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On the French fashion and French style says a lot, but not everyone understands, and what he represents. Let's try to understand together. What is stylishly dressed Frenchwoman and how it differs (and if different) from the so-called icons of style, which we can witness every day on the pages of Russian glossy magazines? What is she, the Parisian street fashion? What should be in the wardrobe of the French? And finally, what is the secret of the very French style, which is so much talk?

French's Style

In the view of the average man in the street in Paris, France and is associated with concepts such as fashion and style. Which, however, everyone interprets in his own way. For some, it is certainly an expensive brand clothes, for others - sequins, feathers, diamonds in his ears, on his fingers and wrists in broad daylight ... In short, everyone has his own way of fashionable and stylish dressed woman.

And as the French dress? Man first came to Paris, initially modest amazing (at least, on the part of colors) Parisian clothes - gray, black, muted or pastel tones. Bright colors are practically no, and if they come across, it's mostly tourists, including those from Russia and the CIS countries. We like to stand out and look catchy: a vivid image - the dream of many. Frenchwoman this is different.

Of course, an exaggeration to assume that all the French polls have good taste and know how to dress. Freaks and just badly dressed people are everywhere - Paris is no exception. Still, most have their own style and not blindly follow fashion.

French virtuoso able to use accessories and combine incongruous. In Paris many shops where you can buy cheap stuff from the old collections of famous fashion designers - the so-called vintage. Moreover, nearly every French city has a "flea" market, where you can also find a lot of interesting veshchichek.

And the French find them very skillfully used in her wardrobe. Changing the details of clothes and supplementing their antique brooch, a bow, a flower, they look stylish and create a completely new image. And even the most trivial inexpensive thing out of the ordinary shop can start playing with the new colors.

Any French from childhood accustomed to accessories. Scarf, shawl, hair clips - with the help of these simple things, you can change their way quickly and easily. This, they say, is the aerobatics, the inherent style of French women and, unfortunately, absent in the majority of our compatriots.

The French love good clothes, but would not spend her sky-high sum. Especially now made to update a wardrobe each season, and to spread the crazy money that will be thrown in a few months, it is simply unreasonable. A pragmatic European approach, is not it?

However, there are things that these women never regret money. It is shoes and handbags. These accessories that complement the image of the elegant French, should be only the best quality and always of a good designer, but the price is not French postoit.I worth it.


How to dress young Frenchwoman?

On the streets of Paris, like the streets of New York, London, Berlin, Moscow, and you will see girls in torn jeans and sneakers simple, with a backpack instead of fashionable and expensive handbags. This is the world, and young French women live in unison with his time, did not differ as regards clothes from their peers from other countries. But it's such a cheesy way every day, so to speak.

The main distinguishing feature of modern French woman (independent of age) - to know how to get dressed, which means to dress for the occasion is appropriate. And the young Frenchwoman fully owns this gift. At a family celebration, a banquet, a dinner or gatherings with friends, she dressed completely differently, but each time it will be a way that meets the style of the event.

Where did this sense of style in a young French woman, familiar to the standard uniform of the youth? Probably from my childhood. By the way, and today a little French is much more elegant dresses, beautiful lush skirts and elegant shoes than her peers in other countries. And it's not a problem to change the comfortable shoes or sneakers to elegant expensive shoes and shabby backpack handbag from Louis Vuitton.

 French style

How are the French? Talk about beauty ...

French women understand the sense not only in good clothes, but also in matters of self-care, as elegant image consists of many leaving, and good appearance plays a role. They do not spare money on good cosmetics for care of hair, face and body.

Makeup is also held in high esteem. This can often hear that women in France go without makeup. But this is misleading. The trick is to make-up is not evident. And I must say that each French achieved great heights. Obtains perfect: the tone of the face smooth, matte, lashes look completely natural, as if they had not touched a brush with mascara, lipstick virtually invisible. As with the choice of clothes, feel the master's hand.

And another detail to complement the image of Parisian - hairstyle. A visit to the hairdresser - is sacred, and every self-respecting French do it regularly. Visited the tips of the hair regrowth - it just can not be. Because this can never happen. And no wild flowers - purple, red, orange - which so often allow our ladies even elegant age. Taste and sense of proportion Frenchwomen never change.

And finally ...

So to summarize. What have we learned about the French? What makes them so attractive? After all, many men believe that it is the French have the unique charm that makes them so desirable.

The answer is simple and complex simultaneously. They are different, we are all, in some ways we are similar, something radically different from each other. But if you try to reduce everything to a common denominator, we can say the following.

They are beautiful in their desire to be natural and to preserve their identities. Fashion fashion, but the real Parisian never wear even the most fashionable thing, if it is not.

