before each meal on a diet Malakhov need to consume 100 grams of vegetables


  • Basic principles of diet
  • To draw conclusions

Tatiana Malakhova diet is becoming increasingly popular. This is not surprising, because when the results are really encouraging, that I want to share with the world.

By profession Tatiana Malakhov - Heating engineer. It would seem that this woman can communicate with the development of effective methods of losing weight? However, it was her udalot create a unique system of normalization of weight.

If you want to look great, feel the vitality, enjoy themselves and admiring glances of others, you should familiarize yourself with this amazing weight loss system.

 on an empty stomach in the morning you should drink one glass of water
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Basic principles of diet

There are basic principles that must be respected by all who are willing to stick to this method of weight loss:

  1. Drinking one glass of water on an empty stomach. This is a long-known fact that the overall positive impact on health.
  2. Total for the day to drink at least four glasses of water. Thus stabilized drinking regime of the day.
  3. While eating only think of good things to enjoy a variety of flavors. In our lives, and too much stress, so you should afford at least a few times a day to stop and spend a relaxed half-hour allotted to meal.
  4. There are at least 4 times a day. Frequent meals will make you feel full.
  5. Do not eat before going to bed. It is not necessary to burden the stomach, because at night he must rest with you.
  6. Do not skip breakfast. The morning meal gives strength for the subsequent day.
  7. An important psychological aspect: the desire to work on themselves, the desire to change. Half of the work of himself and his body going on in your head.
  8. Get enough sleep. Well what can I say, a good rest will not hurt anyone else.
  9. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and salads. Plant foods give energy and vitaminize body.
  10. Abandon harmful products (salt, foods containing large amounts of sugar, meats, sauces, alcohol, fried in oil products.)
  11. To balance the fats and proteins in food.
  12. Before each meal to eat raw vegetables.
  13. Increase physical activity. In keeping with this diet, you will want to own and move more, because you will be full of energy and strength.

 For best results, you should increase physical activity

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To draw conclusions

The main thing in this system of weight loss, you will not be hungry, you can afford to fully eat, and it's a dream of losing weight.   Fed man feels comfortable, is not easily provoked by trifles and breaks down at close. Surely this is familiar to you if you've tried to stick to one system or another weight loss.

Here are products that you can safely eat (even with pleasure):

  • seafood,
  • bitter chocolate,
  • dried fruits,
  • vegetables (except potatoes)
  • fruit,
  • dairy products,
  • Herbs (as spices)
  • whole grains,
  • even seeds.

Diet Tatiana Malakhova normalize all metabolic processes in your body, eliminate the extra weight gives a good mood. You should definitely try this method of weight loss, because you risk nothing, just stick to simple rules. You do not have to starve yourself or severely limit, no need to cook some meals absurd. To be successful you need only the desire to change and little control over their diet.

 The new system of weight loss: eat and losing weight

 buckwheat diet for weight loss


  • History of
  • Lose Weight on cereals and yogurt
  • How to survive a tough monodiet
  • How to go to the usual diet
  • Advantages and disadvantages

The desire of people all over the world quickly and strongly to lose weight makes nutritionists to invent new ways to combat obesity. There is a category of strict diets, which is extremely difficult to observe. Among them are the power supply system on the basis of buckwheat, but in order to properly prepare it, you need to know the exact recipe. This diet is an extremely positive effect on the body, while helping to get rid of calories.
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History of

Although buckwheat diet is really hard, it takes a leading position and is popular among housewives and business women.

Progenitor buckwheat diet can be considered fasting day during which the brewed buckwheat couple in an amount of 700-800 g without adding oil, salt and sugar, divided into 6 parts, who ate during the day. This is nothing but water, do not drink. The recipe has not changed much today. To carry out this discharge, has become a classic, just once a week, but to the point that from the waist and hips went the extra inches, and it became easier to move.

Thanks to the efforts of nutritionists was born a new prescription diet - rich in calories (100 grams of buckwheat have to 313 kcal), carbohydrates, low in fat, fiber buckwheat diet with the presence of various accompanying elements. Monodiet many have already try out yourself and get great results.

For the good of the gastrointestinal tract, and need a quick weight loss still very poorly studied previously micro and macro - they are 19. In addition, the body lacks phosphorus, iron salts, oxalic acid, iodine, calcium, rutin and a number of vitamins B, PP , R. mechanism diet designed for a quick degradation of internal fat in order to obtain fast carbohydrates that are not in buckwheat porridge in the right quantity.

 woman on the scales
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Lose Weight on cereals and yogurt

Follow buckwheat diet for weight loss should be one or two weeks. Rest is one month. As a result of the splitting of fat in the subcutaneous tissue and removes it from the body of the broom fiber buckwheat lost 7-12 kg. Preparing porridge without oil, so it contains a negligible amount of fat.

The recipe and way of preparation is simple: pre cereals (1 tbsp.) Sorted out, pour over boiling water, then the water is drained and then pour 1, 5, Art. of boiling water. Porridge is not cooked, but the pot is wrapped in wool scarf and left overnight. At the same time, nutritionists recommend to connect a special power supply system.

Buckwheat diet involves the consumption of cereals without salt in unlimited quantities. Last time you can eat for 4-5 hours before going to sleep, drinking a half hour before or after a 1% yogurt in an amount of 1 liter. In no case do not need to combine the buckwheat with yogurt, or other liquids, such as juice or tea. Similarly, the stomach will leach needed for digestion porridge gastric juices and buckwheat will be excreted from the body undigested. Then the stomach and small intestine impaired acidity is not to lose weight.

