Grapefruit Diet


  • The essence and basic principles
  • How does weight loss
  • Contraindications to the use of
  • Options menu for the day

On the healing properties of grapefruit has long been known. Now they are actively used to burn fat in the subcutaneous tissue.

Dietitians have developed several versions of the grapefruit diet with many "star" personalities, and later they became the property of all who want to lose weight quickly.
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The essence and basic principles

Promotes splitting of fat cells antioxidants obtained by combining the flavonoid naringin, which is part of the grapefruit, with phenolic organic compounds. Naringin affects cytochrome enzymes that are capable of degrading complex chemical compounds. The task of these catalysts include regulation of the respiratory function of cells of hormone levels in the blood of toxins and waste, including pharmaceuticals. In blocking cytochrome naringin causes accumulation unchanged in certain substances excluded from metabolic reactions.

In fact, the grapefruit diet promotes good nutrition of body cells, but bad breath. As a result the activation of metabolic processes, then the brain receives a signal, processes it and sends the order to the stomach to reduce appetite that is so important for weight loss.

When a diet is greatly reduced intake of sugar and fat in the body. And these substances should be involved in the delivery of nutrients cells, many of which the body metabolizes only with fat molecules (lipoproteins). Their disadvantage is compensated by removing essential fats from savings on the waist and hips. At the same time actively produces bile, which breaks down fats, and we - we grow thin.

1 grapefruit can weigh 300 grams, containing 90, 89% water, and thus an indicator of its caloric content is only 32. It consists of potassium, which regulates water and salt balance in the body that affects the functioning of the heart, heart rate, and muscle tissue nerves. Athletes and bodybuilders include in your diet, this fruit because grapefruit diet does not reduce muscle tone while increasing motor activity, mobilizing her accumulated reserves.

 Grapefruit Diet Menu
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How does weight loss

Powered grapefruit diet as protein. It lost in its observance of 3-5 kg ​​per week if there are no contraindications, and various ailments for which medicines are made. It concerns diseases excretory organs, especially the liver. Diet for weight loss does not allow the use of salt and sugar, fatty foods and sauces. Completely excluded dairy, flour products, white vegetables, alcohol, carbonated drinks. The main condition - the observance of three meals a strictly no "snacks" between meals. It is advisable to use boiled or baked products.

Fiber contained in grapefruit, is very important for weight loss. Thanks to the people for a long time does not feel hunger, gets rid of toxins that have accumulated in the intestine. At the same time normalize the metabolism and output split fats. Accelerate metabolic processes essential oils promote the absorption of ingested food, which is very important for weight loss.
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Contraindications to the use of

Before you begin to observe the sweet-bitter diet, check the acidity of gastric juice and explore the contraindications. Grapefruit diet could be banned if there is:

  • allergies to citrus fruits;
  • exacerbation of disease, during which requires medication and antihistamines;
  • increased acidity of gastric juice;

Women using contraception, grapefruit diet is not recommended due to an increase in blood levels of female hormones and blocking drugs by grapefruit. In this case, you should choose other methods of contraception.

 Grapefruit Diet results are visible after three days
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Options menu for the day

The first version of the menu

  • Breakfast. Grapefruit Diet consists of a fetus and a small amount of food containing protein: boiled meat, fish, eggs, cheese.
  • Lunch. Salad vegetables, excluding potatoes. Suit steamed or baked dish with a piece of protein meal and grapefruit.
  • Dinner. Weight loss diet includes stale bread or toast (50-100 grams), vegetable salad, baked meat, fish or egg.
  • During the day it is necessary to drink much water without gas (1 L) and green tea (1 L) is added to it in the morning one hour. L. honey. Eating ends up to 18 hours green tea. If you really want a snack between meals, it is allowed 1 grapefruit or orange.

The second menu option

  • Breakfast. Eats a piece of bread (50 g) with boiled egg, drink a cup of black coffee or tea with a slice of lemon, grapefruit juice (70 ml) or half eaten fruit.
  • Lunch. Boiled eggs - 2 pcs., A cup of black coffee or tea with a slice of lemon, grapefruit juice (70 ml) and half of the fruit.
  • Dinner. Boiled eggs - 2 pcs., A cup of black coffee or tea with a slice of lemon, 70 ml of juice or half a grapefruit.
  • Grapefruit juice contains a small amount of calories, which is so important for weight loss. It is full of vitamins, nutrients and trace elements, so it is considered beneficial to the diet. And the juice quickly recuperate after a busy work or sports training, burning excess fat.

As for the eggs, then mix them with citrus fruits creates a classic vitamin-mineral complex with the presence of low calorie and fat content. The composition yolk include vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and fats. Therefore, you can replace boiled eggs raw.

The egg contains 100 calories, 300 milligrams of cholesterol at a daily norm for an adult - 500 mg. Given that the body can absorb only 2-5% of cholesterol coming from the food in the stomach, while the diet for weight loss, including grapefruit and egg, slightly raise blood cholesterol, but reduce the week total body weight by 3-4 kg.

