Fashion Fall 2012


  • Autumn 2012: the general approach
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Trends (Autumn-Winter 2012/2013) opens a wide scope for creative imagination in the formation of the wardrobe. Fashion shows and the pages of fashion magazines are creative ideas design department, but their implementation (or disembodied) to life - it is the prerogative of each of us. It is not necessary to copy the exact image from the podium, to be fashionable, stylish and most importantly - does not mean the blind imitation and creative approach to fresh ideas.

The purpose of this article to present the main trends of the season 2012-2013 (autumn-winter) so that they have become the impetus for creation of the image based on fashion trends, tailored for their own individuality. Modern fashion allows you to be creative. Diktat not, there are directions, and here is how these areas to adapt to your preferences, particular shape, appearance, way of life, at the mercy of ourselves.

To cope with this, perhaps, will not everything, but also experience a negative experience. Therefore, it is worth trying, and if you succeed, you will feel with what incomparable pleasure.

Autumn 2012: the general approach

Fashion collections of fashion houses (autumn-winter 2012/2013) abounded jackets in the style of "The Aviator", a coat - very well, free cut, classic pantsuits, skirts timeless "pencil", feminine dresses with sleeves, "flashlights" guipure inserts. To fashion trend can be attributed in large pleated skirt and style "trapeze" - they are not very long ago appeared in the fashion collections.

I would like to stay at the prints. In this regard, the main trends of the season include a cage, "goose foot", small and large, oblique and flat - cell reigns in the fashion catwalks. Do not stay aside from the fashion bar and peas. Some designers showed very original model with pea prints. Flowers, ethnic patterns, too, while we do not leave, as well as popular is not the first season animal prints.

Fashionable colors of the season 2012 are quite diverse: purple, brown, all shades of blue and green tones calm and noble beige. And in order to make your outfit look fresh and bright, designers are advised to come off on accessories. According to fashion trends (fall-winter 2012/2013) they may, or rather should be very bright and contrast in relation to the basic clothing.

 Fashion Fall Winter 2011 2012

Shoes for fall

Shoes play an important role in creating a fashionable image, but that offer fashion house in the autumn-winter 2012/2013, lets make it bright and unforgettable. At the peak of the popularity of shoes, made of leather cherry shades. If you consider yourself a fashionista simply must have shoes, boots or boots the designated colors. When it comes to shoes, the most ostromodnye model - with a strap around the ankle.

Undeniable trend of the season - sharp noses, often in conjunction with a massive heel. However, classic boats at the hairpin will not go away, especially in the evening shoes. In the autumn-winter 2012/2013 designers offer a very interesting model: steady heel shoes and a bow of the original (the so-called nose-chest). Platform and wedge remain relevant season 2011/2012 - confirmation of this collection of fashionable shoes from famous designers.

Another fashion trend in shoes - an imitation of the male models: coarse shoes and boots a la the military, which can be combined with both the clothing in men's style (for example, a jacket, made in the form of men's jackets with broad shoulders), and with the feminine models of dresses and suits.

Most of the models on the catwalks, are made of quality leather, including crocodile leather (or imitation), as well as leather, treated in a special way and has a metallic luster.

 Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2011 2012

Read more about the main trends

As mentioned cell - a favorite of the season. It is very different. Some designers use the classic Scottish cage in different variations, while others prefer the checkered prints in conjunction with an abstract pattern - it looks fresh and interesting. Fashionable women want to remind that the cell is quite insidious pattern that should be used with caution, because often wear plaid complete. So be careful when choosing a dress.

If we talk about fabrics in general, the trend is always fashionable tweed, which is represented by very diverse, high demand velvet.

Describing the fashionable shoes, we noted that in the design shows has been presented many models made of leather with a metallic sheen. This trend also applies to clothing: pants, shorts, dresses and coats made of leather - peep the season, and if they also cast a metallic luster, you can consider yourself the biggest fashionistas. And eskperty fashion note that this season brilliance is never too much.

These same experts predict that we are waiting for layering. While this trend is visible only from the individual designers and offers a lightweight version of its implementation - for example, not all the while taking the combination of a skirt and short pants. By the way, this is the style of trousers remained at the height of fashion all season 2011-2012. Such combinations (Skirt + pants) was seen in shows leading fashion houses (Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Tam).

