paper wedding


  • Paper anniversary of married life
  • The tradition of celebrating
  • Gift Options
  • Leisure, romance and hobbies

The second wedding anniversary is called the paper. The material is fragile, easily loses its shape, tears, burns, so handle it should be cherished and carefully, like a marriage. 2 years spent together brought together a husband and wife learn to identify the needs of each other, take care and work together to build a life together. Romantic illusions were replaced by concrete plans and needs, the young family had difficulty forming the family budget, joint purchases, possible birth of a child.
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Paper anniversary of married life

For 2 years there was a grinding characters, to establish a common system of values, a real awareness that the marriage of both spouses work. This is a turning point in everyone's life, when the result of a joint effort is much higher than the sum of their disparate potentials. The couple learned to find compromises, to humble selfishness, to share important and exciting, let your soul mate in the heart.

These first developments are still very fragile and touching, but in the future can grow in a solid foundation of family relations. Therefore, it is important that the wedding anniversary marked a fun and joyful. It is necessary to reject all the turmoil and strife, and to focus on the fact that two people can make each other happy, so you need to give a useful and pleasant things.

 paper tree of happiness
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The tradition of celebrating

Traditionally the name of jubilee played out not only in the present, but also in the decoration of the hall. In the US, for example, the popular paper garlands and multiple origami. The last and carry a symbolic meaning, because of a simple sheet of paper can turn out a real masterpiece, as well as from the union of loving people. Many competitions and entertainment at the festival also have similar underpinnings. "Family letter" suggests that spouses independently answer the question:

  • which attracts a partner externally,
  • Which is the best character trait,
  • especially love for the husband / wife, and so on. n.

If the spouses have been able to guess the answers to each other, so the family is really strong. Some nations require to put on the second anniversary of the triumph of the perpetrators and their guests in paper clothes. Many designers are not averse to this idea and actively take advantage of the most incredible collections of materials. Opponents of excessive extravagance should confine festive caps and hats made of paper. In Greece, the interesting tradition of "money dance" on a paper wedding. It lies in the fact that guests cling to clothing bills spouses during the dance. A similar tradition exists in Hungary, with the difference that the wife takes off his shoes, where willing to dance with her puts money until the shoe is filled.

The good tradition of the festival can become a book wishes.

In a specially prepared album, guests are entered congratulations and good luck for the next year the couple. Alternatively, comments can be placed on separate pieces of paper, which in the end of the evening will be compiled into a garland or strung on a tree - a "family tree of happiness." You can prepare in advance of the note or video-congratulations, you arrange them and give on the anniversary.

 puzzle as a gift
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Gift Options

Young family rarely has no need for additional funds, therefore the most prosaic, but a welcome gift for a wedding can be a money. Giving the optimum amount to maintain balance. Too large amount confuse and embarrass the couple, little can offend. Money is best to give a special smart card or envelope, good, they can choose for every taste.

Well look and handmade gifts. Postcards "hand-made" can be ordered from the wizard or do it yourself. Modern printing capabilities also provide a wide scope for creativity. Young families can donate:

  • photo,
  • portrait,
  • calendar,
  • photobook,
  • poster
  • puzzle,
  • Printing on canvas, stone, pillows, shirts,
  • caricature.

Today you can order from the masters of Photoshop stylized retro, old photographs, to put any face on posters or billboards known films, to mount a funny collage of scenes of family life and so much more. Think about having an original and unique work of the house would be nice to everyone, and these services widely available and inexpensive.

Present on the anniversary can be a portrait of the couple. The work of a professional artist is more expensive, and the couple will have to pose, but who refuses to present a family portrait? If you desire to make a great surprise, you can order a portrait from a photograph, for example, designed as a famous painting.

 gift Certificate
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Leisure, romance and hobbies

Weekdays tend to be repeated in its uniformity, and yet still so young wife and want vivid impressions, emotions and surprises. Why not give them a chance to relax and unwind? You can offer a lot of options:

  • tickets to the theater, cinema, ballet, circus, opera, exhibitions, galleries;
  • certificate for a parachute jump for the extreme, diving, rafting, adventure;
  • an invitation to a romantic dinner, horse riding, sightseeing, spa, massage;
  • subscription to newspapers and magazines are interesting, because in practice the hand to reach it is very rare;
  • Tourist trips to the sea or a weekend at the lake;
  • gift coupons to your favorite store;
  • paid a master class in dancing or decoupage.

Trying to give the couple something that they have not tried to diversify their life is always a success. You could just invite a couple of bowling, night club, billiards and karaoke, to have fun in full. Pleasant and a bit crazy things brighten up our lives, and the couple should not be deprived of the temptations available to young people.

If none of the above options do not like it, you can stay on the classic and always appropriate gifts:

  • book - art, cooking, flowers care - according to their interests;
  • bedding set;
  • beautiful set of wine glasses or other utensils;
  • White goods;
  • a set of pajamas and slippers;
  • warm blanket;
  • Set for a picnic.