To the menu was varied, it is necessary to distribute the weight loss for the day:

  • steam or grilled lean meat or fish in the amount of 200 grams;
  • Vegetables: raw, steamed, steam, baked - not more than 1 kg;
  • low-fat milk products: cottage cheese, yogurt (for the night), yogurt own production - 100 grams;
  • 2-3 slices of rye bread or bran (breakfast and lunch);
  • daily use of 2-3 grapefruit.
 Lose Weight on the grapefruit diet

 proper diet Protasov


  • Recommendations on diet
  • An important addition

For the first time an Israeli doctor about diet Kim Protasov learned in the late 90s. Its popularity is due to the high efficiency and simplicity.

Protasov's diet is varied products that can be consumed in any quantity, and without complying with the particular mode. It is ideal for those who are hard to tolerate hunger, the inevitable subject of most diets. Constitute the main food dairy products with a fat content of not more than 5% and raw vegetables.

Kima Protasov's diet is not designed for rapid weight loss. Observe it is necessary for 5 weeks, and the same time is required for a gradual exit. This method allows you to save the results achieved for a long time and forget about the extra pounds. Action diet based on reducing caloric intake by avoiding foods containing starch and sugar. In such a situation, the body is forced to seek additional power to provide themselves with energy, and begins to actively consume fat reserves. Unlike other low-carbohydrate diets, food for the system more balanced and therefore safe.

Eating raw vegetables provides the intake of fiber, which helps to remove waste products and to establish the bowels. Dairy products are a natural source of protein and lactose, and calcium, which promote fat burning in the cells. Besides it allowed to use small amounts of fats, without which affects many body systems. Numerous reviews of women who had experienced the effects of diet confirm its effectiveness. The results are impressive: 5 weeks manage to lose up to 15-20 kg. Some manage to keep the weight in for many years.

 advice on nutrition in the diet
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Recommendations on diet

The diet consists of several stages. A detailed description of the diet include the distribution of products authorized for use for weeks. The first 14 days of the diet Kim Protasov offers only eat vegetables and dairy products. In the future, it added more high-calorie diet food. Necessarily it is necessary to drink clean water - at least 2 liters per day. Permission is granted to tea and coffee without sugar. Every day is recommended to eat three green apples and 1 egg. At this time, useful to engage in sports and take vitamins.

1 and 2 weeks of diet

This is the first phase of the diet, during which the normal metabolism in the body and recover the normal pancreas. You can have:

  • raw vegetables (except potatoes and maize) in any amount;
  • sour-milk products (yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, natural sugar, cottage cheese, cheese);
  • salt is allowed, but just a little.

The daily menu might look like this:

  • For breakfast, eggs, carrot salad, seasoned with natural yogurt, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch consists of cheese, salad from fresh cucumbers and a glass of fresh juice.
  • At lunch - green apple
  • At dinner - beet salad with cheese, yogurt, apple or tea.

You can vary the menu and make a salad of various vegetables with the addition of chopped eggs and grated cheese. Allowed omelette with herbs, baked steamed or fried without oil. It is necessary to prepare an unusual dish - peppers stuffed with cottage cheese. For dinner, well suited raw vegetable soup on kefir or yogurt (hash).

At this stage, due to the lack of "fast" carbohydrates in the diet, lost craving for sweets and swelling disappear. The first results will be observed in the second week, the weight loss will be about 3 kg. It may also occur before. It all depends on the individual. Do not forget about sports, which help to quickly cope with fatty deposits.

3-5 weeks diet

The next period of fixing when there is intense shedding weight. The food is stored all the previous diet, allowed to add 300 grams of lean meat, fish, poultry. They have to prepare without oil, they can cook, stew and fry. Including meat in the diet is better for breakfast or lunch. Seafood can be used for salads with different ingredients.

Below is a list of foods that the diet Kim Protasov prohibits use:

  • All groats (buckwheat, semolina, rice, millet, barley, oats, couscous) and legumes (peas, beans, soybeans, corn);
  • potatoes, flour, sugar;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • sausage, ham, sausages, various meats;
  • meat and vegetable broths;
  • sweet fruit, packaged juices;
  • alcohol.

After 5 weeks of diet ends, but at this time there are significant changes in the body. To avoid the stress load, the transition to a normal diet must be gradual. The following describes the output period of the diet.

 Kim Protasov diet results
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An important addition

The basic principle of output - is the gradual addition of new products. Gradually introduce carbohydrates and fats. Care must be taken that when the number of calories is not increased. The main diet remains the same, only dairy food must be low-fat. Instead of animal fat is added to the plant (no more than 3-5 teaspoons). Some of the apples is replaced by other fruits (except bananas, dates and grapes). For breakfast, instead of used vegetable porridge (best buckwheat, oats, millet). Dairy ingredients are replaced with lean meat and other protein products, then add boiled vegetables, soups and other familiar food.

After the diet is recommended for several months to avoid eating sweets, pasta, bread, cakes and fat intake control. It will consolidate the results for many years. It is contraindicated in people who are allergic to the recommended products, as well as diseases of the digestive system. It can be used once a year. In addition, the diet is good for cleansing the body of toxins.

 Description diet Kim Protasov