She's never going to buy something too expensive, to show their financial solvency. In Europe, this is not accepted, it is bad taste, and it is "not comme il faut."

She did not allow herself to war paint Indians, cleavage of the most "can not" and high heels to hike for a baguette at a nearby bakery. She is currently never allow. And nails prohibitive length with crystals and flowers, too, you will not see her. Nothing pretentious, artsy, unnatural.

Another phenomenon of French women - their natural harmony. Gourmet Nation was not prone to obesity. On this fact at the time I noticed the famous French nutritionist Michel Montignac. He tried to find the answer to this question, and it seems he did it.

Montignac came to the conclusion that the principle of power, adopted in France (obligatory breakfast, lunch and dinner), the use of high-quality dry wines, ignoring the fast food is the reason for the lack of fat people we see in large numbers in the countries where the victory of the "fast food. "

So slim and elegant French. They wear stylish and elegant, well-groomed, but these hairstyles look completely natural - without kilograms of foam, varnish and other nonsense. Add to this the discreet make-up and always a drop of fine spirits - portrait ready ...

 French: touches to the portrait

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 how to choose a bra


  • Errors choice
  • Right size
  • The definition of comfort
  • Terms of socks and washing

In a survey recently conducted among the female population of the UK, it was found that almost every average Englishwoman has in her wardrobe at least fifteen bras and average spends his whole life about 2700 feet of sterling for the purchase of the necessary parts of the toilet. Impressive! Our compatriots are not as wasteful, and most of us are content with a modest number of copies of this lady's wardrobe items. However, to the choice of bra we come, to put it mildly, strange. Please note either the aesthetic component, or choose a model exclusively for practical reasons.

By the way, the majority of women (both here and abroad) to buy bras are not its size: it is too small will choose, then obviously big. And the reason for that becomes a basic ignorance of the characteristics of the selection of the intimate details of the toilet. What mistakes do we assume when you visit lingerie stores? How to determine your size, and how to choose the right bra? Let's face it.

Errors choice

The first mistake - the wrong choice of bra to the destination. For example, a bra comfortable daily wear is not always suited for sports. Beautiful sexy models are often uncomfortable when ladies dressed in them all day. And that lactating women require special models bra, talking excessively. For example.

  • Bras come with soft cup (pitted and foam). This cup is usually sewn lace or stretch fabrics.
  • Bra with bones (rigid side panels) - an option that is ideal full ladies and women with widely spaced breasts.
  • Models with a frame, which is often called bones. This rigid inserts, which are located under the breast and perform maintenance functions. This model is convenient for all occasions. Often combined with a solid frame cup, which provides the correct shape of the breasts in a bra, but there are models with soft cups.
  • Strapless bra (like a corset) and sew for large and small breasts. Usually, on the edge of the bra cups enclosing a special tape that provides a snug fit to the body material.
  • Bra for nursing women has a special design. It involves cutting or folding clasp in front of the cups.

The second error - illiterate approach to the selection of the model shape of the breast. After all, a woman's breast is not only different sizes but different shapes. Therefore, in different brassieres breast looks different. Yes, and the same bra in different women, too, looks different. Tempted model that is perfect girlfriend on a large lady can miscalculate, get yourself exactly the same.

And the main mistake - is wrong bra size selected. This error is most common because of the nature of women's psyche. Often, women are subconsciously trying to increase small breasts or hide great. Therefore, wishful thinking: a woman with a curvy shape bras acquire one or even two sizes smaller, and the holders of small breast buying bras that they are great. So how do you correctly identify your size?

 how to choose a bra

Right size

A kind of reference point size bra are two numbers - the volume under the breast and breast volume. The difference between these volumes determine the completeness of the cup, which is marked with the letters. Himself bra size indicated by the figures that determine the volume under the breast, and a letter specifying the fullness of the cup. For right choice of its size bra you need to know the value of these volumes. And for convenience, choice, you can use a hint.

Marker cup of completeness, depending on the difference in volume

  • A - 12-13 centimeters;
  • B - 14-15 centimeters;
  • C - 16-17 centimeters;
  • D - 18-19 centimeters;
  • E - 20-21 cm;
  • F - 21-22 centimeters;
  • G - 23-26 centimeters;
  • H - 26-28 centimeters.

Size depending on the circumference under the breasts

  • 63-67 centimeters - the size of 65;
  • 67-72 centimeters - the size of 70;
  • 73-77 centimeters - the size of 75;
  • 78-82 centimeters - the size of 80;
  • 83-87 centimeters - the size of 85;
  • 88-92 centimeters - the size of 90;
  • 93-97 centimeters - the size of 100;
  • 98-102 centimeters - the size of 105;
  • 108-112 centimeters - the size of 110;
  • 113-117 centimeters - the size of 115;
  • 118-122 cm - 120 size.