Use the tips that give on the second anniversary, and you are sure to pick up the best gift. The main thing that it was from the heart.

 The second wedding anniversary: ​​what to give

 pearl wedding


  • Gifts of spouses to each other
  • Gifts from friends and relatives
  • Golden rule

30-year anniversary of living together is a beautiful name - pearl wedding.

Pearls - a symbol of purity and perfection. It is formed slowly but steadily year after year, and turns into a perfect creation of nature. So marriage: over the years it gets stronger, improved and achieves the ideal. 30 years, of course, a special date, and gifts for the wedding day, Pearl has its own traditions. On the anniversary as invited guests may attend family, children, grandchildren and friends. As presented on the anniversary?

As the name implies wedding gifts should be relevant to pearls, or remind him. It can also be a mother of pearl products, the choice of colors is better to give preference to white, pink and black with overflow. The choice of gifts is a place for fantasy: it is possible to present jewelry, brooches, jewelry boxes. Well, if the product looks expensive and elegant. For example, can be a wonderful gift antique clocks, wall or floor vase painting.

You can give a family portrait - it will be an original and touching. If suddenly the couple is not going to lavishly celebrate 30 years of marriage, and invite friends and relatives, children can present them as a gift to the invitation to the gala dinner in the restaurant, where pre-booked a table, or a long-awaited trip to distant lands.

 gifts to the spouses to each other
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Gifts of spouses to each other

It is believed that on the 30th wedding anniversary husband must give his wife a necklace consisting of 30 pearls. They symbolize the number of years lived together. His wife, in turn, can give a spouse or cufflinks tie clip, which are decorated with pearls or mother of pearl. Such is the tradition, but there will be nothing wrong if the husband instead of necklaces will present favorite halves as a gift exquisite earrings or a ring with freshwater pearls. An excellent gift to pearl bracelet or pendant in the form of large pearls. It is becoming a popular tradition to give this day fur, embroidered with pearls.

If the spouse does not accept men's jewelry, you should proceed in choosing a gift of his hobbies and preferences. For example, it may be, like mother of pearl cigarette case or a pocket watch with an unusual design. Perhaps the husband will be happy if he was given an expensive car accessories, new gadget, spinning or professional camera.

It so happens that the couple prefers to buy joint gifts. For example, it can be modern appliances and new furniture. The main thing that the purchase is to bring joy to both spouses. But on the day of the thirtieth must still present your sweetheart a surprise in the form of a charming bouquet of flowers in the original design or some nice trinkets. Always fit into the interior apartments or elegant pearlescent candlestick statuette.

And do not forget this solemn day to talk to one another kind, gentle words with declarations of love. Not one woman will not leave indifferent poems written beloved how he appreciates it, thanks for the happy years lived together and wonderful children.

 gifts from family and friends
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Gifts from friends and relatives

Gifts can be individually from each other, relative or couple. In this case, there will be many, and they are diverse. You can present and total gift from relatives or friends. Such a gift would be more expensive, solid and memorable. But in any case it is necessary to take care of its decoration in the tradition of pearl wedding. Packages and their cases should be plenty of mother of pearl and cultured pearls. A pleasant surprise will be the decoration of the hall for the celebration with flowers, balloons, photographs and posters of comic wishes for the newlyweds.

The following is a list of some possible gifts:

  • Photo is considered quite appropriate gift for a wedding anniversary. This can be a great family photo in a beautiful frame and expensive photo collages with photos of different years. Very convenient electronic frame that allows you to accommodate almost all the family archive, collected over thirty years. You can print photos on canvas couples or even make wallpapers with their image. Beautifully decorated photo album with pictures of the most memorable events and anniversaries will appreciate. Impressed and video, assembled from fragments of family photos and video archives, and with music of your favorite tracks.
  • Always popular gifts that are useful in the home or help to create comfort in the house. Such modern tools as bread maker, multivarka, blender, grill, coffee maker, yogurt will not only help to diversify the power couples, but also make life easier and more interesting. All kinds of interior objects - paintings, vases, lamps, murals - will be for many years to please the heroes of the day and give good memories.
  • We can not ignore textiles that are presented as a gift for the 30th anniversary. Luxurious bed linen made of expensive fabric, quilted bedspread, or a soft wool blanket will always be the way in the bedroom or living room, and a beautiful linen tablecloth and napkins embroidered with will decorate the cozy kitchen.
  • Beautiful dining and tea sets and kits are cast pearl inlays - as if they are specifically designed for a gift for a 30-year wedding anniversary. Elegant will look donated glasses for wine and wine glasses with a pearl finish.
  • It's nice to get the spouses to gifts made by children and grandchildren. It can be greeting card with poems of his own, knitted favors, painted or fashioned family tree, culinary masterpieces.

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Golden rule

Gifts for the thirty-year anniversary of the wedding can be very different roads, useful or original. It is important that they are chosen from the heart and symbolize admiration for a married couple, who managed to smuggle the mutual love and respect over the years of living together.

 Gifts for thirty wedding anniversary?