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Holiday best friend in life, whether it's a birthday, a wedding or any other important date - it's a great occasion to once again underline your attitude to it a good gift. Of course, it can be a long time to choose from the range of finished products. The time spent on a shopping trip, the search for the most appropriate thing, doubt and hesitation - it all necessarily bear fruit in the form of joyful surprise in the eyes of friend.

If your relationship with her has a long history, I guess what it would be like her, do not be too hard. You, no doubt, will choose the most suitable to the case of a gift, and both will be satisfied - you are so pleased that the best friend, and she - by congratulation.

But of particular value in recent years become objects made by hand. After all, they have a special atmosphere and cordial warmth, are the focus of positive energy. Content items are unique interior decoration, giving it a certain charm and personality, they can perfectly complement any fashionable wardrobe and even benefit in everyday life. So why not make a gift to the girlfriend with his own hands, thereby departing from the stereotypes and applying a creative approach to the standard congratulation?

Do not rush disappointed sigh of defeat in advance, if you do not know how to knit or sew, draw and sculpt in clay and so on. Of course, these skills would greatly facilitate the task to you, but without them it is possible to do. This article provides a list of gifts that can make everyone.

Among them, of course, are those that require special skills and abilities, but there are fairly simple. Just choose the one that is likely to appeal to your best friend and you will be on the shoulder, and forward into creative ideas, as any homemade gift itself is original and unique, especially if he put a piece of his soul.

Simple gifts with their own hands

There is nothing easier than to make the most exclusive gift card. This kind of creativity is called beautiful foreign word - kardmeyking. You probably immediately reminded of those primitive products from conventional sheet of cardboard, which all of us were forced to do in school. But now there are specialty stores where you can buy everything you need to create these masterpieces.

Beads, ribbons, gilding, glitter and much more in the presence of imagination easily converted into three-dimensional bright colors, abstract patterns and even sea views. Perhaps the creative work on the creation of the author of such cards so you grab that will become a real hobby.

There is another technique familiar to us from school years - scrapbooking. Remember, earlier in the portfolio of each girl lying album naive poems for friends questionnaires, drawings and stickers? And while all of these cute notepads very much like each other, yet different, as there were only general idea of ​​the motive and, as the embodiment of each of us engaged individually.

Give your best friend a genuine insight into the carefree time, filling out for her album, memories with pictures of the children's, tales of first love, and while popular lyrics. Try to remember and write down any funny things that happened to you and the friend of a child, sad stories, secrets and a girl's secrets. Believe me, reading this album will bring your friend a lot of pleasant moments.

If your friendship began at a later time, the technique of scrapbooking, you can do something else. Let this be the album is a stub for a photo, but not simple, where you can put any pictures and original. Divide it into conventional periods or seasons, provide enough space for the description of an event filmed by, decorate pictures and winged phrases. In general, make this album the author's creation, compares favorably with serial copies.

 girlfriend a gift with their own hands


Most girls and women can not resist the different beautiful thing, usually useless, but very attractive in terms of aesthetic perception. If your best friend is a thirst for a charming trifle, presents her original decorative set consisting of tiny jars filled with colored sand or tinted salt. It looks very nice and is quite simple.

Stock up in advance a special transparent container, sand or salt and wax crayons. Buy this can be easily. As for the process of creating a gift, it is very simple. On a fine grater rub crayons and mix them with the loose foundation of sand, salt or semolina. Thoroughly rub, to produce vivid colors and bright.

Then fold the paper into the horn and use it to sprinkle jars of the resulting filler, but do it in a different color layers. Close the container and decorate them with satin ribbons. The original and very beautiful gift ready, it remains only to give his best friend and enjoy the effect produced. By the way, replaced by sand or salt may be different cereals, colored stones, glass or bright beads.

Recently, our refrigerator magnets and decorate all kinds of magnets. We bring them out of the travel, buy in supermarkets during the event, we get as a gift from my colleagues and so on. Try yourself to make a decorative element of the ordinary wooden clothespins. Decorate the front of the beads, ribbons, lace or paper flowers, and on the reverse stick tape.

Then take a cardboard box, obtyanite a cloth, put into your design set of magnets, pegs, supplement it with a beautiful set of paper notes and pen. On the top of a makeshift casket write something like "Tips from the fairy tale" or "Tinkerbell" and hand in this original gift best friend. Each time, hanging on the refrigerator next reminder will remember it with a smile on your unusual greeting.

Candles can also serve as an interesting gift decoration. Their production does not require special training and skills. Buy a few ready-made wax or paraffin candles at any hardware store, cut them and remove the fuses. Then, the resulting melt of the water bath.

