Clutch with sequins for your New Year's image
 Less than a month before the most awaited by all New Year's holiday. To better prepare for his meeting in advance, and if you have already decided on the plans for the New Year, you can safely think and festive attire. We'll be sure to help you choose elegant dress, shoes, jewelry, hair style for your New Year's image. And today's start with accessories, namely, evening bag - clutch.

For example, you can pay attention to luxury clutch Marc Jacobs, it is made of beige leather and embroidered sequins. This clutch will fit almost any image of the New Year - and cocktail dresses, and jumpsuits and vintage style as well, which is now so fond of many ladies. The only downside to this wonderful product - its price is about 35 000 rubles.

But like clutch can be found at more affordable prices. So we do not forget that this season, at the peak of popularity of metallic shades, and therefore your clutch for the New Year should be shiny gold or silver.

See our selection and choose a clutch, which is suitable for your New Year's dress.

 Clutch River Island
 Clutch River Island (1890 p.), Embroidered with sequins three shades and patterns of beads, like a treasure of oriental fairy tales.

 Clutch Steven by Steve Madden
 Clutch Steven by Steve Madden (2800 p.) In a retro style, these handbags like to bring Hollywood stars on the red carpet.

 clutch with bow and sequins Betsey Johonson
 Romantic clutch with bow and sequins Betsey Johonson (4000 p.) Christmas outfit perfectly complement any color scheme.

 handbag - clutch Badgley Mischka
 Embroidered with sequins handbag - clutch Badgley Mischka (6000 p.) On a gold chain and a leather top. This clutch the most comfortable and roomy in our collection, if you wish, it can be worn during the day as a purse over her shoulder.

 Clutch Accessorize
 Gold Clutch Accessorize (1590 p.) Is shaped like a beautician. But it's not as small as it may seem, you can put in a lot of useful little things which will be useful to you in the New Year's Eve.

 Clutch with sequins for your New Year's image

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 Fashion trend. Cardigans

Thing month - long cardigan. Cardigan - a unique thing in your wardrobe. He will be used at any time of the year.

In the summer and spring is an excellent choice of outerwear that can throw over a dress or suit, autumn and winter warmer options cardigans protect you from the cold and piercing wind.

So cardigans themselves do not go out of fashion, changing only the current model. This year, the popular long and very long cardigans. Some of them are long reach almost to the floor. Choose which of the fashion models is right for you. Thus, the main kinds of fashionable cardigans this season.

  • Major matings

 Cardigan large knitted
 These knit cardigans from thick thread. Large knitted cardigans are ideal for walking. They either do not commit, very informal. At the same time they are warm and simply go perfectly with jeans. You can wear them at home.

  • Cardigans Short Sleeve deflated

 Cardigan with short sleeve deflated

In general, such loose cardigans, textured and somewhat shapeless. They are characterized by simplicity of form and lack of spare parts - a maximum of collar or hood. Due to the simplicity, they look great with a volume of beads brooch or large stones.

  • Cardigans Sleeveless

 Sleeveless Cardigan

These cardigans are very similar to an elongated vest. Material -trikotazh wool. Fashion model -pritalenny cardigan of thick dark jersey, sleeveless, but with double-breasted collar. Very stylish cardigan would look like this with a big charm bracelet and a safety pin.

  • Very long cardigan

 Very long cardigan

For those who always follow fashion. Completed usually made of thin, sometimes translucent knitted cardigans in length, these can be up to the ankles. What distinguishes them: concise, restrained colors, long narrow sleeves, minimalism. Wearing such cardigans can narrow trousers, shorts, jeans, high boots. The only thing - they need to be very careful to combine with office clothes, especially skirts strict.

  • Colored and textured cardigans

 Colored and textured cardigans

They and their variegated combination of different kinds of knitted reminiscent hippie style. Trendy colored cardigans should be a little below the knee. In style they fit pockets large buttons and belts. The general rule with respect to these cardigans - the rest of the clothes should be either self-colored or subdued tones. As for accessories - there will excellent large pendant on a leather strap, jewelry in ethnic style.

