What to wear on New 2011 Year of the Rabbit (Cat)

Year of the White Metal Rabbit (Cat) - the year of the romantics

On the eastern calendar next year 2011 will be the year of the White Metal Rabbit or cat - who is both more comfortable. Yet the major "Totem" will be the rabbit in his manners and habits should pay attention, attracting good luck in all your endeavors, and deed. First and foremost quality that is characteristic of this animal - modesty, it appreciates the kindness, generosity and hospitality. Therefore, in the coming year, pay special attention to communication with relatives, friends, guests often gather, organize friendly field trips and parties. Rabbit loves warm soul of the company. Next, diplomacy - is the next quality Rabbit, because for conceited people and careerists this year will not be very successful, all the difficulties and problems need to be addressed carefully and accurately, without fuss and quickness.

Naturally, as a cat and a rabbit, are associated with a large and irrepressible passion for love affairs. Because this will be the year a total of romance and love. By the way, the marriage concluded in 2011, will be very strong, the couple will not lose delicate, romantic feelings for each other for years. If this year is planned to replenish your family, be sure your baby rabbit endow talent with a vengeance. Well, let's all go to the same basic question: what to wear to a new year of the rabbit.

What to meet 2011 rabbit (cat)?

What to wear and how fun to celebrate New Year - perhaps, this issue will be absolutely relevant for all the fair sex, because in a festive New Year's Eve special not just want to look attractive, but also the look and feel of the Rabbit, the symbol of the coming year. This time it will be easy, it so happened that miraculously came together aspects of contemporary fashion and preferences of the Rabbit.

Let's start with color attire. What should be the dress for New Year 2011, Year of the Rabbit if it Metal?

Rhetorical question - of course, all that glitters: rhinestones, sequins, iridescent fabric, sequins, metal jewelry - all this you will place the animal. If we talk about the palette, try to stick to light colors, pastel shades: the most relevant will be the white and yellow colors of the clothes.
The highlight of the season is gold, this rich, bright color, not only in fashion, but also can transform a lady to a charming queen Christmas ball. Do not be upset if you give preference to other colors.

These Little Fuzzy also like blue and red range, and also in a variety of palettes: Bardo, red, turquoise or blue - it all depends on your taste! By the way, outfits cats and rabbits are welcome in all forms. Even if it is not a complete sexy costume cat or bunny-bully, or just worn perky ponytail or fluffy ears. Small animals you love.

Christmas dresses 2011 Year of the Rabbit

Let's talk about the shaped - in what to dress for the new year of the rabbit (cat) to young women of fashion? You're in luck, girls, the majority of the summer trend remains popular and relevant, so quickly reach for the summer club outfits, and they, immediately, straight to the New Year's party.

Short dresses are still held in high esteem, they can go anywhere. So, at any time appropriate option Cocktail: you will not resistible and a nightclub and restaurant, and home meal. Rabbit can not tolerate pathos because enchanting evening gowns with large loops, deep neckline and pleated, unfortunately, will remain out of work. Along with a length below the knee is not recommended, even for women aged.

Well, with long dresses, we decided, we go to the little things. Lace, ruffles, fringe - it's not only very charmingly, but also fashionable. Attractive details make any girl even more touching, sweet and feminine.
Just hide minor figure flaws can not attract the attention of ruffles, which is very convenient for lush ladies, and for lovely hudyshek: rich fringe gives volume.

Drapery also remains relevant today. Thanks to create a unique shape, and the game play of colors of fabrics, it converts simple dress in a luxurious way. Exotic flower or Greek goddess - whom you would like to appear on the New Year's celebration?

Also recommended for non-standard parts orders, for example, the original neck, armhole on one shoulder asymmetrical neckline or diagonally cut hem, a combination of different quality and color of the fabric. Roughly speaking, anything that will help distinguish you from the crowd with multicolored Christmas, is welcome.

Accessories for the New Year

When it comes to that, what is to meet in 2011 Rabbit, we are talking not only about the clothes, but also the full festive manner. In the coming year, should pay special attention to accessories. Since this is the year of the White Metal Rabbit (Cat), from any metal jewelry very much delight, the little animals. Of course, the favorite will be gold, but it will be relevant, and other metals. Do not forget that the rabbit did not dare, and not very fond of frills, because heirlooms in the form of family or family jewels with large diamonds, this time to get out of the boxes is not necessary. Keep it simple!

During that same dress for the coming new year on its feet? This year, the shoes a little moved away, losing their place boots. It is best to choose a model of suede, leather model options will not always look festive. If you are worried about the fact that this shoe is too hot, the designers have provided everything in advance. If you choose a model case for the New Year's party with open backs, noses or ankle - without a doubt, it all depends on where you are going to celebrate the New Year 2011, in the course of such shoes on snowdrifts not like but for the festive evening, it will be indispensable.

And finally - handbag. Well, this time it clearly - small clutches and nothing but them, and they will be a great addition to both the cocktail and evening dress to, or, say, Christmas costumes.
Of course, it is best to choose a model with any shiny accessories, adorned with sequins, artificial stones or metal parts.

 What to wear on New 2011 Year of the Rabbit (Cat)

 Coats - is one of the main elements of a basic women's wardrobe

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 Coats - is one of the main elements of a basic women's wardrobe

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