Little Black Dress: take an example from the stars

Ever since Coco Chanel presented a magnificent gift to women, it has been more than 80 years, but to this day little black dress takes pride of place in almost all fashion shows. According to stylists, this outfit should certainly be in the wardrobe of any woman. How to choose a "model" and what it combine learning with examples of celebrities.

Indispensable in any situation and the situation, the little black dress is considered necessary basic thing a woman's wardrobe. Through all kinds of decoration, different silhouettes and cut lines, any woman, regardless of age, weight and proportions of the figure could pick up a little black dress the model that perfectly accentuate her beauty and personality.

For some stars quirky choice of clothing is often part of self-promotion. Therefore, taking the example of idols in the choice of such a lowly member of the female wardrobe, do not forget about the fact that the rules of good taste has not been canceled.

Mariah Carey

On the left:   Selecting the little black dress was made by a girl very badly. This outfit, more like a knit sweater, can hardly be called a dress. Nobody argues, if the lady has something to show to others. However, Carey is clearly overdone, exposing for all to see her breasts. In such an outfit no stylishness or relevance, or even sexuality.

In the photo on the right:   Owners rounded forms should very carefully consider the choice of dresses from soft fine knitwear. After all, this material can not only emphasize your strengths, but all the wrinkles on your body.

Also it is necessary to abandon the styles with decorative fabrics, asymmetrically arranged at the level of the buttocks. They only give a figure the volume and make it visually more squat.

 Mariah Carey

Holly Madison

The dress of the girl - another example eager to show others their charms. The bodice of this dress is clearly designed for a modest bust, from which fall out of it charms seem disproportionate volume.

It seems that choosing the outfit, she was designed to combat the spot surrounding their forms.

 Holly Madison

Jessica Simpson

On the left:   Dress, dressed the girl, does not correspond to her age. It is most likely designed to thin women over forty, and a young girl, it causes a sense of incongruity and disharmony.

In the photo on the right:   Nobody argues that the embroidered sequined black dress looks very elegant, but only on a very slender young ladies, as the glossy surface visually increase in volume, adding about a couple of kilograms.

What would become visually balance the massive shoulders and bust, as well as lengthen the torso that seems disproportionately short, this dress is clearly to add to the length of 6-7 cm.

Although in this case the best solution is to change the general outfit to something more appropriate.

 Jessica Simpson


Dress the girl has no hint of elegance. Subtle matter thoroughly rayed, showing others underwear.

Besides the length of the dress is no longer anything positive. In this dress you will hardly be able to make a good impression, just create a feeling of embarrassment in others.


Shauna Sand

The dress, which is not puzzle. Through the weaving of dresses worn by a girl, you can explore all the anatomical features of its constitution.

Perhaps this is a great option beachwear, but no more. This dress, worn over a bathing suit is appropriate to appear only in the coastal cafes. However, for any other pastime it is absolutely not appropriate.

 Shauna Sand

Kim Cattrall

Although the model dresses are very elegant, but the actress is not sitting very pretty. The impression spoils ill-fitting bodice. Apparently this outfit is designed for a larger bust.

Therefore, when choosing a dress is very important that the upper part was sitting perfectly on a figure, otherwise unwanted creases and folds will create the effect of sagging breasts.

 Kim Cattrall


The whole set was not entirely unsuccessful. After all, at first glance this dress, perfectly sitting on a figure, has no flaws. However, if you look carefully, almost all materials used in the kit have a tight, light-absorbing surface. For example, as accessories selected dense black pantyhose and high gloves.

This decision was ponderous. Even the attempt to diversify the collection by lacquer shoes and bags are not able to save the situation.

The set contains notes incompleteness, boredom and monotony.


Heidi Klum

No frills, fun and contemporary design, silhouette and style fully comply with the figure. An example of this little black dress is the most successful in its execution.

