Proper diet for a beautiful figure

Proper diet is important not only for your beauty, it is - the foundation of health. One could express it by the formula "everything is possible, but little by little," but the situation is not so simple. To avoid the most severe diets, is a real stress for the body and the metabolism, you need to listen to your body and its needs, to be able to eat in accordance with the age and activity.

Think about your diet

With age, the body's reaction changed so effective weight loss diet should be accompanied by physical exercises, which are a necessary condition to your body as long as possible to stay slim and strong. Indeed, since 30 years is changing the metabolism, the digestive process occurs differently (especially women). The cells begin to release less digestive juice, digestion is slower and more difficult. Therefore, you should think about your diet, in particular to limit the consumption of certain energy-dense foods and trudnousvoyaemyh, especially in the evening.


Those who are engaged in daily activities, special attention should be given to the first food intake. Given that the morning meal - the most important of the day, you need to replenish their stocks of vitamins, minerals and slowly absorbed carbohydrates.

Breakfast can start, usually with a dish of whole cereal with milk and honey, followed by two slices of bread and three toast, buttered low-fat (conventional oil: 10 g = 75 calories, low fat butter: 10 g = 40 kcal) .  Do not be afraid to eat a few slices of bread every morning - bread still has not put on weight, in addition, the body really need it contains slowly absorbed carbohydrates and starch .  Check out the breakfast can be 1-2 servings of yogurt from whole milk, then drink all the coffee without sugar (more than for reasons of taste, than because of the diet) .  Finally, a glass of fresh fruit juice (orange or grapefruit) brings freshness and tone, and you can start daily activities .  Yogurt or cottage cheese should be consumed all because, regardless of the physical effort, our body loses calcium .  To compensate for the lack of calcium, can eat dairy products, and in the morning and in the afternoon, and (sometimes) night .  The fat-free yogurt and whole caloric difference (50 and 80 kcal per 125 g), but the calcium content the same way .

Grab a snack at 11 o'clock.

Although a full breakfast, sometimes you have to bite later in the morning. It is always advisable to have a 1-2 energy bars containing phosphorus, calcium and potassium.

 Proper diet for a beautiful figure

Lunch and dinner

During the day you can eat fish, vegetables and dairy products. Such food rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and trace elements, and protects them from heart disease and cancer, and obesity!

  • Prefer fresh vegetables

Lunch can start with a plate of raw vegetables: carrots, radishes, tomatoes, lettuce, green beans, broccoli (100 g = 26 kcal) and cabbage - with a small amount of vinegar and spices. Then, eat the fish and garnish (rice, potatoes, lentils or pasta).

You should not eat any fried in butter or sauces based on cream. Food is better to fill a small amount of olive oil, orange juice and a variety of herbs that add flavor to the strictest dishes.

In our time, we can not say that healthy food - it's tasteless. Your task is to prepare meals. Look on the shelves with vegetables in a supermarket where you'll find fresh basil, and parsley, and thyme, and sweet onions ... Do not forget about spices. It is enough to generously sprinkle of rice, tomatoes, fish and vegetables - and you will realize that mayonnaise (100 g = 710 kcal), fresh sour cream (100 g = 900 kcal) or bearnaise sauce (100 g = 549 kcal) optionally added to all meals !

  • No - fast utilizable carbohydrates!

Lunch can be completed with a piece of cheese without bread and yogurt. Pastries best not to eat, because most starchy foods contain a lot of sugar and calories (piece of apple pie = 200 kcal, choux pastry = 338 kcal). When you are accustomed to eat yogurt, cheese, coffee and tea without sugar, you will know the real taste of food and did not want to take a step back. It is a good habit that will not require you a lot of effort. Think of yourself and other such habits ...