  • Spacious cardigans with complex brim

 Spacious cardigans with complex brim

Cardigans most cases are made of thin knitted wool or cotton doped. They are characterized by an asymmetrical hem, the absence of buttons, buckles and any details at all. These cardigans are not made to fasten or tie belt. They are spacious and have them open. An excellent option - put on a cardigan over such a short leather jacket. The image must necessarily add a wide bracelets and a large pendant or necklace.

  • Cardigans with Norwegian pattern

 Cardigan with Norwegian pattern

Styled brand D & G, they were literally over popular. The reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas trees - all these images must be present at the "correct" winter cardigan. These cardigans are enormous scarves, long gloves, hats and socks.

 Fashion trend - Cardigans

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 Cardigan for all occasions

With the onset of cold weather I want to wrap myself in a cozy and warm clothes, and of course, it should be fashionable. We declare cardigan favorite this fall and offer you five stylish ideas for all occasions.

For Office

 Cardigan Office
 We were at school pursuing the rule of "black bottom, white top." At first we sat in the classroom in a black skirt and white blouse, and then take exams at the institute in black and white garb. This alliance continues to accompany us in the office. Of course, it is not necessary to raise a rebellion against the fashionable dress code, but you can dilute the image of a business woman dress in the style of casual.

Cardigan topical cream - it is a great compromise between fashion trends, and rules that apply in your company. Well-look will focus as a thin belt at the waist - this season designers have decided to revive the image of the new look, which advocates close-fitting silhouettes. To complete the image of a bright tie up around the neck scarf, Put on the black high-heeled shoes and bring a bulk bag. Now you are not going to look like an ordinary office worker. By the way, we all know that bright people moving faster than the rest of the career ladder.

For shopping

 Cardigan for shopping
 While shopping you will not be able to do without the cardigan. Going shopping, you need to dress as comfortable as possible: it awaits steeplechase in the form of attractive windows and a variety of approaches to the shells, which will play the role of racks and shelves with clothes. These actions need to be refined comfortable equipment, which, of course, must be fashionable.

If you have planned shopping, prefer comfortable jeans, a simple T-shirt and bright cardigan. When choosing shoes, stop for a model with a comfortable shoe. This image will not accept unnecessary details, so you will be a beautiful accessory to anything - leave their homes. An exception may be a bright scarf and a capacious bag, which will be your wallet, phone and discount cards. So comfortable and stylish outfit ready, you can safely go for shopping!

For Theatre

 Cardigan for theater
 For a long time the theater was the main entertainment secular people: here you can enjoy a game of talented actors on stage thundered premiere intrigued behind the scenes, and a balcony and orchestra were the place of these fashion shows. Gradually overtaken cinema theater in the number of high-profile premieres and became a place of intrigue in show business. But people have not stopped going to the theater, because there is still shine favorite actors, and you can stand in the way, which will be the subject of a loud whisper back rows.

A win-win option for going to the theater is the classic little black dress with a beautiful neckline, long gloves, clutch and black shoes. Dilute this rather monotonous way of long cardigan that can give your outfit a bit bohemian, and earrings in the same tone. You can be sure that after the curtain fell, the hall will be cheering not only the actors, but also to you!

For the club

 Cardigan for the club
 Mayakovsky once said, "Shine always shine everywhere! ". This quote could become a fashionable slogan, when it comes to clothing that reflects light metallic sheen.

In this mini-dress you will be hard to miss at any party. Complementing this will be the way of purple cardigan and matching handbag and bright accent of this ensemble is a massive ring with a green stone. Your every move will be seen: whether you go out on the dance floor in shoes or pearl colors stretch out his hand for a cocktail. Everyone will know who the real star of the evening. You do not become part of a large constellation, the biggest star of the galaxy!

For the garden

 Cardigan to testify
 My mother's uncle Theodore from the cartoon about the village Buttermilk was ardent opponent of a country holiday. And all because she had several evening dresses, but, by the way, no cardigan!

If you are invited to spend a weekend away from the busy city, first pack cardigan with clear textured pattern. Among the many color schemes better to choose a very popular this fall, warm beige color. A good complement jeans will not fetter movements, woolen sweater in black, bright scarves and hats. Do not forget the rubber boots. Of course, in this way you are unlikely to be able to charm the bulls, but for a picnic or a walk in the woods the best option you will not find.

 Cardigan for all occasions