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  • Rules for the choice of clothing and accessories with the figure type "pear"
  • Clothes and footwear for pear shapes

Every woman wants to always look like a model on the cover of fashion magazine .  However, not all of us have the same shapes and sometimes extremely because of this upset .  Lean on aerobics, exhausting themselves on simulators, sitting on a hard diet and - no result! So much effort, and the similarity with the model as it was not, and is not .  Sometimes even despair, not knowing what to do .  Hips do not wish to become narrow legs - long and lean ... What to take more ?! The main thing - to calm down, because I really have no problems here .  We have different types of shapes, and to look perfectly, you just need to determine your body type and choose the right style of clothes for him .  If you have wide hips, well isolated waist and narrow shoulders, then our body type - "pear" .  And that's great because he's the most feminine of all kinds of shapes! So we stop upset and determine what clothes we need to emphasize their femininity .

Rules for the choice of clothing and accessories with the figure type "pear"

For any type of shape has its own rules of selection of clothing and accessories that help to emphasize the dignity of a body. The basic rule of style apparel for anyone who has a pear-shaped figure - visually reduce the volume of the thighs, while moving the focus on the upper body to balance the hips and shoulders. At the same time it is imperative to emphasize the waist, which is in this physique women her special pride. In general advice about what is best to wear at a similar type of figures are as follows:

  • Rectilinear styles should be avoided. They make a solid figure;
  • The top items of clothing is best to choose with shoulder pads. They expand the shoulders;
  • Cutouts should be broad, diagonal or V-shaped. Then the shoulders will look wider;
  • On pear shape look good finish from the shoulders to the center of the abdomen, made the letter V;
  • The proportions of the figure to balance tight thighs and extends down clothing;

As for accessories, the figures in this type of suitable soft, curved, rather than the rectangular shape of ornaments. Neck and shoulders can emphasize brooches, chains, patterned handkerchiefs, necklaces and so on. The main thing that outlines accessories were oval.

Now look, it should not be worn when figure type "pear". It is not necessary to wear:

  • Too tight clothes. It will emphasize the difference between the hips, shoulders and waist;
  • Baggy clothes. It will make a shapeless figure;
  • Clothing style that hides the transition between the hips and waist;
  • Clothes with a cross pattern seams and lines on the thighs;
  • Clothing made of hard dense tissue;
 clothing such as pear shapes

Clothes and footwear for pear shapes

These were general rules of clothing for pear-shaped figure type. Now let's talk about the specific elements of it.

Dresses for figure type "pear"

In this figure, the dress look just fine. The main thing is to notch them or finish the upper part were broad, diagonal or V- shaped. Suit and dress on wide straps. It should be remembered - thin straps and shaped cuts should be avoided. Looks great on pear-shape light top and dark bottom of the dress. The bottom of it is better to choose flared or in the form of a trapezoid. He will emphasize the waist and make the breast more magnificent. As for evening dresses, they should be with corsets. Then the figure will look great.

Blouses, sweaters and tops

Blouses, sweaters and shirts with the figure of the "pear" must choose décolleté and tops with rectangular cutouts. They visually expand the shoulders. For the upper body attracted the attention of flashy buttons, ties, necklaces, brooches, necklaces. Blouses, shirts, tops, sweaters must emphasize the waist. However, too tight, too loose as well as their styles are not suitable.

Pants, jeans and skirts

On pear shape look great models of skirts, trousers and jeans with a slightly understated belt darker than the model itself, the tone. Pants made of soft jersey make a smooth line of the hips and feminine. Look great on a figure from the middle bedёr flared trousers and straight from bedёr jeans. They have slender legs. But narrowed down trousers or jeans will shape heavy and disproportionate hips too wide. From them should be abandoned. Also do not wear pants and jeans with patch pockets on the thighs or patterns, - it would make them more widely. It is better to choose a model with a longitudinal slotted pockets. They are slim. Skirts must also be straight or trapezoidal shape, from flying tissues. Baggy styles of pants and skirts, tulip skirts and high-waisted model with the pear shape is not suitable.

Jackets and coats

On pear shape look great poluoblegayuschie jackets waist-length or slightly below. They should not have cuts or strap on the back. As for the coat, it is best to wear close-fitting, expanded at the bottom of styles with fur or heavy shawl collar. They can be replaced with a large scarf. The main thing that coat was the emphasis on the shoulder area.

Swimwear Fashion

Owners of figures like "pear" one-piece bathing suits should be worn with wide straps. Suit and a bikini with a skirt or a swimsuit, consisting of shirts and pants. The main issue in this - bright, eye-catching bright pattern top and darker and muted bottom. It is not necessary to choose the swimsuit with a plunging neckline on a bikini or swimsuit top with drapery. They make ugly figure. As for shoes, she should be on his heels. If difficulty walking on heels, and will fit a wide stable heel. The main thing that he was present. Stupid shoes and socks on straps fastened around the eggs, do not fit. They visually make the legs more massive.

