Kefir diet for 7 days


  • Preparing for a diet
  • Menu kefir diet
  • How to get out of the diet
  • Contraindications
  • The results and recommendations

Of course, all women want to look just perfect. And even more so, the end of the winter and spring and summer suits. And that means - open sundresses, deep neckline, shorts and swimsuits. In general, it is necessary to immediately go on a diet. But what to choose? This is a fairly complex issue to its decision must be approached very seriously.

One of the most popular diets is considered kefir. She praised and on television, and in magazines and on the Internet. But every diet - it is a test for the organism, and the ladies begin immediately "to rush into the pool with his head," cancel all the products and try to adhere strictly to the diet only.

In fact, kefir diet for 7 days - a severe blow to the body, in particular the function of metabolism, so you first need to prepare. Namely - to reduce the number of calories consumed by almost half.

Preparing for a diet

Gradually reduce the consumption of food. DISCLAIMS sweet-flour-acute-fried. This must be done gradually, too. Remember that your goal - to lose weight and not starve themselves. As a result, your daily menu should be as follows:

  • Breakfast: porridge on the water. Take can be any cereal, semolina, even, but not a drop of milk or butter on the plate should not be. Few podsolite food do without fructose;
  • Second breakfast: a cup of yogurt;
  • Lunch: hash on yogurt, lean meat, vegetable salad;
  • Dinner: fish, steamed or boiled.

Here's a diet would be ideal for the transition to a more assertive kefir diet. If you are able to eat as more than 3 days, you can safely go, in fact, on a diet.

 kefir diet 7 days

Menu kefir diet

Get ready, the diet is very rigid. But if you are pre-prepared, it will not be nothing complicated. Just remember - every day you should drink half a liter of yogurt.

  • First day. Yogurt drink (at any time of the day), and eat no more than 4 potatoes, cooked "in uniform";
  • Second day. Kefir and 4 green apples;
  • Third day. Kefir and a kilo of fruit or berries. Avoid grapes and bananas - they are too high in calories;
  • Fourth day. Only yogurt. Nothing else can not eat;
  • The fifth day. Kefir and chicken. Meat should be taken from the breast (the so-called white meat) and boiled without salt;
  • The sixth day. Yogurt, vegetables. Vegetables can be cooked or eat raw, but without the salt. The amount of vegetables - about a kilogram;
  • The seventh day. Only yogurt.

Kefir diet is very convenient because it does not require any special preparation courses, additional financial expenses. Everything is easy and simple. And if you spend wisely the preparatory stage, the body will take such an extreme fine food. Just do not forget about the main thing - the salt should be excluded from the diet completely.

How to get out of the diet

All nutritionists in one voice say - you can not go out dramatically from the diet. And if you stayed a week to severely restrict, in any case, do not gang up on high-calorie foods at once. This not only kills all the results, but also cause significant harm to health. Just remember a few rules:

  • It is impossible to settle on fatty foods;
  • Salt all should also be banned. For at least 3-4 days after the diet. Only gradually add it to the dish;
  • Be sure to drink kefir every day. You can add a little honey, and even sugar.

Only in this way can move on to more solid food. And still need to be careful - first eat fish and boiled meat, only then it will be possible to pass on fried and smoked food.

 Weekly kefir diet


Like any hunger strike, weekly kefir diet has contraindications. Be sure to read them:

  • Diabetes;
  • Gastric hyperacidity;
  • Violation of the metabolism and the cardiovascular system;
  • Inflammatory processes of the internal organs;
  • Certain skin diseases - such as psoriasis;
  • Recently transferred operational intervention;
  • Women who have just finished the critical days, too, should not go on a diet;
  • Do not use this type of diet adolescents, pregnant and lactating women.

This type is called a mono-diet food. This is the most dangerous for the body diet, you should consult with your doctor. Remember that you can do much harm to your health. Cases of patients in the treatment of surgical and medical clinic. Complaints - fatigue, nausea and fever. It all could signal the start of a peptic ulcer, will continue to be perforated ulcer and surgery. In general, development is too gloomy, so it is necessary to approach the issue of diet "with feeling, plainly and emphatically."

