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Graduation - one of the most important events in our lives. This event is romantic, exciting, and a little sad. And of course, it would be desirable to note the attire that will transform you from a simple girl into a beautiful fairy princess. And for this we must know how to choose a dress for the prom.

The range of dresses for prom in stores is huge, and choosing the best is quite difficult. So do not rush to do this. Sometimes the model that is like, but for some reason it seems inappropriate, in fact, will be very becoming. So you should look at all the dresses and think well, and then the verdict

Cost attire often does not play the leading role. The main thing - the image, the most emphasizing the dignity of all women. Dresses on prom night long ceased to be simply smart. Thanks to the efforts of designers today are real ball gowns that are not ashamed to put on a royal welcome. Their styles are developed in accordance with the importance of the event and taking into account the age of the girl, her youthful freshness and hills. Any holder of such dress is transformed from ordinary schoolgirl in a refined stately queen, if the choice is made correctly.

Prom dresses should express the inner world of a girl, her attitude and personality. And it needs to choose carefully, slowly, because a mistake can cause bad mood and spoil the impression of the prom. For example, dress from expensive fabrics with luxurious decor usually the first to catch the eye in the selection, but young graduates to acquire them should not be. These clothes are designed for older women, and young schoolgirls yesterday they look ridiculous.

 how to choose a dress to the prom

Dress to the prom and fashion trends

Prom Dresses must be light line style, which can emphasize thin straps, ruffles, flounces, Draped. In general, the prom - this is an event that frees up your "I" and demonstrate to others all his fiery energy. And so prom dress might even be a little outspoken, if the owner wants to and can afford it. The main thing - do not go too far. It's graduation party, not a party in a nightclub, where almost all the girls poluobnazhena. Dress must show your beauty and tenderness, not lust, and swagger.

Of course, you should choose dresses that match the fashion trends of the season. Otherwise, it will look old-fashioned and somewhat funny. Today, very relevant are light and airy flowing fabrics or tissue denser textures: satin, taffeta, and others. Dresses made of thick fabric perfectly keep their shape well and hide figure flaws. Dresses of organza, chiffon and silk look great and make a girl mysterious and romantic. It is good for decorating the final models of dresses and fishnet lace flounces.

 how to choose a dress for prom

How to choose a prom dress for the figure?

It is important to dress well seated in the figure and hide flaws. It is therefore necessary to make choices based on the type of your appearance, paying attention to models that will help to hide from prying eyes shortcomings. You also need a good understanding of what your body type and what style of dress for it optimal. Determine your type is not difficult, you just look in the mirror and look at what part of the body is greater than allocated.

  • Dress to the prom for the figure "pear"

Pears different thin waist and wide hips, which are often problematic place from which you want to divert attention. For this purpose, is to choose a dress A-silhouette (dress trapezoid). It should be close-fitting dress, so you can emphasize its slenderness. But expanding the skirt hides the excessive breadth of the hips and breeches.

  • Dress to the prom for the girls with the figure "inverted triangle"

Owners of such figures differ broad shoulders and narrow hips. This figure can be called boyish. The purpose of the dress - visually expand the narrow shoulders and hips, thus making the figure more feminine and seductive. Visually curvy hips will add volume and multilayered skirts, skirts with ruffles and drapes, etc. And asymmetric top, one shoulder strap or oblique one shoulder to visually narrow the shoulders.

  • Dress to the prom for a girl with a figure of "apple"

The figure of the "apple" - a rather narrow hips and waist unexpressed quite often marked the presence of the abdomen and flanks. In this type, your goal - visually narrow waist. If you are slim, you can just choose a dress with a wide belt, the belt should be darker than the dress. If you are thin, you can try to visually enlarge the top and bottom, which in itself is visually narrow the waist region. You suit dresses with drapes and ruffles at the chest and hips. Large "apple" perfect dress in the Empire style - a style allows to hide all unnecessary, and the look of a king.

If you have a great figure and you have nothing to hide, but there's stress, make a choice in favor of fitting dress style "mermaid". Great emphasize your strengths and a short dress-case or band. However, slender and stately beauty can afford any outfit perfectly, because they are beautiful in themselves.

Gone are the days when women could wear only long dresses and skirts, shapely legs completely hidden. Today we can clothe even in a short dress without worrying about what people will say. But remember one important rule: the shorter the skirt, the more closed to be over. Conversely, deeper neckline and open back, the longer should be the skirt. Following this rule will allow you to demonstrate its main advantages, while looking decent, respectable, and even modest.

The color of the dress to the prom

With a length and models, you have already decided, and as to color, to create a spring mood is best suited blue, cream, pistachio and pink tones. Drawing on dresses from the tissues of colors to be sleek and unobtrusive. However, the fine will look at the prom dresses and bright red, orange, emerald, burgundy color, purple. Original and very spectacular look dress fabric "electrician", "chameleon", golden and silver fabrics. Always relevant elegant black dress with white inserts.

