenhouses in cold weather, as such fruits are completely absent vitamins.

  • Day Four

Again, immediately after waking up should be a cup of coffee, and throughout the day - eat four grams of boiled chicken breast. Salt, spices and other additives during cooking is not added. And, of course, one percent yogurt (half a liter), who drinks one sip every time you want to eat.

  • Day Five

This day should be eaten the same as in the third - coffee, fruit and yogurt. Note that the coffee should be brewed only and not soluble, otherwise the effectiveness of its use will not have any. It is best to prepare this drink in Turk and not in the machine, since in this case it will be more complete and fragrant.

The most common recipe for coffee - fill the tank with one teaspoon of a hill just milled and roasted in a pan without butter beans, pour the cold water and cook until tender. As soon as the foam will begin to rise sharply Turk remove from heat, wait a few seconds and re-set. Repeat this procedure three times.

  • Day Six

In fact it is - one of the worst days of weight loss, since in addition to coffee, no sugar and one and a half liters of mineral water, nothing to eat all day is impossible. Note that the water should be aerated, otherwise the liquid will be retained in the body, instead of being immediately displayed. As you can see, the diet of the great singer thought-out to the last detail, so your body during this period severely depleted, and you will avoid dehydration.

  • The seventh day

Coffee, fruits (four hundred grams), one percent yogurt - is all that you can pamper yourself at the last day of the diet. For one week of the weight loss, you will feel the change not only your weight, but also the relationship to food. If earlier to impregnate had to eat a lot at one time, such a diet the Valley will lead to even half an apple for dinner will suffice.

 Valley Diet

Basic principles and rules of diet

Diet Larisa Dolina - is not just a set of menus that you can follow as you want, and a set of rules that must be followed for seven days to get positive results. Of course, the recipe for weight loss is not for everyone, so if you have health problems, metabolism, it is better to choose a more gentle option.

So, the first rule to keep in mind - you need to eat the whole week is often little. If you, for example, get up and eat six to seven in the morning, after breakfast should take about two hours. Shall describe the schedule meals Bole detail: 7-9-11-13-15-17 hours. For yogurt products, and not on the port, use a special container and a thermos.

According to Dale, her diet works wonders, but before the fair sex will gather to begin the process of losing weight in a few days should clean your body and give him a discharge. For example, you can stop to eat fatty, fried, sweet. You can also make your own so-called "broom" - lettuce, which will help bring toxins and clean the intestines.

The recipe for this magical and healthy dishes: raw vegetables and fruits (apples, carrots, cabbage, beets), rub on a grater, then dressed with a little olive oil. It is recommended to use it in the evening or on weekends, when nowhere to go. Also, a week before the diet you can drink tea from the hips to the results of weight loss are much higher.

Another caveat (and he certainly does not like much) - this enema for seven days, which will help to achieve a more rapid effect. Replace this procedure can be cathartic, but first you should consult with a specialist. In fact, to purchase such medicine, the prescription is not needed, but the doctor will calculate the correct dose, so that later you do not have to lie for the rest of the week in the infectious diseases ward.

Diet Larisa Dolina should be observed up to the last detail, so do not try to make changes in any recipe. If you specify that yogurt has to be one percent, do not buy a home or too greasy. Even if you can not eat food without salt for a week will still have to give it up. Agree to rapid effect can be to eat fresh food for seven days.

Almost everyone knows that before breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should drink a glass of purified or filtered water to later not to overeat, and feel the slight hunger. Valley recommends drinking an infusion of herbs, which is more useful and gives much better results in weight loss. The recipe broth fifty grams of St. John's wort, calendula and chamomile in the morning you need to pour boiling water (about two hundred grams) and infuse for an hour. Before every meal all week drink fifty grams. Purchase herbal tea, or better at the pharmacy to avoid the presence of all kinds of harmful preservatives and additives.

During unloading her drink plenty of fluids (no more than half a liter), while excluded from the diet of black tea, drinks, soda and sweet water, stewed fruit. Best of all, if it is boiled or filtered mineral water, from which the gas is released on the eve. In the next week, when you do not sit on a diet, eat no more than one and a half liters of fluid.

 Diet valley

Diet: precautions

A few days before the diet must visit a doctor, hand over all the tests and make sure that you really need to lose weight. Any procedure for weight loss - a major stress to the body, so you must be completely healthy stomach, or the results of fasting can be sad: gastritis, ulcers, etc. In addition, girls are often just think that they have fat, but actually all right.

Also, vitamin deficiency has not been canceled, the extent of which will surprise you unpleasantly. With a shortage of vitamins hair starts to fall out, the skin becomes dull, there are acne, pimples, broken nails, the person starts to hurt constantly. Thus, even the common cold can lead to bed rest for a few days. Therefore, the diet eat at a certain time these four grams of fruit and the rest of the week - vegetables. In this case the results are not as sad. If necessary, you can drink the ordinary and inexpensive vitamins that are sold in any drugstore.

Another sad thing that often happens to those who can not control themselves - anorexia, when the human body can not take food in any form. So do not be carried away by diets, take a break at least a week, and after the desired results will be achieved, stop draining himself. The next time you use this, you can experiment six months later.

Sit on yogurt exactly seven days, no more and no less. Out of the diet should be gradually, slowly increasing portion, without disrupting the operation. What to eat for breakfast, start to consume a small amount of porridge, at nine o'clock, for example, one hundred grams of vegetable salad, 11 - fruit, in the hour of the day legenky soup and so on. Nadmernoe use of food can cause an unpleasant heaviness, pain and even volvulus after prolonged fasting.

If you get used to a completely unsalted food, do not go back to old habits. Remember that salt retains water in the body, and it will re-set the extra kilos. If necessary, you can slightly pepper some of the dishes, but the less you put the seasoning, the healthier will. The same applies to sweet, because if you were able to limit itself even on such a short period, and in the future, sugar and sweets you absolutely do not need. Drink tea, honey, dried fruits, etc. Products to saturate your body with glucose.

Keep in mind that such a diet - it is not a cure, so do not look for it if you have a really serious problem with obesity. Tips Valley suitable only for those who has the power to will and who urgently need to lose seven to twelve pounds for the holidays to look slim and elegant. But if you can not limit yourself and restrain, after such manipulations you again recovered quickly, as your body begins to make stocks after fasting.

 Diet Larisa Dolina: Secrets from the ideal figure of this diva

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