The results and recommendations

First, even in the preparatory phase, you will notice how extra weight go away from you, and the skin gets nice color. This means that normal metabolism, and toxins and waste output.

Secondly, the 7 day diet kefir praise for the fact that it allows you to get rid of 7-10 kilograms of excess weight. And it is not a fairy tale, and the truth.

Thirdly, a competent after exit from the diet, it is possible to maintain its status from time to time arranging all the fasting days in the same kefir.

If you think that it is only by excessive supply appear "folds" and saggy tummy, something very wrong. It may be heredity, and health problems. Thoughtlessly starve should not - go to the doctor's advice does not hurt.

And yet - you should not rely solely on the seven days of the diet. Be sure to enjoy a physical activity. Let it not be exhausting training and "hard labor" in the gym. It is better for a morning jog in the park or around the house, do the exercises and just lead an active lifestyle. Yes, banal advice, but they are very effective. In the end, we have lives everywhere automated: elevators, car, subway, taxis. And you no longer walk, go to the skating rink, bowling alley. In general, the options are many and it is important to choose something that will suit individually.

And do not forget that such a diet can "sit" no more than once a year. Still, it's too hard for the body, and will be held until recovery and the slow transition to a normal diet, you will just be ready for a new "Race." Yes, it's hard, but nobody promised that it will be easy. "Beauty requires sacrifice" - this statement is still true. So, it is necessary to exert maximum effort and endure all the requirements.

 Kefir diet for 7 days - losing weight quickly and correctly

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 Japanese diet for 13 days


  • Preparation of the hunger strike
  • Important Limitations of the Japanese diet
  • Menu the first week of the diet
  • Menu the second week of the diet
  • Some features of the "Japanese"

The Japanese diet is surrounded by a variety of speculation and rumors. Some argue that it developed into a well-known weight loss clinic in Japan, and some believe that this technique invented by the women themselves land of the rising sun. But be that as it may, this diet quickly spread around the world and has become very popular.

The Japanese diet for 13 days calculated on Persistent women finished in the pursuit of beauty and harmony to make many sacrifices. I must say these victims is quite justified, because "Japanese" allows you to reset 8-12 kilograms. And all this for some two weeks! The main thing to "enter" into the diet, and also the right of her to "go."

Preparation of the hunger strike

First of all, adjust yourself to the fact that within 13 days you will become slim and beautiful, will be able to wear your favorite dress and without shame the swimming pool or the beach. On the eve of the diet is not necessary to load the body dense dinner. Prepare something easy, not calories. For example, boil a little bit of wild rice and make vegetable salad with olive oil. Already in the evening, you can try to eat without salt, or at least turn down her number several times.

A good 'helper' you will chopsticks. Get them in advance and try to have dinner with them. Many women say that only one kind of cutlery makes you to feel light and weightless, like a bird.

 Japanese diet for 13 days

Important Limitations of the Japanese diet

The main thing - in any case do not give up the diet started. Do not change your food, eat only those that are listed in the menu, even if you think that the replacement of everything not affect. "Japanese" is aimed at the restoration of metabolic processes, and all the products are selected with great care. In the days of hunger strike, discard the products listed below.

  • Salt, as it has the ability to hold fluid in the body;
  • Sugar, which is the first enemy of harmony;
  • Bread. Especially because of higher wheat. You can eat only those bakery products which are in the menu;
  • Alcoholic drinks. A glass of wine drunk over dinner, will bring all your efforts to nothing. Alcohol has the ability to change the work of the organs are not for the better, and it slows down the excretion of toxins.

During the diet you must drink plenty of water, preferably mineral without gas. So you will save yourself from dehydration. Young nursing mothers is not recommended to injure your body diets. Set aside the issue of weight loss, until the baby grows up.

