We are preparing for the summer season

Ahead of the long-awaited vacation, and you're already dreaming about summer vacation? Then, in the most time to think about a stylish, bright and at the same time fashionable wardrobe for the beach.

Today we will help assemble a stylish wardrobe for your summer trip.

 Swimwear and Diane von Furstenberg La Perla

Home Accessories beach holiday, of course, is a swimsuit. Many are concerned about what the best swimsuit: fused or bikini? We advise you not to make a choice between these two options: bikini is perfect for sunbathing during the day and monokini - to relax by the pool in the evening.

 Dress and dress Monsoon

Do not forget to grab the resort a long colorful sundress and a short dress with stripes that are perfect for a stylish visit the city at any time of the day. Shorts linen or denim handy for traveling and outdoor activities.

 Flops Roxy, sandals Diane von Furstenberg, sandals Juicy Couture

As for shoes, the bright flip flops are indispensable for going to the beach. For sightseeing suit comfortable light sandals flat shoes, and for parties - platform sandals. Espadrilles - summer shoes cotton woven sole is an excellent alternative to summer sandals.

 Ray Ban sunglasses and H & M

Also, do not forget to put in your suitcase sunglasses and a hat. With shorts and T-shirts look good small square glasses and a hat-ferora and Dresses - with a stylish wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses in a wide circular rim.

 Accessorize earrings and beads Oasis

Do not take with you to the sea and a lot of jewelry ornaments, enough to take the most necessary - long earrings and necklaces in ethnic style.

 Getting ready for beach season

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 basic wardrobe


  • Factors affecting the basic wardrobe
  • What should be the basic wardrobe: the basic rules
  • Create a basic wardrobe, focusing on a group of colors
  • "Smart" basic wardrobe for every day
  • How to use texture and color of clothing basic wardrobe can correct figure?
  • What color is undesirable to combine with each other in a basic wardrobe?

What each of us is guided when buying new clothes? Of course, most women choosing new things in the first place guided by fashion trends. Also of considerable importance is the style of clothing. But in fact, in practice, many of us choose clothes in the mood or just the color. As a result, come to the fact that many dresses in the closet, but to wear, in fact, nothing.

This happens because the very thing most women do not actually define clear with what they want. As a result, shirts, blouses, skirts bought for favorable discounts, and not because of what they are and form an image, and therefore the appearance looks not very harmonious. But you must first create a basic wardrobe, choosing the main items of clothing and accents, and then pick up to him other things - "additional". Such an approach would make his way flawlessly stylish and always give an opportunity for refreshment look'a, to make it new nuances. Realizing the importance of this approach, we want to tell you how to make a basic wardrobe, what to be guided and what to avoid. Listen to our helpful tips, you can always remain fashionable and not to make mistakes when you update the image.

Factors affecting the basic wardrobe

The basis of the female wardrobe is formed under the influence of certain key factors - five of them:

  • current style of clothing and preferences in general;
  • the scope of work (or other permanent employment);
  • color priorities;
  • the current season;
  • the amount that can be spent on new things.

Particular attention should be paid to the first two factors, because the basis of the image most of all depends on the working dress code in conjunction with the habits and preferences. For example, a bank employee, willy-nilly, to stick to mature style, but the artist can afford to make more brightness and creativity to your look. But do not worry, even if you work very hard on the dress code, and you're at home or even on vacation do not go beyond it, though much want to do. Remember that even the most rigorous female character can be revived properly supplementing basic wardrobe or add the correct accents. It is only necessary to know the rules, which we have now to tell, and follow them.

 basic wardrobe

What should be the basic wardrobe: the basic rules

Any female character, regardless of the worker dress code and personal preference, must obey the following laws:

  • It has to be harmonious - it is unacceptable that some things are too explicitly allocated.
  • He needs to be universal - it is important to create a wardrobe that all garments are interchangeable to a same skirt can be had for a moment to pick up 2 or 3 stylish blouses.
  • It should be of high quality - make sure that you have just made on the conscience of things that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable to wear.
  • He needs to be to combine - remember that the colors do not have to "cut eye" too much contrast with each other. It is best to create a basic wardrobe of women, which will consist of 2-3 flowers.
  • It has space for originality, but there is no room for extravagance - it should not be too bright.

Follow these rules and your female character will be fresh. Explain why: Psychologists have proven that view clings most vivid image of the human elements. And that's why really smart woman does not need a spectacular, but the only suit - it is beautiful, but soon tired of those who communicate with her. That's what needs versatile wardrobe: a few things combined, sustained in the same style, can be almost infinitely combined with each other. You can at least every day to make diversity in their way of making it into something new, but always impeccably stylish. And the role of bright and eye-catching element perfectly cope accessories (only they should not be too much).

Without which has not exactly cost tasteful basic wardrobe, so that without harmony of color. Again, it is important to choose things for the image so that they are not completely identical, but it is perfectly combined with each other, they came up to your face and figure. And to create a harmony of color is quite in your power - this task can handle not only the image-makers. We just need to follow our advice, drawing attention to the group to which you are selected things.

