how to choose a bra


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Bra - unique piece ladies' clothes, and observe one of the youngest women's garments. And best of all, no one in our exclusive right to wear bras do not encroach: they unnecessarily men and children. But perhaps that is why almost all models of the creators of this exclusive ladies' toilets - men. Forbidden fruit is known to be sweet. Trendsetters in lingerie - also men. And the stereotype of fashion and beautiful bra created by them, too.

Yes, men love with their eyes. And behold the lady in the froth of lace, cover only the nipples, they insanely nice. We agree that the lace - it's sexy, and falls out of the corset breasts - sexy. But I would try these "pundits" of fashion like a day of its own, so to speak, developments. Although, to confess, cause discomfort, delivered bra, often become ourselves. Or rather, our basic ignorance. Here you are, for example, know how to choose the right bra?

Be chosen so that it was not only beautiful (and not only under the clothing) but is conveniently, but also safe to health? That's how we usually choose a bra? Go to your range of sizes, we collect a bunch of bras that "oh! how cute! ", And then - in a fitting room. And what we looked at in the dressing room? Do not prevaricate - we looked at how sexy this "oh! What a cute! "We look. As if it just get out of the house without anything covering their erotic charms packed in a bra. A select this intimate thing you need to mind, with feeling, with properly, with deliberation. You love yourself? Cherish your health? You care about your appearance? Then you just need to know the intimate secrets of shopping.

 how to choose a bra

Before going to the store

In order not to waste precious time shopping, to determine in advance what you want to buy. If you need yet another erotic cloth, able to wake up the movement of thoughts and infantile loins of men, that is one thing. If you need a convenient and reliable article of clothing that can correct faulty view of a woman's breasts under her clothes, then it is quite another. Still, regardless of the purpose of purchase, for a start, remove measurements. At least in order to save time and choosing the right size range.

I believe that most women flatter yourself. Women with small breasts to grab windows bras clearly larger, and the ladies surround the bust trying to squeeze into a tiny bra. Girls! Also you tag on your bras nobody sees! Therefore be objective and remove the right measurements to know your real size, not the one you seems real.

Put on your most comfortable out of all their bras and remove only two measurements. First, measure the volume under the breast, then breast volume by its very prominent point. The first number will serve as a guide for selecting a bra in volume. That it will be the first digit on the label you suitable bra. In order to determine the size of the bra cups, calculate the difference between the two take your measurements. So, if the yardstick is the difference between:

  • 10-11 centimeters - zero breast size (AA);
  • 12-13 centimeters - the first breast size (A)
  • 13-15 centimeters - the second breast size (B);
  • 15-17 centimeters -t breast size (C);
  • 18-20 centimeters - four breast size (D);
  • 20-22 centimeters - a fifth the size of the breast (DD).

However, this rule is universal only for bras is not very large. For the fifth (and growing) number of breast markings from different manufacturers can vary. For example, this size is designated E or DD (America), and the sixth - F or DDD. Well, after the removal of measures and ascertain its true size of the breast, you can safely go to the store for coveted Update. And do not repeat the main mistake in choosing a bra, a bra when the volume is large woman and cup for small breasts.

 beautiful bra how to choose

In the dressing room

Here you are in the fitting room, holding a half-dozen bras suitable size. Now you need to choose the most correct and most convenient. First, decide on a volume bra. Why do most women buy bras that they are large in volume? Because choosing the wrong. Buy you need a bra that fastens only on the outermost fastener, ie its volume you "butt." The fact that the tissues of which are sewn modern bras, elastic. Such fabrics tend to stretch, respectively bra screen becomes larger. And if you buy a bra with a reserve volume, you can not do less than the amount of stretching, except to alter the fastener.

Now look at the straps, which (thanks to modern producers!) Have adjusts the length. If the straps dig into the shoulders, your bra is small when crawling up the back of the bra - great! But try to adjust the length of the straps. If it falls back under the shoulder blade, and webbing still put pressure on the shoulders - this is not your bra. If the strap is tight, but not too much pressure on the shoulders and the back of the bra is located horizontally under the shoulder blades - everything is fine. If the circle under the corset bra can shove your finger, it's your volume.

Now look at the cup. If you choose the right cup size its top edge should not pinch the breast, even if the cup is very open. The lower seam of the cup or bone tightly across his chest from the bottom, or rather, not even the chest, and "Podgród." A fabric on the bra cups should not pucker and gather pleats. Put your hands up in the air. Chest not "arise from" the bra? Bend down. Your charms do not jump out of it? Hence, the size of the bra cups also selected right.

Check the shape of the cups. Turn around to the mirror side. If your breasts bigger size zero and not crammed with silicone, according to the law of gravity, it will be a little (or a little) to droop. This is physics! And whatever form was not a real woman's breasts, no bra she will "drain" down. So correctly chosen bra just give it the desired position when the lower part of the chest does not fall below the line brisket.

We continue to look at her breasts in profile. Proper lift the cup of your chest so that it is the serving (in profile) part will be at the middle of the hand between the elbow and shoulder. Incidentally, the height of the breast certainly make you slimmer, as women with low breast appear more voluminous.

And now wear a vest or T-shirt. If you choose the right bra to volume and appropriate size of the cups, no extra folds on your body under the vest should not be visible. Note - it is superfluous. If your body without bra nalichistvuyut folds and bulges, then wearing the bra of these folds should not be more.

 how to choose a bra size


To summarize the intimate secrets of shopping. So, how to choose the right bra to "suit sitting":

  1. Before buying a bra, even knowing exactly your size, do not be amiss to make new measurements. If it is hot outside, your usual 34B may suddenly increase.
  2. Bra should not crash into the bottom of the chest and on the back of rising too. Bra straps should not fall down from the shoulder. If they have to adjust much - it does not matter: after a few days socks, or first wash gum straps greatly stretched.
  3. If a show of hands at the sides of the bra under the "sticks body" means the size is too small to you. Try to try on a size greater than or choose a different style, with a rounded shape of the cups.
  4. If you have a large breast size, choose a bra on wide straps. And the larger the breasts, the more widely they should be. For it is they, and not the bones, are the main support for your breasts.
  5. Alternately, try on a few bras related dimensions: sometimes the difference between them is 1-2 hook. To choose the best option for planting bra shape, experiment with clasps.

And finally, some urgent advice. Every season makes "audit" in your linen closet. The basis of it should be a classic bras (several sports and bones), and two or three romantic lace patterns. As practice shows, flesh-colored underwear is gradually replacing the traditional white color. In order to "extend the life of 'underwear, wash it in cold water. For washing in the machine using special bags for delicates.

What kind of underwear sets you should be in your wardrobe?

  • Lacy topic or a combination.
  • Seamless set (as with the "pads" or not) is required to wear a tight-fitting T-shirts and tops.
  • Bra strapless wearable for evening dresses with thin straps, tops and dresses, "one shoulder", and under the clothes with an American armhole.

Bra - unique piece of women's wardrobe. It is able to correct even the most serious mistakes of nature. And our task - to find the right tool that adjustment. The best one!

 Bra: how to choose an intimate article of clothing

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