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Every day the world around us is changing and improving. If earlier the clothes clearly divided into male and female, now strict framework almost nonexistent. It is for this reason, it is often girls borrow different items of clothing for men and women's shirts, too. A similar thing is becoming a major component of many stylistic combinations.

A wide variety of women's shirts from time to time appear on the catwalks of the world, then disappear with them. Like any other thing in the classical style, the subject of women's wardrobe may experience periods of incredible popularity or oblivion. But still have such a thing as necessary, such as the little black dress.

Shirts style sasual

Like everyone else, it saves the most important elements of the rules and cut, but by itself is getting a bit "licentious": deprived of arms, military and combines the features of a safari-style, can be translucent or transparent. Shirts retro is very relevant in this season. These are complemented by a variety of elements that you will return to the era of hippies or even deeper, at the time when they were fashionable bows, frills, lace, wide sleeves. Shirt in a style easily become the main component of an evening dress, and it can wear leather pants or leggings.

This style is represented by women's shirt in the box, which is already quite a long time is one of the most vibrant and integral parts of the female wardrobe. The history it begins since the days of the Wild West and carries a combination of several different styles: country, grunge, hippie cowboy. Naturally, the girl in a plaid shirt does not look so romantic and feminine, such as classical or silk. In order to diversify this thing, almost every season of the world's fashion designers offer some new styles, fashion fabrics and finishes. It is thanks to this approach, this shirt is always considered up to date and relevant.

Replacing the standard office blouse, plaid shirt easily revive the whole outfit, especially if you choose a bright color of the summer sun and greenery. New paint will make the normal working day with fresh energy. It is necessary to create the right image, picking himself such a thing, for example, the appearance of an active girl in a light plaid shirt, and jeans with a big bag or a look of business lady in blouse with a tie and a narrow skirt to the knee.

From what to wear a shirt in a cage?

  • This item classical length blends perfectly with skinny jeans and running shoes or sneakers, creating a sexy independent manner.
  • Long shirts look great with tights, leggings. Above you can put on a strap to complement the entire look of a massive jewelry. To create a cocktail dress safely wear leather leggings, and as an accessory, you can take a fashionable handbag in spikes.
  • This shirt goes well with short skirts in different fabrics. If you are the owner of a slender figure - safely wear a denim mini skirt, shirt and tie under the bust. Moreover, such a combination does not require any complementary accessories - and so you'll look great.
  • If you have not already purchased a convenient and necessary thing, take a shirt from her husband, boyfriend or dad. Slightly unscrew the hoses, undo the top buttons of - you get a great shirt that you can wear to a party or a picnic.

Also, it is worth remembering a few secrets: slender girls had better pay attention to the model in small cells that highlight and accentuate all of your dignity. Girls with the types of apple or pear shape better to choose a large cage.

 plaid shirt female

Classic Shirts

They have a straight cut and strict lines. They are completely absent decorative elements, the maximum that is allowed - lengthening or increasing the height of the collar cuffs. Strict classic models are made of natural thin fabric, sometimes it is added to the elastic material in order to better "sitting" on their owner. Colors often pastel tones, but there are also dark.

The brightest representative of this species - a female white shirt - a mandatory part of every woman's wardrobe. As a rule, it is irreplaceable by anything, because it was she able to help out in different situations. Often, it is put on work or business meetings. However, she finds many applications that allow you to always have a spectacular view. This thing is easy to make a harmonious combination with a long skirt, cowboy boots and beach Panama. This versatile shirt to fit any style, the main accents and well-chosen accessories.

What goes white shirt?

If you think that the possibility of this thing are limited business dress code, then you are very wrong. Of course, office style most suitable for the demonstration of this article of clothing, but there are many other images, in which structure will allow such a thing to look fresh and flawless.