So what are the best models of clothes to wear in the pear shape?

  • Dresses with V- neck, emphasizing the waist and flared at the bottom;
  • Flared from the hip jeans and trousers with a slightly low waist;
  • Direct or in the form of a trapezoid skirt of soft tissue;
  • Not too tight décolleté blouses, sweaters, tops;
  • Jackets without incisions and strap waist-length or slightly below;
  • Heeled shoes:
  • One-piece swimwear or partially covered with a light top.

Well, in general, and all. Suffice possessor pear shapes always adhere to these simple rules, and it will look as good as any of the beauty of a glossy magazine.

 Pear Body type: What style of clothing to choose

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 that should be in every girl's wardrobe

In the wardrobe of every woman must have a base consisting of things that never go out of fashion. They are often referred to as classic, but the whole point is the unlimited possibilities of combining with each other. The perfectly matched things you do every day will look different, and others will only be envious and think about what you have a huge closet! So, what should be in the wardrobe of every girl?

Important details wardrobe

These things should be universal, ie, suitable for all women (and in fact we often have different types of appearance). They do not differ in brightness and trendy component, since all this leads to difficulties in combination, and rapid obsolescence. As you can imagine, these requirements are met, not all garments. Well, you can throw out the excess and missing - buy!

 that should be in every woman's wardrobe

Black dress

In the book, "a half-inch more» Victoria Beckham advises to invest in timeless classics. Little black dress - the basis for a number of images, it is appropriate everywhere and always. If you use accessories such as neck scarf, belt or brooch, each time will look different. But this is what we seek!

Stylist Hollywood stars Rachel Zoe offers several options for how to diversify a little black dress. If you are bored, the outfit can add flavor with one of the suggested things: bright red shoes, necklaces expressive, fur boas, purses of skin beneath the reptile or unusual stocking.

Everyone knows that black slim figure, and to look like the most spectacularly, buy a thing that sits perfectly and emphasizes the silhouette. An excellent option is to dress Case-stretch dense fabric, it has a perfect fit due to the slimming effect. Bright finish or baggy cut is not suitable for the role of particle basic wardrobe, although good in addition to it.

 which should be in the wardrobe


It has long passed the time when jeans were considered only working clothes. Today, they have to be in every girl's wardrobe. Jeans are appropriate in any situation: they can go on a date and at work. With at least one perfect couple sitting on you, you can create with them a lot of sets: day wear jeans with flat shoes and evening replace it with high heels.

Jeans should be simple: do not choose the model trimmed with rhinestones, embroidery or scuffed. Optimum color - dark blue or black. The cut of the jeans must match the type of your figure if you are not sure that you will be good to sit tight style, choose flared from the hip or straight model. The fabric preferably with a small amount of stretch - this will help jeans to hide the flaws of your body and emphasize its advantages.

 what should be the girl in the locker room

Black and beige shoes

Beige shoes - the same essential thing in the locker room, as well as black. They suit any outfit, but, in contrast to the dark classics, will look not so boring. Beige shoes also lengthen the legs, because the color they make them uniform slender line. Black you probably will be more likely to wear for business reasons, and colors of "Nude" - in a festive atmosphere.

As for the material, choosing shoes, prefer matte suede or leather. Patent leather, of course, also good, but not universal version (although it is a suitable pair of beige). Smart move would be keeping the classical tradition in the choice of the form of shoes, not fashion trends, so we give the palm boat - they sit perfectly on the leg and highlight its beauty.

 that should be in the wardrobe of a girl

a white blouse

White blouse - a universal thing, and this no one will ever argue. It is appropriate as a day in the office and in the evening at a party, just in time to change the other components of your outfit. White shirt can be combined with almost anything - that's a very short list of such items garderroba:

  • strict trousers;
  • pencil skirt;
  • jeans;
  • vest;
  • Cardigan;
  • a jacket;

By the way, most of these items, as you have probably realized, should be in the wardrobe of every self-respecting woman. White blouse - the essence of this type of things. And she is beautiful in itself and set off almost any complexion. Just do not forget that white blouse must always be perfectly clean and ironed!

If you prefer femininity, do not restrain yourself and buy a blouse with ruffles. A small frill will look appropriate even in a business setting, but remember that other things your kit should be restrained and simple. Well, if you - a fan of minimalism, then a white shirt should be absolutely simple and undecorated, which also looks nice.

 what should be in a woman's wardrobe

Elegant trench

Everyone knows that meet on clothes, as well as in our country, the weather is usually not indulge us warm days, you judge your appearance will be in the first place, by what you are wearing on top. The best option - a classic coat. This is the thing that never goes out of fashion, it is suitable to any outfit, and in such a cloak you will always look elegant. His love these spectacular women like Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie and many others. Why do not you join them?

