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  • The basic framework and principles of the theory of a separate food
  • Basic rules of the compatibility of products
  • How to make a menu for weight loss
  • Menu separate food for weight loss

What woman does not dream to be slim and beautiful? To achieve excellence, the ladies start to go on a diet. But not every diet for weight loss, many people lost weight after returning back, so even with interest. The best alternative for those who are going to lose weight - a separate power supply.

Everyone can make their own menu based on their preferences. The menu can be varied, and, most importantly, do not need to count calories. But every week irretrievably lost two, and even three kilos. A separate food brings many benefits to the body. Firstly, there is an improvement of metabolism. The process of digestion starts to happen more easily, while not overloaded gastro-intestinal tract and the intestines are well cleaned. And as a result, excellent health and a surge of vitality.
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The basic framework and principles of the theory of a separate food

Even in ancient times in his treatise of Ibn Sina (Avicenna) noted the incompatibility of certain products. Our longevity and health connected with the work of the digestive tract microflora and inside it. If it is all right, the products that we consume is processed into useful substances. And if not, then our body is saturated with toxic substances, food is no longer digested properly and toxins in the body are formed.

The main principle of a separate food - this use only products compatible with each other.

You can not consume foods with protein and carbohydrate food groups, receiving between them should be at least two hours. First, you need to eat those foods that are digested quickly, and then the products are not as quickly absorbed by the body. To create the menu for the day, bear in mind that simple is better breakfast foods containing carbohydrate, dinner - more complex composition of the product, and dinner - protein.

 separate food menu
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Basic rules of the compatibility of products

Separate food diet includes some of the rules that must be followed. The most heavily absorbed by the body combination of proteins and carbohydrates, it can lead to a rapid set of extra kilos. Very bad effect on digestion mix of proteins such as eggs and meat, and milk. Milk is considered a full meal, so use it only needs separately.

In drawing up the menu we must remember that we can not eat together starchy foods such as bread and cereal or potatoes. And yet it must be combined with the carbohydrate and sweet products, since this leads to fermentation in the stomach and as a result, obesity. Best of all, for example, the first piece of bread to eat, and after two hours you can treat yourself to a jam or jam. Well, on a bun with a sweet filling, simply forget.

To separate food to be effective for weight loss, it is best to combine with each other following products. Meat and fish should be consumed with green vegetables, but not with roasted potatoes or pasta. Protein cereal products, such as beans, mix well with milk proteins, such as sour cream or cream. Also very helpful for weight loss all alkaline foods, especially since they go well together. This avocado, ripe bananas, berries, carrots, celery, figs, garlic, sweet apples, apricots, chicory, kiwi, seaweed, asparagus, fruit juices, etc.
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How to make a menu for weight loss

Knowing the rules of the compatibility of products, we can safely make for itself a menu combining various products and begin to separate food for weight loss. Breakfast is best to eat fruits, vegetables, salads, a couple of pieces of cheese, any porridge cooked in water. To wash down all this should be freshly prepared juice from vegetables or fruit, unsweetened tea or yogurt.

For lunch, it is desirable to serve soups, cooked with vegetable broth, meat and fish is better to garnish salads or boiled vegetables. You can wash down savory stewed fruit or freshly made juice. Since foods containing carbohydrates are quickly absorbed by the body, it is better to cook for dinner from them. It can be any vegetable casserole, baked or boiled, any vegetables, etc. It is permissible to eat a slice of bread from whole grains and drink it all or herbal or fruit tea, broth or useful Morse.

 Products for separate supply
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Menu separate food for weight loss

Every morning for thirty minutes before breakfast should drink a glass of purified water (without gas). And throughout the day should be consumed at least two liters of fluid, and in the morning you can sip from flax oil, all of this helps to strengthen hair and nails.

Consider a few menu options for weight loss. Separate power supply includes two breakfasts, with a time interval between them in three hours.

