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  • The history of diet Borodina
  • Positive and negative aspects of diet
  • The Many Faces of diet Ksenia Borodina
  • Sample menu diet Borodina

Ksenia Borodina - everybody knows socialite and "immortal" leading the sensational TV project with a controversial reputation "Dom-2". Xenia has always been famous chiseled figure, beautiful shapes and slender body. But the long-awaited pregnancy and birth a beautiful little girl added 15 kg of excess weight. For a man of the world is always a strong impact and a big nuisance, like any skinny girl, whose joy of motherhood afflict only obnoxious extra kilos.
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The history of diet Borodina

Before the star girlfriend got a global issue: how to return to your old size? Ksenia virtually 24 hours a day was in front of cameras lenses. The new "image" of young moms could scare away half the fans. It was necessary to take drastic measures. The girl had to come up with something effective and fast - and there was the famous diet Ksenia Borodina.

To this day until the end and it is not clear how the sensational now diet Borodina was released and who has developed: TV presenter itself or one of the famous dieticians Moscow.

The main one is: a diet deservedly earned fame not because of the name, but only because of the effective results of weight loss. One week diet Ksenia Borodina is quite possible to get rid of 5-10 kg.

Invented Borodina diet is not nonsense. On all known cucumbers arrange fasting many days. This power supply circuit is also called the belly weight loss diet. She promises minus 5 kg for one day. But, unlike the present cucumber diet have Ksyushinogo principle of supply, there are some changes. Its menu allows the use of green vegetables and fresh herbs.

 cooking vegetable soup for weight loss
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Positive and negative aspects of diet

Anyone who dares using diet to lose weight, meticulously examines each of the proposed methods, analyzes its pros and cons. Diet Ksenia Borodina has five strengths.

  • The first advantage - is the presence of a large amount of chlorophyll in the main diet. This item is in the green parts of some vegetables and herbs (avocado, cucumber, olives, lettuce, parsley, spinach, some types of cabbage, rhubarb, zucchini, green onions, bell pepper green) and effectively promotes weight loss. Scientists from the University of Michigan, this fact has long been proved. Thanks to their discovery appeared so-called "green diet". It has been designed for very obese people are obese. Borodin slightly modify it and more adapted to our modern way of life.
  • The second plus - a vitamin. Without them, none of proper nutrition can not consider himself as such. In the matter of diet vitamins give special importance, because the purpose of any such method, food is weight loss, but because of health also have to think. And green vegetables are rich in vitamins these same and very much so. For example, a green bell pepper - champion of contained therein in addition to vitamin C, and rejuvenates the body phytoncides useful citric and tartaric acids. Already in yellow and red peppers of these substances in the order of magnitude smaller. Such "achievements" are famous, and many other green vegetables from the menu Ksenia Borodina.
  • The third advantage - low in calories from weight loss programs Susie. In addition, vegetables are present in the diet, negative calorie having: is spinach and kale. Unique Diet Ksenia Borodina pleasing that almost does not feel hunger and daily caloric intake does not exceed 400 calories.
  • Fourth plus - it is full. For superior satisfaction of hunger need to thank again green vegetables. The high content of crude fiber in the zucchini, avocado, cabbage, zucchini, etc. It allows a person to quickly feel a sense of satiety. A lower appetite is very good cucumber. This main menu component socialite by 96% consists of natural water. It fills the volume of the stomach, which in turn sends some impulses to the brain, and people understand that it is full.
  • Fifth plus - a great result. There were tested 100 volunteers who are overweight. 92 of them for the first week parted with the extra 5-10 kg. But the most important thing is that at the end of the course the weight begins to rapidly gain back. He is at the right level. Proof of this is just the very star television presenter, has been recognized that it is not against a piece of cake to pamper yourself or other pastries, but as the time to visit the gym she sorely lacking, we have to keep yourself in amazing shape only by their own nutrition program.

But diet Borodina is not only advantages. Like medals, she also has a downside, that is, its disadvantages.

  • The first negative - it's monotonous diet. Although this negative can be safely assigned to any diet aimed at weight reduction. So sit on monotonous diet is not worth more than two weeks to anyone. Whatever vitamins audio saturated in this period the body and, as it may be useful to coarse fibers, it is one and the same meal each day! The body needs variety and a break even from the most useful vegetables. Hence the first rule: the maximum number of days of dietary lasts for two weeks, then a mandatory week break.
  • Another minus - very rapid weight loss. Doctors do not get tired to say that rapid weight loss can result in a real stress for all of our body. Therefore, you must take care of yourself. The rapid weight loss is possible break of 1-2 days, and then again, you can continue to diet food.

 spinach may use any amount of

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The Many Faces of diet Ksenia Borodina

That Ksyushina technique is effective and helps young mothers to lose weight, it is now clear. Mighty chlorophyll is able to restore the normal production of estrogen to regenerate reproductive system recently gave birth to a woman, to temper the growing appetite, change the speed of metabolism and increase the production of milk for feeding the baby.

However, Ksenia Borodina obliged not only to young mothers seeking to quickly return to the old form, but all the "slaves" bad habit, such as smoking. And again, for it is thanks chlorophyll. The abundance of green vegetables in your diet can not only deal with the terrible consequences of the cigarette, but also helps to quit smoking. This aspect of the diet Borodina was no less important than the wasp waist. For a long time, Xenia told myself to leave the bad habit in the past, but every time frustrated. Now she is not only responsible for their own health, she had a sense of life - her little princess. Borodin has another powerful incentive.

Chlorophyll magically removes almost all of the shortcomings of women's appearance, caused by smoking. It eliminates the unpleasant smell from the mouth, due to rapid tissue regeneration skin becomes younger, and his body fit, leaving inflammatory, immune system grows stronger, improving intestinal flora, wounds and ulcers heal faster. And most importantly, there is a cleansing of the blood at the molecular level and the strengthening of cell membranes, which gives the skin a healthy color.

At the positive properties of chlorophyll does not end there. After all, it is not only easy to eliminate the harmful effects of smoking on the body, but also helps to eliminate the root cause of these problems - smoking. In America, the chlorophyll is produced in pill form and acts as an additional tool in the fight against smoking. Xenia took as a basis for all of this information and decided to follow the example of westerners, replacing pills on a unique natural content component, and made green vegetables main components of their diet.

 Ksenia Borodina diet results can be seen within a month
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Sample menu diet Borodina

Everyone can make and paint yourself a meal. It depends entirely on personal preference. The main thing - just stick to the allowable number of calories a day. Sample menu presenter looks like this:

Breakfast. 2 small fresh cucumber and 2 rye crackers, which can be replaced with dried rye bread or three loaves of grain. Drink all the green or, as a rare exception, black tea without sugar. You can drink a glass of mineral water.

Lunch. Vegetable soup, which is necessary to prepare any of the green vegetables. Vegetables may be mixed in any ratio. Those who find it difficult to completely abandon salt, it can be lightly salt the.

The following are suitable for soup vegetables and herbs: avocado, cucumber, lettuce, artichokes, spinach, olives, rhubarb, parsley, fennel, cabbage, squash or zucchini, green bell pepper, green onions and celery greens, beets and radishes.

Dinner. Salad of four fresh cucumbers and greens. Fill it can be a spoon of olive oil. Replacement cucumbers can make cabbage (200 g), pepper (4 pcs.) Or avocado (2 pcs.).

Salad greens can be taken dill, parsley, spinach, green onions, lettuce, and the tops of beets, radishes, celery. During the day you need to drink tea without sugar, mineral water or clean.

 What is the meaning of diet Borodina?