Style - it's inexpensive

Most women tend to be profoundly mistaken, believing that to create a fashionable and stylish image needed only expensive branded things. But look closer and you will immediately notice how many "fashionistas" in expensive clothes look absurdly funny or, even worse, vulgar. At the same time, a woman has a good taste, always look stylish, true and beautiful clothing from a nearby store, not from boutiques to high prices. After all, this is not the main place of purchase, and the purchase item.

So what's the secret to creating a fashionable and stylish image? What to look for when choosing a dress? Especially for you, we give some tips from stylists the most famous fashion houses. And do not doubt that they will help you choose wisely to-date and stylish clothes for every day and every occasion, even without having the "legacy of Rockefeller."

  • Tip stylists Lacoste

When choosing clothes, give preference to natural materials - things that are sewn, always look expensive, perfectly keep their shape, and much longer synthetics can maintain its original appearance.

  • Recommendation house Chanel

It should definitely have in your wardrobe a few basic things black. As this timeless classic is always elegant, but to make it more interesting, you just have to add a stylish and original accessories.

  • Benetton recalls

Do not forget that every outfit needs proper care, otherwise even the most fashionable and expensive items very soon become like a stretched cloth. Carefully read all instructions on care of clothes, written by manufacturers. Always use conditioner when washing colored things, and they will guard securely bright colors of your clothes. After all, the look of your clothes is almost not an essential component of style.

  • Advice from Luis Vuitton

If you have a scheduled meeting with people, sophisticated in fashion trends and defining quality clothes at first glance, it is better to opt for some even low-key, but high-quality and expensive thing. For example, a handbag. Here you can dress modestly, but neatly. This is the best, and most importantly, a stylish option to replace a lot of expensive, but inappropriate trinkets.

  • Recommendations Cartier

Stylish appearance combined with minimal monetary cost - it is just classics, combined with solid, expensive accessories. A single, but expensive, and therefore a strong, focused, and you'll be on top.

  • Christian Louboutin

Things for all occasions are essential. Remarkably, if you, like many, think about adoringly to footwear Christian Louboutin   and often wear it, but still go to her in Russian streets, where every step of the mud puddle is not recommended. In this case, use other more appropriate pair of shoes.

 Style - it's inexpensive

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 Winter romance: what to wear on a date?

What may be the best time for a romantic rendezvous, than it is time to winter? So pick yourself attractive companion and place for your appointment, and we, in the meantime, you will choose a stylish winter wardrobe for a wonderful event. Naturally, you need to look and feminine and romantic, but not too much, because, for sure, you have no desire to show his companion too careless. In addition, for total comfort is better to be dressed warmly, as far as possible within the framework of a romantic date.

Therefore we choose to start a coat. At the peak of the popularity of this season is beige coat. And it is a great choice for your dates. Like no other, beige color will look restrained and stylish. In addition, it is more profitable emphasizes both the beauty and expressiveness of blondes brunettes and redheads unique brightness girls. If your coat just black or brown, then it should revive a brooch in the form of a small bow or rose. Remember Carrie Bradshaw - it's just her style. It is also perfectly possible to present the image of a stylish warm scarf-collar made of wool.

 Winter romance: what to wear on a date?

Still, the most difficult will be the choice between a dress and jeans? So, warm knit dress with Scandinavian print, if for him to wear leggings - a great choice for skating. If you expect just a walk, it is better to cozy denim dress with a belt and high golfs nothing can be. Another option - a lace dress with a knitted jacket suitable shade. This image is perhaps the most delicate of supply, so it is reserved for a romantic dinner.

 Winter romance: what to wear on a date?

High boots to the knee, without a doubt, the best of winter shoes, which can advantageously be combined with a dress, but the golf itself can afford and boots or perhaps boots trimmed with fur.

 Winter romance: what to wear on a date?

Now we need the right accessories, and stylish way to be ready. They may be short of bright suede gloves or long knitted gloves to the elbow, a cute fur headphones or a knitted hat with pompom cheerful, fluffy fur collar or just a nice long scarf.

 Winter romance: what to wear on a date?

 Winter romance: what to wear on a date?

 Winter romance: what to wear on a date?

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 Counterfeit or Original? Find ten differences

The famous Coco Chanel said that counterfeiting is awarded only the best things, and therefore a fake - the highest degree of recognition. That may be so, but today almost 90% of clothes and premium class luxury - it is a fake, while the cost of counterfeiting is quite high.

Popularity fakes. To each his own

Fashion houses are often provoke men to acquire, and thus the production of counterfeits. Let's famous brand launches a new accessory, it advertises the famous actress and model, and immediately placed photos in glossy magazines, the model also receives a bag or a bottle of perfume for free as a gift. In the end, they all want the same bag, but not everyone can afford it. That is, demand creates supply. From the laws of the market does not go away.

Those who purchase counterfeit, divided into two groups: one to buy them consciously, while others are not even aware that they face a copy, not the original item. The first console themselves with the thought that if a fake is a copy of the original, the others do not notice the change. But the second category of people sincerely believe that gets branded real thing and do not even realize that their bag - just a pathetic copy of some other, which is much more expensive.

Designers in the fight against counterfeiting

Any designer frustrating when under the name of selling low-quality counterfeit products. But designers not yet able to cope with this giant global industry; Yes, the market has become a huge economic counterfeiting scam. Suffer both consumers and fashion designers, among them famous Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld, as well as Russian designer Denis Simachev and Maxim Chernitsov.

