rooms with stolen car to do

Early in the morning you go out into the yard to her car and realize that something is wrong ... Carefully inspect the car and, to his horror, he finds that it does not have license plates. But they were last night! Do you remember exactly. And "escape" they themselves could not. Rooms with stolen car - what to do in such a situation?

To whom it may be necessary? To this there are several answers. Conventionally, all the thieves of car numbers can be divided into four groups. The first group - "amateur collectors." These thieves "hunt" for the unusual, rare, usually older, license plate. Take off is usually only one room, and do it very carefully, trying not to damage it.

"Going to work", collectors clearly imagine the further destiny of your license plate. Most likely, he will join the collection of the "collector". However, there are other options - it can be resold or exchanged for another copy. The bottom line is that this type of thieves will not return your room under any circumstances.

The second group - "bad neighbors". You have the habit of putting your car in any free space in the yard without worrying that someone has long considered it "his"? Or maybe you've recently sprayed someone passing by and did not even apologize? Or his car blocked the entrance to the staircase? Maybe wash it next to the playground?

Well ... then it is likely that the cause of your troubles in it. Quite often stolen car numbers - it is simply an "act of revenge" on the part of your favorite neighbors. As a rule, "The Avengers" still unscrew one or two rooms. And with the car they have not much ado - may damage and scratch.

What kind of fate awaits your registration number in that case? Here are possible options. Someone might leave room on your memory, and long winter evenings will be looking at them, remember his "noble" act softly rubbing her hands with joy that you are so cool "Uel." Others - donesut them to the nearest dumpster. In any case, hardly anyone recognized in the act and return them to you. So in this case, the chance to get them back, virtually none.

Third group - "criminals." These removed, usually both numbers. Unscrew very professionally and carefully. Rooms used for criminal purposes - a car with stolen numbers can be, for example, rob a bank or knock a person. You can hang them on the stolen car and try to overtake, and then sell it, etc. It is clear that they are unlikely to feel the pangs of conscience and decide to return the stolen back.

Group Four - last. "Extortioners." Perhaps this is the only option that you have every chance to get their registration numbers ago. Actually, for the sake of all and afoot. The removed number plates you will find a note with the terms of repayment. Its amount and the method of transmission rates and money, depending on the imagination and greed scam. To go or not in the wake of the extortionists - you decide.

Driving without license plates

What happens if both numbers stolen? Driving without registration plates - quite a serious offense. And the punishment for it is appropriate. More recently, a trip without a license plate "cost" hapless driver only 500 rubles. This is precisely the amount of the fine has been provided by the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation.

Recently, however, the Plenum of the Supreme Court issued a ruling, according to which it does not matter, one or both of the registration number you have available. For driving without license plates fined 5,000 rubles. And under unfortunate circumstances may right away. For a period of one to three months. But this is serious. What to do?

Perhaps you first need to understand what to do. Definitely not worth tempted tempting offers on the Internet, promising to rid you of this problem "quickly and not expensive at all." It must be remembered that the production of duplicate license plates is the action illegal. And the punishment for such a "cute trick" is serious enough. Only for the installation of "fake" characters, according to the same Code, may be fined 2,500 rubles.

Well, if you decide to travel by car with false number plates, - but why, then, to install them? - You are likely to lose a driver's license. And well, if only for six months! But that's not all. Hapless car owner could face and criminal liability. According to article 326, part 1 of the Criminal Code, forgery of state registration license is punishable by "a fine of up to eighty thousand rubles or restriction of freedom for up to two years, or imprisonment for the same period." Well, so is it worth the risk?

 what to do if the car was stolen from the room

What to do if your number plates are stolen?

Step one. You must contact the police and write a statement about the theft of license plates. A police officer will report the incident and will give you a ticket alert. Within 10 days of your application will be considered, and then it will make a ruling. What's in this resolution? There are two options. In the first case - a decision to institute criminal proceedings. In the second - the refusal to institute criminal proceedings. With a very high probability, is it you, and get your hands on.

Step Two. Having received the ticket alert, wasting no time, call the registration authority - Interdistrict Registration-Ezkamenatsionny traffic police department. It was there that involved replacing registration plates. Check with the members of the organization need to bring to your decision not to initiate criminal proceedings. In some departments simply present a ticket alert. If a judgment is still required, will have to wait 10 days - if not, you can go directly to the registration authority.