  • If you want to create an image of the Hollywood star of the black-and-white movie, remember the main mix: black skirt medium length cardigan or bolero, ballet flats or classic pumps, silk scarf, elegant handbag, delicate earrings in the form of pearls, and of course , White shirt.
  • To create a recreational way is to combine black or white jeans with a white shirt. Also, we are discussing the excellent article of clothing will be a pair of sports t-shirt that can be worn over or under it.
  • Free model elongated jacket can be worn on a bright dress, sundress or a T-shirt without buttoning. All this is supplemented by a thin lacquered strap. This shirt can easily replace cardigan in the cool evening.
  • Classic option would be the ensemble of white blouse and a narrow pencil skirts. To him also perfect patent leather shoes with high heels. To work in an office you can wear low-heeled shoes, and a wide belt to emphasize the waist.
  • Unusual effect is, if you wear a white shirt over a black turtleneck, sleeves in this case, you can tuck. This option is perfect and under shorts and skirt. With it will look great as a ballerina, and high-heeled boots.
  • Shirt is in harmony with classic trousers, a tie and a hat that gives the appearance of a woman a special piquancy.

With a part of the wardrobe such a thing, it can be worn in very different ways, as described above. Buttoning a shirt all the buttons, you get an elegant way; seductive - it unbuttoned buttons of one more than normal; naughty - jeans shirt, knotted stomach.

If you prefer just to wear a shirt with pants, then there also have options: trousers or seasoned. But remember that the last option will always be to emphasize the shortcomings of your figure, such as a small tummy.

Now you know how many ways to use have seemingly ordinary things. Therefore, if you have a beautiful shirt, do not delay it for special meetings and trips to work and safely experiment with their wardrobe.

 plaid shirt female

Shirt dress

Most recently, such an unusual and brave thing to become the subject of creativity and admiration of many world fashion houses, but the creator of the dress became Coco Chanel, and even half a century ago. Now it blows again shows enthusiastic comments. This shirt is present subtle blend of femininity and masculine brutality, which causes so much attention from the public.

This item is characterized by a short-cut silhouette, free cut and buttons throughout. Mandatory emphasis is strictly male collar, sleeves and the presence, shape and length of the skirt defines the creator. Used for sewing lightweight fabrics such as linen, cotton and viscose. Yet the possible options of models made of silk, denim and other materials.

What goes shirt-dress?

Hard and fast rules, as such, does not exist. This shirt can easily be combined with tights, leggings, colored stockings, with or without a belt. Fashionable interesting image is obtained if a dress to wear the vest or jacket, black leather jackets. If the shirt-dress accessorize pastel shades, it instantly acquire the noble glamor style casual. Also, this version looks great in combination with short shorts, trench coats, denim jackets, blazers, lightweight cardigan. From shoes to it, you can choose shoes with stable massive heels, platform sandals, imitating wood or heels with thin straps, cowboy boots.

Long Shirt

Like many others, this model more recently also considered a part of the male wardrobe. But today, it can be seen on almost every girl and woman. Long shirt is appropriate in almost any way, it is convenient and comfortable, it emphasizes all your dignity, hiding flaws.

How to wear a shirt?

  • First of all, long shirts - a real godsend for women of small stature. You can safely choose a model in a thin longitudinal stripes, visually lengthen your silhouette. At the same time it should be as easy as possible, without pockets or decorative ornaments.
  • Such a thing will hide every flaw shape, so it can be worn and full of girls and women. In this case, it can be worn with leggings or trousers. Best of all would look plain colors, body-colored tones, as well as the vertical rim. Complement the image of such pumps on a small heel or ballet flats.
  • An interesting option is the following combination: a long shirt, buttoned up, on top of a massive short collar necklace. In front you can tuck shirt into pants or skirt. To give flavor to this image can be a strict jacket.

In the wardrobe of each of the fair sex have long been and shirt dresses and accessories. In a restaurant, office, on vacation - well-chosen shirt will complement your favorite image. Romantic, sophisticated, sexy, feminine or hooligan - each of them is unique and beautiful.

 Shirts: types and combinations of options

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