how to paint over a scratch on the car

How can you not care about your car, sooner or later, you can still find on the body of his favorite - scratches.

Even if they are very small, and all of whom you talked about his "sorrow" I assure you that they are quite noticeable - something you know they are there. And now, the mood finally spoiled in my head spins only one thought: "How paint scratch on the car." Really it is necessary to urgently go to auto repair and repaint the body. And this is - not cheap!

Of course, all this is very frustrating, but do not just upset - if the scratches are not too deep, you quite able to deal with them yourself. In order to evaluate the "destruction" must carefully consider the scratch.

Neobrazivny polish

If the scratch is very tiny, and touched only the top, lacquer layer of the body, then you can deal with it on their own.

How to determine the depth of the scratches? Very simple.

Shallow without zadevshaya paint scratch, looks like a white line. If you wash the damaged area, it is a damp, crack "disappear." After drying - it becomes visible again.

To cope with this "scourge" to help the ordinary non-abrasive polish. It does not remove the paint from the body, so you can use it very often. Cleanse polish scratches appearing on the paint from dirt and fill them with a polishing compound. And the body of your "pet" will once again be completely smooth. Apply a polish on a cloth and spread over the surface of the body. Give a little bit dry, and then carefully rub the car. To effect was maximum, it is necessary to make at least 10-15 "circles" in one spot.


No risk - well, one that is "noble cause" - got nothing to do with it. We mean "risks" - small scratch. Here's something to them and it means fighting.

Gently swipe his hand on the body of the car. If the scratch is so small that you do not feel it, then "Antirisk" will help to make sure that it is absolutely not to be seen. By the way, this tool helps to get rid not only from scratches. It successfully removes stains that appeared on the back of the machine after acid rain, or after a trip on the winter road, plenty of "fertilized" icing composition.

But all this is only suitable for tiny scratches. And what paint scratch on the car, if it is deep enough?

 paint scratch on the car

Pencil or colored wax

These funds can "save" a car from the long and deep, zadevshih layer of paint scratches. Carefully seal the damaged area and then thoroughly polish the non-abrasive polish.

"Plus," this method is that you do not have to mess with the selection of colors. Simply choose the color. Moreover, for light vehicles is better to choose a lighter shade of the pencil, and for the dark - darker. For example, to paint scratch on a dark blue car, you have to buy a black, not blue pencil.

"Minus" this way - its fragility. After 2-3 visits to the car wash will have to repeat the entire procedure.

Special paint chips and scratches

This method is suitable for a wider "scars" and chips. Sale of paint in a small bottle with a brush, very similar to nail varnish. One vial contains the paint itself. In another - lacquer. The only problem - you need to know exactly what the color of your car. Paint code on the bottle must match the car's paint code.

First, degrease the damaged area using a special liquid and two lint-free wipes. To do this, generously spray a solution of wipes and wipe the machine. Wipe dry with a second cloth. All - can be painted!

Well, this is no problem should not be - you know how to paint your nails, right? So here. A few times, shake a bottle of ink. Remove the cover and gently apply to the composition of the scratch. Wait until the paint is dry, then apply varnish from another bottle. And, of course, again let dry composition.

Deep scratches

If you find that the scratch is very deep and reaches the metal - it is better not to risk it and still go to the car wash. They are - professionals, that's even dealt.

After all, all the machines just like in people - if you do not treat the small wound in time, the inflammatory process can begin. The car is - corrosion of the body.

You do not let your vehicle "ill" so serious, right?

 How to paint a scratch on the car - "treat" yourself

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 Vehicle inspection

Vehicle inspection, according to the statements of the girls who are not the first year of driving, is somewhat similar to the first acquaintance with the parents of a young person for whom you were going to marry. We need to look at a hundred percent, make the most favorable impression, and like the future mother-in-tablet pain medication suffering from toothache.

If you are a happy owner of a brand new car, then (continue to draw analogies) believe that you got a guy whose parents live in the Arctic Circle or in the long overseas trip. Meet-in-law, but rather with the procedure of inspection, you will face three years later, when you have gain experience. Fearfully? In fact, there is absolutely nothing to fear. Especially that from January 2012 the procedure done as convenient.

Collect documents

First you have to make an inspection, fill out a standard form and to spend some time in queues. Sign up for a checkup now, you can not go home. Leave the application of inspection on the state portal, and once you appoint a date, start gathering documents. You will need:

  • passport holder of the vehicle;
  • a document confirming the right of possession or use of a car (it can be a power of attorney for the car);
  • a driver's license do not need to mention that if you come by car, then you have the right to yourself;
  • registration certificate of the vehicle or a passport technical means (TCP);
  • receipt of payment of state duty for the passage of inspection;
  • certificate of payment of vehicle tax.

No medical certificates or other documents proving your identity, you will not need to. And yet, you will be able to pass inspection at the point of inspection, regardless of the place of registration of your car. The main thing is that the organization to which you applied, had permission to hold it.

 How to pass inspection vehicle

Purely "feathers"

Passage of inspection of the car - it is troublesome, and to feel confident, it would be nice to call a pre-workshop. They will check your car, you have to tweak, to change something that does not shine or flash, even pomoyut - in general, will lead "bride" in the proper condition. Also, do not be superfluous to check whether your machine is equipped with an emergency stop sign and a fire extinguisher. Incidentally, according to the new law, the presence of first-aid kit in the car is not tested, but it should have, and the contents in it should be complete and suitable for use for its intended purpose and not just for the entourage.

What will be checked?

If the old rules of the inspection car almost dismantled into components, now are checking only those nodes, failure of which may pose a threat to your safety:

  • the effectiveness of the brake system is working and parking;
  • the state of the steering;
  • serviceability wipers and washer machine;
  • serviceability of external light devices (if you tune your machine and installed additional lighting or removed provided a complete set of car headlights, you may have a problem);
  • matching the design of the wheels of your car and wear of the tread;
  • the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases;
  • serviceability of the fuel;
  • conformity marking components and assemblies of the machine to the established norms;
  • repair door locks, seat belts occupants (if you removed the belts from the rear passenger seat, it is better to return to the place, and if their presence is not by design your car to get you to install them yourself no one is allowed).

If you are responsible for the preparation of the car came to the inspection, you should have no problems. But if you still found some fault, you will be able to pass inspection again only after their elimination, but not later than 20 days. Repeated inspection is paid in addition, and only checked the parameters by which any problems. The requirement to pass the full procedure again inspection - illegal!

After passing the inspection you will be given tehtalon, if you can insure your car. This procedure you will have to be held annually before the end of the next term of the insurance policy.

We hope that the question of how to pass inspection vehicle, after reading the article you disappear by itself, and you can make it unique to women with confidence and grace.

 How to pass inspection of the car quickly and easily