Continue in a variety of fashion trends vests. The variety of this type of clothing is striking: strict with lapels, made of high quality fabrics, leather, knitted. In honor and jackets decorated with embroidery, sequins and other decorative elements. The new emphasis - is accentuated shoulder line. Clear geometric forms of the vest is the best combined with fashionable narrow short trousers and skirts style "pencil".

The fashion trends Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 variety of overalls. They look very attractive and, most importantly, have the cut, which pulls and slender. Of course, this requires clothes shoes with heels.

Autumn and winter of 2012-2013 fashionista can be found in cozy bulky coat with dropped shoulder line. A huge role in the coat of playing styles fabric - it should be very high quality. The trend tweed and cashmere.

This is an extremely comfortable model that is the best suited for the cold autumn weather under them can be safely put on a warm sweater, too voluminous, large decorated scarves and stoles, boas decorating and warm, which, incidentally, are ostromodnye accessory for the upcoming season.

By the way, about the accessories. Bags - the number one accessory in the wardrobe of any fashionista. The trends of the season, of course, bags made of fur fur animals - mink, rabbits, llamas, foxes. Perhaps it is not entirely practical, but very fashionable.

By the way, if you can not afford such an expensive bag, you can buy bags, made from specially treated wood fibers, called modal. It really looks like in appearance to real fur, but it is much cheaper and is worn for much longer.

The second most popular trend - leather bags of exotic animals. This, above all, a crocodile, a python, a lizard. Looks expensive and stylish.

As for colors, the most fashionable shades (as in shoe) is the color of burgundy, burgundy, cherry. And another feature of the bags, which offer fashion houses in the autumn-winter 2012: the size. In fashion bulky bags that will surely appreciate all working women. It can put a lot of useful (and not) things.

Fashion is changing, and with it, and we are changing, but it is not necessary to become her slaves. Fashion for us, not us for it. Realizing this, you will realize that it is important to be fashionable and stylish.

 What are we preparing Fashion: Fall 2012

 crochet beret


  • Features beret
  • Classic takes pill
  • Warm winter takes
  • How to decorate takes

Beret - a universal headdress. Bear his kids and adults, rich and poor, both military and civilian. And she is taking at any time of the year, and it never goes out of fashion. Berets sew fur and thick woolen cloth, leather and felt, knit and crochet. And, incidentally, knitted beret can become the pride of fans Hand Made and master this task - knitting crochet beret - in the state, and the needlewoman, and experienced skilled worker. And why? And because the knitted beret - a fairly simple design. What is it, and how to translate our plans into practice? Let's find out.

Features beret

Take remains the most popular among women headdress. A knitted beret - especially because of its tie hook or knitting needles is very simple. Regardless of the style, all takes consists of several parts, and its knitting (unlike sewing) need not accompanied by a special pattern.

  • The top of the beret - round canvas.
  • Mid - straight or trapezoidal detail, the amount of which determines the splendor of the headdress.
  • Details of the bottom - it is in this area of ​​work decreases the loop.
  • Headband - narrow or wide knitted band.

Details Beret you can make the component, it is possible to knit one-piece blade with one seam or to perform knitting circle. Silhouette of headgear depends on only two points. Firstly, it is determined by the presence and size of the middle of the line, and secondly, depends on the "sitting" there takes on the rim, or he has a straight edge with no additional bracket.

Appearance beret crocheted, determined not only style, but also the quality (view) yarn, in which the density to get your knitting, as well as the selected pattern. Openwork crochet knit summer beret made of thin cotton or silk thread. For Demi option chosen yarn of medium thickness, dense and delicate mating patterns. Warm knit berets of wool, mohair and down. It is often decorated with knitted beret with flowers, brooches or other decorative elements.

The main condition of perfect types of products, crocheted - matching the thickness of the yarn size of the hook. So if you have the desire and time, you can make your man-made masterpiece. And notice special skills from you that does not require: only accuracy, imagination and patience.

 knitting beret crochet

Classic takes pill

The simplest of all models, which should start inexperienced needle women. It requires a small coil of any yarn for knitting hook and a third room. Knit a beret in a circle, starting from the top and making the traditional addition of loops. The size range (diameter) depends on the amount taken, and its shape is different from the number and location of added loops. Gain loops begin the second round, initially linking a chain of aerial loops and hooked it into the ring.