If you want to play sports and work without feeling tired, you should consume slow digestible carbohydrates - starchy foods that provide energy. Before the evening you will have time to learn and digest them. Starch, as everyone slowly absorbed carbohydrates accumulate in the body, replenishing muscle glycogen stores prior to consuming energy. If you consume starch in the composition of natural products, it does not lead to weight gain (100 g of conventional pasta = 110 kcal, 100 g Parmesan cheese = 380 calories).

In the afternoon, eat 1-2 fruits, avoiding the grape (too sweet) and banana (high-calorie). By the way, banana - the perfect remedy to eat, if you suddenly feel fatigue. Fresh fruits contain vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber and minerals. They improve the bowel, facilitating the conclusion of toxins that could interfere with weight loss.

 Proper diet for a beautiful figure

Which diet for weight loss should pay attention to?

Principles of supply described here provide only a general idea, but for those who have decided to seriously address the figure will approach Dukan Diet, which has a lot of recipes and a detailed description of each step. Diet developed by an experienced dietitian, who spent many years on its improvement. This system is not complicated, but the results give positive, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of professionals.

An example of a balanced diet:

  • Protein - 12-15% of the total caloric intake 100/125 g
  • Milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products; red and white meat, sausage, poultry, game, meat products, fish, eggs, shellfish.
  • Fat - 30-35% of the total caloric intake 50/62 g
  • Animal fats (butter, fish oil); oils of plant origin (sunflower, soybean, peanut oil).
  • Carbohydrates - 50-60% of the total caloric intake 100/125 g
  • Raw fruits and vegetables; cooked fruits and vegetables; starchy foods (cereals, beans, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, white beans); sugar (candy, chocolate, honey, sweet drinks).
 Proper diet for a beautiful figure

 Cleansing jelly for a flat stomach


  • Cleaning the bowel as a method of weight loss
  • What are the different ways to clean the bowel?
  • Contraindications cleansing jelly

There were times when pyshnotelye women enjoyed extraordinary success and were considered very attractive. One can think of paintings by Rubens. On his canvases depict is not skinny girls. Completeness symbolized beauty and health. In our time considered ideal parameters of 90-60-90, and they more or less seeks to every girl.

Being slim is fashionable. Therefore, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity all the forces trying to lose weight. Nutritionists have developed a variety of power supply systems for weight loss: buckwheat, and the Kremlin's diet, the Atkins diet, protein - carbohydrate sequencing, and many others. Very popular among women the so-called express - diet and fasting days. Thanks to them, you can get rid of at least one extra kilogram a day. They are useful for those who need to lose weight quickly before some - the important event.

Very worried many women, even quite slim, fat deposits in the abdominal area. To get rid of them needed exercise. But you need to play sports regularly. But for quick disposal of the extra couple of centimeters in the abdomen can spend the day fasting and bowel clean.

Cleaning the bowel as a method of weight loss

It accumulates on the walls of the intestine from 2 to 4 kg of "waste", the so-called slag. Therefore, due to cleaning it can be easy to get rid of excess weight in the abdomen. Conduct it can be, even in their own home. In addition, cleaning the intestines and contributes to improvement of the body. Often we feel joint pain, constant fatigue. This stems from the toxins accumulated in the intestine. They are necessary to regularly get rid of. The presence of slag in the body does not depend on the person's age. Their appearance is connected, first of all, a way of life. As you know, the modern pace of life and the quality of food products are not conducive to preservation of health and human beauty.

There are two types of harmful substances, exotoxins and endotoxins. Exotoxins enter the body with air, as well as food and drink, which consumes a person. It can be microbes, which are formed in case of poisoning. And also all those substances which are contained in the low-quality food, drinks and medicines. Thus, exotoxins - a consequence of poor lifestyle choices.

Endotoxins are formed in connection with violation of vital functions of any organ: kidney failure, goiter, diseases of the nose and throat, as well as stress and other chronic diseases.

 Cleansing jelly

What are the different ways to clean the bowel?

Purification methods, there are many, and all of them in varying degrees affect the body. Therefore, each chooses for himself his method is suitable for health reasons.

