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Bonn soup diet - it's a great option to get rid of extra kilos, excrete excess fluid, while not starving, consume all the necessary substances and trace elements. Typically, such a diet is used when it is necessary in the shortest possible time to lose a few kilos, to sit on it for a long time is not recommended.

Based on this method of getting rid of excess weight on the use of water and non-starchy vegetables. Serve soup Bonn perfectly satisfies hunger for a long time, but it contains very few calories. Today apply several options for cooking with broccoli, cauliflower, olive oil, carrots, canned tomatoes.

Here are the most effective and simple recipe for it is necessary to have the most simple and inexpensive ingredients. But apart from the soup can be consumed and other products, which include: beef, brown rice, some vegetables and fruits that do not contain starch, unsweetened juice, mineral and plain water, tea, coffee.

On some days the diet can eat a baked potato, but in small quantities.

Ready meals extremely simple, cost them small, and that is one of the benefits of this weight loss.

 Products for preparation of soup Bonn

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Terms of diets and recommendations

A diet based on the use of the Bonn soup, very effective, it allows you to quickly lose up to nine kilos, but to use it for a long time or often not recommended. The best way to do it periodically, it can be used as a discharge options.

While weight loss is allowed to use the products, which can be divided into three groups:

  • The first group - a fat burner. The products are characterized by low energy value, in the first place are fruits such as avocado and pineapple. It is best known burners excess fat in the body, which not only allow to lose weight, but also actively involved in metabolism, reduce insulin levels, reduce the desire to eat a variety of sweets;
  • The second group - fat blockers. The use of these products eliminates weight gain during the diet. This carrot and apples, piktin which stimulates digestion because of thickening mass products. Legumes have the ability to 'catch' a molecule of cholesterol before it enters the bloodstream. It is also necessary to include and such tasty and healthy teas like oolong and pu-erh;
  • The third group - low-calorie foods. Exceptional their value is the amount of fat is reduced, that is, they can be incorporated into the menu in virtually unlimited quantities. It is products such as cabbage, tomatoes, watermelon. They contain essential substances for the body, rich in trace elements, vitamins, potassium, which is important for the water-salt metabolism.

During slimming prohibited use of any alcoholic beverages, so as not to disrupt the process of withdrawal of fat, you can only use them within 24 hours after the diet was over, but not before. So if you decide to eliminate the extra calories before any event, calculate the time in a way that drinking alcohol is not broken a course of purification of the body.

There are other severe restrictions:

  • during weight loss should be used only approved products and adhere to the following menus;
  • Bonn soup should eat every day (two days has to flow around five liters). Its consumption should be evenly split on all the time;
  • After achieving a positive result it is necessary to take a break, long observance of this regime is not recommended;
  • It prohibited the use of bread, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, from fried food is better to abstain, acceptable baked foods;
  • is there Bonn soup diet is not recommended.

 dignity Bonn soup

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Advantages and disadvantages

As with any diet for weight loss, Bonn soup has its advantages and disadvantages, so before deciding to lose weight under the scheme read them carefully and determine whether such a regime is right for you.

The first thing to note - these diets are very useful for the organism. A well-chosen products allow to normalize the metabolism, the violation of which often is the cause of weight gain.   In addition, the intestine is cleaned of toxins, the digestive system is stimulated. Products menu rich in minerals, vitamins, various nutrients.

The use of such a scheme allows to lose the excess weight without experiencing hunger. Unlike many other diets, there is no need for fasting, lifestyle change is not necessary, and the operation being stored on a different level. By the end of the diet can be lost from 3 to 9 kg, but to sit on it for a long time is not recommended.

Diet Bonn soup has its disadvantages, among which are a strong flatulence, completely normal in the purification of the body, but rather unpleasant for the common life. Diuretic properties make going to the toilet quite often, that is not always possible, for example, at work. Therefore, postpone weight loss is best to leave. The downside is the monotonous diet, two days later, many complain that the taste of the soup itself becomes unbearable.
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Menu diet for a week

A diet based on the Bonn soup for weight loss is intended to include in the menu for the various products. We offer a rough week menu that will not let you starve, providing the body with essential substances.

First day

  • Bonn soup;
  • various fruits, except bananas;
  • cranberry juice, tea or coffee without sugar.

Second day

  • soup;
  • canned or raw vegetables, you need to add to them some fresh greens;
  • not allowed to use dried beans, corn, green peas;
  • pure water.

For lunch, it is recommended to cook baked potato with butter.

Third day

  • Bonn soup;
  • vegetables, fruits (excluding baked potatoes, bananas, beans);
  • pure water.

By the end of the day with a clear dieting (soup recipe we note below) can already lose 2-3 kg.

Fourth day:

  • soup;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit, bananas can be taken - the total number of two or three pieces;
  • pure water, milk.

The fifth day

  • soup recipe specified;
  • beef in the amount of three hundred, six hundred grams;
  • tomatoes;
  • from 6 to 8 glasses of pure water.

The sixth day

  • Bonn soup, a bit of beef;
  • root and leafy vegetables;
  • pure water.

Baked potatoes are excluded.

The seventh day

  • Bonn soup (recipe below) and vegetables. You can add spices to the soup;
  • Brown boiled rice;
  • Various unsweetened fruit juices;
  • You can drink non-carbonated mineral water.

When a diet based Bonn soup for seven days can achieve weight loss up to 9 kg.

Items Bonn soup

The recipe involves the use of the Bonn soup the following products:

  • cabbage (small forks);
  • medium onion, six pieces;
  • fresh or canned tomatoes (three to six pieces);
  • sweet bell peppers, two pieces;
  • stem or root celery, three or four of the stem;
  • Parsley, a single beam.

 Cooking soup

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Bonn soup recipe is quite simple, its preparation is as follows:

  • First we need to clean up all the vegetables, finely chop them and add water so that the share of vegetables accounted for about two-thirds. Now, we put the vegetables on the fire, bring to a boil and simmer give about ten minutes, add salt. We make a small fire and leave vegetables under cover as long as they are soft;
  • Further soup recipe suggests the possibility of adding the following at the choice of spices: cumin, pepper, curry, coriander, garlic, ginger, bay leaves, soy sauce, chili or Tabasco;
  • to hit the taste of cooked onion before adding it may be a little fry in a small amount of olive oil;
  • Bonn cooking soup can on the basis of low-fat beef broth, which is pre-filtered. You can add a little cube of vegetable broth or packet onion soup;
  • experts recommend the addition of at least a quarter of celery root, even when a part is already stems. The fact is that it is a root is an excellent diuretic, it speeds up the metabolism, and is a necessary condition for the correct and rapid weight loss. The reason is the fact that the celery for a long time to digest, and it requires a large amount of calories, the body has to expend energy.

As you can see, the Bonn soup recipe is very simple, it requires the most simple products, the cost of which is low. In two days of compliance such a diet need to cook for about five liters of the soup, but it should not be very thick. In addition, it is recommended to dilute the meal using specified in weekly food menu. This will provide the body with all the necessary substances for a period of weight loss.

 Bonn soup for weight loss and body cleansing