Armani meanwhile expresses his indignation: not so long ago in Hong Kong, he was offered to buy a watch fashion house Armani   for just 18 euros. It's so hurt and offended by the designer that he had sent a complaint to the Chinese government to make laws to protect the market from counterfeit stricter.

And Maxim Chernitsov written statement to the police and told in detail which sites might and main selling fake stuff. But the Frenchman Christian Louboutin organized in defense of his shoes the whole show: the street in broad daylight, a huge excavator destroyed a large consignment of fake shoes Christian Louboutin . It would seem that the law protects artists, but it does not always solve the case in favor of the big-name brands. Suffice it to recall hearing on the writ jewelry house Tiffany   against online auction eBay When real diamonds lost as auction sellers were acquitted.

Caution Fake !!!

 Counterfeit or Original? Find ten differences

How to distinguish a fake from the real thing? Indeed, sometimes the quality of counterfeits is quite high, and a store that sells them, too pretty pathetic.

  Price issue

Pay attention to the price tag. In view of the tremendous discounts shoes Prada   Even before the last of the collection can not cost 2,000 rubles, it is ridiculous and absurd.

The same situation is with shopping bags. There is a certain minimum price, for which the cost of the line of branded things is not never come down. The official website Louis Vuitton   the cost of bags starting from 9000 rubles for a small makeup bag and up to 200 000, if it is a good suitcase and in the boutiques of the fashion house is never satisfied with sales. Then, from nowhere to swim bag Louis Vuitton   with a price tag of 5000 rubles, a normal person should arouse suspicion.

In Dolce & Gabbana . Gucci . Prada   similar pricing. But these fashion houses, unlike Louis Vuitton   do not hesitate to sales. But, even coming on sale, do not forget that if sandals worth 20,000 rubles, discounted their value is not less than 10 000, and, at best, 7000 rubles.

  Place of purchase

Some brands sold only its own network of boutiques, but in any case, the list of stores where you can buy designer clothes, there is the official website of the eponymous fashion house. And of course, luxury brands can be found only in expensive and reputable shop, such as the Central Department Store. And if you suddenly have a new shop Stokowski, stating that there are sold items from past seasons, it is unlikely to design things. Discount centers exist, but only large stores, and they only sell things from old collections.

Outward appearance

The authenticity of every object can be determined using the three simple rules. We start with a tour of the label, it must be remembered that the design of the label at the famous couturier changes every season, at least - once a year. It may be a new hologram code, even the serial number of the collection, in general, any items that authenticates the origin of things.

It is not necessary to know exactly how it looks label - just look how it is sewn. On the fakes, especially inexpensive decals sewn messy, sometimes wry, detached easily, often with labels fray. And the original things are beautiful, ornate labels often sewn with silver or gold thread, can be found on the label and intricate embroidery. To tear off the label, you need a lot of time and effort - and that, not the fact that succeed.

Then we look at the quality of welds. Curve, ragged or uneven seam - a clear sign of forgery and sticking thread say about the underground origin of things, even if the seller says you otherwise.

And if the item has passed the first two stages, the last look at it as a whole. Qualitative thing is always pleasant to the touch and pleasing to the eye, it keeps its shape even on the hanger. You can with certainty say that the authenticity of the proof of things.

Useful tips

 Counterfeit or Original? Find ten differences

Give now dwell on clothing, shoes and bags to best protect you from fakes during a shopping trip.

  Handbags and other leather accessories

Designer handbags are sold only in boxes, and before putting the bag in a box, it is packed in bags of tissue. If you open the bag, then lined inner pocket will see a stamp designer. Many shopping malls have certificates of authenticity, in which the reference number of each bag, the certificate is protected with hologram sticker.

Do not be lazy to visit the site before buying the manufacturer to consider the details of the design, the location of fasteners and pockets, pattern and symmetry. If you buy a bag of Louis Vuitton , Then these bags monogram is always located symmetrically across the fabric bags with respect to the horizontal line, the same with the sides of the bag and its bottom.

And of course, designer bags are made of good quality leather which is soft to the touch. Skin should be uniformly colored and have spots, if it is not supposed to design bags. Unpleasant smell, traces of paint after contact with the bag, wrinkles and folds and other defects - a sign of forgery, and of poor quality. If the design requires a metallic or other items, they must be reliably and securely fastened, and paired parts must maintain symmetry.


Inner tabs - that's what you need to look in the first place, rather than on the label and on the design of the store. All labels are made of a soft cloth instead of a synthetic crude that is scratch and feel similar to waxed paper. The quality of welds and interior - will also help to determine the real origin of things. Blurred and poorly printed labels - a sign of obvious fakes. Most things besides a good designer label differs also by the presence of original hologram.

Note the line of sizes. The letters and tsifirnye values ​​depend on which country produced thing. I.e Dolce & Gabbana   It will have a range of sizes from 38 to 46, as is customary in Italy, S, L, M, and so on - this is a completely different country. Therefore, knowledge of the size need not only to easily pick up a thing, but do not run into a fake.


Any quality (not necessarily designer) shoes should bend easily and just as easy to restore its original shape. Bend your shoes or boots, long time if it can not "come to his senses" and remained in the skin folds, creases or cracks, then it is a fake, and disgusting quality.

Look at the seams, they should not be uneven, and the more traces of glue. Insole have quality footwear secured inside. Designers also take care of their women customers - on the backdrop of good shoes have special patch that will prevent the formation of blisters on his feet. Fraudsters are, unfortunately, much attention to the ladies do not show.

 Counterfeit or Original? Find ten differences

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