Five current image for a party

You have planned a ceremony, and you have not decided what to go? Classics of the genre: long evening dress of satin, high-heeled shoes and updo. A complete image of accessories and help a little clutch. Of course, the choice of attire depends on the venue of the festival. If it is a restaurant, the cocktail dress and no shoes with heels can not do. If you will spend the evening on the boat or the terrace, the best option is to choose a romantic image - a long sundress or a dress with a floral print.

Surely in your wardrobe an elegant little black dress that you can wear to the party. Pick up for him a beautiful high heels and colorful accessories, also do not forget about the little stylish handbag.

Some tips how to create stylish and unique image

  • Spring flowering

 Spring flowering

For each girl preparing for any holiday brings a lot of trouble and experiences. Indeed, so eager to look a princess, all with undisguised admiration admired only you.

Take on arms romantic style. To create a long sundress suit of soft silk with floral print and open sandals with high heels. And to complete the romantic image of stylish accessories to help you: long earrings and a stylish pendant.

  • The retro style

 The retro style

If you dream of an unusual dress, let it be an image in retro style. Short black suit with white polka dots - comfortable and thoughtful retroobraz. Add to it a small black clutch and red sandals with heels. Do not forget about makeup and hairstyle, which should correspond to your image. Finally, the final touch - a brooch in the form of roses.

  • Beige color

 Beige color

Flesh color this season is a favorite of many designers. Agree, things always look beige touching and at the same time sexy. By the elegant beige dress of silk or chiffon, which is just perfect harmony with tanned skin, pick a small satin clutch and sandals to match the dresses of lace. As a suitable decoration gold bracelet.

  • Things denim

 Things denim

You decided that long dresses, silk drapes - it's not for you. Do you think that will be much more comfortable feel in a conventional T-shirt, vest and denim skirt lush? We recommend experimenting with unusual combinations. By the way, very stylish look is a combination of: white top (shirt and jacket) and beige bottoms (full skirt and sandals to match, always with heels).

  • Traditional red

 Traditional red

If you want the evening to be the center of attention and often receive compliments all, bet on red. The ideal option for a holiday can be a red cocktail dress, which suited the black court shoes with bows. Please add this outfit will help bright accessories: clutch to match the dress and pearl jewelry.

 Five current image for a party

 Claims male to the female wardrobe

Today, we can say, in the world of women's fashion was a small coup. It turns out that the stronger sex backlog of claims to the female wardrobe: all of the most popular items among the ladies, they do not like, even more so, men find them unattractive, strange and very non-sexual. Just antireyting got a few things - from gladiator sandals to sunglasses.

In short, to please today's men need to give up following the trend of things that the fair sex mistakenly believe sex:



Men are not the subject of women's wardrobe also was not to the liking. Many of the stronger sex suit is associated with childhood. Therefore, they believe that the girl in a dress looks like a little girl from the nursery. While many famous women prefer to go to the suits not only to shop. They often appear in them at fashion shows, premieres and even charity evenings.

Bloomers in oriental style


This subject was the female toilet in the ladies' dressing room recently. For the first time we dared to appear in public in such trousers only celebrities of the first magnitude. Following the stars, not really thinking as they look, they began to go ladies all over the world.

Is it any wonder that the shapeless trousers that are not only visually shorten the leg, but also make wider hips, immediately got the men's anti-rating. In these trousers any woman turns into a funny parody of Carlson. Agree what a man like such a spectacle?



"Ugg boots" - sheep boots, which, by their appearance very similar colored boots. In these felt boots are very comfortable: feet stay dry and warm even after a long stay in the water. Therefore, they are chosen by people of all ages - from schoolgirls to housewives carefree old age.

Bandages for head

 Bandages for head

Men believe that women are nothing more than a head of hair should not exist: no gum, no pins, no more so bandages. It turns out various decorations on the head women annoy them for one simple reason - the stronger sex very much like to stroke their hair.

Sandals Gladiators

 Sandals Gladiators

Women, little is following the latest fashion trends in one voice declare that there is no more sexy shoes than sandals, gladiators. However, this time the men do not share the enthusiasm of the weaker sex. Firstly, before removing a shoe with them have long to tinker. Secondly, numerous straps leave marks on the skin, but also - visually shorten the ladies' feet.



This hybrid tights and leggings rapidly and irrevocably won the fashion market, becoming a hit. And because such a convenient and practical thing has become a viable alternative to favorite jeans. On top, leggings are perfectly combined with almost everything except the idea of ​​male seductiveness. Men believe that leggings are not fraught with no mystery: everything is clear and understandable. Most likely, too tight pants deprive men to fantasize.



Many designers believe that the girl in a white shirt and black jacket evening looks very sexy. However, men are completely different opinion, they think this outfit is very uncomfortable. After all, as we know, men love with their eyes, and even sexy female tuxedo completely covers arms and chest area. What is sexy?

Overalls with open back

 Overalls with open back

Those who came to women's fashion from the children's wardrobe loose-fitting overalls with open back immediately were taken in arms to be male. Although no association with the girls from the sandbox this outfit they did not cause, in their opinion, a woman in a similar dress more like a builder than a charming young lady. Men are not satisfied that there is no figure in overalls from a dense fabric, and even cut free, they do not see.

Big sunglasses

 Big sunglasses

Large glasses hiding half-face, many men seem suspicious. According to them, in such spectacles woman looks as if she has in life there are some problems. Who knows, maybe she is interested in alcohol or hides a huge bruise? But in fact, the main cause of male dislike of too large sunglasses is the inability to kiss a woman. This begs the question: what prevents them off to kiss?

Although men and not like a lot of things, so beloved by the fair sex, the past and do not think to leave them. It is no secret that women, in particular, want to please ourselves. Therefore, recovering to shop for new clothes, they choose the things that please it to them, and not the opposite sex.

 Claims male to the female wardrobe