What do I need to bring?

You will need:

  • passport;
  • the application of the standard sample (you can write on the spot);
  • Passport vehicle - TCP;
  • a copy of the TCP;
  • certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • MTPL policy;
  • driver's license;
  • pass inspection;
  • a medical certificate;
  • money - they will go to pay state fees for changing rooms and a replacement ticket TRP.

In any case, make a few photocopies of all documents.

If you drive by proxy - and do not forget to take it. And there must be a point according to which you are entitled to make changes to the registration data. If you have one of the rooms, it will be necessary to pass. About two hours after submitting the documents you will be given a new number and car documents, as amended by the changes.

Step Three. Now you need to change the pass inspection. To do this, go to the service station. By the way, here are something you may need medical help. Do not worry, go through the entire procedure of inspection you do not have. You will need to write an application, pay a state fee and just pick up a new ticket. The validity period of the new ticket will be the same as the old one. And finally - you need to replace an insurance policy. Here it all depends on your insurance company. Some simply make changes to existing policies, others - give new evidence.

How to protect yourself from theft numbers?

As a rule, taught by bitter experience, motorists prefer to take some precautions and take care of is to reverse a number of their car was not easy. What will this be done? Firstly, you should not rely on the number of plastic frames. Pull out one number - simple. And the tool is not required, and the time it will take only a few seconds. Why so simplify life criminals?

It is much safer if your license plate will be attached with bolts or screws. Here, at least, require a screwdriver. And such a procedure is time-consuming slightly more. It often takes just something that "is bad" - that is, those numbers that are easier to remove. Perhaps the surest way to keep rooms - is to fix them with special rivets. Then in order to remove their need to hand drill or screwdriver. And work with the tool near the machine is sure to attract attention.

That's it. All the suffering behind, and you - happy owner of a new room. Now you know exactly what to do if the car was stolen from the room. With luck, all the "walking through Hell" takes one day. If it is not ... a few. But all is not so scary, is not it? Although, of course, it is better to make sure that this history does not repeat itself again.

 What if the car was stolen from the room - step by step

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 Proper planting at the wheel

How do you handle the steering wheel and seat of your car? At first glance - it is a very simple question. And most drivers did not hesitate to answer that just make so that was convenient. But is the concept of "user-friendly" and "right" are the same? Unfortunately no. The usual planting and seating - often completely different things. Why is the right fit at the wheel so important?

Women's posture

Ironically, the driving position is inextricably linked to the security of driving. Unfortunately, driving schools pay little attention to this. So go on the road "wizards dropout." That is why almost all of training to improve driving skills begins with an analysis of planting. Why is that? Everything is very simple.

What is meant when we say "right" fit? It is understood that the driver sits so that the driving means - all levers, pedals, steering wheel, etc. - Positioned so that it does not have to reach for it. This means that in a critical situation, the driver will need less time to react. Often these precious seconds and it saves lives and passengers. In addition, accustomed ourselves to sit correctly, you'll soon be surprised to see that become much less tired at the wheel. And driving began to bring you real pleasure.

There is another point. Doctors say that improper planting - especially if you have a car for a "second home" and you spend a lot of time there - can lead to serious health problems. Firstly, may begin severe back pain. After all, in a chair properly, you inadvertently override one of the spine - a lumbar or cervical. Secondly, there may be pain in the joints and headaches.

Suppose all this has more to do with professional drivers ...

But! You also probably also do not want to spending 2-3 hours behind the wheel - for example, when traveling to the country - the rest of the day to feel "old wreck" and grab alternately behind his back, over his head? Agree a little fun. So how do you avoid all this trouble? Proper planting at the wheel of the car - the decision, if not all, then at least very many problems.

Of course, each person has his particular body, its parameters. Height, weight, length of arms and legs - all this is very individual. Therefore, common rules for adjusting the seat and steering wheel simply does not exist - that is, Nobody will tell you that the chair should be elevated to a certain number of centimeters from the floor and be at such and such a distance from the steering wheel.

How, then, to set things right? It's very simple! We must be guided not by centimeters, and the position of the arms, legs, back and head.