  1. Dietary method of cleaning the bowel

    It is the most gentle method of cleaning. However, it has a drawback. This method takes quite a bit of time - at least 2 weeks. During this period, you will need to completely give up starchy foods, fatty, fried, spicy and sweet. Even better excluded from the diet salt. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and herbs. They are fiber. Drink at least 2 liters of still water or herbal tea. Within 2 weeks, you will feel lightness in the body and lose a few extra kilos. The body cleansed yourself of harmful toxins.

  2. Intestinal cleansing using enemas

    In this way, the ancient Indians used more. They applied for this procedure pumpkin and bamboo tube. Now in any pharmacy you can easily purchase a mug Esmarch. As she poured a simple boiled water at room temperature. No need to purchase any special solutions in the pharmacy. It is in vain waste of money.

    To thoroughly clean the intestines to do so. Pour 2 liters of water and try to absorb it as much as you can. The more the fluid will be in the intestine, the better it is cleared. Keep a water should be as long as possible. Excessive use of this procedure is not necessary. Together with toxins, you run the risk of wash and beneficial bacteria, positively affecting the intestinal microflora. It is enough rate of 4-5 procedures every six months.

  3. Hunger for bowel cleansing

    Hunger - a very complex method of cleaning the bowel. It can be used only completely healthy people. On some days it is prohibited to use any food. You can only drink salt water in large quantities. In some cases, permitted juice and herbal tea without sugar. Due to the lack of nutrients the body begins to cleanse itself. Also in this period, all the digestive organs resting.

    Hunger is usually a beneficial effect on the body. However, to use this method of treatment must be cautious and not to abuse them. Long fasting could adversely affect the functioning of internal organs. Best of all this before cleansing the body to consult with your doctor about the possibility and effectiveness of this method for you personally. Remember that good health is more important than a graceful figure. And with a specialist should discuss the menu, since the passage of purification.

  4. Colon Cleansing natural ingredients

    This method is suitable for those who prefer to avoid the use of drugs. Natural components act on the intestine more gently and do not have much protivopokazaniy.Horosho clean the intestines olive oil and warmed cabbage pickle. They need to drink on an empty stomach. Oils need 2 tablespoons, and brine - half a cup.

    It has long been like a good laxative use tincture of mountain ash. The recipe of its preparation is simple. You need to buy berries, collected before the onset of frosts. Rowan thoroughly wash and pour into a jar, pour sugar. Cover the container and place in a sunny place. Sugar should be completely dissolved. Then, move the jar in a dark place for 3 weeks. Strain the syrup and dilute alcohol. Half a liter of syrup - 2 tablespoons of alcohol. Mountain ash tincture, take 1 tablespoon every morning before eating.

    Excellent clean the intestines and flax seeds. They can be purchased at the pharmacy. The recipe of tincture of linen is not only simple, but also speed. 1 teaspoon flax steamed in 200 milliliters of boiling water and leave overnight. It's all fabrication. In the morning on an empty stomach drink a tincture. To improve the effect and can eat seeds. But they are quite unpalatable.

  5. Cleansing jelly for a flat tummy prunes, beets, and oat flakes

    This recipe deserves to dwell on it separately. Many women use this drink are divided into great results. Oatmeal with beets and prunes not only cleanse the bowels but also help get rid of a couple of extra kilos and gain a flat stomach.

    Recipe Cleansing jelly contains ingredients that you can buy in any store. So, take Flakes "Hercules". Simple oatmeal is not suitable. For jelly need it flakes noodles. Get pitted prunes. You will also need raw svekla.Chernosliv chop with a knife, peel and grate the beets on a coarse grater. Take a handful of ingredients and pour 2 liters of boiling water. Send mixture on the stove on a very low heat. Weight should boil 15 - 20 minutes.

