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Eighteen years - the date, the value of which each person understands their own way. Someone is happy to celebrate the possibility of noisy entry into the already-present adult life to someone comes the sad realization that childhood will forever remain in the past, and with it a happy and carefree. Therefore, it is difficult to describe the internal state of the birthday boy, who wants to laugh and cry at the same time, joyfully accepting congratulations and participating in fun, then suddenly dropped out of sight of guests in an overwhelming desire to be alone with him.

Especially peculiar are throwing young girls, is entering a period of growing up, because female psychology arranged thinner, so we felt keenly any life changes. And it is in such a difficult period emotionally birthday girl just needs the support of close friends since the age of eighteen is only once, because I want to spend the day so that he is remembered for a long time. By the way, we all know that a good start is the key to success in any business, so adulthood should begin with a feeling of joy and happiness.

The great value in such an important day for every girl becoming greeting word and how the girlfriend will like your chosen gift. That he will characterize your relationship to the hero of the occasion and will be able to improve her mood, of course, if it will fit her tastes and preferences. Therefore, to the question of what to choose a friend to celebrate her eighteen years, is to approach thoughtfully and seriously, not to offend the birthday girl. After hurriedly bought the thing is capable of greatly upset the person related to the day of his majority anxiously waiting for him only pleasant impressions.

Of course, this is not an easy thing, but to master it is still possible. Congratulations addressed to a friend, should differ by originality, so I simply brush and ordinary things in a standard player, mobile phone and the trivial envelope with money. All this certainly will present the numerous relatives. Set a challenge to find the world's best gift and feel free to go in search of him. However, to begin with arm some tips from this article.

 gift girlfriend for 18 years

Unsuccessful ideas for greetings of majority

If your goal is awarded girlfriend really original and memorable gift, instantly simply brush assortment of numerous souvenir shops. Can you imagine that something similar can select and some of the guests. You feel all the "charm" of the situation? That's right. Yes, and how many worthy subjects offer similar retail outlets? Angels Chinese origin, stands for jewelry, casket and other rubbish - this is not something that should give preference when choosing a gift girlfriend in honor of her eighteen years.

Whatever it may seem tempting stands of greeting cards with serial production, without regret pass by. If you had fun at least once to find among the masterpieces of the abyss of the domestic printing instance in which an attractive picture to successfully combine with a sense, you realize the hopelessness of such a class. Greeting text often gives obscenities, but in other cases the average person might get the impression that the modern young woman full of happiness lacks only two things - men and chocolate.

Therefore it is better to draw a postcard themselves. And though you do not have talented manner Surikov, do not know how to think as deeply as Malevich, but can pass the girlfriend in his own creation, all that sincerity, which are only capable Regarding the greeting words and wishes, do not use ready-made vulgar quatrains, which is full online. They had time to fill on edge such that listen to them and not to wince at the same time is difficult. Write a few words of his own, put them in a piece of the heart and relive the warmth of his soul. Believe me, this postcard girlfriend want to read again and again, with pleasure remembering the feast in honor of the execution of eighteen. Yes, and add to a gift like copyright application will be much more logical.

The category of failed congratulations and all include a gym, facilities for slimming, beauty care products for problem skin, simulators and other similar products. Believe me, even if your girlfriend has to fight for his slender figure, the holiday she definitely want to escape from these thoughts and enjoy life. So avoid reminders of the possible complexes and problems.

Recently, a very popular phenomenon became a party in honor of the birthday, arranged themselves in secret heroes of the occasion. Remember, as is usual in the movies: a dark room suddenly illuminated with light, and the birthday greeting cries deafen many friends. Such festivals, presented as a major surprise gift. The idea itself is very good, but obviously not timely. As mentioned above, a person's mood, celebrating eighteen years, is very volatile. And suddenly, on the appointed day your girlfriend does not want to go anywhere? How to get her to a place where it is planned a party in her honor? Therefore, do not tempt fate and this time go the more traditional route, leaving the right to organize the celebration of the birthday girl.

 gift for 18 years of her friend

Choosing a gift according to the nature and hobbies

To make your greetings successful, you must know well the person to whom it is addressed. What do you know about your friend who turned a landmark milestone in the eighteen years? Of course, if the relationship with it have a long history, you can easily answer this question. Therefore, before you look a gift acknowledge hobbies birthday girl, her hobbies, stock character, interests. That is how you will manage to avoid exhausting Shopping, which may or may not succeed. But by defining in advance the direction of search, make a good choice much easier.

So, since eighteen years - a certain stage, why not make this day something that your girlfriend before, and had not occurred? For example, look at the world from a bird's flight, soaring into the sky in a balloon. Or jump off a bridge on the insurance, experienced an unprecedented surge of adrenaline. Why not experience the delight of a test-drive luxury cars? However, certificates for such entertainment is just handing ekstremalka-girlfriend. Otherwise, your gift will cause fear, not joyful anticipation of something unexpected and exciting.

