As the bag helps to improve the shape?

Do not be surprised, this is quite a topical issue, because organically complementing wardrobe owner, this stylish ladies accessories may adjust its proportions. Of course, it is important to choose the right handbag, to achieve the desired effect: It's all in the form of the article of clothing in his size.

Remember the "golden rule": the larger your figure, the more impressive size should be your bag, and more and more. But the form of the ladies' accessories must go to the contrast of your figure type. Consider this rule in more detail .

Learn more about all the nuances: a miniature and fragile women should abandon bulky and large models - their background lady will look even smaller. A wide bag and did "steal" growth, by the way, for the same reason you should not choose accessories with long handles. It turns out that almost the perfect choice to be the average size bag handle which will be short.

But this option is not the best for tall and thin women: the reason is quite clear - with accessory their growth seems even more visually, they are "stretched." Help balance the proportions of the figure large bags, and well, if their shape is rounded. For example, it may be a crescent or disc - at least in length must be smaller than the width.

The optimal choice for larger women - is a medium-sized bag, preferably rectangular. Small models and backpacks are not the best option, but the elongated bag looks quite good.

Women with large breasts and developed shoulders should not choose a bag with small handles: carrying her, she focuses just on the most bulky parts of the body, which is not always good. It is better to choose clutch, or a model with long handles.

But the ladies with the extra inches on the hips, waist and abdomen, you need medium and small bags. Hung a model of low-handles on the shoulder, they will be able to move people's attention to the upper part of the body. In such a situation should give the palm to not purse-malyutke and accessory average form and volume, the same large clutch also acceptable.

 As the bag helps to improve the shape?

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 Raisin in strict business suit

Office dress code is quite strict, it often does not allow a woman to show itself in all its glory, reveal all their individuality, sophistication and elegance. Unfortunately, many women who work in large companies look rather gray and monotonous due to the fact that their wardrobe is limited to a strict business suit or skirt.
But while each of us has the opportunity to change things for the better and it does not go beyond, not to violate the rules of strict office. Stylish details and accessories added to the business clothes, isolated from the general flow of workers do look brighter and more original.

Attention should be paid to the waist: thin, medium, fine and elegant, they make your costume expressive. Of course, the versatile option would be black - it goes well with many outfits. However, select the zone to match the women's business suit was never a problem.

Stylish and original, bright and eye-catching bag is also to be sure you take it with you to the office. You do not not wear jewelry and jewelry - that wear them, you deserve to look stunning. This season the popular necklaces inlaid with large colored elements. Magnificent decorations can become not only a ring, earrings and brooches, and bright shawls, scarves and ties.

You can do the original and combine classic trousers and jacket suit with a blouse or turtleneck with fashionable print: clothes will look quite strict and at the same time stylish.

When the dress code is not limited by too rigid framework, it is possible to come to work in their clothes with silver or pearl cloth: it is the fashion trend of the season, and you'll look just gorgeous.

 Raisin in strict business suit

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 Stylish accessories - a reflection of personality

In the life of every modern woman's fashion accessories are essential. After all, they mean to much more than costume jewelery - the mapping of her personality.

However, fashion is too capricious in our age. Therefore, more and more women prefer jewelry, which is a great alternative to real diamonds. And it is often the jewelry plays the role of "first violin" in creating the image.

The motto of our time - "attention to detail"

Therefore, among the variety represented by various ornaments and accessories would like to choose not just pleasing to the eye, but at the same time high quality and meet all the fashion trends of the product.

Few of the countries producing jewelery

The most advanced design and fashion are the Italians. It was in Italy made an incredibly beautiful and high-quality jewelery from classical to ethnic music. The main pride of the Italian masters is Murano glass. Homeland of this amazing material is considered to be the Venetian island of Murano. Secrets of Murano glass, extant from the deep Middle Ages, is still kept secret. Families glassblowers it is transmitted from generation to generation. Growing up, their children become real designers. If you see an unusual ring in Rome or Milan, make no mistake, in front of you - all the rage.

In the East, it is a trendsetter in South Korea. Low-cost but high-quality jewelery from Seoul is in great demand in many countries. Koreans specialize in bent wires and colored glass. And they are the producers of the world's best metal chains that are made of all kinds of weaving, both with coating and without it. Besides Koreans released in demand brooches studded with rhinestones, obodochki, crab and hairpins. Such products do not hesitate to buy even picky Italians and French prim.

Australia has a leading position in the production of accessories in ethnic style. New jewelery is created on the basis of ancient Aboriginal paintings treated in urban style contemporary designers.

Safety and quality of jewelry

All the jewelery manufactured in these countries, not only high quality but also hypoallergenic. For the production of high-quality artificial jewelry always used high-tech "costume jewelery" alloys: Alloy and brass, which, unlike the nickel used for the production of cheap products never cause allergies.
Due to quality materials (silver and gold 750th sample) and the content of the platinum group (palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium), as well as modern deposition techniques provide exceptional wear resistance of manufactured products. For decoration are used as beads, enamel, wood, leather, stones and tiger cat's eye, and the famous crystals Swarovski.

Fashion jewelry

Today buy quality jewelry imported is not a problem. Now, for the convenience and enjoyment of customers all current news from the world of fashion and style are collected in the online store jewelry and accessories, where you can choose the fashion accessories to your liking.

Today the whole world is flooded with "busomanii." This season, the fashion massive and layered beads, combining bright elements to attract attention to his neck: glass, stones, beads, plastic and metal.

The most fashionable this season, wide wooden, plastic, leather, metal or forged bracelets are often paired and decorated. Also, wear rings and massive, decorated with sequins and big stones in combination with large earrings.

If you are from Moscow, you can buy - jewelry wholesale in Moscow at an affordable price.

 Stylish accessories - a reflection of personality

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 Dress horoscope

How to choose the color of clothing to achieve not only a more attractive appearance, but also its complete combination of your style of life, character, and even the mood?

To choose the right color clothes that definitely should approach each person, you can be guided by several principles: taking into account the nature, occupation, fashion trends, and finally, the sign of the zodiac. About them we want to tell you today.

Each sign of the zodiac stars recommend a specific color. To listen or ignored them - it's up to you!

For Aries harmonious colors are red, orange, raspberry, violet, carmine, blue and all shiny.

For Taurus considered favorable lemon, lime green, orange, yellow and all the colors of spring.

Twins Star advised to wear clothes of all colors except green.

Those born under the sign of Cancer, the most suitable clothes in white, black, blue, blue and silver.

Lions better to choose clothes of bright colors: red, orange, purple, red, gold and purple.

For Dev favorable colors: white, blue, yellow, green, blue and purple.

For Libra preferred colors like green, dark blue, dark blue, the color of the sea water and pastel colors.

Scorpios are accompanied by dark red, crimson, scarlet, magenta, yellow and black.

Sagittarius is more suitable red, dark red, purple, violet, blue and light blue.

Capricorns are suitable yellow, white, purple, black and dark tones of blue, green, brown.

For Aquarians are considered favorable purple, gray, blue, blue-green and purple color.

For fish-men fit magenta, purple, red, purple, violet, blue, celadon, black and all shades of blue and green.

 Dress horoscope