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The sea, the sea - a bottomless world, foamy waves rustle coastal ... Right after the holiday is not the coast we are starting to plan their next trip to the sea and to look forward to, but when finally comes the holiday season. Many of the pre-selected, which will go to relax, look around and pick up tours. But with the approach of the longed-hour - departure on vacation - we cover impatience, and all thoughts are absorbed only plans for the upcoming trip. And if you book a hotel or buy tickets trip ticket now easier than ever, you decide what to take to the sea from the clothes, oh how not easy.

Well, if you have more than once been to the sea, and if you are going there for the first time? It turns out that the most problematic - competently gather your wardrobe on vacation and at the same time do not forget, but also to gain extra. What you need to do? That's right, to not to forget anything, you should make a list. We will not clutter up the list and, consequently, suitcases. We exclude from it all superfluous things and gather the optimum minimum of clothing, which will be the most compelling in the resort.


Take the sea swimsuit probably does not forget anyone, because it is the main component of beach wardrobe. Just rest in the resort - a kind of "the publication of" only dress code here is another, and the rules are identical. That's the main clothes for such cases should be varied. Therefore, the only one to do the bikini you are unlikely, he will quickly become bored. Therefore it is better to take with you on vacation just three leotard.

After all, you're not going to spend a vacation on the beach exclusively? If so, you will need appropriate clothing for the other cases. To get to the pool for a party, perfect solid swimsuit with a decorative trim (eg, H & M). This "suit" perfectly complement the high-heeled sandals and bracelets. On the beach, of course, it is best to wear a separate swimsuit. But for this, it is desirable to take a couple of bathing suits of different styles and colors. Select classic and trendy bikini model swimsuit, in which the top and bottom if selected from different sets. It may be, for example, swimsuits, "Your" and Accessorize.

You want to look sexy and not afraid of bold decisions? Then make your choice on swimsuits Boudoir Beach. You taste romantic style? Note the line of swimwear Garden Party. Would you like to look for the traditional holiday at the seaside? Then give preference to models with bright prints. In short, what kind of swimwear to choose - a matter of taste and how much - the question of expediency. So take with you on vacation three bathing suit. This will be at the time.

 What to take to the sea List


Although the dress and is not considered the main subject of the holiday wardrobe for the rest of the sea, many women can not resist the temptation to show off at a resort in elegant frock. And do not refuse! Moreover, the weather is likely to be hot, and the dress is perfectly suited for the occasion. Just do not get carried away and do not take it with you on vacation too fancy models and sophisticated styles. On vacation I want to rest and relax and not straighten out and correct complex draping dresses.

So it's best to take a vacation on simple models summer dresses, for example, a light tunic of H & M. In the afternoon it is possible to go for a walk or go on a trip on a yacht, and in the evening, replacing comfortable sandals heeled sandals, go to the disco. These dresses are good for walking and sightseeing, but if the evening you will have a special meeting, such as a romantic dinner by candlelight in this dress, you will look out of place. For an evening out, wear something grand, so that without such a model you can not do. In this case, you will come in handy, for example, dress Manoukian. So, we supplement the list of two boards - easy pleasure and elegant (but not too much!) Or evening cocktail.


When you make a list of things that vozmet with him on vacation, and then begin to pack on vacation, pay attention to the shoes. Do not be limited to only some sandals or clogs - Take shoes, as they say, for all occasions. First, the shoes have an insidious property to rub his feet. Second, high heels and straps somehow torn and break at the most inopportune moment. Third, just stupid and embarrassing to the beach, sightseeing and parties to appear in the same pair of shoes.

For the beach are perfect for comfortable, but pretty bright flip flops (eg, Lacoste). For long excursions and trips Take comfortable shoes (the same H & M). Why shoes? The fabric from which they are made, perfectly breathable and allows feet to breathe freely. And do shoes tightly wrapped around the leg and give tired during long walks walks. Elegant sandals Accessorize suitable for any occasion, and sandals Grey Mer at a comfortable wedges useful to you when you decide to look feminine and romantic.


Do not forget to take a vacation on a beach bag (eg Accessorize), otherwise what will you wear sunscreen, books and other little things that will be useful on the beach? If you are not a fan of fashion brands, or simply do not have enough funds for such a purchase, then bring a homemade handbags fashionable now. Yes Maid hand now in vogue! And if you know how to sew or knit, you make yourself comfortable beach bag. With this accessory you will look stylish and fashionable.

For other cases, perfect straw bag Pull and Bear on the strap, which fit lip gloss, documents and keys to the rooms. Generally woven bags made from natural materials does not go out of fashion, and that they are most harmoniously look at holiday resort and ensemble. Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Reed Krakoff, Chloe Nina Ricci, Bally - any of these fashion brands has always presented similar models. Again, for lovers of hand Maida can recommend personally linked stylish handbags or handbags summer patchwork. In any case, your list of things to take the fight to the sea, need to be supplemented by two handbags - beachwear and casual. And if you're planning to attend a party or a restaurant, then take to a more compact and small clutch.


You know how our tourists are calculated in foreign resorts? Bright make-up and gold rings, earrings and necklaces - that's calling card is not quite "Europeanized" domestic traveler. But you go on vacation! What are the things to take on holiday? What additional accessories and jewelry will be there superfluous? Therefore - a maximum of modesty and brevity in all jewelry and accessories. The only thing that should not save - a hat and sunglasses, which will surely be included in the list and be sure to take with you on vacation.

So, put in a suitcase with sunglasses in warm, sunny countries can not do without them. Points choose large forms such as like Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez, for example sunglasses Lo. Not the first season of the hit beach is wide-brimmed hat - it will not only save you from the scorching sun, but will also give you a mysterious and stylish look. A bright bracelets complement your look. And remember - no jewelry, but only jewelry.

Sarong - a separate conversation. What to consider this article of clothing? Clothing or accessories? However, what would you not consider it and take pleasure the subject is necessary. In a couple, you can go to the beach, tying it as a dress or making a loincloth. Sarong cover you from the aggressive sun and protection from the wind suddenly risen. The main thing that pareos combined in those swimsuits, which you take with you to the sea. By the way, does not interfere on the beach and beautiful towel that will be a wonderful addition to your resort image.

 What to take to the sea

Comfortable clothing

It is unlikely that you are going to spend your entire vacation bezvylazno in the room or on the beach, and you need to go on trips, and be seen. What to take to the sea in comfortable clothing? Take a vacation in a stylish and comfortable capris (for example, River Island). These are perfect for outdoor vest which will emphasize your tan, or a loose tunic that will protect your shoulders from direct sunlight. And of course do not forget to bring a warm cardigan (such as H & M). It will warm you cool evenings and save on air-conditioning on the plane.

If the cardigan is not your style, then replace it with a warm pullover or jacket, in a word, take on vacation veschit those in which you will be warm and comfortable in the case of cool weather. And if there is, where are you going to go, cool days is not uncommon, then take with jeans. They, by the way, and go on excursions convenient.

So, a list of clothing and accessories that you need to take on holiday is made up. Now you know exactly what to take to the sea, and what kind of things to be redundant in your luggage. Therefore, not shelving them, conduct an audit of your wardrobe and add it with the necessary things on vacation. And do not put everything in the last minute - a carefully planned vacation and advance preparation for the trip will not make you nervous and upset over nothing. Enjoy your vacation and good mood! Sea awaits!

 What to take to the sea? The required minimum of clothing and accessories

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