During the day you need to drink at least 1, 5 liters of mineral water, carbonated sure. Drinking green tea with a slice of lemon is very useful during a diet, because it protects the mucous membrane of the intestines and stomach from putrefying bacteria. Perfect any vitamin tea from the collection of medicinal herbs, which is helpful for weight loss and cleanse the blood.

For the preparation of blood cleansing tea is first necessary to know the recipe. Taken equal parts by weight of sea buckthorn, Viola tricolor, celandine, birch leaf, mulberry leaf white wings pumpkin seeds. The porcelain teapot steamed collection (2 tbsp. L.) With boiling water (1 tbsp.) And insist 20 minutes. Take 50 ml one hour before meals 4 times.

If the labor activity is connected with the mental work, then in the morning on an empty stomach should drink very useful drink. To prepare it, diluted in a glass of water honey (1 ch. L.) And pollen (0, 5 h. L.). And when monotonic buckwheat diet starts to strain, for the relief of hunger in porridge add some chopped onion, garlic, herbs, salt-free soy sauce or lemon juice.

A few days later the person may feel that buckwheat diet is too hard for him. And if he is ready to leave the straight road of his weight loss, then you should make a small exception to please the stomach two fruits fruit. Still allowed to eat cabbage salad with 1 tbsp. l. honey, herbs can be added as a source of vitamins. Apples and greens can be added directly to the buckwheat. Other savory fruits (all except figs, grapes, bananas and persimmons), as well as a salad should be eaten separately from the cereal.

 buckwheat with yogurt for weight loss
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How to survive a tough monodiet

This buckwheat diet observed 1-2 weeks and is based only on the use of buckwheat. The effect of weight loss - 7-10 kg, provided with meals throughout the day no extra food is not followed. Re diet allowed only after a month's break. It must be remembered that the porridge should be no salt, sauces and oils.

Eat can be an unlimited number of porridge. It allowed every 2 days to eat 1-2 apples to replenish the body with carbohydrates and pectin. Too ripe and sweet fruit drink is not recommended. They have a high glycemic index, which increases blood sugar levels. Do not use only apples for a snack. They need to be added to the mess for the benefit of weight loss. If, before the diet the body is engaged in processing the next batch of chocolate, meat or bread rolls, now - the splitting of complex carbohydrates.

The problem of complex carbohydrates is to help the digestive system to work actively, improving metabolism and raising vitality. Because of this fat is not stored in the body. Do not forget that a person should drink a day for 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. As a supplement is recommended teas and herbal infusions, which must be taken every hour for 30-50 ml. Here are some recipes:

  1. Recipe tea to activate blood circulation in the buckwheat diet: pulverized in a coffee grinder or blender rose hips (fruits - part 2), curly parsley (fruit), common bearberry - 1 part. Zaparivayut a teapot (300 ml) of 1-2 hours. L. collection and drink 1 tbsp. cereals before eating 1-2 times per day.
  2. Recipe fortified tea: knead cut into slices lime or lemon, add the chopped tarragon and mashed hammer or lemon balm (2 tbsp. L.), Pour hot boiled water (2 liters), give it brew. The dose is calculated on the day.

Many strange at first to eat certain foods without the taste of salt or sugar, but eventually you get used to it. Buckwheat diet is salt-free. It helps to improve the delicate taste and smell, reduce sugar cravings, which is so important for weight loss.

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How to go to the usual diet

During the weight-loss stomach is also reduced in size. Therefore, after leaving the diet need to do without a holiday belly and go for fatty and sugary foods.   When observed buckwheat diet, it is recommended that a gradual transition to the usual diet.   To start, you will have enough pieces of bread, meal, eggs or fat-free yogurt for breakfast. Day - low-fat soup or vegetables with lean fish or meat, and for dinner again used buckwheat.

Gradually included in the diet of fish and vegetables without starch, chicken breast with fruit (savory), turkey with wholemeal bread. Like all the other mono-diet, buckwheat diet has contraindications. It should not abide by nursing mothers, pregnant women and people with low blood pressure. It requires a doctor's consultation.
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Advantages and disadvantages

Nutritionists recommended buckwheat diet due to draw up a cereal. Carbohydrates make up a small percentage, and protein, iron, phosphorus, amino acids, iodine, potassium and vitamin complex allow too impoverish the body through the process of losing weight. Buckwheat is able to positively affect the condition of hair, skin and nails, so beauticians recommend it as a recipe for beauty and youth. Through fiber, it cleans the intestines, to cope with the toxins. If you choose a recipe buckwheat diet with yogurt, then because of the lactic acid bacteria can forget about the putrid intestinal microflora, pimples and acne on the skin, dermatitis and extra ballast in the liver and gallbladder.

Daily kefir often causes bloating, and three-day - leads to constipation, so they need to be alternated. If you during the diet are faced with such a problem, as constipation, then you might want to know the prescription of special brew. Simply add to the vitamin tea leaf or the bark of buckthorn Alexandria and drink 1 tbsp. twice a day.

If you selected a prescription weight loss with the help of mono-diet without any additives, salt and sugar, then you can only eat porridge in small doses. The process of losing weight while accelerating. Buckwheat detoxifies the body and removes excess water that threatens to dehydration. The absence of salt causes sweating in the summer, weakness, and headache that interferes with sports. It is therefore important during the diet drink plenty of fluids.

 Buckwheat diet - pros and cons