 Heidi Klum

Several current selection rules little black dress

  • When choosing a dress, first of all, it should be guided not by modern fashion trends and features of the figure.
  • Choosing a dress in her wardrobe as a basis, should give preference to a classic, concise manner that is relevant and appropriate in any situation, regardless of fashion.
  • To not look vulgar, it is necessary to abandon the super-short models with a deep neckline. Believe me, it does not add to your sexuality.
  • Choosing the little black dress for social events, prefer fine fabrics (satin, velvet or lace). However, you must realize that this outfit for the office would be extremely inappropriate.
  • For young girls the perfect choice - dress just above the knee for older women - just below the knee.
  • When choosing a dress design model should pay attention to balance the silhouette. Dress with a fluffy skirt will look very good with fitting bodice. Whereas surround collar and sleeves will look logically with a narrow lower part.
  • Dress decorated with beads, sequins or embroidery contrast, should be complemented by an extremely laconic accessories. Conversely, if the dress is kept and concisely on a cut, you can safely use vivid fancy accessories and jewelry.

If you can not make the right choices for the dress of a social event, choose a win-win situation - the little black dress and open shoes.

 Little Black Dress: take an example from the stars

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 New image

On the eve of the New Year holidays the female part of humanity actively empties the shelves of trendy shops, searching for the perfect festive ensemble. Accessories, as an integral part of the make for a chic image of the complete and turn an ordinary dress in a spectacular outfit in which you become the star of the party. Right for you to choose the suitable accessories to help our tips.

The choice is always adhere to 2 main rules:

  1. The main component of the image must be one particular item. Others must either successfully complement it, or even be invisible.
  2. Last time looking in the mirror vote result: possibly find extra detail, and may want to try one more addition.

Luxury necklace

 New image

Make expressive image is possible by means of beads or a necklace. Natural stones and precious metals is not required. Good jewelry successfully replaces expensive jewelry, and also follows the latest fashion trends.

It is appropriate to be beads of several threads, a chain with a large allocated pendant. An elegant way of complete concise string of pearls.

Rage regarded outfit consisting of expressive necklace and low-key cocktail dresses calm tones. Stopping the choice on this embodiment, give up other decorations - they are here to be redundant.

Stylish Bracelet

 New image

If you are attracted to the beautiful wide bracelet, all the other additions (including the dress itself) recede into the background: the attention of others will be focused on your pens.

Little Black Dress will be combined perfectly with the decoration, but bright and colorful outfits with big bracelet incompatible.

Large earrings

 New image

Earrings draw attention to themselves, as set off an oval face. They can also play a major role in the selected band. The main condition - the exact choice with regard to the shape of the face and eye color.

For the gala evening germane large, long earrings. These models do not need a pair of brooches and necklaces.

Exquisite Brooch

 New image

Brooch - it would seem, only one of the additions to and nothing more. However, it it will help identify the basic component wear. Feel free to experiment with the size of the brooch and secure place.

One of the latest trends - the location of several brooch on her dress in a row or group.

The brooch can be pinned to his belt, secured to the rim or small handbag to complement it.

Decorate the handle

 New image

Happy owner of fine pens, look at the big rings with stones that accentuate the color of the dress.

Stylish looks at a thin finger rings, match the color and style.

However, when choosing rings importantly - a sense of proportion. Festooned with decorations hand lose its charm and show bad taste.


 New image

Fancy handbag for women is not only a useful place to store necessities, but also decorating element, creating a unique style. If you choose to focus on shoes and handbags optional: it can be a bright spot of the whole outfit.

Experiment with materials. With velvet dress look great additions lacquer.

Fashion Belts

 New image

Successfully picked belt profitable emphasize the dignity of the figure and its owner will add sensuality. If you want to look stunning - feel free to use the beautiful times with any dress.

The unusual shape, interesting accessories belt can successfully replace other decorations to create a festive welcome effect.

New shoes

 New image

When choosing a holiday version of shoes do not hesitate to try on a model of unusual shape and design with a high heel.

However, if your New Year's outfit - a luxurious evening dress, the shoes should not "shout" their presence. Prefer discreet models of shoes or sandals golden tones with a subtle interplay of straps.

 How to create the image of Christmas with accessories

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