how to choose a dress for the figure


  • "Well, what I figure? "
  • How could still choose a dress for the figure?

Today dresses are relevant as ever. Even persistent fans of sports style, accustomed to shirts, shorts and jeans, thinking hard to replenish your wardrobe is dresses. However, many women do not really understand how to approach the selection of this very feminine attire, so it really embellished, he emphasized the dignity and hide flaws. In other words, do not know how to choose a dress for the figure.

Undoubtedly, the key word in the preceding passage - "figure". Unfortunately, the perfect figure can boast not every representative of the fairer sex. Very often, a woman who came to the store to buy a dress, goes with anything, disappointed in yourself, and that the range that she was offered. Several such unsuccessful campaigns for shopping make it completely switch to pants. The argument in this one: I am not going to dress.

I must say that this argument does not hold water. Dresses are all just need to know the features of the figure, and choose the styles that suit you perfectly. Believe me, to understand this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Perhaps you will find some tips in this article and, guided by them, you will be able to pick up a beautiful feminine dress that will make you more attractive. Strictly speaking, it is written specifically for this purpose.

 dress on a figure

"Well, what I figure? "

Let's start with the classification of the figures, invented long ago and not us.

  • "Hourglass"

This, of course, is the feminine version, which like almost all men. Slim waist, rounded hips, a good bust. Women who have such a happy parameters are almost all styles. The skirt is straight, narrowed, luxuriant - everything will look fine. It is necessary to emphasize the waist always and everywhere. Form-fitting dresses discover all the advantages. In short, the possessor of such a figure to pick up a dress will not be difficult.

  • "Triangle"

Women with a figure of narrow shoulders and a rather massive thighs. When choosing a dress is necessary to take this into account and try to choose a style that will refocus and make the silhouette more proportional. Stylists recommend to dress well set straps, puffed sleeves. In short, the need to give priority to the surround shaped top made of light, flowing fabrics that drape well. This will help to balance the top and bottom, and always look attractive.

  • "Inverted triangle"

Here we have the exact opposite of the previous version of the figure: broad shoulders and relatively narrow hips. How to choose a dress in such proportions? Naturally, it is necessary to visually narrow shoulders and add a little volume at the hips in order to achieve the necessary balance. When choosing a dress with shoulder straps should be given preference to models in which the straps are closer to the neck, or a dress with bare shoulders. Asymmetry works well in this situation. Good and styles with low waist.

  • "Rectangle"

In this case, the shoulders and hips about the same width, waist is weak, in general, male body type. But should not get upset. The vast majority of the known models have just such proportions. They are easy to sew and can accommodate any style, correct accents. So every woman with such a figure of great opportunities for the selection of dresses. Very good with the smell of styles, with which you can create the illusion of slender waist. Excellent look and outfits with slightly over or under the waistline. If selected straight silhouette (which, incidentally, is not the most advantageous option for this type of figure), you can adjust the shape with a wide belt. Visually Buda waist appear thinner than it actually is.

 how to choose a dress

How could still choose a dress for the figure?

It is clear that the classification above is nothing more than a scheme of "put" options which all the female figure is simply impossible - we are unique. Still, a grain of truth in these descriptions there.

Before going to the store carefully examine himself in the mirror, trying to be as objective as possible. No, of any under-estimates are not out of the question, but the disadvantages as advantages, however, must be clearly defined. Believe me, such a realistic assessment of a favorite allows you to select exactly the outfit that suits you.

We assume that we have dealt with the classification, and you yourself have defined the appropriate group. In short, some starting points found. Let's try to orient, you, our dear readers, about how to hide those little flaws that often poison the life and seem insurmountable.

So, if you have your hands full, then the dress straps that always look elegant, you'd better wear a pashmina or bolero. A normal, everyday attire is preferred to choose a sleeve to the elbow or three-quarters.

Short legs will seem much longer, if you wear a dress with a slightly high waist. Ideal also suitable styles in the Empire style.

Too narrow shoulders, which contrast with the hips, it is easy to adjust with small shoulder pads.

Short or too full neck will look totally different if your dress has a V-neck. Another little trick: long necklaces, chains, etc.

How to choose a dress, if the lady overweight? Believe me, this problem is solved, too. Dress must be only vertical structural seams, decorative stitching. No transverse lines. Add elongated slot and heel - you irresistible!

Lovely woman, think, experiment and wear dresses!

 How to choose a gown on a figure and look neortazimo?

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 What to meet the new 2010?

Every December women spend in pleasant bustle, the lion's share of which is related to the selection and purchase orders for the Christmas party. Depending on where you are planning to celebrate the New Year, and will depend on your festive attire.


If you are waiting for a party in the restaurant, it is better to wear comfortable and beautiful shoes for dancing, perfect for the holiday dress geometric style.


In the unfamiliar company not afraid to surprise everyone dress bright and garish colors and a symbol of next year - the tiger is favorable to you.


New Year's Eve at the club requires a bright and noticeable accessories and outfits, to better take care of the original, but comfortable shoes.


Even at home bother to present yourself in the best light: for that perfect dress with fringe and stylish decorations.


If the New Year you are invited to a secular party, you will gain a beautiful bustier dress with a lush bow and a long skirt. Please add it better exquisite accessories, and be sure that you do not lose face among the other socialite.


Romantic New Year's Eve with your loved one will be a memorable experience for both of you, if you put on the air a silk dress, and do not forget about the beautiful underwear.


On a night over the New Year you will be able to stand out favorably because of tight dresses-cases and accessory brilliant gold color.


Fans celebrate New Year outdoors and those who prefer the Red Square noisy clubs can offer, in addition to the dress warm down jacket and shoes - this is though not very aesthetically pleasing, but the warmth and memories of holidays will be in a good mood, not cold .


If your New Year's plans related to travel outside the city to the country, it is best not to dress up in evening dress and comfortable jeans and a warm sweater. Surely you want to frolic in the snow, but it needs to prepare a jacket and boots.


If New Year's party will be for you, and even a first date, you need to select a light and feminine dress that will accentuate your figure and beautiful accessories. For such a case is perfect for exquisite lingerie.

 What's to celebrate the New 2010?

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