Power System -60


  • Features a hearty breakfast
  • Right lunch
  • Dinner - the last meal
  • The main principles of the "-60"
  • Diet "-60": Beauty & Fitness

Probably, almost every girl heard a lot about effective diet Catherine Mirimanova - a woman who had once lost weight from one hundred twenty to sixty kilograms, as well as their own get rid of many stretch marks on the body. However, it has not resorted to the help of doctors and did not use special additives - agree that this is an incredible result! What is this technique? This is a special system of proper nutrition "-60", which we'll talk today.

This diet - not that other, as separate meals, which feature - complete elimination of the use of food in the evening, after six hours. Rather, it is not even a diet, and a special set, which includes not only nutrition, but also physical activity, as well as beauty pampering. The full application of these three components allows to achieve stunning results.

System support and dietitians, because it is not contrary to the canons of traditional food. "Minus 60" can be safely used even during breastfeeding, do not forget about the only one caveat - you need to carefully monitor their state of health and the amount of milk. Then no problem you will not have.

If we talk about the power supply system minus 60, it is important to note that such a diet - a way of life, which should be followed for many years to maintain good physical shape. All supporters of the program say that adhere to the rules of the diet is not difficult, because over time your body is completely rebuilt on such a regime and the absence of a hearty dinner, it will only benefit. Diet System Mirimanova quite gentle, and certainly suitable even for those who do not has good willpower. The basic rule here - all you can eat, but at a certain time.

Now everything in detail.

Features a hearty breakfast

Before noon, you can eat all you want without worrying about the size of portions and counting calories is not. Drink plenty of water - it is the main source of health. Not limited and salt, but remember that the surplus in any case, you only hurt. Total should be in moderation.

Sugar in all its form, as well as honey and drink before noon. It is better if you replace the white sugar to brown or prefer fructose. The white sugar there is absolutely nothing useful, because with it you can feel free to say goodbye. But to resort to artificial substitutes it is not necessary - you can earn more than one problem.

Breakfast in the Mirimanova - the main component. If you do not have breakfast, the metabolic processes in your body stop. It is better to eat something rather dense, satisfying. However, you can limit and a few crackers with ham and cheese. Coffee, tea and juices - everything can be eaten during this period of time without worrying about calories.

Remember that some vegetables may prevent effective weight loss. For example, do not eat too many bananas or peaches. Another author of the diet does not recommend cleaning with the help of fasting days - a kind of violence on the body, which can cause the opposite effect: the day after discharge you can just break and eat more than usual.

 power system -60

Right lunch

The main rule - no fried foods. The food either boil or stew. Additives such as mayonnaise or sour cream, resolved to fourteen hours, but in small numbers - a teaspoon is enough. You can also use the soy sauce and olive oil, too, a little bit.

Power system Mirimanova involves special soups. If the soup is on the water, you can add potatoes, if the broth - of it is to give. Prepare soups of legumes, such as beans or peas. But do not forget that for a long time can not satisfy soups, because they have a great interest once again is not necessary.

For lunch, you can eat sushi and dairy products in any form, as well as fruit (apples, plums, kiwis, plums, watermelon, pineapple). But do not eat more than two apples a day, and endlessly eating watermelon. Despite the fact that it is quite watery in its structure, it has a lot of sugar - the glycemic index of watermelon is quite high.
At lunch you can afford beans (but not green), not complementing the meat, including fish. Frozen peas, corn, raw or cooked mushrooms and eat at lunchtime. Be sure to bake or cook vegetables. You can eat them raw or protushennymi. If the vegetables are pickled or salted, not get carried away by them - observe the permissible dose.

Separately, you can eat sausage or cooked sausage, meat and various by-products, fish or jelly, seafood, low-fat kebabs, boiled eggs. When choosing meat, prefer baked or stewed, but better - boiled. Of note cereals rice and buckwheat. Macaroni allowed without fish and meat dishes - better add a little cheese. At lunch you can drink black or green tea, coffee, a glass of dry red wine or juice (preferably freshly squeezed).

Dinner - the last meal

The main rule of diet dinner Mirimanova - is putting out products. Fry in any case impossible. Use seasonings such as soy sauce and a little salt. Sugar in this time is not permitted. Be sure to remember this rule, otherwise all efforts at weight loss will go down the drain. So for dinner, choose something from each of the proposed options.