Be prepared molds interesting: it can be boxes of curd desserts, metal containers for baking muffins or plastic inserts out of chocolates. Strengthen them wick: Tie one end of the position across the form of a stick, and leave the second hang when not planning to turn the candle.

If, however, it would become the bottom face, the plastic mold in the center make a hole to thread a wick in it. Lock him a bundle. Now pour the melted base and allow the product to freeze properly. Then carefully remove the candle and do not forget to pack them nicely. If you want to get a colorful creation of wax or paraffin, then add the melted mass of finely planed wax crayons or lipstick.

Girly things for body and soul

Best friend can give invigorating original gift in the form of dry spirits. The base is made of melted wax and olive oil in a ratio of one to two. Flavor perform a few drops of essential oil of ylang-Ealing or orange. Pour the foundation you need to empty powder box, a box of shadows or a medallion on a chain. Inhaling such a refreshing fragrance in the midst of a bustling workday, a friend not just think of you with gratitude.

But the children's soap, olive oil and coffee beans make excellent coarse solid body scrub. The first two components are mixed in a water bath and slowly cooled, and then thereto are added coffee beans. Pour the product must be for a little form and give it to cool. Then neat wedges to extract and tying them with beautiful ribbon, give best friend. You know how to make soap yourself? Prepare a few fragrant slices and presented the original set as the exclusive useful gifts.

In recent years, among young girls and women all kinds of huge popularity of costume jewelry. Designers do not get tired of repeating that create a complete and holistic way possible without tasteful decorations. Therefore copyright products from beads, polymer clay, artificial pearls and other materials are in great demand among the fashionistas. If you are not indifferent to this kind of creativity, best friend to fabricate original exclusive set of earrings and brooches or make a gift to her charming and stylish necklace.

The material for the creation of jewelery with your own hands can be purchased in the store for needlework. The metal base with a pin, organza, beads, a little glue - and unusual brooch, instantly revitalizing even the most modest attire, ready.

Purchase a brilliant chain or black suede lace, a special zip-lock for bracelets or necklaces, and a piece of soft leather. From these simple materials can get unusual bracelet that your girlfriend on your arm will look flirty and very cute. Gift in the form of the author's original jewelry itself, because to repeat it to someone else is unlikely.

By the way, congratulations to supplement this can casket, but not simple, but decorated in the technique of decoupage. To do this, fit a paper towel with a beautiful pattern that needs to be cut and pasted on a wooden surface. Fix the result obtained will help ordinary furniture polish.

And if you want to give absolutely creative organizer for jewelry, the look in his father's garage old, blackened by the time the board. Very well, if his view it would resemble a piece of the wreck of the ship. You can cover it with varnish or treat cracked gold paint.

Now for finding vintage furniture handles, which plays the role of the holders of all kinds of beads, chains, necklaces and bracelets. Ask any of the men to tie them to the front of the board and on the back make wall mounting. That's all, stylish organizer for hanging decorations ready. He will not only perform useful functions, it will be an excellent element of the decor in the room of modern fashionista.

 original gift girlfriend with his own hands

Other ideas for homemade gifts

You do not know how or do not want to mess with jewelry? Doubt that to create something creative and wonderful you do not have enough skills and sense of style? It does not matter, photo frame decorated with sea pebbles, seashells and pearls will be a wonderful reminder of the summer and the sea, and a small glass jar with a narrow neck influenced by your imagination and little effort will become a unique candle holder.

Take a few pieces of colored organza and wrap it around the base, cementing design at the top of the bright band. Candle inside a makeshift candlesticks can be mounted with glue and a handful of glass beads.

If you know how to sew, even a little, to make a friend aromatic pillow, which is filled with dried aromatic herbs. Long and serious "make friends" with a needle and thread? Then try to make the best friend a beautiful beach bag of universal denim. Not bad knit?

Well, because apart from hats and scarves, you can come up with a bright bag-envelope for a laptop that is easy to carry in your hand or on your shoulder. Even ordinary candy, decorated in the art suites, design, acquire original form and it is suitable for greetings best friend. From these trivial sweets produced unusual bouquets and arrangements, which is a pity.

It is easy to make sure that the ideas for gifts made with their own hands, there are so many. Even the most inept girl finds among them the one that will be able to implement without further problems. After all, it is important not so much skill and skill as a desire to give a loved one something original and unique, addressed only to him.

But it's nice to get the thing someone invented and created especially for you! The sense of its uniqueness warms the soul purer shining diamond. And is it so important value of the gift? The main thing is to be handed over from the heart, radiating warmth and joy.

 Present your own hands to her friend, master the skill to surprise

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