Bra size depending on the size of clothes

  • Size 34-36 - 65 (Europe); 80 (France); 30 (US); 1 (Italy).
  • Size 36-38 - 70 (Europe); 85 (France); 32 (US); 2 (Italy).
  • Size 38-40 - 75 (Europe); 90 (France); 34 (US); 3 (Italy).
  • Size 40-42 - 80 (Europe); 95 (France); 36 (US); 4 (Italy).
  • Size 42-44 - 85 (Europe); 100 (France); 38 (US); 5 (Italy).
  • Size 44-46 - 90 (Europe); 105 (France); 40 (USA); 6 (Italy).
  • Size 46-48 - 95 (Europe); 110 (France); 42 (US); 7 (Italy).
  • Size 48-50 - 100 (Europe); 115 (France); 44 (US).
  • Size 50-52 - 105 (Europe); 120 (France); 46 (US).
  • Size 52-54 - 110 (Europe); 125 (France); 48 (US).
  • Size 54-56 - 115 (Europe); 130 (France); 50 (USA).
  • Size 56-58 - 120 (Europe); 135 (France); 52 (US).

So, to determine the correct size of your bra you need to know the circumference under the breasts and chest measurement in inches or the size of their clothing. However, even accurately selected bra size does not guarantee your well-being comfortable in this intimate wardrobe items. Therefore, choosing a bra, pay attention to how he sits on you.

 choose a bra

The definition of comfort

If you know your size, you will just have to try several models of this size range and determine which one you feel most comfortable. How to do it? Try to test for comfort.

To begin fasten a bra at the earliest from the edge hooks. At the same time between your body and the girdle bra should feel free to go in two fingers. The fact is that after the first few weeks of wear bra stretch and spare hooks, you will need to reduce its volume, and this can be done only buttoned bra tighter.

Now try to bend alternately in different directions, raise your hands up and move around at all. As a result of these exercises belt bra should not ride up. If this happens, it means that the bra you great, and you need to try a smaller size model. The ideal sitting bra covers the torso band should be level front and rear, that is held just below the chest and under the shoulder blades.

Now pay attention to the shoulder straps, the length of which, by the way, all current models is adjustable. Incidentally, the reason behind the Bullies belt may not only be the wrong amount, but also properly adjust the length strapless. So, the bra straps should not dig into the body and do not have to pull the back belt bra. Another important point - the width of the straps. The larger and heavier than the chest, the straps should be wider at the bra. Let you and it does not seem too elegant, but feel this bra you will be quite comfortable.

And the last thing to note - the cup bra. The upper edge of the cup should not pinch the chest. By the way, it can happen with small-sized cups (not just your size) and a small cup (not just your model). At the same time, the cup should fit snugly to the body, and between her breasts, and there should be no free space. Another important point - the shape of the cup and the shape of the breast it. Stand sideways to the mirror and look at the level of the protruding part of the breast. This level has to go through the middle of the arm from shoulder to elbow. Tighten or loosen the straps bra. If the level is adjusted, and the straps do not dig into your shoulders and do not slip from them, it means that the bra is properly selected.

And be sure to put in a fitting what you came. See how well your new bra holds the breast form under your clothes: you're not going to defile the street or around the office in a bra. In short, the right bra is to hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the female breast. At the same time you should be comfortable with it: the bra should not hamper movement and blood circulation. His task - to lift the lower chest, hard to maintain, and "to gather a bunch of" widely spaced.

Terms of socks and washing

It is surprising, but most women wash their bras too rarely. As polls show the same, they do so only a few times a year, on average - every two months. You belong to the majority or the minority? However, the rules do not wash bra depends on its frequency. So remember a few simple rules washing bras if you are concerned about not only their own health but also the safety of personal wardrobe.

  • The best option wash bras - fastens in a special "washing bag."
  • Before washing, fasten hooks on the bra all, if they are available.
  • Before washing study available on the label by the manufacturer.
  • Durable bras for everyday wear perfectly withstand machine washing.
  • Use the program for delicates.
  • Designer clothes require more careful treatment. Therefore, it is better to wash your hands.
  • Only wash in cold or warm water.
  • After washing is not recommended to squeeze and twist the bra, you can only get wet it with a dry towel.
  • Do not wash bras along with things that are not suitable for color and composition of the tissue.
  • Bleach and ironed things is also not recommended.

With regard to the rules of operation of the subject of women's wardrobe, do not abuse the bra, sacrificing their own health. Do not forget that the chest of the bra should rest. So sometimes leaving her "free" when you are home, be sure to remove the bra for the night, just wash and change to the new model stretching. Let your chest feels comfortable and looks great! Stay always beautiful!

 How to choose a bra? Useful tips

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