Water Diet


  • Contraindications to the water diet
  • Water Features menu and benefits of this weight loss
  • How to lose weight with water?

Our body is constantly in need of water, depending on the fluid balance overall health, health. Therefore, it is important to drink a day not less than one and a half liters of fluid. Special water diet can not only reduce weight but also to rejuvenate. Liquid properly adopted before meals and throughout the day, it can get rid of the problems with the intestines, improve the skin, bring the water balance in the norm. But this should be done carefully, observing all the recommendations.
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Contraindications to the water diet

Water diet - it's not as safe as it might seem. The excess of even such necessary for the life of the substance is able to have a negative impact on overall health. Before starting the diet, based on fluid intake, you should consult with your doctor, who will determine whether such a diet is acceptable in this situation.

You can not start it at elevated pressure, kidney disease, urinary tract. Also, similar experiments are contraindicated for nursing mothers and pregnant. Absolutely can not start losing weight, if there is edema.

What kind of water to drink?

For effective and safe weight loss can only drink some liquid:

  • Water diet is only possible with still, clean liquid! Juices and alcohol, other drinks are completely eliminated;
  • allowed to drink only add pure lemon juice, warmed honey;
  • mineral water is allowed, but only without the gas, it is best to the area where you live (as the balance is maintained precisely those minerals for which the body has become accustomed);
  • the water temperature should be at room drinking hot or too cold water can not. Allowed to cool, comfortable temperature.

If you decide to use a water diet for weight loss, you must comply with these recommendations:

  • diet is best to start in the summer when your body is most in need of fluid at higher temperatures it is lost very quickly, and this can lead to loss of minerals;
  • you must drink only twenty to thirty minutes before eating or one hour and a half, so as not to slow down the process of digestion;
  • when you wanted to eat, drink water - it will fill your stomach, eliminate hunger;
  • the amount of fluid intake should be increased slowly, so as not to overload the body;
  • when you start a diet to lose weight, you should take vitamin complexes to compensate washed calcium, sodium, potassium;
  • uses a simple drinking filtered liquid water is not combined with a diet carbonated, alcoholic beverages, tea, sugar, coffee, which only contribute to the fact that the fluid from the body quickly washed away.

 losing weight with the help of a water diet

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Water Features menu and benefits of this weight loss

Slimming diet designed for a maximum of three weeks, after which it is necessary to make a three-, four-week interval as the large fluid intake creates a burden on all the urogenital system, in particular, the kidneys, the bladder. Experts advise to start a weight loss diet based on the large fluid intake gradually, first taking on the 1, 5 liters, increasing the volume to the desired.

Keep in mind that if your weight is over 60 kg, you should drink about 3 liters of fluid, but this diet requires receiving special vitamin-mineral complexes.

This is required because the water leaches from the body potassium, sodium and calcium.

Water diet requires compliance with this diet:

  • drunk the morning for twenty or thirty minutes before meals around a glass of cool liquid;
  • should drink before each meal, the amount should be small;
  • during the meal should not drink, as it increases the digestion;
  • water should not be too cold, it is better to take at 20-40 degrees. If the liquid is cold, the metabolism will slow down, that is, losing weight is not.

Proper diet helps to ensure that the water diet not only reduces weight, but also improves the condition of the skin, normalizes the bowel pressure, helps relieve headaches, stress and fatigue, improves performance for a long time.

 Slimming with water
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How to lose weight with water?

The problem of water weight loss diet is to drink clean water body rather than caffeinated and carbonated beverages. Therefore, at the time of dieting menu completely excluded beverages such as coffee, tea, alcohol, carbonated soft drinks, which the water is drawn from the body simply. Instead, you need a day to drink three liters of clean water. In the case where you are active in sports, it is carried out for each hour of training is necessary to throw even one glass, as at this time lost an average of about 500 ml.

If further fluid loss add on as a result of sweat, the total amount is about 1, 2 liter per day, which must be compensated. Drunk water before meals helps to relieve the feeling of hunger, because the stomach is full. But nutritionists warn that drinking water through force is not necessary, water balance in this case would not be reached, and drink only harm.

This is especially important for those who suffer from blood pressure, prone to edema. It is recommended to drink only when it wants to. Before each meal to take about half a glass full of clear, cool little water.

Water diet has such a scheme:

  • First day:
  1. immediately after waking should drink a glass of water, you can add a little lemon juice;
  2. first breakfast should include a half cup, two slices of rye bread, one egg, two slices of cheese. Additionally, you can take a cup of herbal tea without sugar;
  3. lunch includes a glass of water, two to three sinks, one large pear;
  4. Lunch. Before meal drink half a glass of clean water, eat 100 grams of boiled chicken breast, vegetable salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs with the addition of cheese. You can take a slice of rye bread;
  5. at lunch only a glass of water and two peach;
  6. the first dinner. Water, 100 g boiled beef, a mixture of stewed vegetables (zucchini, cauliflower, celery, tomatoes). Half a cup of water should be taken before each meal;
  7. second dinner includes 50 grams of cottage cheese, fresh fruit - all this can fill low-fat yogurt;
  8. before going to sleep, you need to drink a mixture of warm water and honey.
  • Diet second day includes:
  1. first breakfast: water, 100 g of cottage cheese, two slices of bread, herbal tea without sugar and honey;
  2. lunch - half a cup of the mixture of water and nectarine;
  3. dinner: water, 100 g of boiled fish, vegetable salad with herbs and a piece of bread;
  4. at lunch diet allows only water and two large apple;
  5. Dinner: 50 grams of chicken breast, fresh tomatoes, rye bread;
  6. before going to bed - a mixture of honey, a little heated.
  • Water diet on the third day involves a menu:
  1. after sleeping with a mixture of lemon (cool);
  2. first breakfast includes two small slices of cooked chicken, fresh greens, rye bread and herbal tea without sugar and honey;
  3. at lunch, it is necessary to take only four plums and water;
  4. Lunch: vegetable soup with a small piece of beef and a slice of bread;
  5. afternoon tea: two pears, half a cup of liquid;
  6. First dinner: steam fish cake (one piece), the mixture of boiled vegetables, one slice of bread;
  7. Dinner includes a second 50 g of cottage cheese, which must fill with fresh fruit and yogurt;
  8. before going to bed is taken with honey mixture.

On the fourth day of the twelfth entire diet repeated the first three days.

Individual approximately 80% consists of normal water, its loss can lead to the fact that the body will begin to leach minerals useful substances that retard the overall metabolism. The body starts to save each liquid droplet, which leads to edema, weight gain. Studies have shown that drinking two liters of water a day can significantly improve health, reduce weight.

Special water diet for weight loss based on the reception of a large number of simple liquid causes the weight loss is about 3 to 8 kg in 12 days! This diet allows water to effectively clean the intestines from the decay products, toxins and other things. Diet this diet is simple, should limit itself only to accept sugar, sugary, carbonated alcoholic beverages. Losing weight with the smooth, the body continues to get everything you need, including the restoration of fluid balance.

 Water as an excellent ingredient for weight loss