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  • The color value
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  • A little about the color wheel
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Not every woman will want to wear every day over the plain, without any signs of brightness things. Agree, it is very boring and bland! Another thing - a combination of colors in clothes. Dress peach, lilac, sea turquoise, pale pink, noble beige, the colors of a young luscious grass green, coral or sky blue looks much more spectacular and attracts more views of the male half of the population than, for example, order a monotone gray or brown. Besides the colorful flashy clothes can not only lighten the mood, but also beneficial to emphasize your strengths: the eyes, smooth curves figures even indicate certain traits. So do not be afraid to dress up in all kinds of colors of the rainbow, the main thing - do it wisely.

The color value

Psychologists say that the combination of colors in clothing for women and men talking about the character and mood of the person at that particular moment, when he opted for things purple, coral, green, pink, turquoise or any other color. Please note that if, for example, on the street excellent sunny weather, but in the soul reigns spring, I want to dress in bright blue or fiery red outfit, and if there is rain, overcame the troubles at work, had a fight with his family, then involuntarily put on a brown sweater gray or dull beige jacket. We will look at the value of each tone, which, according to experts, can tell a lot about the interlocutor.

 combinations of colors in clothes

Warm colors

Red - fire, flame, desire, danger and blood. These associations occur in a dress that color. Red has a feature - it improves mood, and at the same time suppressing both the carrier of clothing, and the people around him. So things are not desirable to wear red all the time, put them in exceptional cases: in the novelistic evening or New Year's party. That is when you need to stand out or show their femininity and sexuality.

Yellow - sun shade, autumn leaves, dandelion and sweet honey. His preference for people who want to get rid of difficulties to enjoy and dream. However, the combination of the colors of the clothes is not for everyone. He gives the appearance of an unhealthy kind. Therefore, yellow clothes, and similar light-beige tones better wear brunettes with a healthy matte skin.

 blend blue clothing

Cool colors

Green appeal to people emotionally, to develop logical thinking, stubborn and single-minded. It affects calming the nervous system, reduces tiredness and increases vitality. Despite the fact that the green - a symbol of constancy, for many it is associated with youth, and youth, so the color of the clothes should not be worn on the business activities.

Things blue prefer the power of nature. After all, blue and blue - the colors of the sky, that rise above earthly passions. All shades - from pale blue to blue cloudy - relieve stress, relax and at the same time help to control the situation, to keep everything under control. Therefore blue color - ideal for business image. His dark and lighter shades suitable for almost everyone, but if you add red clothes, you get a stunning effect.

Purple prevails in dresses women who want to enchant and thrill among others. The combination of the colors of the clothes with hints of pale pink, light coral, as well as fresh white is a beautiful image that will suit and brown-haired brunettes.


If a person is in a depressed state, experiencing fear, discomfort, he, as psychologists say, clothed in a brown outfit. Wardrobe made in a range of colors, inspires confidence and gives solidity and has to his associates. Brown suit owners of brown eyes and dark hair, girls with dark skin. Bright shades of brown - beige and neutral clay - in harmony with any colors. So whether you choose a gray or green and brown - all these combinations of colors in the clothes will be perfect.

People who want to isolate themselves from the outside world, to run away from problems, remove the obligation, according to experts, selected gray. He is able to profitably transform the appearance of the person, as well as control the various colors (pink, beige, green, red, blue, purple, etc.). Therefore, a combination of colors in the clothing is optimal for public appearances. Gray - the color of classic and elegance, granting internal force, but at the same time allowing to look restrained and inaccessible. In order to "mute" a bright, eye-catching clothes, you can use a variety of shades of gray.

Black color - a symbol of the end of a certain stage in life, the desire to dive into yourself and others close by. Wear dark-colored items are not recommended, as the black color is used to "disappear" in the face with delicate features. It is better to combine it with other colors. For example, red and black - the perfect combination of the best colors in clothes.

His opposite - white. It is a symbol of purity, justice, the beginning of life. Put on the white clothes, the person unconsciously denies the problems and start from scratch.

Pastel Beige's hot. It is not evident in the sharp eyes, but at the same time did not notice it is simply impossible. To wardrobe looked harmoniously, designers are advised to divide the ensemble beige contrast. For example, red, dark purple, chocolate brown or blue belt will give your dress a highlight.

Basic color combinations of clothing obtained from such pairs as orange and blue; purple and yellow; red and green. Such paints have always attracted the attention of others, encouraging its brightness and saturation, in any weather uplifting.

 combination of green clothing

A little about the color wheel

Each girl is faced with the problem - what to wear and what color should be things that they may be in harmony with each other. Before we talk about some of the features of the combination of colors of clothes, to tell about Isaac Newton's color wheel. It's kind of a rule by which it is easier to navigate in the selection of items of different colors.

The most widely bought a circle of eight closed in the ring sectors - seven colors of the rainbow (violet, blue, and so on) and magenta. The components of this spectrum smoothly into each other and form a large number of other colors. The main one is three colors - namely, blue, yellow and red. If you mix the two of them combined 50/50, it turns a fresh shade of grass - green, juicy orange and purple. The spectrum Newton equidistant are primary and secondary colors, which alternate with each other. Addition of the two main breeds are additional.