    As preparation, it will become like a jelly. Ready broth, strain and cool. It is necessary to drink a full 2 ​​hours before bedtime. In the morning eat breakfast instead of remaining grounds. If possible, it is best to apply a heating pad for a night on the right side, in the area of ​​the liver. Many wonder why this is necessary. It is believed that the warming contributes to the flow of bile at the same time cleaning the liver.

Recipe Cleansing jelly has a special advantage over other means of getting rid of toxins and excess kilograms. It lies in the fact that it not only acts on the body softly and harmlessly. Recipe of the tool contains the following ingredients that contain a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for human health.

It is well known that the oatmeal - one of the best foods to combat obesity. It is one of the five most important cereals for the human body. But in the oatmeal along with the substances present in all grains, and includes more zinc, iron, vitamin E and B. The use of "Hercules" contributes to the normalization of metabolism, cleanse the blood vessels and the blood of toxins. It has long been known that oatmeal lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. Normalizes blood pressure, cleans and repairs the cells, improve immunity. It is also important that oatmeal has beneficial effects on the skin. Therefore, it is necessarily part of the prescription cleanser.

Prunes are included in the recipe cleansing jelly, plays the role of a laxative. It contains dietary fiber, increases peristalsis and regulate metabolism. These dried fruits also has a number of useful minerals. They contain vitamins A, C, F and B, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium.

It is widely used for weight loss more prunes and because it significantly suppresses the feeling of hunger due to the high content of fructose and glucose. Every woman who has ever tried to imagine any diet, familiar, how much weight loss during want sweet. Several fruit prunes easily save you from this problem, and diet will not be tolerated so hard. Some even believe that women who regularly consumed prunes, not terrible problem of excess weight.

Finally, let us consider the properties of beets. Why is it included a recipe for cleansing jelly along with oatmeal and prunes? This root contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E, F and PP. Pectin and fiber give a good laxative effect, thereby complementing the action of prunes. Beetroot has beneficial effects on the liver, it is a diuretic. The uniqueness of this root is that it contains an essential component - betaine.

This element helps to preserve the beauty and youthfulness and prevent the problem of obesity. Under the influence of this substance is normalized fat metabolism, easily digestible protein food, and therefore much faster comes a feeling of satiety. Betaine positive effect on liver function. It is important to note that the color of root you can determine how high content in it this valuable substance. The darker beet, it is especially useful for the organism. Therefore, choose a root rich burgundy.

Each component is included in the recipe cleansing jelly, useful for the beauty and health. Together, they give particularly beneficial effect, complementing each other. It is believed that oatmeal leaches calcium from the body. But our recipe solves that problem. The cleansing cocktail includes prunes, rich in these micronutrients.

If necessary, you can spend the whole day eating only finished cleaning jelly and thick of it. This unloading cleanse the intestines and the liver from toxins. In just one day you will get rid of a couple of extra kilos and will gain a flat stomach. So jelly indispensable before important feasts, which wants to look slim and irresistible. Moreover, in such a fasting day in a bad mood does not threaten you. Because of prunes and beets, you will not experience hunger. Some do not like the taste of cleansing jelly, but the results of its application are able to please any woman.

 jelly for a flat stomach

Contraindications cleansing jelly

Purification using jelly, as well as any other procedure that promotes weight loss and getting rid of toxins, has a number of contraindications. It can not be used in the following situations.

  1. In renal and heart failure.
  2. In the case of colds and infectious diseases.
  3. In the postoperative period.
  4. When hemorrhoids and intestinal diseases.
  5. During menstruation, pregnancy and lactation.

You must know that after applying cleansing jelly can not eat fatty and spicy dishes. Eat small amounts of light meals, rich in vitamins, gradually increasing portions. Purification of the body can be a good impetus to the conduct of proper lifestyle and healthy eating. And remember, as if you do not like the result of applying a cleansing jelly, you should not use this method too often. Spend fasting days no more than once a week, move more, eat properly, avoid stress and be in a good mood! And then a flat stomach and slender waist you provided!

 Cleansing jelly for a flat belly: how to become slimmer in just a day?