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  • Breakfast - the main meal
  • Features dinner by the "Minus 60"
  • Dinner features of the final meal
  • A few tips from Mirimanova

Any girl who follows the latest methods of effective weight loss, certainly knows about the diet Katie Mirimanova. The so-called system of "minus 60" has been developed directly by the author himself, without the help of dieticians. Kate herself once got rid of sixty extra kilos, cellulite and stretch marks, without taking any medications and supplements, just balancing your diet. An impressive result! Today we take a closer look at a particular diet.

This system is a separate power supply, which is based on the complete elimination of meals after six o'clock in the evening. In principle, this system can hardly be called a diet - the more it resembles the complex, which in itself combines three components: nutrition, sports and cosmetics. Just in case, if you go to the care of his body comprehensively, following all the advice of the author, you will enjoy stunning results.

Today Mirimanova diet gained recognition among professional nutritionists. They confirm that the system does not violate the canons of traditional food and does not harm the body - her menu is so diverse that a diet is not difficult. Even those whose willpower is obviously poor. However, there are some nuances in the case of breastfeeding. Be sure to check the condition of your body and keep track of the amount of milk. This is one of the diets that are not prohibited by the young mums - this is its peculiarity.

If you are going to move to a system of power "Minus 60", do not forget that it is - a way of life, which is recommended to follow for many years to not lose the perfect shape and look great. You can ask the people who have ever lose weight on the program, and they will tell you that there is nothing difficult - the only important thing is your desire to slender body. The main rule of diet - is to eat all the food, but at a particular time of the day. Now take a closer look all the nuances of the system.

Breakfast - the main meal

Virtually all dietary complexes breakfast is considered the main, basic meal. The system of "minus 60" is no exception. Good results depend directly on how well you follow the rules of this diet menu. Katya Mirimanova, the author of the system offers not think in the morning on serving size and forget about counting calories. In no case do not forget to eat breakfast, because of how rational and competent is your breakfast, and depend on the metabolic processes occurring in the body.

Do not forget that you must drink a lot of water - as much as your body needs, because it is water - the most valuable source of your health and the key to harmony. In the morning, twelve o'clock, and is not limited to the use of salt. However, do not forget that it may lead to excess weight problems. Sugar, preferably brown and honey drink as much as you want, but then again, up to twelve hours. Why brown sugar? It is much more useful than white, and, especially, better artificial substitutes. You can choose as an alternative to fructose - is one of the valid options.

You can eat something pretty hearty, sweet - in this period of time your body of such food does not suffer. However, if you are one of those people who can not tightly breakfast, the most suitable option for you will be a few crackers with cheese, and as the drink - coffee.

By the way, when it comes to drinks, the menu diet allows you to eat in the morning completely any drink, whether it's green or black tea, coffee or jelly - whatever you like. The coffee can add cream or milk - we have already said, you can not count calories. By the way, aware of the fact that a good breakfast - it's part of good mood for the whole day, and therefore do not need to torture your body in the morning only, for example, a glass of juice and apple.

A few words about unloading days. Katya Mirimanova recommends forget to rape their bodies so-called "downloading". There is nothing good about that, for example, take the whole day to eat only green apples, which not only do not contribute to good cleaning, but can cause severe indigestion if you eat them in such quantities and under such conditions. In addition, on the day following such a diet you can just break and eat more than usual. Did you achieve exactly that? Good results can be obtained without torture own health.

 Mirimanova system minus 60

Features dinner by the "Minus 60"

Now let's talk about the menu for dinner - as it should be according to Mirimanova? Immediately remember advice - forget about fried foods. It is better to boil, simmer or bake it - turn out not less tasty, but also useful at times. If you spike your food mayonnaise or sour cream sauce, it is only up to two hours of the day and only in small portions. It will be enough, and teaspoon. In small amounts can add olive oil or soy sauce.

Include lunch menu soups, but note that if the soup is cooked with water or vegetable broth, then you can safely add a little potato. But if the soup based on meat broth, then give up on potatoes as soup itself is quite bold and energetically valuable. Prefer soups, which are composed of pulses, for example, peas, beans and other. But remember that the soup will not satisfy you for a long time, because to get involved in such dishes do not need.

The system of "minus 60" allows the use of dairy products in the lunch period. Allowed sushi and all kinds of fruit. However Mirimanova advises you to pay attention to the fact that it is not necessary at a time to eat several apples or pears - the best share tricks of fruit for the day.

As for the watermelon, a lot of people are mistaken and think that it does not calories, and eat it almost kilograms. This is very wrong. Watermelon has a high glycemic index, that is, there is too much sugar, because of its reckless use can be an obstacle for you in losing weight - about the good results from the diet will have to forget. Estimated allowable number of watermelon - a few pieces.

