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Recently it raskapriznichalas nature so that each past winter seems to be very cold, and every last summer the hottest. But there comes a new season, and again we are suffering from the wind and cold, or languishing in the heat. And judging by the latest trends, cool summer we expected. Especially forecasters unanimously promise that every new summer will be just a little, but hotter previous. So designers all over the world, though in advance anticipating that we will have an endless succession of hot summers, are in the collections lightweight shorts remaining in each season a real "must-hevom."

Today, each of us has the absolute freedom of choice. Depending on the flavor, its own style and features of a figure, we can choose the linen shorts and denim fashion, bright-colored and discreet sex, beach option or office. Note that, in hot weather shorts relevant not only on vacation or on any party, but also at work. It is true only if it does not violate the dress code.

And how to comply with the limits of decency, said in shorts in the office? How to use this article of clothing for a more spectacular impact of their feminine charms? How to impress, but to shock the audience with his short panties on the beach? What to wear shorts, going to the party? And in general, what kind of shorts to choose to stay in the trend? Let's face it.

 Shorts Fashion

Fashion trends

Fashion inexorably opens female legs higher and higher (interestingly, have a sense of proportion designer is?). That's shorts - the shorter, the more fashionable. But we should not blindly follow fashion trends - short shorts are not for everyone and is not appropriate everywhere. Lean women can afford such models are not afraid to look at this vulgar. If you have wide hips and delicious sirloin, the short shorts you will look like erotic lingerie. So in this case, choosing shorts, give preference to models of knee-length or slightly above.

Other "side of the Moon" short pants - faulty state leg cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins. Well, even in this case, to give up short is not necessary. Wear shorts can be right on the tights, but! Tights have to be very, very thin. Under dark shorts - black tights under light - beige.

The most feminine model - shorts at the waist. They lengthen the silhouette slim and ennoble. A woman in such shorts looks much more tempting than dressed in short shorts pants. The main thing - to choose the model of lung tissue. The sleek silhouette, belt at the waist waisted shirt - and you irresistibly seductive and elegant in these shorts.

Denim shorts or shorts denim remain fashionable hit as suede or leather. But if the denim shorts are versatile enough that shorts leather and suede are more suitable tall and slim women. Ladies curvaceous better to give preference to models made of linen and jeans.

Wide skirts, shorts and find their fans, because they are still fashionable. This, again, is not particularly advantageous slim girl, albeit a slim figure such pants will not spoil. But tight shorts Cycling - an option more for a rural getaway, or for fans of sports style. Note that this model is very insidious - shorts are ruthlessly emphasize the shortcomings of any figure. In this case it is reasonable to give preference to sports models of the jersey or cotton.

As for fashion trends in the choice of fabrics and colors, the stylists and designers say the demand and popularity of natural fabrics (linen, cotton, silk), colored geometric or floral prints and patterns, made of composite tissue.

Fashion styles:

  • Shorts with a high waist,
  • Mini shorts, similar to the underwear;
  • Macro-shorts shorts and skirts;
  • Shorts-lanterns;
  • Shorts-military.

 beautiful fashionable shorts

Fashionable dress code

Shorts, fashion fashion, but forget about the dress code is still not worth it. We must remember that different models of short pants are suitable for different situations, and in some cases, as such, shorts generally inappropriate. For example, the dress code is formal event or a reception does not allow the presence of women in shorts. Naturally, you can not go to church, being dressed in short pants. Some institutions also undesirable appearance of the ladies dressed in shorts. But in other cases you can afford such an outfit.

  • Going on a date and do not know what to wear, what would impress the gentleman?

Shorts - a great choice for travelers: the bare feet of girls acting as a magnet to men. Choosing Shorts Pull and Bear with floral pattern, you can be sure that the hero of your dreams withdraws from you eyes all night. Such is better to wear shorts with light blouses or tops with lace in a rustic style. If you want to emphasize a slim figure, choose pants with a high waist, such as River Island. Complete shorts high heels and a free light blouse. Shorts bright, really summer flowers can be found in the collections of Manoukian and Finn Flare. These bright colors perfectly accentuate your tan. Shorts wear simple shirts, sleeveless or with colored tops.

  • Observed on the dress code and torture in business suits in the heat?