The position of the head and body

The back should be as close as possible to cling to his chair and his head - be in line with the spine. It has been established that it is the position allows for longer concentrate. The back seat is properly adjusted to be almost vertical - is possible only a slight slope.

Pay attention to how the fixed headrest. The main objective of the "details" - to protect his head from possible damage in the event of an emergency. Therefore, it is necessary to set it so that he was at the top of your ear.

 Proper planting driving a car

Hand Position

Imagine that the steering wheel - a large clock face and your hands - it's the arrow. Place both hands on the steering wheel. The wrist of the right hand must match the imaginary figure of two, left wrist - ten. You managed to do it without taking back from the back of the driver's seat? So, you are sitting correctly.

Carry out another test. Touch the wrist to "12 digits". I do not have to pull? Well, then just all right. Also, it is desirable that while driving, hands were raised above shoulder level. Therefore, if possible, try to adjust the height of the steering column.

When moving your hands should be placed on the "numbers" ten and two or nine and three. Turn the steering wheel need two hands, with the interception. Make sure that when you turn the steering wheel 180 degrees do not cross your arms - then you can be sure that no broken nails, fingers, and not "lose" the steering wheel if the car will shake on rough roads.

Position the feet and mirrors

In order to determine the correct position of the need to get back and depress the clutch pedal all the way. The left leg should be slightly bent at the knee. Make sure to keep your feet do not touch the steering wheel. Press on the pedal to be the middle of the foot. This - the most convenient and proven position. Since leg to slip and, if necessary, it can easily be moved from one pedal to another.

Make sure that the feet were not in suspense - it should be based on the thigh seat. At the edge of the seat of your car and the inside of the knee - fold - the distance should be about a hand.

Work? Now you have to adjust the mirrors. In the interior mirror must reflect the average of the rear window. It is understood that, depending on the size of the mirror, you will see the rear window, either totally or partially. In the outside you have a mirror to see the road behind the car, the horizon line, a piece of heaven and a small portion of the side of your car. Conveniently? Now once again you need to check it out.

Fasten your seat belt. Put your feet on the pedals, and put his hands on the steering wheel in such a way that they will be positioned while riding. Make sure that the dashboard is easily visible, and none of the devices are not blocked by the steering wheel.

At the same time lift the arms and legs, severing them from the steering wheel and pedals. You had to tear off the back of the seat back? No? So, all right.

The most common mistakes

  1. The driver sits in a way that is too close to the steering wheel. On the driver's slang talk about such "chewing bagel." For some reason, many believe that it is better to see the road.

    What's wrong with such a landing? In this position the driver has much to bend the legs and arms that limits freedom of action. In an emergency, you just can not have time to react. Moreover, with such a landing muscles of the neck and back severely strained. By the end of the trip - especially if it is long - you are likely to feel completely "broken."

  2. The driver leans heavily in a chair - almost lying there. It seems to be very comfortable! Nothing like this. You'll have to catch up all the time ahead, holding the handlebars. The main burden falls on the muscles of the arms - in fact spin longer rests on the back of the chair. As a result, the speed and accuracy of response decrease. The hands get tired. Yes, and the way in such a situation can be seen far worse.
  3. Another fairly common mistake is the habit to keep your hands in the bottom sector wheel and compress its "stranglehold". Maybe this seems convenient, but in such a situation the steering angle is limited.

How to properly hold the wheel?

The most reliable is considered "closed capture". What it is? It is the position of the hands when the four finger covering the steering rim on the outside, but inside it is great. This will help you capture, if necessary, to stop the involuntary rotation of the steering wheel.

Needless to strongly compress the wheel? Of course not. The driver, "clinging" in the steering wheel, very soon get tired hands. This is advantageous only in a critical situation. Or if you are going to "the nature" and are trying to drive on the road. Normally, the wheel can be compared with a small bird - your task is not to let it fly, but do not press down to death.

Here, it seems, and everything you need to know about how to properly sit behind the wheel. It's not so difficult, right? In fact, this is enough to pay quite a bit of attention - just for a while, followed by a for - and you will understand that such a landing is not only the right but also the most comfortable.

It remains only a safety belt - and you can go on the road.

Bon Voyage!

 Proper planting of driving a car