Option one - fruit. Valid apples, kiwi fruit, a little sink, a couple of slices of watermelon, pineapple and prune, and citrus fruits. Fruit can be combined with dairy products. Do not forget: if in the morning, for example, you've eaten an apple, then dinner is best to eat other fruit.

The second option - vegetables. Acceptable use potatoes or peas and corn, pumpkin, mushrooms (small portion), eggplant and avocado. Such vegetables you can easily combine dinner and cereals, and dairy products. The main thing - not to load, so as not to burden the stomach in the evening.

The third option - a fish and meat. Allowed the use of any meat or offal, fish products, seafood and boiled eggs. Remember, eggs or fish / meat in the evening can not be combined with anything. And if you eat something from this list, forget about the other food.

The fourth option - croup. As mentioned above, allowed rice or buckwheat. All this can be combined with or fruits or vegetables - in small amounts. And finally, the fifth option - a dairy products. Here it is allowed to cottage cheese or low-fat, unsweetened yogurt (one or two small cups). Do not buy yogurt with muesli or cereal. Live yogurt - perfect for dinner. If possible, it prepare it. You can eat a little cheese crisps. Yogurt and cheese are perfectly combined with vegetables and fruit.

Oh, and the drinks. In the evening allowed tea and coffee and still and sparkling water. If you drink coffee or tea without sugar and milk, then go ahead and use such drinks, and after six in the evening. You can prepare fresh juice. Allowed milk and milk drinks. After eighteen hours, treat yourself to a glass of dry red wine.

 Power System Mirimanova -60

The main principles of the "-60"

Summarizing all the above, it should highlight the main points of weight loss system Mirimanova. First of all - this is a mandatory breakfast. Even if you do not want to eat, you force yourself to eat more rye crackers and cheese with coffee. You can drink a little tea or juice.

Follow consume sugar. Use brown sugar or fructose. Alcohol is permitted but in the form of red wine, which must be dry. Try to eat more rice and buckwheat as a side dish. Start with parboiled rice, and then gradually replace its wild or brown.
White bread and crackers are acceptable in food just before lunch. But in the second half of the day allowed only rye crackers, in the extreme case of rye bread. Foods such as potatoes and pasta, it is better to use as early as possible, preferably at breakfast. The lunch is not combine such products with meat. On the evening of potatoes and pasta should be abandoned.

Dinner until six in the evening. Here it triggered a rule: the sooner the better. But do not overdo it, because if the last meal is before five in the evening, you can not fall asleep because of the strong sense of hunger. Try to gradually transfer the dinner for more earlier time. Incidentally, the ideal dinner involves the use of vegetables, rice and yogurt. It is known that the lighter the food at dinner, the faster you will lose weight.

In the afternoon, forget about fried foods. Boil, bake, braise or cook food on a grill - a great alternative. Diet Mirimanova not imply limitations in the use of the liquid. Drink as much water as your body needs it.

If you go to visit, grab a bottle of dry red wine - then you do not have to think, what to drink. In the evening, during the events, as a rule, there is nothing to eat. If possible, in such cases, a bite of fruit or vegetables and low-fat cheese.

Diet "-60": Beauty & Fitness

First mentioned that the weight loss program for Mirimanova - it's not just the rules of supply. Pay attention to the sport and the right cosmetic care. Prepare the coffee scrub that it is necessary to rub it on a daily basis in all trouble spots, such as the buttocks or abdomen. Carefully carried out by local anti-cellulite massage using a cream (you can even children) with the addition of two tablets mummy. In the first place it is a little pull up your silhouette. In addition, such procedures prevent both stretching and sagging skin that can occur due to sudden changes in weight.

If we talk about sports, then choose the type of its own. This can be jogging and exercising in a gym. You can enroll in the pool or dancing - choose what you like best. In any case, the desired effect of exercise in combination with diet certainly be achieved.

Keep in mind that the preparation for Mirimanova diet should start in about a week. During this time, slowly slide your last meal at six in the evening and go to boiled foods. Then you can safely log in "minus 60" and begins to burn those extra kilos, gleefully watching as your body becomes more and more attractive and slender, and the mood - great.

 The power supply system "-60": an effective method Mirimanova