The scientist shared his creation into two parts: warm and cold. To cool colors include blue, sky blue, leafy green, as well as transitional colors - blue-green and blue-violet. Warm considered fiery red, sunny orange, yellow and intermediate tone. Such as gray, white, black, combined colors of clothing are universal - they are in perfect harmony with all other colors. They are called achromatic colors.

Picking things different colors, consider your type of appearance. There are only four: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Experts recommend using at most three colors. One of them must prevail in the image, the second - shade and emphasize the dignity of the third - to focus on the details that you want to highlight. So do not be afraid to wear your favorite things blue, gray, brown, pink or another color. The main thing - do it with style and wit!

How to combine colors in the wardrobe

You can buy a beautiful expensive pink sweater, gray or beige jacket, brown shoes excellent shade crocodile handbag and a stunning purple scarf but wearing it all, do not get the desired effect. Probably every girl there were moments when, and dress like sitting perfectly and great quality, but the beauty of you does not work; on the contrary, he looks in the mirror similarity gray stealth. And all because the colors are not those chosen and wrong. For more in your life these errors from happening, let's look at the basic rules of color combinations in clothing.

Win-win situation in every way - a white blouse or shirt. This thing looks harmoniously with clothes of different colors. You wear it pink or blue cardigan sweater, povyazhete red or green grassy scarf - it will look perfect. A more extravagant version - gray combined with the mug. "Mouse" color slightly mutes the burning of paint and ennoble them. Therefore, if you want to add elegance catchy image, use shades of gray in the accessories and other items of clothing.

Unconventional and creative people probably feel that the above tips are boring and uninteresting. Some are known to be fond of "hotter". However, mixes in bright costumes did not contraindicated, the main thing - the right combination of colors in clothes.

To avoid mistakes and not to be considered a person with a bad taste, use tested colors, such as green and red (can be dark pink), yellow and purple, sky blue and sunny orange. These colors look great there, they will help to stand out from the crowd, and at the same time you will remain elegant and fashionable.

However, experts do not recommend experimenting with trousers screaming shade. The bottom part - the foundation of any band, so by choosing colorful option, you run the risk of being branded as vulgar without a special sense of style. Do so not worth it! Stick to the basic rule: the bottom can not be brighter than the top. To do this, fit colors like brown, beige or dull gray. A top can be worn, such as pale pink or purple jacket, and your image will not look too bland.

 color combination of clothes

Several ways of combining colors in clothes

The sense of style and taste - most innate quality. However, in order to pick up an elegant wardrobe spectacular, you need to know some rules that will help to understand the combination of colors of clothing. Let's play with a color palette, taking note the most common and popular ways of connecting colors.

  • According to the "monochromatic" concept, in the locker room should prevail one main color (for example, purple, pink, brown, or other), but with all the diversity of its shades, from the lightest to the darkest. It is important harmony of tones, that is, they have to stand in one color row. For example, if the blue - your weakness, then experiment with it. Change the details of his garments saturation, brightness: turquoise or light blue, cornflower blue or azure. If the soul is to the sun's color - orange, then in front of you a huge variety: from honey-yellow to amber. By the way, it turns brown, if you combine a gray and orange.
  • When achromatic compound as the main color in the wardrobe appears black, the fresh white or gray. They perfectly combine not only among themselves but also with all sorts of other colors and shades. A way to give zest and dilute boring clothes, use bright accessories, such as a blue scarf and a brown suede jacket from a white blouse.
  • Admirers of rigor and conservatism, experts advise to the basic elements of stand outfit in two colors - blue, black and white. But do not forget that the latter has the feature of "wash out" the contours of the figure, while the dark things, on the contrary, make it more clear and coherent.
  • The combination of colors of clothing, which is called "complementary" have been used for the above-mentioned contrasting pairs - yellow and dark purple, sunny orange and blue and red and juicy fresh green. However, these mixes do not oblige you to spring wardrobe. After all the colors mentioned above, are rich in all sorts of hues: as a bright and light, muted.

Laws color combinations that do not need to break

You have read the color palette, learned the basic rules by which clothes look elegant and harmonious. Finally give some advice.

  • As you created the image, use two to four colors. Since monochrome clothing creates a sense of boredom and pallor, and an overabundance of colors (more than 4 colors), by contrast, it does look like a parrot.
  • In the wardrobe should prevail one or at most two main colors, which occupy a larger area than the additional. For example, a blue coat on the knee, light blue scarf and black boots (in this case blue - main).
  • Universal colors are white, gray and black. They can be used for the basic elements of the image. Do not forget to supplement their bright, catchy accessories.
  • All pastel colors, namely beige, pink, soft blue and the like, combined with each other, regardless of color. So feel free to combine them together in any suitable manner for you.
  • To visually "pull" the shape follow the rule - the bottom part should be a few shades darker than the top. And do not forget that only a mix between related or contrasting colors. Other options - incoherent.

When choosing wardrobe, consider not only the compatibility of the individual colors, but shades thereof. Because of their incredible array! Be guided by the rule of similarity of colors, ie bright red clothes Pick up the blue tones to bright sky blue - pink and orange to - light brown or beige. Your selected connection does not have to compete and fight among themselves in the richness and saturation, and then the band will look elegant and harmonious. And always remember that the rules are there to be broken in order. Why did not deny the experiments, do not rely entirely on science and not act blindly according to the advice of experts - create their own style. Good luck!

 The combination of colors in clothing: the basic rules

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