Japanese diet 14 days


  • Beware of diets: the principles, rules and precautions
  • Menu: sit on fourteen Japanese diet
  • Contraindications or who can not go on a diet

Today, Japan is among the ten most developed and civilized countries with the largest number of centenarians and people who do not have a weight problem. Reason excellent health of the local population is correct, complete and balanced nutrition. For them, a diet - it's not a panacea, but a lifestyle. Therefore, after passing through the small streets of any, even the largest and most populous city, you are unlikely to meet more than two or three people with excess weight.

However, in our country are not so fanatical concern for healthy food, rather the opposite - almost all of the fair sex prefer fried potatoes with meat, seasoned with lots of salt, pepper and the like spices, spices. And when it comes time to get on the scale, many women find that the arrow is pointing at least five to ten kilograms more than it was a month ago.

And if it is, unfortunately, happened to you, it's time to go on a strict diet. But do not risk the health and try to imagine the set of all options, it is better to stay on to that developed by professionals in the clinic "Yaeks." She preferred by many slender and thin Japanese beauties. You will need to hold a total of 14 days, to return to the previous form.

 Japanese diet for 14 days

Beware of diets: the principles, rules and precautions

Unfortunately, a desire to lose weight quickly enough, you need to make sufficient efforts to set limits and to listen to the advice of experts. It is difficult to achieve even minimal positive results if you do not follow the established rules and regulations.

We prepare the body for unloading

Sharp rejection of food can lead to stress, reduced working capacity, drowsiness, aggression and other such unpleasant consequences, so each girl before going on a diet, should prepare for it. So, for five to seven days prior to the "X" should be gradually reduced portions, do not take supplement after a hearty meal, and not to run to the refrigerator after six in the evening.

Fans of sweet tea and coffee would have to moderate their appetites, and best of all - go to green tea without sugar. Candy can be replaced by honey, which is less calories and more useful. Also at the time will have to forget the salt, which is not for nothing is called "white death". It not only keeps the water in the body, but a bad influence on health in general (worsen kidney function, increases blood pressure, etc.).

Lose Weight correctly

  • Rule one: follow the precautions

The Japanese diet is designed for exactly fourteen days, so sit on it is only if you are completely healthy or in the near future is not expected serious physical or mental stress. Previously should consult their primary care physician for a complete examination to rule out any negative effects.

  • Rule two: stick to the menu

No matter how much you do not like meat, bacon, mayonnaise, ketchup and other "delicacies", strictly observe a diet. It is unlikely that you will bring peace of tranquility two or three hundred grams of sausage or sausage, but to do its dirty work - to add fat in hips and thighs, they still have time. Say a firm no bakery, confectionery pastries and sweets, and then even the most simple diet will bear fruit.

  • Rule Three: Do not let yourself wither!

At the beginning of the complete human organism takes water, and only then - fat, so, whatever the diet - Japanese, European or Central Asian, you should always drink at least one and a half liters of fluid a day. This can be a compote of dried fruits, green tea, mineral water without gas. Shop juices, sweet dyed water drinking is not worth it, because in it each drink contains too many different harmful additives, concentrates and sugar (or salt if, for example, juice).

  • Rule Four: fighting against beriberi

Any diet that resulted in rapidly leave kilograms - is harmful, it will tell any doctor. Japanese in this case is no exception. Since a period of fourteen days your body will not receive the vitamins and minerals useful, should take some measures to prevent beriberi. It's enough in the morning and evening, apply the ordinary vitamins.

  • Rule Five: only natural and fresh products

The Japanese diet - is fourteen days of discharge, during which the need to eat only healthy food. It is advisable not to buy instant coffee because it loses all the flavor before packaging. It's best to buy whole grains, fry them in a pan, grind in a coffee grinder and brew in Turku, while all the nutrients remain in the drink.

Vegetables and fruits in any case should not be brought from abroad. Firstly, they are not as useful as grown in the country, and secondly, such products are often processed by chemistry that fruit stored for longer and do not rot during transportation. The Japanese diet greatly weakens the body, so it is doubly difficult to handle such a load.

  • Rule six: tell no alcohol!

Nearest fourteen days to drink alcohol on an empty stomach, whether it's a glass of wine or a mug of beer in the company of friends, you can not. We'll have to choose: either you really want to lose weight or can afford a drink or two of strong and high-calorie beverages.

 correct Japanese diet for 14 days

Menu: sit on fourteen Japanese diet

The first day

  • Breakfast - a cup of black coffee.
  • Lunch - egg, cooked hard-boiled, cabbage salad, dressed with olive oil, homemade tomato juice (if desired, it can be replaced by a small tomato).
  • Dinner - fried or boiled lean fish, salad.