If we talk about the trench, he has several attributes unchanged: double-breasted and fitted with a collar and epaulets and cuffs and trim binding belt. Usually added to the cut on the back hem. What is the classic trench coat? Commonly used wool or cotton impregnated with a waterproof and very modern designers liked to do it from the skin. Color is better to choose a beige or sand - it is almost everything and goes with any thing from your wardrobe.

 which should be in the wardrobe girl

A little bag

Every girl have to be a little bag, which could be combined with both the dress and with jeans. Agree, it is not always convenient to carry a heaviest trunks, from the contents of which you can build a house! Of course, this is a harsh reality, but sometimes it would be desirable from a little rest and a little bag - a great help in this case.

It is desirable that she holds a little more than lipstick, and do not interfere in their hands. Excellent choice - option on a chain: it will always be relevant, in addition, this bag looks very elegant. When buying, pay attention to whether she had unfastened strap or chain. If yes, then you will get an excellent and versatile thing: the bag can at any moment turn into an elegant clutch.

 what should be a basic wardrobe of each girl


The fitted and well-fitting jacket - it is a universal thing in a woman's wardrobe. He can play many roles: outerwear - on a cool summer evening, strict additions - at work in the office and unbanal highlights - in the preparation of a variety of everyday outfits. If you wear a jacket with a skirt or trousers, it will look stern and businesslike. Wearing it with jeans, get a democratic option for the weekend.

Jacket choose dark colors. If black seems too conservative to you, give preference to actual gray. There are also options in dark blue, brown, burgundy and dark green shades. The most important rule: jacket should ideally sit on you! Hoses should be chosen narrow and cut - emphasizes your waist. Also, when buying pay attention to the accessories: buttons must be catchy.

 that should be in every woman's wardrobe base

Pencil skirt

The narrow pencil skirt with a high waist - very impressive and feminine article of clothing. She emphasizes, but does not increase the thigh, and even corrects the silhouette. Seeing a woman in a skirt, men lose their heads and begin to feel an irresistible desire to become better acquainted with its bearer. However, it remains the only sexual option, it is absolutely appropriate, even under very strict dress code.

Wearing a pencil skirt with high-heeled shoes, you visually you pull your figure. You can also wear it with a feminine blouse, a variety of jackets and tops. The pencil skirt, you can safely go to a party, if put on her boots and a leather jacket. In general, to be sure: a universal thing, beautiful and simply indispensable for the modern woman!

 that should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista

Comfortable boots

Good and comfortable high black boots that are suitable for almost all wardrobe should be every girl. When you select a bypass side lacquered leather and leatherette: these shoes will last long, because you wear them will often unstable and of poor quality, or wear material quickly will have an effect. Trying on boots, pay attention to the ankle: it's hard not to encircle the leg, otherwise fill in them jeans you do not get.

Choose a democratic and discreet Shoes: bright accessories in the form of buckles, straps or fringe require the support of at least the bag, and this will entail unsustainable spending - and we're talking about a basic wardrobe.

 what should be the girl in the basic wardrobe


The cardigan can you feel charming and comfortable. This versatile item can be combined with jeans and blouse, wear it over a little dress and complement the bright belt. Cardigan - a thing that is worn throughout the year. In winter it warms you, and in the offseason, will serve as an excellent alternative to street clothes.

 that should be in the wardrobe of any girl


In the wardrobe of every stylish woman must have at least one black pants style suitable to you. They can be the basis of a plurality of sets: for work, leisure, and even for special holidays. Blended Fabric is better to choose: a combination of wool, silk or cotton with synthetics increases the wear resistance and does not affect negatively on your bodily sensations. When buying pants, pay attention to their length, if you are wearing heels, the trousers must cover at least the middle of them.

Ballet shoes

If during the day you are tired of high studs, then it will be a worthy replacement graceful ballerinas. These shoes with a thin flat shoes - a real classic. Ballerinas have in the wardrobe of every fashionista famous - even a lover of high heels as Victoria Beckham. They are suited to any outfit - both the everyday and the evening, and the feet in them look neat and tidy. Choose from a genuine leather ballet flats calm colors - this is the most practical option.

That's all that should be in every woman's wardrobe. Of course, you can expand or narrow the list, depending on your personal preference, but above things - that's what endorsed and chosen the most spectacular women from the planet Earth. Trusting them in this difficult matter!

 What should be in the wardrobe of every girl: the ABC fashionista

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