Create a basic wardrobe, focusing on a group of colors

Before you combine things together, it is important to learn and understand what color is, in principle, can be a particular object of the basic wardrobe. We have already decided that for the stylish image of basic clothing needs to be sustained. And if there is no extravagance, this means that all the basic things will belong to one of four color groups. Therefore, let us define what clothes a category from which and why you need to choose.

  • Basic colors - they form the basis of, so they should be very dark. They give the image of respectability, make it more sustained, credible and, interestingly enough, has to trust. Therefore, basic colors just have to be in the way, to obey all the rules of strict office dress code. This is the reason for the creation of solid look'ov women need dark coats, skirts, pants, jackets, and certainly the best quality and expensive. Such things tell about the impeccable taste of the girl and will be the basis, it is easy being combined with any neutral and unobtrusive clothes.
  • Bright (additional) color - designed to dilute the base, in the case of the office dress code is a classic for the top. They are designed for shirts and blouses, as with dark skirts and trousers create a very harmonious contrast. In this light things are perfect not only for the workers image: they look perfect in the summer, they give warm clothing elegance and refinement underwear. So any woman should not forget the white, milk, beige and shades.
  • Bright colors - they need to create a basic wardrobe of sports, youth or casual look'ov images for special occasions. If we talk about specific things, it can be pink, peach, blue, pale green blouse or scarf, you can not forget about the jeans. Bright colors may be included in the dressing room for the work, unless there is strict office dress code. But remember that their colors should still be the most conservative and able to be combined with a dark base.
  • Accent colors - they are the most courageous, because their task is to attract attention. It could be a poisonous green, glamorous pink, lemon yellow, orange things. Accent colors are mostly used in the trendy blouses, sweaters, jackets, tops, scarves, that is emphasized in fashionable clothes, perhaps only of youth and only for one season. Of course, for the office dress code, they are too provocative, but to create a harmonious casual look'a they are acceptable.

 basic wardrobe woman

"Smart" basic wardrobe for every day

And now we want to tell you how to create an image, focusing on color groups. Choose from her wardrobe things in one color. For example, a jacket rich gray or chocolate-colored take as a basis, and pick him blouse or top smoky, beige or milky. However, the combination should not be used immediately are two basic colors: dark brown and dark gray, because such a combination can visually make the outfit a grim and even weighing it. To dark gray color will work well or sand cherry and a dark brown - green and pale pink. Also, do not forget about the type of fabric. The base color, usually has a more dense texture, such as leather or wool. Whereas additional color - a lighter texture, such as chiffon, silk and similar materials.

Now, going shopping, and guided by this formula, you can easily pick out two or three favorite colors and combine them with things different keys for all occasions. Depending on the situation, you can combine things from her wardrobe, adding a variety of accessories that will give the image of individuality and create a completely different mood.

To learn how to combine colors, you can use a hint - a color circle. Good fit together colors that are on the same straight line facing each other, as well as color-neighbors (eg, blue and bright blue). Poorly look with colors that are located close to each other, that is, not in the immediate vicinity, for example, such as blue and green.

How to use texture and color of clothing basic wardrobe can correct figure?

The combination of black and white - the most famous trick many acquaintances from school years. It is no secret that white full figure, and black, on the contrary, makes it slimmer. Therefore, owners of magnificent forms are not recommended to wear light slacks and skirts bells. The best option to hide the fullness - to choose the right pants black pipes, which are ideally combined with a white blouse, classic style. Also, do not buy things from the dense shaggy. Ladies with forms better to opt for pants from a lighter jersey, and by this ensemble to choose a bright accent. These pants look great with extended close-fitting vest like cherry and blue.

A tall, thin young women are advised to be careful with the choice of things dark shades, and avoid tight-fitting styles, reminiscent of bandage dresses. Choosing a wardrobe, do not forget that the traditional black color only emphasizes leanness. As a rule, any texture and color of fabrics have their little tricks: saturated colors and wide horizontal stripes and shiny fabrics and fabrics with polka dots, a large square full figure visually. If you want to visually increase their volume, use the yellow, red and orange colors in clothes. And if you want to look slimmer - blue, green and purple. Choosing the right color, do not forget about the texture of fabric. For example, velvet, velor and leather full figure, whereas the jersey, cotton, crepe, silk and denim make a figure slimmer.

What color is undesirable to combine with each other in a basic wardrobe?

Although strict laws combinations of colors in clothes does not exist, though experts do not recommend to experiment, combining warm colors (orange, red, gold and brown) with cold (gray, purple, silver, blue and light blue). But do not get too serious about this advice. Today, many contemporary designers prefer to combine in their images, seemingly incompatible colors: brown with purple and black, gray and red. First of all, you should learn how to correctly combine bright colors. So feel free to create stylish images, in accordance with their wishes, especially if we are talking about is not about boring job with a strict dress code, but a basic wardrobe and look'ah leisure and everyday life.

 The basic wardrobe: how to pick it up

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