Though something like this can be very appropriate if the birthday girl suddenly thought so on the eve of his birthday, and it needs to shake things up. Hand her a ticket for the flight in the wind tunnel. If you go there together, you will become a witness of how in the eyes of your friends will light a cheerful fire, and a bad mood will be over.

Do not rush to abandon the idea to present is not a material thing, and the impression is different if the hero of the occasion calm temperament, and even on the occasion of the execution of eighteen years is not ready for adrenaline rush. Horseback riding, a master-class Chinese tea ceremony, a good massage in SPA-salons, and many others paid subscriptions can cause joyful surprise in the eyes of the birthday girl.

If the hero of the occasion in his eighteen years reputation in this circle of friends, "bookworm", handed her a gift certificate for the purchase of good literature in a specialty store. You can certainly do more traditionally themed gift by selecting it on their own. But in this case, you are depriving the birthday of one of its indispensable component. If you do not like to read, did not understand that magical feeling that a person experiences, slowly moving from one rack to another, picking up the book, turning the pages crisp and inhaling the aroma of ink.

So let a friend get all the fun of the process and choose a gift on their own. By the way, a great boon for those who like to check out is the e-book. Here you can buy it themselves. Believe me, the birthday girl greeting like very much, because now it can significantly brighten up your way home or to school, reading a worldwide bestseller and dragging with the weighty volumes in the bag.

If the hero of the occasion, as most young people are happy to spend their free time on the night discos and other get-togethers, the subscription for a training club dances will delight her. It boast mastery of his own body on the dance floor the dream of many young girls. That desire and bring a friend to life, as eighteen years - a holiday from childhood, when we believed that all dreams come true.

All the young girls like to dress nice and fashionable. Therefore, if you are still lost in conjectures about the gift girlfriend on age, you can gain a certificate for a certain amount, allows you to buy new clothes in some popular youth shop. The same applies to perfume and cosmetics boutique. Or you can arrange for the culprits celebrations a real surprise, having presented a modest purse, filled with a wealth of real shopaholic - Get coupons, cards and certificates. This gift will certainly not go unnoticed.

No less enjoyable for the birthday girl and morning would be an invitation to visit a makeup artist to hit all the guests in the evening especially beautiful way. Invite a professional photographer, which is almost transparent to the hero of the occasion will make a lot of pictures to catch the most successful of its angles and poses. On the basis of this material, you can create a kind of chronicle of the day eighteen of his girlfriend and give it as a gift. And there is nothing wrong if your greeting a little late, but it will bring true joy. After all, it's nice to have on hand a favorite beautiful pictures taken by a professional!

Keepsake of Majority

Most young girls are very partial to jewelry. Of course, a beautiful ring - a gift from the young man. But the original chain, bracelet, pendant, or stylish fashion earrings present is appropriate. And not necessarily that these gizmos are made of precious metals and sparkling diamonds. Nowadays, on the shelves of boutiques can easily find incredibly beautiful jewelry perfectly complement the image of any modern fashionista.

For a girl who is studying in high school by correspondence and at the same time engaged in the construction of their careers working in the office of any company, a very good gift for eighteen years may be a quality brand leather briefcase for documents. It will give her the image of larger notes of a certain style and make you feel more confident among more experienced business women, flaunt their suits and stylish sunglasses.

If your girlfriend loves to sing with a guitar and wants to master the subtleties of the game, gave her such a gift. It is not so much about buying the instrument itself, although this is a good option for congratulations, as the payment of special lessons. Such attention of you to the interests of the birthday girl will bring her great joy. But give such a gift is only if you are sure it's appropriate. After all, there is no need to put in the friend of an awkward position, forcing against the will to learn music.

If you have any recent photos girlfriend in which she looks very attractive, make him a portrait. But handing only one canvas, rolled in a tube, it is not necessary. Take care of beautiful frame, wrap everything in a bright paper, ribbon and tie in such a present to the birthday girl. Her surprise and delight at the sight of his own portrait without words to tell what a surprise success.

If you do not have the necessary finances and want to choose a more modest gift girlfriend, supplement it with the original copyright congratulation. It could be a song, specially composed in her honor, a video message on a CD or a small poem. This exclusive will not go unnoticed and are sure to enjoy the birthday girl.

In such a remarkable day, can not do without flowers. But do not give the usual bouquet, hastily assembled in the shop. Choose a friend on the extraordinary beauty of the living plant in the original flowerpot. The range of colors is very wide, so you will discover easily the flower that can adequately decorate a holiday in honor of her eighteenth birthday. And then the plant will be a wonderful reminder of this happy day, bringing joy to your friend of luxury buds.

If you prefer buketnye options, then try to get your flowers delivered the birthday girl in the morning. Do not forget to provide them with a greeting card with warm wishes. In this way you deliver great joy friend, ask the right tone for the day and be able to show that sincerely want to meet her happy eighteenth birthday.

 Gift girlfriend for 18 years: an unforgettable greetings of majority