Select ugg boots for cold winter 2011

What to look for when choosing boots so popular and what to wear ugg boots in winter? First of all pay attention to your image matching this style. The most fashionable ugg boots reflect the direction of casual, and therefore the best complement to them will be jeans or tight leggings combined with a sweater, pullover or a knitted dress.

The history of fashion trends

Not many people know that Ugg boots are popular now close relatives of our beloved national footwear - boots. We invented this convenient footwear farmers in Australia about two hundred years ago. From warm wool boots steel fooling who at first did not differ beauty and grace, and therefore are called ugly boots, which translates as "the terrible boots." After a while they began to call for short uggs. That's right, this word should be pronounced as "aggs," but we are known as ugg boots.

The collections of young progressive designers ugg boots were first shown two years ago, and immediately won universal love and popularity, reflecting the modern trend of "renunciation of pins." Glossy fashion magazines have unanimously tipped fashion for ugg short life. However, time will judge differently: this model has only increased the number of fans, and finally became a real mast have this year.

World fame ugg boots, as well as many other things, brought Hollywood diva. They love to wear comfortable boots, falling while in the lenses of photographers. The real breakthrough was the world-famous Oprah Winfrey, who shod ugg boots on one of his shows. Needless to say, after that ugg boots became a bestseller. Today, many celebrities have homes are not a couple, and a collection of UGG boots: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Jerry Holliuel and many others collect cute model and regularly flaunt them in public.

The main advantages

It's no secret that even the most fashionable and trendy new items for long remain the favorites, if not differ convenience. UGG explicit confirmation of this rule: a seemingly clumsy and a little ridiculous, they give warmth, dryness and comfort of your legs. Ugg boots as boots wonderfully retain heat in winter and cool in summer. Just note that in this case we are talking about the present model of sheep's wool, which act as natural thermos. Inside these boots has always maintained the body temperature. Therefore, ugg boots can be safely put on socks (many do).

Fashion images of 2011

Modern variations of ugg boots will not be bored fashionistas: for all tastes there are patterns of fine fabrics for summer, or thick wool for the winter. Fashion ugg boots 2011 might be knee-high or a low, barely covering the ankle. Colors and patterns are offered a wide variety. The latest models are supplemented knitted ugg boot top, there is also boots in metallic colors and trim options with a long fur.

Model selection depends on your preference, try to only buy original ugg boots made of natural wool sheep. Inside, they should have a thick insole covered with genuine suede boots are made and on a completely flat sole. There are several brands that specialize on such real ugg boots: UGG Australia, Shuringa.

If you decide to wear ugg boots, pay attention to compliance with all other parts style casual. Ideal boots look great with jeans, shorts or leggings and a warm sweater or a knitted dress.

 Select ugg boots for cold winter 2011

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 Fur extravaganza

One of the trends in modern fashion is to use fake fur instead of natural. The more that the latest technology can produce high-quality fake fur. What fur choose to feel comfortable in all weather conditions - natural or artificial? Perhaps the question everyone has his own answer, as everyone has his vision than complement garment, not to spoil the created image.

We offer five modern images, which include outfits and accessories made of fur and satisfy the requirements of even the most sophisticated fashionistas. In these ensembles in any situation you will look confident and stylish, despite the fact that the fur coats, hats, fur jackets and coats it all - an imitation of the natural material.

Fur coat for a walk to the shops

 Fur extravaganza

The most popular among fashionistas this season aviator jacket handy. But not always, despite the fact that it has podstёzhka sheepskin, it can warm in the winter cold. Still more it is suitable for late autumn.

When the weather and winter frost, comfortable feel in a classic sheepskin coat covering the knees. Protection from cold sheepskin coat, cardigan, which emphasizes the individuality of an asymmetric hem, which, moreover, is very versatile. It looks stylish with knee-high boots and tight jeans. In such an outfit always feel elegant and mysterious. Especially if complement the created image, carelessly thrown over the shoulder bag-postman made of leather and decorated with fur inserts.

Reference is made to the following kits: synthetic sheepskin Oasis , Fashionable shirt Woolrich , pants J Brand , Handbag Bershka , Pendant Marc Jacobs Boots H & M .

  Not afraid of cold and frost, when they are on tour you go

 Fur extravaganza

The working week behind. The long-awaited holiday. Going for a walk in a day just need to change the strict office clothes for something more comfortable. Immediately recollect fluffy knitted hat with large pompom, long scarf, warm woolen leggings, complete with short boots, decorated with soft inserts. All these accessories will be the best addition to cozy faux fur coat, which protects from the cold and a walk in the winter woods and on the ski run. Of course you are not possibly be given a look when you want to visit the ice rink.

Recommended options: fur coat Uniqlo , a warm sweater Kookai Jeans Stradivarius , Cap Monsoon Boots UGG , Handbag Old Navy .

And at the feast in the world

 Fur extravaganza

New this season - long coat or short coat. If the coat is used, usually sheared yak fur, the fur coat looks original, if it is fake fur with long pile.

The advantages of this coat is that it is a universal outfit for everyday wear, complete with comfortable platform boots and trousers of the "banana", and for the more solemn occasion. As an alternative to noisy parties coat will add mystery and sexuality, if it is carelessly thrown over his shoulders, wearing under her leather dress on a figure with a neckline. Complete the image of jewelry chosen to match.

Our advice: artificial coat Miss Selfridge , Clutch Handbags River Island , Boots Christian Louboutin , Jewelry Oasis .

Fur coat for business women

 Fur extravaganza
 Business style is different rigor and conservatism, but requires elegance. The best option for the office will be a long warm coat with faux fur collar and high graceful belt.

In addition to this coat you can wear warm wool classic trousers, boots made of suede. It remains the favorite to grab the bulk bag - fashion image is ready.

Our options: Coats Star by Julien MacDonald , Blouse H & M , Handbag Nine West , pants Vionnet , Boots Topshop Watches from M. Kors .

Practical option for those who are behind the wheel

 Fur extravaganza

We advise remember retro style of the 70s. The main elements of the new image will be: short jacket of faux fur, fashion accessories (hat, long leather gloves). Flirty leopard print at the top will give a look of charm and is ideally combined with trendy tulip skirt of wool beige.

We offer ideas: jacket Stradivarius , Top Mulberry , Tulip skirt Giambattista Valli , Hat Topshop , long gloves Mango .

 Fur extravaganza

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