For normal use a dense knit columns wedges scheme whereby vyvyazyvayut two loops of audio gain in each row, and the remaining loops provyazyvayut columns. So you get the addition of loops only on one edge of each wedge. If in the process (tied about five rows), you will notice that the edge of the circle starts to go in waves (Faldo), reduce the number of wedges and loops in the front row. If the edge of the bottoms begin to shrink and curl up, increase the number of segments and columns in the front row.

By linking the bottom of a beret diameter from twenty-six to twenty-eight centimeters, begin to knit the middle of the canvas without additions. It is here that you can use any decorative motif or a combination of the color of the yarn. By linking the web height of about six centimeters, start decrease of loops, loops provyazyvaya extreme wedges (along one edge) together. For example, if the width of each wedge of sixteen loops, the first row knit with a loop 15 and 16, in the second round - 15 and 14, in the third - 14 and 13. And so on, until dovyazhete to the desired diameter of the beret. To tie the rim strip width of about two centimeters loops without additions and subtraction, alternating bars without nakida with "rachim step."

Warm winter takes

Warm hat involves the use of a dense, thick enough and warm yarn. Although, for example, feather yarn at their ease and minimum thickness of yarn is very warm even in openwork knit products. Still knit winter takes best some simple pattern. In the case of crochet - nakida without columns or columns with nakida. For a more interesting appearance of the beret can take melange yarn or yarn special texture - boucle or "grass". In any case, you will need about one hundred and fifty grams is not very thick but not thin yarn and a hook of the sixth number.

Start knitting from the top and keep it around. To begin, type a chain of three air loops and close it in the ring. Then knit as follows.

  • First row. Tie chain of ten columns with nakida.
  • The second row. Bind on two columns with nakida of each loop of the first row.
  • The third row. Alternate with nakida one column and two columns with nakida from one loop. Thus each of the second loop of the previous row, you should have two loops of the third row.
  • The fourth, fifth and sixth rows. Two nakida column with two columns with nakida from one loop. In these ranks, you do the addition in each of the third loop of the series.
  • Seventh row. Knit one post with nakida of each loop of the previous row (without the addition of a series).
  • Eighth row. Nine columns with nakida, two columns with nakida closed together (decrease). Alternate until the end of the eighth row.
  • Ninth row. Knit one post with nakida of each loop of the previous row (without the addition of a series).
  • Tenth row. Seven columns with nakida, two columns with nakida closed together. Alternate until the end of the tenth row.
  • Eleventh row. Knit one post with nakida of each loop of the previous row (without the addition of a series).
  • Twelfth series. Six columns with nakida, two columns with nakida closed together. Alternate until the end of the twelfth row.
  • Thirteenth series. Four bars without nakida, two columns without nakida closed together. Alternate until the end of the thirteenth row.
  • Fourteenth row. Knit five columns without nakida, two columns without nakida closed together. Alternating until the end of the fourteenth row.
  • Fifteenth row. The whole series of columns without nakida provyazyvaem without subtraction of loops.

Secure and cut the thread. Ready takes a wash or just slightly moisten and let it dry. Takes decorate to your liking. And in addition to it from the same yarn knit scarf and gloves (or glove).

 crochet berets

How to decorate takes

If Crochet - your hobby and you are quite adept at this, try to associate takes openwork. Use of any you like openwork pattern scheme or zamahnites to take, by the technique friform. If crochet is still not your strong point, then knit beret with simple columns without nakida example of melange yarn. Such a headdress, as a rule, does not need any extra.

If you tied the plain takes, then decorate it with additional decorations, also crocheted. By the way, knitting similar parts often becomes an interesting hobby. This may be, for example, a large flower or a bunch of flowers. It can be knitted berries (sprig with cherries, for example). Takes can be decorated with flowers, woven bead or beads embroider. Elegant decoration crocheted beret will be embroidered ribbons. And given the right to a texture and density of embroidery crochet fabric, you will easily cope with this task. In the end, just buy or make yourself a suitable cast.

Crochet is considered to be a very simple technique. In any case, it is recommended to start knitting needle women. In addition, crochet - the universal technology, which made almost any clothing, from bathing suits and finishing coat. A small and stylish hat, fashionable at all times and the right to ladies of any age - a great reason to master this uncomplicated but very effective technique. Be of good cheer! And all you get.

 Crochet beret. The easy way, a spectacular result

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