You can easily wear shorts to the office, important not to go too far and correctly choose the cut and length shorts. The most convenient option for the office - bermuda knee-length, for example Uniqlo and H & M. These shorts are combined with tops made of natural fabrics, or with loose blouses. Your boss is liberal in relation to the dress code of the staff? Then you can feel free to wear shorts shorter length, for example, light pants or shorts Finn Flare Savage, which will look great with a white sleeveless blouse. But these two models, there is one drawback: Shorts are best worn with flat shoes. Choosing a high heel, you are risking to look defiant.

  • Looking forward the sunset, when the city lowered the long-awaited coolness and you can go to the party?

Designers are advised to choose this summer, the most striking models that will suit all occasions. Particularly fashionable this season will be the light-gray leather shorts from Uniqlo, and embroidered sequins models from Patrizia Pepe, and spectacular shorts by River Island, decorated with lace. The most desperate women of fashion designers recommend to opt for shorts H & M bronze color, which represent a modern variation of the good old "velosipedok" and this season will remain at the height of fashion. Combine such a fashionable thing possible as a skirt, and c covers the hips elongated blouse or T-shirt. A more practical girls should give priority to "metal" colors that will be extremely relevant, not only this year but in the future the autumn-winter season.

  • Are you planning a vacation to the sea and do not know what's going to the beach?

Bring a bright shorts, they are an excellent substitute for a pair. Lightweight shorts Topshop with a floral pattern will go well with a bikini of the same colors. If you prefer sports style swimsuit, you'd better choose plaid shorts Tatuum or bright short shorts "Yours." A lover of the feminine image will appreciate pink shorts with bow from Naf Naf.

  • You do not hesitate to look boldly and courageously?

Then you surely will appreciate superfashionable mini-shorts. They should be combined with lush blouses. But the shirt should be as closed and not exactly tight. Remember this rule: the more open legs, especially dressed to be over. These shorts have in stores H & M - light blue with frayed edges. Love the decor? Then choose denim shorts River Island with lace, chains and rivets, combine them with simple tops. If you prefer a simpler model, while preferring the orange shorts Uniqlo or bright blue shorts "Yours."

In general, in the pursuit of fashion, do not forget about the rules of etiquette that should be observed always and everywhere. Remember, fashion and comfortable shorts can be just not your style. Never makes spontaneous purchases and do not buy things just because they are fashionable. Choosing shorts, consider not only the fashion trends, but also features its own figures. Well, if the figure is all right, remember, for what purpose you are going to buy trendy shorts and pants choose the right style and color. Stay beautiful and always in spite of everything!

 Fashion shorts for work and leisure

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 Beach style rules

Even on the beach have their own style rules, observing that you will always look perfect and you will not become a cause of ridicule for others!

  • Say no! "Sunglasses indoors

Sunglasses are called because they have to protect our eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. And wear them indoors is at least impolite and disadvantages of education issues.

  • Flops not only for the beach

Some still believe that the Vietnamese are suitable only for the fact that they would walk to the beach or to the pool. This is not true! Put them on a summer party or a summer barbecue with light dresses or shorts. Looks great kit, consisting of a white shirt, faded jeans and flip flops!

  • Naughty makeup

Unless you acquired the waterproof mascara, your makeup is no place next to the water! Going to the beach, do not impose on the face of abundant makeup, he looks ugly and funny when running down your face.

  • Diluted white bright accessories

Undoubtedly, white color perfectly stresses tan, but that does not mean that you should head to toe dressed only in a white robe. Even if you're going to the White Party white top, white bottom, white belt, shoes and accessories will not look original and stylish. The best way out of this situation - diluted white dress with bright accessories.

  • No need to pick up a beach bag in the color of the swimsuit

If you're going to pick up "all under the color" can become a person does not have enough imagination to pick up an interesting set of, or worse, seem older than his age. You do not want it? Then play on contrasts!

  • Put on your jewelry less

On the beach a lot of costume jewelry looks ridiculous, and besides, it leaves traces while sunbathing.

  • Choose a swimsuit that suits you!

What would look great in a bathing suit in the first place, you need to feel comfortable in it! Everybody has their own type of shape and under each of these designers have long since come up with a bunch of styles. Poor sitting in the figure swimsuit can cause ridicule of others.

  • "No" studs on the beach!

It's a very funny look, if you come to the beach on his heels and drown or get stuck in the sand at the boardwalk. All your efforts turn to ashes look like a diva!

 Beach style rules