First breakfast

First breakfast may include products such as:

  • soft-boiled egg and a cup of yogurt,
  • boiled beef with green peas and glass of vegetable or fruit juice,
  • jellied fish, such as cod or hake and two soft-boiled eggs,
  • fish cakes, steamed, boiled egg, and unsweetened tea,
  • boiled fish (cod or hake) with boiled potatoes, flavored with vegetable oil, fresh cabbage salad with lemon juice and vegetable oil and unsweetened tea,
  • any porridge, cooked with water or skim milk, and unsweetened tea,
  • cottage cheese with sour cream or cream and unsweetened tea,
  • two eggs scrambled or fried eggs with a salad of green vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil, and a glass of fruit or vegetable juice.


Lunch may consist of:

  • boiled beef with green peas, apples, unsweetened tea,
  • Steam carrot souffle, apples, unsweetened tea,
  • apple and a cup of yogurt,
  • one glass of milk,
  • slices of watermelon and two apples,
  • salad of leafy vegetables or radish or vegetable tomatoes and cucumbers, dressed with olive oil,
  • carrot salad with raisins, salad or sauerkraut, raisins or carrot-beet salad and ginger tea.


Separate food diet preference menu for lunch soups, cooked in meat broth and boiled meat and fish and fresh vegetables. So, what can consist of lunch:

  • the first: vegetable soup, vegetarian soup, fresh cabbage in the vegetable broth, potato soup vegetable soup, pea soup, bean soup, etc.
  • boiled beef stroganoff or from boiled meat with boiled potatoes, seasoned with vegetable oil, or with a salad of fresh cucumbers and unsweetened compote of dried fruits,
  • fried cod with boiled potatoes or sauerkraut salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, and apple juice,
  • beef stew with vegetables and unsweetened fruit compote of dried fruits,
  • Baked or boiled fish with vegetables and unsweetened fruit compote of dried fruits,
  • Boiled squid and boiled breast with stewed eggplant or with lettuce and tomato juice,
  • Fish meatballs with boiled cauliflower or broccoli and tomato juice,
  • Baked pork with vegetable stew, a salad of seaweed and apple-carrot juice,
  • oat cakes, braised beets or duck breast, braised cabbage and juice of apples and oranges.

Afternoon snack

Separate food includes afternoon tea, or as it is called, snack. Snacking best fruits such as apples, bananas, slice of melon or watermelon, peaches, grape, pear. It is possible in the afternoon to eat a handful of nuts, prunes, light yogurt, which promotes weight loss. Well, if you really want to eat the best prepared fruit salad, squash pancakes, potato pancakes, cabbage salad or cake. Those products are on the menu that you have chosen for an afternoon snack, you need to drink herbal tea, decoction of wild rose and coffee chicory.


A separate food menu for dinner allows you to pamper yourself with a piece of whole grain breads and recommends a half hour before a meal drink a glass of pure water:

  • the first serving vegetable soups, mushroom soup or soup with a slice of bread,
  • fish (cod and hake) boiled or baked with boiled potatoes, flavored with vegetable oil or vegetable stew with fresh salad with lemon juice and vegetable oil and tea with milk, no sugar, a slice of bread,
  • boiled chicken or boiled beef with green beans or a baked cauliflower with cheese and herb tea, a slice of bread,
  • stuffed with rice and vegetables, or rice pudding with vegetables, boiled egg and green tea, a slice of bread,
  • boiled rice with butter and herbs or scrambled eggs with mushrooms and steamed vegetables, salad of leafy vegetables and fruit tea, a slice of bread,
  • scrambled eggs with tomatoes, or tomatoes, baked with cheese, with boiled vegetables and unsweetened stewed fruit, a slice of bread,
  • vegetable casserole or vegetable pizza, a salad of green vegetables and sbiten, a piece of bread,
  • peppers stuffed with vegetables and rice, cabbage and schnitzel with roasted potatoes and cranberry juice, a slice of bread.

Separate food for weight loss is recommended to drink at night every day for a glass of kefir.   And at least one day a week to do the discharge. In this day of separation food diet advised to eat 1, 5 kg of apples, and, of course, do not forget to drink 2 liters of water.

 Menu for separate power supply: the basic rules of the compatibility of products