In other words, when choosing a model, style and color of the dress is important to consider what prom dress makes a fabulous, fantastic event. And it depends on him, who will feel the girl - the queen or Cinderella. And remember that you may put on your outfit again at any meeting or party. So choose the dress so that it is not hanging in the closet for the rest of life after the prom!

 How to choose a dress to the prom. Tips for Cinderella

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 Khromtchenko Evelyn tips


  • Portrait of Evelyn Khromtchenko
  • Wear stylishly Evelina Khromchenko
  • Tips on basic wardrobe

The well-known journalist, aspiring writer, leading numerous television programs, and the chief editor of the Russian edition of the popular magazine called «L'Officiel». You've probably already guessed, we are talking about someone - of course, about Evelyn Khromtchenko: Tips of the stylish and elegant women on the selection of clothes to help the fair half of mankind to become more charming. Following its recommendations, even gray mouse can turn into a real queen, the main thing - to learn how to create a harmonious manner, properly combining each other things, accessories and shoes.

Not every person has an innate sense of style and taste, but as you know, putting maximum effort, you can master any skill, and ability to wear clothing - is no exception. Following the advice of Evelyn Khromtchenko and implement acquired knowledge into practice, you will learn how to buy quality things, combine them together, and the result is always, in spite of the weather outside, your mood and circumstances, you will look elegant and fashionable.

Portrait of Evelyn Khromtchenko

Agree, is only listen to advice, and held a successful person, otherwise they are of no value. Therefore, before you begin to follow the recommendations of a woman who today is considered to be a style icon, let us first find out what kind of man.

So Evelyn Khromtchenko - the wife of the owner of one of the Russian PR agencies and a woman successfully combine work and private life .  At the age of seventeen, she enrolled at the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University, and a year later for the first time tried her on television, once in the Union State Committee on TV and Radio .  Khromtchenko began with the usual office assistant and three years of hard work has taken place Options .  Later, she was entrusted to lead opinion programs teen fashion on the radio, however, being an intelligent, energetic and ambitious young Evelyn was not going to stop there .  Doing everything possible to its development, she worked hard, read, engaged in self-education, and all of this came to fruition soon .  The girl began to be published in "Izvestia", "Ogonyok", its materials have appeared in «Cosmopolitan», «Elle», «Komsomolskaya Pravda", "companion" and other publications, known not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders .

Twenty-two Khromtchenko has led her very first coffee project, and two years later became the owner of his own business. At 25, she got a job in the magazine «L'Officiel», which is a relatively short period of discreet gloss turned into a very popular, intelligent and popular fashion publications. As its chief editor, Evelyn L. patronized shows of famous Russian designers and takes an active part in the cultural life of the country. She opened her talents such as Alain Ahmadulina, fashion designer Igor Chapurin, Denis Simachev, Lilia Pustovit and many other talents.

Besides that Khromtchenko - a true professional, she is first and foremost a woman. According to Evelyn herself, even as a smart and strong, you must skillfully pretending, playing the role of a weak girl. "If at the time, I enjoyed the girls' methods and instruments, I would be richer than today. Many ladies, making a career focus on their professional abilities, dismissing little feminine wiles. But do not despise and reject them, because this is a very effective weapon! Unfortunately, our world is ruled by a man, but you notice it, but when you come up to a level where the strong half of humanity begins to compete with you, "- says veteran Khromtchenko.

Evelyn advises to bet not only on your mind and ability, but also the innate beauty and use it as a weapon in the fight for a place under the sun. "Men only help until such time as you are not a competitor for them. When the poor girl is transformed into a woman with clear goals and objectives, it begins to be dangerous ", - said the editor of« L'Officiel ». - "With age, you know, I could have done better if used her femininity, which sometimes opens even tightly closed doors. Men still will bale you because you're a woman, so give them the stomach its skillfully applied makeup. " For advice as wise, educated and successful ladies certainly worth considering!

 Evelina Khromchenko tips

Wear stylishly Evelina Khromchenko

Evelyn Khromtchenko has an innate sense of style and taste, thanks to which it is not only the looks stunning, it also helps to dress Russian women. It is not often noticed fashion critic, "untidy girl never will raise the salary." Therefore, if you want to earn well, impress, and just feel confident, learn a few guidelines chief editor of «L'Officiel», under which you will always be in the spotlight:

  • The first rule of the stylish wardrobe - things must be of good quality. It is not necessary to buy insanely expensive clothes, because domestic firms can also produce good sturdy product. Also, do not try to buy the fakes of famous brands. Shoes under the "Louboutin" made by the Chinese in the underground factory will look gaudy.
  • Buying fashionable clothes, wear them, not postponing, or what is popular this season, next it will lose its relevance. At least once a year, clean the wardrobe of old worn things that just clutter your wardrobe. The main rule is: if you are in the twelve months never wore a jacket, dress, skirt, pants and so on, then you can get rid of them.
  • Do not blindly follow fashion trends, buying up everything from the latest collections. Such things quickly go into circulation, but the eternal classics. So try to buy elegant clothes quiet tones, which over time does not lose its relevance, and turns into a "vintage", thus becoming even more valuable and exquisite.
  • Forever forget about ryushah, artificial stones, beads, lace, fringe and rhinestones on things classic style. These elements look too provocative and tasteless. The only exception is expensive designer clothes, but even such a need to wear exclusive skillfully. For example, if you are wearing jeans with unusual bright pattern or sequins, the other items of clothing should be kept.
  • Things can not be too expensive, but with regard to shoes, then in this case this rule is not working. Good quality and, most importantly, comfortable shoes, sandals and boots often are quite expensive, but this price is justified long socks. Cheap shoes, at first, looks ugly, and secondly, the effect on your health: an uncomfortable and unstable shoe heel hurt leg lead to varicose veins.
  • Always buy things, considering the type of the figure and color that suits you. After all, even the most beautiful dress, but wrong chosen, it can accentuate flaws appearance. The main task of clothing - cover, where necessary, and to draw attention to the advantages possessed by a woman.
  • Choosing the trend of the season, try to make it not too fashionable, that is, in moderation. Otherwise, a new jacket or boots will have to change the whole wardrobe.

When buying clothes, some women forget how old they are. Please note that youth are things for young girls, so they look in them harmoniously, and adult ladies - often comical. While in middle-aged, you should pay attention to stylish classics that will emphasize your status, occupied position and the position. A woman must look young, but in any case not molodyascheysya, and this effect is obtained and, if you follow teen fashion.

Stylish wardrobe exclude the presence of screaming vulgar and tasteless things such as pink sweater, leopard tights, golden bags. Evelyn Khromtchenko who knows all about fashion, and even a little more, urges forget tops, T-shirts and shirts, laid bare belly of the shoes with long socks, a belt with a massive buckle. Lurex, glitter, pearl, lacquered boots, fishnet tights and animal prints are not in the closet elegant girl.

 Tips from Evelina Khromchenko

Tips on basic wardrobe

As mentioned above, the classic clothing never goes out of fashion, while it blends perfectly with all things of shapes and styles, thereby forming an elegant way. As a professional and a graceful woman of fashion, Evelina Khromchenko knows how to be a wardrobe girl. Certain things make up its base, and picking them appropriate accessories, you can create the actual ensemble, which is suitable for any occasion. So take a closer look, what according to the recommendations of the expert should be hanging in the closet of every fashionista:

  • "Regardless of their age and position stylish woman must buy the right jeans" - says Khromtchenko. This means that they must be dark, solid and tailored according to the classical style. No crystals and stones, embroidery and excessive accessories - a strict clothing, which must be chosen based on the type of your figure. For example, skinny jeans look great on slender tall girl, and hide the full hips models allow slightly flared bottom.
  • Must have on Evelina - white shirt with a deep V-neck. It is suitable for any occasion: negotiations work hike with friends in a cafe. With the onset of cold weather on top of it, you can wear a cream or light beige cardigan.
  • Another irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe of stylish lady - a dark turtleneck. It can be worn with pants or jeans, and with sundresses, skirts. If you want to give the image of "flavor", pick up the original small silk scarf and tie up around his neck, fit and beautiful beads.
  • In the arsenal of every fashionista should be classic black trousers - the presence of crystals, stripes, artificial stones and other shiny elements forbidden. The ideal length of one leg at which half hides the heel of your shoe, and to visually lengthen the leg, just below the purchase model of the ankle. Such clothing goes well with light blouses and shirts, jackets and cropped jackets.
  • Do not forget about small elegant black dress, which should be every girl. It's the eternal trend since the days of the great Chanel!
  • As for shoes, it is recommended to buy Khromtchenko classic boats in the middle heels or stilettos. In addition, one must have - beige shoes. Going on a trip, shopping or on a picnic, pick a more convenient options: moccasins, ballet flats or sneakers.
  • Cream and beige shades are almost all women, so the fashion guru advises to buy the classic cashmere coat color of the nominal. By combining it with dark trousers, pumps and relevant accessories, you will create a memorable image of elegant self-confident girl.
  • Jewellery stylish woman must conform to the principles of minimalism. No plastic bracelets and pseudo-precious stones in his ears! Ideal - a thin thread of natural pearls, fine gold or silver earrings. Do not forget shawls and scarves, to teach them to tie a beautiful and you will always look elegant.

At social events editor of «L'Officiel» often appear with miniature clutches, which recommends to buy and the rest women. "I do not understand girls, pulled by a huge trunks with unnecessary things - said the expert. - The ideal bag should be small and made of genuine leather. "

After studying fashion tips from Evelina Khromchenko and following them, you will eventually learn to "feel" things and combine them together. Remember that not only the right clothes, but also self-love makes a woman truly attractive.

 Khromtchenko Evelyn: tips for women from the fashion critics

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