Bran "Lito" - an indispensable product during Lent

The question of how to lose weight for many people is relevant for many, many years. Needless to say how much frustration is due to the use of diets - those about which they write, and speak, as the most miraculous. But the term diet goes, but the miracle did not happen. Maybe it's time to try some other way to put in order the body? Of course, this method should be based on a scientific and medical basis, and not just talk about the fact that someone he had helped to lose weight for a couple of days to 5 kilograms.

Proven and reliable option for those who aims to lose weight and cleanse the body - the use of wheat bran "Lito". The positive effect of this food product is based on the fact that it consists of dietary fiber. Maybe it's strange, but the byproduct of wheat more valuable from all points of view, than that which is considered the main. But it is enough to recall the traditions of our ancestors, who baked bread made from white flour only the greatest holidays and ordinary days used grits useful for the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, the bran "Lito" have beneficial effects on many human organs: used to supply useful intestinal microflora, increase peristalsis, improve bile secretion and so on. The fiber - is the best product in order to prevent intestinal dysbiosis. Unlike flour (this pure starch), bran contains living cells and active trace elements, so that the body needs each person! And the best advice sorbent simply impossible! Using as food bran, you can get rid of constipation.

 Bran "Lito" - an indispensable product during Lent

If you recall the active compounds contained in the whole grain, after processing and ninety percent of them remain in a concentrated form it is in the bran. Firstly, it is priceless vitamin B, which affects the central nervous system, skin, growth and health of the hair, the activity of all systems of the body that are considered the most energy-intensive (muscle, kidney, heart, brain). Secondly, it is impossible to overestimate the importance that has a chemical trace element potassium. Compared with potatoes, bran it twice. This means that you can not worry about the normal functioning of the circulatory system. Among other useful substances contained in the bran, should certainly call carotene, selenium, magnesium, vitamin E, zinc, copper.

As opportunities for weight loss, the principle of the bran "Lito" is simple and clear: they rapidly swell in the stomach, as tend to attract fluid. This means that in a short time completely fill the stomach. Thanks to this man will feel satiety. In addition, due to increased peristalsis in the intestine is absorbed fewer nutrients, ie, the body gets a lot less calories. That is why weight loss and body cleansing is no better way than eating bran "Lito". This is extremely useful product for people who are fasting, because it contains all the ingredients necessary for the normal functioning of the human body, filling it with health and vigor!

 Bran "Lito" - an indispensable product during Lent

 Kremlin diet menu for a month


  • What foods can be eaten at the Kremlin diet?
  • Menu Kremlin diet by week
  • Stages slimming

The Kremlin diet is considered to be the most amazing and unusual of all. Agree, the use of roasted meat, mayonnaise, fat sour cream and cheese or does not fit into the framework of starvation. But you can not eat, losing weight on this principle to people - foods containing carbohydrates. More precisely, not completely eliminate them and to try to minimize.

The maximum rate of carbohydrates should not exceed 40 grams per day. So what is the secret of the Kremlin diet, why it is so popular not only among ordinary people, but also among the world stars? Let's try to understand. Carbohydrates - the main source of energy. Therefore, they need a person on a daily basis. The carbohydrates provide sufficient calories as in proteins and fats.

But what distinguishes them from the past, so it is a task that they perform in the body. Namely - digested and helps to digest other components. There will be no carbohydrates, fats and proteins simply will withdraw from the body without leaving behind any calories - in this lies the secret of the Kremlin diet. Not receiving the necessary components, the body begins to spend old fat stores, due to which weight loss occurs.

 Kremlin diet menu for a month

What foods can be eaten at the Kremlin diet?

Durum cheese, meat, fish, sausages, mushrooms - a basic set of products that are permissible during this diet. To achieve the desired effect, you have to hold on to her a month or even more. It all depends on how many kilos you want to lose. In order not to leave your body without carbohydrates can afford milk, sour cream, cottage cheese and sour even mayonnaise. These products are less carbohydrate.

Foods such as potatoes, pasta, baked goods Butter is minimized. And use them separately from meat and fish. Also, it does not need to pamper yourself with a beer and dessert wines. The hardest hit will drop vegetables, fruits and berries. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to go on a diet winter or early spring, while the absence of these products you will experience easier.

Kremlin diet was originally designed for 14 days. During this time, the weight lost about 5 kg. Yes, not everyone will be pleased with the results. However, remember how quickly returned weight more stringent diets. It is better to gradually but permanently. Optionally, you can extend the diet for a couple of weeks or a month. The main advantage of this weight loss is that you practically will not feel hungry. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea, even your body will be getting a regular basis. All this will help sustain the Kremlin diet without any problems.

 Kremlin diet delicious menu for the month

Menu Kremlin diet by week

For example, let's look at the menu of the Kremlin diet, which is calculated monthly. If desired, you can swap for lunch and dinner, or to vary the products the way you want. The main follow the rule - as little as possible of carbohydrates!

First week

Menu Monday:

  • Breakfast: zucchini, fried in oil (100 grams), cheese varieties (50 grams), fried eggs, cooked two eggs. We wash down with unsweetened tea;
  • Lunch: 100 grams of mashed potatoes, 150 grams of chicken, cooked on the grill, a glass of mineral water;
  • Between lunch and dinner, you can eat pistachios, but not more than 50 grams;
  • Dinner: fish, stewed in tomato sauce (200 grams), lettuce (100 g), a glass of low-fat, unsweetened yogurt.

Menu for Tuesday:

  • For breakfast: two boiled sausages, small tomato, a piece of cheese - 100 grams of coffee without sugar;
  • Lunch: cabbage soup - 200 grams, boiled pork - 100 grams, a glass of mineral water;
  • Refreshments can be orange. 100 grams, at most;
  • For dinner: a salad of sauerkraut, meat, fried in breadcrumbs, tea.

