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  • Useful substances contained in buckwheat
  • Benefits of buckwheat
  • Several variants of buckwheat diet
  • Tips for Success buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet is now quite popular. But in the beginning of this article let's talk about the beneficial properties of this cereal, why it is used to quickly get rid of excess "Zhirkov."

Buckwheat - is a plant that belongs to the family Polygonaceae. In the food use the seeds, and husk stuffed pillows. Buckwheat began to cultivate in India about five thousand years ago, and it was brought to us the Greeks in the 7th century from Byzantium. From there it got its name cereal.

Aristocrat buckwheat was not to the taste, they called her "black rice". They did not want it to take in food, so as not to defile their delicate stomachs rough porridge poor. But in our country the rump is very loved. Western ethnic Slavs even nicknamed "grechkoseyami."
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Useful substances contained in buckwheat

Buckwheat - is one of the grains, which contains very useful material. It combines the perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Buckwheat - a leader in content of vitamins of the B group: B9, B2, B1, E and PP. It belongs to the category of the most useful porridge and not in vain in the 20th century wore the proud title of "Queen of cereals." In European countries, the cost is much higher than the rest of buckwheat groats.

Because of these vitamins has the great dream of our skin cells are constantly being updated, stronger nails and hair, accelerating their growth.

Also buckwheat contains iron (not too much), magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese.

It consists of 14% fat, 67% starch and 3% vegetable fat. And it is not surprising that buckwheat is endowed with healing properties. With its help the body get rid of cholesterol, harmful particles of heavy metals, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. For this reason, this cereal is contained in dietary menu diabetics.

 when diet buckwheat boiled without salt and other additions

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Benefits of buckwheat

To the main advantages of buckwheat include the fact that there a large number of routine. This substance, strengthens blood vessels, stopping bleeding and healing veins. Precisely for this reason, buckwheat is especially important and useful for varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Rutin in buckwheat so much that this cereal is used in the manufacture of drugs.

And of course, because of the mass of useful properties, the cereals included in your diet, and women seeking postroynet. Such a diet is used by the monks of Tibet in post for cleaning and during meditation. The advantages of buckwheat can be attributed to the fact that it can not be the only genetically modified, it is always genuine.

Buckwheat diet for weight loss is almost perfect. It is, of course, harsh, but very simple. Here it is necessary to demonstrate the power of will and withstand it. Because it is a mono-diet, do not accept any deviations. But the pleasant result - seven days, you can give up to 10 kg.

The essence of this diet is simple and concise. Seven days or more to eat only buckwheat, without anything (no oil, salt and other additives), its yogurt drink 1% (only up to a liter a day). On the water and green tea restrictions do not apply.

To prepare porridge, cereals are not cooked, it just need to pour hot water, cover and leave overnight.

 Results buckwheat diet can be seen in 2 weeks
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Several variants of buckwheat diet

  1. Classical Diet

    The whole day did not eat, except for buckwheat, which is prepared on the water. Norma diet - one cup of buckwheat. It must be divided into smaller portions. If you feel that you have enough, you can eat more. This refers to a strict diet, but also the most productive. You can drink plenty of green tea, clean water without gas, in the afternoon, even allowed a glass of juice.

  2. The second method - a combination of diet on buckwheat with kefir (a glass of buckwheat can add 0, 5-1 liters of yogurt)

    A frequent question asked by nutritionists: how can such a combined diet and yogurt? Maybe. The first and most well-known way - to combine both diet and buckwheat kefir, that is added to the daily ration of 1 liter of yogurt with the lowest fat content. So you can expand your menu pohudeniya.Chem is so useful yogurt? Dairy products containing protein and calcium, but also can be obtained from yogurt vitamins A, B2 and B12. Kefir is recommended for many diseases, it helps to improve digestion. It helps rid the body of toxins and wastes. The bacteria contained in the milk, struggling with putrefaction in the intestinal trakte.V result buckwheat diet + yogurt improve and normalize the bowels.

    And due to the fact that the body gets rid of toxins, cleans the surface of the skin, reduces the appearance of dermatitis, cleanses the liver. But, of course, for proper quick weight loss should not be confused yogurt and buckwheat. This is a classic example of mismanagement undivided malnutrition, from which there is absolutely no polzy.Esli you really want to diet has yielded positive results, it is necessary to separate from buckwheat kefir intervals of one - two hours. And another suggested that if the buckwheat pure body does not accept, you can add a good soy sauce without salt content - it will give buckwheat porridge piquancy. Only you do not overdo it, to not develop heartburn.

  3. The third way, in many reviews, the best - is dried buckwheat diet +

    These two types of products are perfectly combined with each other and help to extend the diet. On the day, you can eat the same one or two cups of buckwheat, and 150 grams of dried fruit. Apathy, fatigue occur due to lack of sugars. Unfortunately, buckwheat diet causes such symptoms. Just in this case, and assist dried. They can be equipped with and buckwheat and separately. They give strength, and died appetite.

Buckwheat diet + dried fruit (prunes, dried apricots, raisins) - the most well-balanced diet for the body. It brings visible results, the weight is melting before our eyes. Just do not replace diet buckwheat diet with dried fruit, where buckwheat - extra food. It's all about different things. When the diet on buckwheat six dried apricots berries daily is sufficient. It is necessary to chew them well until mushy state - so the hunger disappears quickly.

 meal should be one and the same time
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Tips for Success buckwheat diet

No need to limit yourself to food, if you can not bear the feeling of hunger. Even the most strict diet with a small amount of calories calculated for a certain time, then it is necessary to return to a normal diet. For this reason, bigotry is not welcome, because no one can live all the time on one of buckwheat porridge, no matter how beloved she was.

So during the buckwheat diet can be eaten in unlimited quantities.   All the same, monotonous reception buckwheat on the third day would cut portions. For this reason, the first two days, to get rid of depression and feelings of hunger tearing buckwheat can be eaten in any quantity.

In the early days of buckwheat diet helps lose weight very quickly, but in the future, this process slows down. The maximum on such a diet can be carried out from 7 to 14 days. In no case do not overdo it - it is dangerous to health. After the completion of the return to normal diet should be cautious and gradual, to avoid unpleasant consequences to the gastrointestinal tract.

Medical professionals warn that buckwheat diet for weight loss is strictly contraindicated in people who have a sick stomach, pregnant and lactating women. During the diet you need to take a break and eat a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and most beneficial trace elements.

Nutritionists argue that the buckwheat diet, like other diets, when used for weight loss does not have to "shock" the body a sharp decline in food intake. For a start is better to try to use this diet as a fasting day. For him should evaluate their feelings, look, the weight is gone or not. If all is well, then, you can use such a diet in the future. In buckwheat fasting day you can eat only buckwheat, boiled or steamed water.

Allowed to be added to the buckwheat lightly browned onion in vegetable oil (no more than one tablespoon of oil). The next time you can add to the mess one teaspoon of honey. You can drink water (plenty), tea without sugar and stewed fruit without sugar (but some). This fasting day helps to cleanse the bowel, removes excess water from the body, which causes swelling, do not add beauty to man.

Reviews of buckwheat diet with those who sat on it, just positive. Many buckwheat diet has helped to restore a good shape for a long time to maintain the achieved results.

 How to lose weight on buckwheat?