Menu the first week of the diet

Well, here we have learned the basic rules, and now let's look at the menu on the day of the Japanese diet.

The first day

  • Breakfast - coffee black. For your own good, it would be useful to organic coffee. It contains antioxidants. Soluble "Burda" use is not recommended, regardless of whether you're sitting on a diet or not;
  • Lunch - egg and vegetables. Boil two eggs, preferably boiled. Make a salad of steamed cabbage (you can take the Beijing), his arch olive oil. Incidentally, this salad can be eaten in any quantity, not limiting themselves;
  • Dinner you have a fish that day. Buy any fish to your taste. The main thing that it was not too oily. The fish can and cook, and fry in olive oil.

Second day

  • Breakfast - coffee with rye croutons;
  • Lunch - fish and vegetables. Cook fish on the first day. Garnish make coleslaw, cucumber and radish. Optionally, you can add the tomatoes;
  • Dinner meat. Boil a piece of beef - 150 grams eat it with pleasure and drink a glass of kefir or yogurt (low-fat).

Day Three

  • Breakfast is the same as yesterday;
  • Lunch vegetable. Take the zucchini or eggplant, cut into slices and fry in olive oil. You can use sesame oil - it will give the dish a special flavor;
  • Dinner - eggs, meat and vegetables. Cook beef and a couple of eggs, make coleslaw. This time can be used for filling corn oil.

Day Four

  • Breakfast - just coffee;
  • Lunch is permitted to use a little bit of cheese - 20 grams, not more. As well as two raw carrots and boiled egg. By the way, carrots can be mixed with grated cheese and season with any oil - get a delicious and healthy salad;
  • Dinner that day fruit. You may eat any fruit except bananas and grapes. Do not cram much. It is better to split the dinner for two times, so will feel less hungry.

Day Five

  • Today, hearty breakfast - big raw carrots, grated on a coarse grater and seasoned with lemon juice;
  • Lunch Fish. Fry or boil 150 grams of any fish, wash down with tomato juice;
  • Dinner, like yesterday - fruit.

Day Six

  • Breakfast is still the same coffee;
  • Lunch meat. Only now we eat chicken. Doormats breast boil if there is no breast fit any part of the chicken, but without the fat and skin. Served with salad of cabbage or carrots (raw);
  • Dinner of boiled eggs and carrots.

The seventh day

  • For breakfast, drink a cup of herbal or conventional green tea;
  • Lunch - boiled beef and vegetables (except bananas and grapes);
  • Dinner - any of those already listed.

 Japanese diet for 13 days

Menu the second week of the diet

The first half of the diet has gone, the menu repeats itself:

  • Day Eight repeats the sixth day;
  • The ninth day repeats the fifth day;
  • Tenth day same as the fourth;
  • Eleventh - third;
  • Twelfth - the second;
  • And the last - first.

That came to an end the Japanese diet. Now the main thing right out of it. No need to immediately go for too sweet, salted and smoked delicacies. Let your menu for the next 3-4 days includes the same products as in the diet. Enter the normal diet gradually, and then lost weight will not return ever.

Some features of the "Japanese"

  • Quick reset weight observed in the first half of the diet in the following days, the plummet is not more than 200 grams per day;
  • You can change the coffee to green tea - it will be useful for the organism. However, the effectiveness of the diet will decrease;
  • Sitting on such a diet can not be more than 13 days, and it can be used no more than once a year;
  • If you are bothered headaches and weakness, more often in the fresh air, try not to overwork;
  • Ideally, before the start of the diet should consult a doctor.

Yes, the Japanese diet is classified as strict diets. To sustain its not everyone can. But if you are still able to hold out for the right time, be sure to revise your future diet and overall lifestyle. Try to walk on foot, sign up for any physical training or the school dance, eat only natural foods - then your figure will always look perfectly, and feel you accordingly!

 The Japanese diet - 13 days separates you from the slim figure

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