Menu for Wednesday:

  • Breakfast canned green beans - 50 grams, two eggs scrambled. Washed down with tea. Do not forget, do not add sugar!
  • Lunch salad of any vegetables, mayonnaise - 100 grams a piece of lamb - 100 grams. Wash down with mineral water;
  • Snack - 30 grams of salted peanuts;
  • Dinner calamari with mayonnaise (boiled), lettuce and a glass of yogurt. All 100 grams.

Menu for Thursday:

  • Breakfast: 150 grams of cheese, 100 grams of fruit any coffee;
  • Lunch: Making salad tomato and olives - 150 grams, fried pork - 100 grams. Wash down with mineral water;
  • Grab a snack cheese;
  • Dinner: salad of tomatoes and parsley, seasoned with vegetable oil (150 grams), any grilled fish (200 grams), tea.

Menu for Friday:

  • In the morning eat two eggs, stuffed fried mushrooms, 200 grams of seaweed, tea;
  • At lunch - green soup, steak and fried egg. Mineral water. All 200 grams;
  • Snacking walnuts - 30 grams;
  • In the evening - sausages, sauerkraut, yogurt. All 200 grams.

The menu on Saturday:

  • In the morning - scrambled eggs with cheese, 100 grams of roasted eggplant, coffee;
  • At lunch - salad leaves, fried mushrooms, a hodgepodge of different varieties of meat. 100-200-250 grams respectively, mineral water;
  • At lunch, you can afford an apple;
  • In the evening - 200 grams kebab from any meat, cheese and vegetable salad: 100 grams. A glass of dry red wine;

Menu for Sunday:

  • Breakfast buckwheat and two sausages. Kashi eat no more than 100 grams. Tea;
  • Lunch chicken, grilled, and tomatoes: 150 grams. Mineral water;
  • At lunch you can eat a little fruit, a maximum of 100 grams;
  • Dinner of fried eggplant caviar, roast pork and lettuce. 100-200-100 grams respectively. We wash down with tea.

The second week

First day:

  • Roasted zucchini and a piece of pork: 100 grams. Green tea;
  • Beef stew and cheese (can be "cheese"): 100 grams, 2 eggs, cooked boiled. Coffee;
  • Boiled fish (any), cottage cheese: 200-100 grams respectively. Drink a glass of milk;

Second day:

  • 100 grams of turkey fillet, boiled in salted water, small tomato, green tea;
  • Make a salad of olives, cheese and shrimp - 150 grams of pork stew, boiled egg;
  • Braised rabbit meat (200 grams), eggplant fried in vegetable oil (100 grams), a glass of apple juice.

Third day:

  • Boiled ham and cabbage salad (fresh or sour), 200-100 grams, respectively. Herbal tea;
  • Make a salad of radish (2-6 pieces), dressed with olive oil. Half a liter of beef broth and a piece of meat is 200 grams. Coffee;
  • Roasted carrots and grilled meat in breadcrumbs: 100 grams.

Fourth day:

  • Slice of veal (200 grams), fried in butter, a cup of yogurt, lettuce (100 g). Mineral water;
  • Baked fish in tomato sauce, chicken broth, cheese: 200-500-100 grams respectively. Coffee, you can add a drop of milk;
  • Meat chop cucumber (fresh or salted), a glass of juice from grapes.

Day Five:

  • Fry 2-3 scrambled eggs and 200 grams of chicken liver (also fried).
  • Fried fish and chicken broth. Coffee;
  • Chop all the meat fried in breadcrumbs, a little tomato, a glass of apple or grape juice.

Day Six repeats the first day. Seventh - second day.

We reviewed the menu, the Kremlin diet for two weeks. If the results of these days, you are not satisfied, you can continue to lose weight by this method, using the above products.

 Kremlin diet healthy menu for the month

Stages slimming

The first stage of the Kremlin diet - the most important. And we have considered above. At this stage, the use of carbohydrates should not exceed 20 ye per day. The first phase lasts two weeks or a month. Next, go to the next stage of the Kremlin diet. Begins to enter in your diet more vegetables, nuts and berries. Try to keep the amount of carbohydrate added to the week up to 5 ye Observe mode, do not overeat, but do not stay without food for more than 6 hours.

When you realize that the extra kilos there are not so many (2-3), you can begin the third stage. It lasts 2-3 months. The amount of carbohydrates gradually bring it back to normal - every week add 10 ye It is at this point, you will understand what the rate of carbohydrate can take without fear to get better.

In the last stage of the Kremlin diet is very easy to break, so be extremely careful. Yes, you can treat yourself to a slice of chocolate cake, but not more often than once every 2-3 weeks. At first, you will not be easy to adhere to the rules of the Kremlin diet. We'll have to constantly study the labels on the products, calculating the amount of carbohydrates. But very soon you get used much, remember, and you will know the product you need indicators of heart.

Even at the last stage of the Kremlin diet are foods that are imposed strictly taboo. In the next month they abstain completely from:

  • Bread. Ate 100 grams of bread - do not come to the refrigerator all day;
  • Cereals: semolina, rice, barley. Exclude - they contain more than 40 ye
  • Pasta also hide in the back shelves.

It is said that any diet has contraindications. Be sure to consult with a nutritionist before embarking on weight loss. And, of course, do not forget about exercise. After all, without them your body grown thin will not look aesthetically pleasing: sagging skin, wrinkles and stretch marks appear. After a full release from the diet, try to adhere to proper nutrition, more walk in the fresh air and always smiling! After all, there is nothing that does not paint a woman, as an open smile and a radiant look!

 The Kremlin diet: the menu for the month and the subsequent recommendations

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