Choose clothes for cold weather

Tips fashion stylists will help you choose the best thing not only for the ensuing fall, and winter approaching.

  • Maxi skirt

Choosing a cold thing to pay attention to the maxi-skirt, which is now at the peak of popularity. For autumn and winter especially, it is very practical. For the cold season, designers offer more stringent silhouette and quieter in color model. Maxi skirts go well with the very trendy this season ankle boots with high heels and lace.

  • Fur vest

In the cold season without this warm, fashionable, stylish, and finally super-urgent things you can not do. Especially in this season designers are to have full play fantasy: completely different in texture, length and cut of the model. Choose to your taste and budget.

  • Casual sweater

Updating your wardrobe for fall, pay attention to one particular fashion trend of the season - loose sweater. Now very popular model with Norwegian pattern. In addition, in the autumn-winter 2010/2011, the relevant long enough to mid-thigh, large knitted sweaters.

  • Jacket Park

This is an easy and convenient thing that emerged from obscurity (descended from the mountains) on the fashion catwalks rightful place. To get the "urban chic", designers are advised to wear it with jeans and boots.

  • Dress with drapes

This original and beautiful summer dress is no viable alternative. The dress with a draped woman always looks sexy, and men from swaying draperies ecstatic. Therefore, it is perfect for travelers, especially if you are in the room.

 Choose clothes for cold weather

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 Sweatshirts, sweaters and vests

Sweaters, pullovers, sweaters, vests are a great group of knitwear, intended primarily for the socks in cold weather, both winter and summer. Sweatshirts today - a lot of different models, differing in color, pattern, knit pattern, the presence or absence of the collar, long sleeves, the material from which they are made, etc.

Typically, many of us are called jackets and sweaters, and sweaters and jackets. But it's slightly different things relatively on external characteristics.

 Sweatshirts, sweaters and vests

A distinctive feature is the availability of sweaters fasteners that must be placed at the front and along the entire length jackets - from top to bottom.

If we talk about the jumper, it also implies the existence of fasteners, but the difference is that the cardigan fastener short and does not reach the collar.

Vests may have a fastener, although this is not necessary. They come in both long and short. But their distinctive side - is the lack of arms.

 Sweatshirts, sweaters and vests

Compared with men's jackets, which are often designed in strict stylistic direction, women's jackets are a huge world of various models, styles and styles, complete with decorative elements - pockets, belts, laced collars, hoods, etc.
In modern times the most popular fleece jackets. After all, unlike other materials, knitted fabric has good moisture and breathable properties. In addition, fleece jackets do not crumple, get the desired shape is very comfortable to wear and of high quality. That's why sweaters knitted - wear it all the time.

 Sweatshirts, sweaters and vests

Modern fashion dictates trends and fleece jackets today is a sophisticated cut, the unusual decor. It is quite acceptable, and large viscous coupled with voluminous collars. The most fashionable this season's figures include a variety of geometric shapes or Slavic ornaments.
Again, we must not forget about the huge variety of decorative elements. As an additional finishing fleece jackets can be used leather or fur trim elements.
Regarding knitted jackets, they can be made in large viscous. This vest looks more volume and texture that lends personality this type of clothing.

And jackets and sweaters, depending on the model, can be ideally combined with both skirts and pants with.

 Sweatshirts, sweaters and vests - elegant things for all seasons

 how to create their own style of dress?


  • Identifying with style
  • Choose clothes for the figure
  • Basic rules when choosing wardrobe
  • The main elements of the wardrobe
  • Little black dress

Many women dress, not respecting fashion trends and adhering to one rule: "I'm comfortable." But that's the beauty (and complexity at the same time) is to find the style - it is your, individual and original. And for this we need to know some of the rules under which you can really not be afraid to make a mistake or look funny.

Identifying with style

  • Think about how you would look like - sports, expressive and elegant;
  • Determine which colors you want to wear - more vibrant, or conversely, more warm and pastel colors. Perhaps you prefer a good combination, or you like to use bright accessories generally peaceful manner;
  • Now we need to determine the type of the figure - it will be easier to pick up his clothes, following the advice of stylists.

Five basic principles: identity, relevance, shape, color and the concept of a single style will help create a unique style of dress, which will be unlike the others, and is beneficial to stand out from the crowd.


This is one of the most important concepts for style. Making his unique style - is, above all, the ability to stand out from the others to dress in "style" people. Even if you like everything in the fashion direction, come up with something different, special clothing, which will in an unusual way to show interesting perspective.


Another basic rule stylish woman. Before you purchase a particular clothes or accessories should carefully consider what it will be possible to combine a new thing, and where this can be to dress. As a rule, every outfit - a time and place. For example, the classic style in nature will look ridiculous, and sporty style in the office simply inappropriate.

The notion of a unified style

This means that the outer garment must conform to what is clothed underneath. Unfortunately, this principle is practically outlived its usefulness, it is very common to see a strict dress coat little flirty. If you do not care about the opinions of others, note that the main suit and outerwear harmoniously together.


