Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

Any modern woman, who used to be aware of the major fashion trends and create your own image, interested in the main lines of an office style this season. Career growth and success of the service, like it or not, depends on how we look. We offer without delay talk about major updates to business clothes 2011 season.

Fashion Season 2011 offers a variety of models to find the right thing for people of different styles and looks. Just have to do without revealing outfits and provocative ideas. There remains only the right, comfortable and convenient, make it cozy and in the office and on the cold street.

Good old classics

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

This winter, designers offer to give up such a favorite with many black. The main color scheme can be safely regarded as the gray scale: it is present in almost all parts of office clothes.

New bit: gray two-piece suits (skirt and jacket, fitted jacket and pants), gray-colored jumper and a gray trousers. Pretty standard option.

Only change the colors and shades of gray. Tommy Hilfiger offers cool gray, Marc Jacobs prefers soft and muted gray options.

Pleasant beige

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

Lovers of warm palette of colors this winter will find inspiration in other major office color modes. We are talking about the beige.

Most often associated with a beige color in the fall, but the designers did not offer to give it up in winter. Ensembles beige different saturation can be considered a mandatory element fashionable wardrobe for the office.

This color is present in the collections of designers like Zac Posen, a fan of English classics Julien Macdonald, a supporter of Italian emancipation Salvatore Ferragamo.

Wear these kits made with high boots of the same tone.

Military Style

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

One of the leaders of colors proved to be an office-style khaki color, which is actively used a fashion house Moschino, Max Mara, Dries Van Noten.

For offices, which have to follow strict corporate style of this option, of course, will not do. However, there are a lot of professions, which is inherent in some democratic clothing. For them, the hacks will help innovation.

It should also be noted that the military-direction is becoming increasingly popular this winter, but because the fate of the khaki wardrobe in the business can be quite durable.

Basically in this color offers cargo pants, but also look good tight skirts and knit things that take on a completely different sound.

Fan of masculine style

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

Many fashion houses (Salvatore Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, rag & bone, and many others) offer a three-piece suit as the most popular attire for women business this winter.

For the power of a woman who used to take decisions itself, this is right highlight its simplicity. As a complement to this costume is recommended men's hats and shoes to go low with a narrow spout.

If you are not willing to give up their femininity, it is quite possible to use only some of the elements of such a trend.

Feminine blouses

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

This line is suitable for those who do not intend to give up their femininity and a categorical opponent of masculine style. However, despite the fact that such cut blouses called "secretarial", not everyone will allow the chief to wear it to the office, since such models are still out of the strict framework of corporate standards. Some believe such models are too frank and serious.

Even so, you should pay attention to these shirts. They will help you look sexy in that case, of course, is not the chief plunged into shock.

This winter offers to purchase "secretarial" sweatshirts from expensive fabrics (Salvatore Ferragamo, Chloe).

The fitted jacket

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

This is one of the very successful new products fashion season 2011. It is used by designers in their collections completely different styles and directions: and a little artsy Dries Van Noten, and strict Paul Smith.

The basis for the creation of this model served as an ordinary men's jacket, only for women's fashion offer it in a very form-fitting version. It looks very elegant, and if worn with a skirt-bell and add some retro style elements, it will be amazing.

One fitted jacket designers did not stop. Stella McCartney also offers a very nice short close-fitting jackets.

Tank tops and vests

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

It can be considered a major finding of the winter season. Tank tops and vests are unquestionable hits in the 2011 collection.

Some of them sewed fur with long pile. Also, there are options like a coat without sleeves, which should wear thick sweaters.

However office such variants are likely to be misplaced. Preference is to give yet more calm classical models.

You can pay attention to short-cut jackets, resembling men, like Ralph Lauren, or choose long jackets, more like a tunic, like Tommy Hilfiger, or give preference to the skin, as it did Sportmax.

Cozy knits

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

It is unlikely that you will be able to ignore this winter knit things. They are an absolute favorite of the 2011 season and is absolutely logical passed from casual wear to office style.

The office will look hardly appropriate to the volume and Norwegian knitting patterns, but there is a great variety of goals.

Etro offers a jumper in men's style paired with a shirt. Chloe show gorgeous selection of soft warm turtlenecks. Sonia Rykiel and Michael Kors attract fashionistas beautiful knitted dress.


 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

Here is just the originality will be superfluous. The extra detail, attention to style office can not be combined.

The main condition in the selection of shoes for the office is the lack of expression of sexuality details: bows, rhinestones, big buckles.

Men's style business clothes also suggests certain rules in the choice of footwear.

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

Such imitation of men's shoes can be seen in many fashion designers, particularly in Anne Valerie Hash.

Do not lose their relevance various options for shoes Oxford, only shades that are used for business models, need to be more calm.

For those ladies who do not want to part with their femininity style, you can recommend a model with an unusual original heel. These shoes will look original and at the same time will not cause complaints from your employers.

Bags of business lady

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

For business lady handbag is an attribute of paramount importance. Fit any traditional model, even one you have acquired a year or two ago.

If you are fed up with the model, and you agree to be solved on a small experiment, winter collection offers a lot of interesting models that are suitable for practical daily use.

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

Leaders of the season - a small female portfolios (eg Cerruti).

Classical models of handbags will be more modern, if they used decorative stitching, similar to what can be seen on puhovichkah inflated jackets and Antonio Marras.

 Fashion Office. What shall we wear in winter 2011?

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