Day two and twelfth

  • Breakfast - on the second day of the Japanese diet more loyal, as allowed in the morning to drink not only coffee, but also to eat a small piece of bread.
  • Lunch - fish (grilled on a minimum number of olive oil or boiled in unsalted water) and a salad.
  • Dinner - two hundred grams of beef and a glass of fat yogurt, which after prolonged fasting quench carousing day appetite.

Day Three

  • Breakfast - coffee without sugar.
  • Lunch - a single raw egg or four quail, preferably home and checked the absence of salmonella, a pound of grated boiled carrots filled with vegetable oil. Meals are not salt!
  • Dinner - unfortunately, the evening will have to eat some apples.

Day Four

  • Breakfast - black coffee.
  • Lunch - not more than three hundred grams of roasted parsnip root (if necessary replace the root of parsley) and apples.
  • Supper - fruits (bananas, apples, pears). Acidic and citrus is better to exclude, as after the ones you want to eat even more.

Day Five

  • Breakfast - crude carrots, grated on a coarse grater, seasoned with two teaspoons lemon juice svezhevydavlennogo.
  • Lunch - boiled or steamed fish (no more than a pound) and tomato juice. In this case, it can not replace the fresh tomatoes.
  • Dinner - three or four hundred grams of fresh fruit.

Day Six

  • Breakfast - a cup of coffee.
  • Dinner - boiled chicken (five hundred grams), salad of fresh cabbage and raw carrots.
  • Supper - two boiled eggs in a cool, carrot salad with oil.

The seventh day

  • Breakfast - strong tea without sugar.
  • Lunch - cooked or steamed beef (not more than two hundred grams) and sweet fruits.
  • Dinner - at the end of the week is allowed to choose for themselves the appropriate option from the menu of the previous seven days, except the third.

Eighth Day

  • Breakfast - green or black tea without sugar.
  • Lunch - boiled lean beef and lettuce.
  • Dinner - Evening, as in the previous case, the menu is chosen by you.

The ninth day

  • Breakfast - coffee.
  • Lunch - half of boiled chicken breast, lettuce.
  • Supper - two boiled chicken or five or six quail eggs, grated carrots with butter.

Day Ten

  • Breakfast - crude carrots with lemon juice.
  • Lunch - fish, boiled or fried in a small amount of oil, and two hundred grams of tomato juice.
  • Dinner - a bit of fresh fruit.

Day Eleven

  • Breakfast - coffee.
  • Lunch - a single raw egg or four quail, boiled carrots (two hundred grams), cheese (fifteen grams).
  • Dinner - fresh sour fruit.

Day two and twelfth

  • Breakfast - coffee and one small piece of bread.
  • Lunch - fish with salad.
  • Dinner - a small piece of boiled beef, and two hundred grams of yogurt.

Day thirteen

  • Breakfast - coffee.
  • Lunch - eggs, cooked hard-boiled, salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, the juice (tomato).
  • Dinner - fried, boiled or steamed fish.

Fourteenth Day

  • Breakfast - coffee.
  • Lunch - as in previous days, fried or boiled fish, cabbage salad, seasoned with a teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  • Dinner - two hundred grams of boiled beef, a glass of kefir.

 correct Japanese diet 14 days

Contraindications or who can not go on a diet

The Japanese diet completely contraindicated in people with stomach problems (ulcers, gastritis), kidneys, liver. Poor similar experiments suffer ill with diabetes, the girls in the state, nursing mothers, as well as representatives of the fair sex, hate coffee. You should not go on a diet if you have brittle nails, hair fall, dandruff is, as the situation will only grow worse.

Pros and cons of fourteen starvation

The Japanese diet, like any other category of unbalanced, helps you achieve a positive effect in just fourteen days. But even completely healthy the fair sex is not always maintained a diet, and at the end of the first week they have a sharp breakdown.

Also important is the fact that out of the diet must be properly, otherwise after only a few days old food weight will return. The first week after the end of the fasting is recommended to gradually increase the portion not draping while on buns, chocolate, biscuits and similar harmful sweets.

Another shortcoming of diet - a large amount of oil (vegetable and olive), which are filled almost all the salads. Some of the ladies it may cause indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, heaviness in the stomach and nausea.

Note that the use of such a procedure can not slimming often two or three times a year, or in the body can severely disrupt metabolism. Within fourteen days is not recommended to attend bath, sauna, walk-in gyms, as this will be another blow to the depletion of the body. However, upon completion of the diet recommended intensive workout (fitness, aerobics), to support himself in great shape and did not recover again.

 The Japanese diet is 14 days: a positive result in two weeks