If you eat lunch, beans, choose not green. Complement it any kind of meat or fish. Acceptable use of green peas or corn, mushrooms (choose raw or boiled). Regarding cooking vegetables is important to say that the best mud stew or bake. Alternatively - activate the menu of raw vegetables. Be especially careful with marinated or pickled ovoschami- do not need them to get involved once again.

Now for the meat. Sausages, cooked sausages, meat products, jellied meat and fish can be included in the diet, but as a separate meal. The same is true kebab, steak and boiled eggs. When choosing meat, stop for baked or stewed. Ideally, it would be better to cook boiled meat.

From cereals deserve special attention buckwheat and rice. If you are a decoction of the pasta, then eat them without meat or fish, but you can add a little cheese - it will not hurt losing weight. If we talk about the drinks, then dinner perfect red wine (be sure to dry), and fruit juice. The black and green tea, as well as coffee, allowed.

 weight loss system minus 60

Dinner features of the final meal

The system of "minus 60" assumes a relatively early dinner, only to eighteen hours. The main rule is - again, extinguishing products. From condiments allowed to use a small amount of salt and a little soy sauce. And that's about the sugar in all its forms will have to forget the evening.

Composing dinner menu according Mirimanova diet, choose any one product of each of the options below. So, the first - a fruit. In the evening, pay attention to the apples and kiwis, plums and watermelon, citrus fruits, pineapple and prunes. They can be safely combined with all dairy products.

Vegetables - the second component. Allowed peas and corn, pumpkin, little mushroom and avocado. Approximate number of servings - a small fist. Combine vegetables with cereals need to or, again, with dairy products. Try not to overload the stomach, do not load, and then in the morning will feel easy.

Special attention needs meat and fish menus. According Mirimanova evening meat can not be combined with anything, but you can use any of its varieties. The same applies to eggs - a combination with something as unacceptable. Choosing something for dinner of meat, fish or eggs, discard the other products.

A few words about the rump. Again, we say that it is best if you prefer rice or buckwheat, because these cereals are most useful. Feel free to combine the rice and buckwheat with vegetables or fruit. Permitted yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese, the approximate number of such products shall be no more than two small glasses. For dinner, ideal live yogurt made on the basis of bifidobacteria, in fact it has a positive effect on bowel function and promotes good metabolism. You can add a little yogurt or cereal crisps.

The evening menu allows you to use a variety of beverages: tea, juices, coffee and mineral water, and at any time. However, if you drink tea or coffee with milk, the last reception of such drinks should not be later than six o'clock. After this time, treat yourself to a glass of wine. Prefer dry and red - it is good for health.

A few tips from Mirimanova

Following weight loss system "-60" Mirimanova, pay attention to the amount of sugar used by you. We have already said that it is better to choose brown sugar or fructose, from white sugar is better to refuse at all. White bread is allowed to use up to twelve days, but after dinner, you can eat a little bit of rye bread, and better - crackers.

One of the main rules - the sooner you eat potatoes or pasta, the better. It is desirable to adopt such a move food for breakfast. Prefer a good type of pasta made from durum wheat, as such products are, as a rule, do not affect the shape and overall health.

Teach yourself to dinner to eighteen hours. Of course, if you are used to pamper yourself meat at nine o'clock, then the sudden transfer time for dinner, you will seem difficult; therefore proceed gradually. Every day, move your final meal of all the earlier time - so your body quickly adapts. In the evening, better to opt for fruit or vegetables - diet menu should be as useful as possible.

Do not forget about the sport and care for your body. Start the morning with a small light charge. Wake up, drink a glass of water, and ten minutes later the body of mash: squat, jump in place, a little shake the press and do the exercise "bike". Seemingly simple exercises tighten perfect body. Well, if you're doing yoga or Bodyflex - these techniques are ideally combined with a diet Mirimanova.

Do not forget about makeup. Of course, if you're trying to get rid of stretch marks or cellulite using only one scrub is not working out and eating properly, your efforts will be wasted. However, if after a good workout you take a shower with a warming anti-cellulite gel or peeling, and then inflict on the body firming lotion, the effect you will notice very soon.

The system of "minus 60" - a comprehensive care of her figure, which, when used properly, will help you to "sculpt" the body of his delightful exquisite statue! Eat right, sleep at least eight hours, forget about the stress and go in for sports, and within a short period of time you will be able to boast seductive forms, and most importantly - will be satisfied with its excellent appearance and excellent mood.

 The system of "minus 60": losing weight without hunger