The figure also plays a very important role in creating their own style. Style - is, first, the ability of all profitable to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws. Buy only the clothes that perfectly fits your size - no less and no more. Avoid overly tight and dimensionless figure things Balakhonov who are not able to add style, and accordingly, will not bring you advantages. Short skirts - for young girls with perfect feet. Well aware of the pros and cons of the figure, each of us can properly apply themselves. The main thing is to want to look in the eyes of a queen.


When choosing the color of clothing that is perfectly consistent with the general way, you will always look young, bright, fresh, fashionable and stylish.

 how to create their own style of dress properly

Choose clothes for the figure

Pear-Shaped Type

It is important to hide the hips and emphasize the upper body. Slightly flared bottoms, fitted top and shoulder pads are required. Accentuate your best - deep cut, beautiful accessories may chic or stylish bows breast pockets. In general, we do everything in order to distract from their eyes wide hips and full legs.

Flat Type

If you have a flat-type (so-called box) generally can not worry - you will approach everything! Tight dresses and pants, blouses and superprozrachnye tops, short shorts and mini-jackets - everything is possible, do not hesitate and do not hide their charms.

Full figured

You have full type of shape? Then please note: you should wear loose knitted jackets and cardigans, straight skirts and pants (in any case not narrowed down or expanded), the oblique cut of the same for you. It is impossible to be "flying" thing, ruffles, flounces and big accessories in the form of bows and roses.

In general, remember - your task is to visually draw the figure - vertical stripes, the original design of the joints from the bottom up, lace trim. Incidentally, many fat ladies (even a very complete) look simply gorgeous! They really feel queens and their kilos simply do not notice.


Despite the craze for flat and rectangular options, this is the ideal type and displays all the charm of the female figure. Emphasize the waist - wide belts, form-fitting blouses and much sweaters, hip must be upholstered and neck very frank. Suits, jackets, blouses and tunics belted belt or strap, and tight-fitting T-shirts and blouses, T-shirts and tops are always let in your wardrobe!

Now you'll be fully prepared and to cope with the problem - after all how to create your style of dress you now know for sure.

 how to create a style of their own

Basic rules when choosing wardrobe

  • Make sure that you feel comfortable in your chosen clothes - comfort above all! Obsessive feeling "at ease" yet no one is fun and adds confidence;
  • Before proceeding to the choice of style and replenish your wardrobe stand before a mirror and meticulously inspect your figure. Be critical - no need to ascribe to themselves thin waist and hips are not too heavy - you need to know exactly the type of the figure;
  • Do not forget to take into account when choosing the status of things, the situation in the team and in the community;
  • First, buy yourself the basic things - for example, black pants, a skirt and a few blouses. Just remember - if the basic things are bright, the accessories and all there vests, belts should be in pastel and bright colors. The same rule "works" and vice versa;
  • Always consider his age - youth outfits ridiculous and absurd look at the ladies elegant age. No matter how it sounded corny, but the image must correspond to the status and age;
  • The style can be changed and supplemented, and to do it on a daily basis.

Well, that's so easy and fun you can find a unique style, in which you will be different from all. Your style can become a business card - you are recognizable. For example, Lady Gaga has become popular precisely because of its outrageous dresses, hairstyles and shoes - is also her style. Yes, with a selection of style do not forget about your hair - color should be a harmonious continuation of the whole image.

The main elements of the wardrobe

  • Jeans - the usual, classic cut and without additional decorations;
  • Dress - too strict, and preferably two, that they may be of different lengths;
  • Several blouses - plain better, but with different sleeves (long, short);
  • Classic black trousers - just grab it on the figure;
  • Jacket or cardigan;
  • A couple of sweaters (pullovers).

That would be the basis for, and then simply supplement it with all sorts of ornaments, accessories and stylish chips. By the way, building on this foundation, you can make any image, even come up with an exclusive option.

Little black dress

Many people forget that the usual black dress by Coco Chanel celebrated, can be a real treasure. Just need to know the rules of selection of the garments:

  • Dress must be strict, even without a hint of decoration or accessory;
  • The length of the dress should not go up to the knee 5cm or be strictly on the middle;
  • To the board, you must have the black nylon stockings;
  • Sleeves - strict, without any buttons, snaps or lace inserts, the ideal dress must be completely sleeveless.

That's all! Believe me, this little dress is the most important decoration of your wardrobe. To him rely classic shoes - and a sharp hairpin (closed) toe and a string of pearls around the neck and another small bag (you can clutch). Oh, and do not forget to drop of your favorite perfume and a good mood!

Your wardrobe should be stylish and style - an original. Do not blindly follow fashion trends - no universal things and what suits one may not look entirely on others. So be more decisive, try to focus only on their wishes and intuition, and you need all turn out!

 How to create your style of dress: basic principles

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