Indian sari

Indian saris for centuries was considered the pride of Indian women and is an essential feature of clothes at the Hindu goddess . Its history is as old as Indian civilization. The word "sari" is derived from the Sanskrit word 'sati', which means cloth. The first traces of saris were discovered in the valley of the River Indus and the first mention of it has come down to our days in the Indian epic, dating to 100 BC. But since then, it took many thousands of years, but after going through the centuries and successfully withstand the test of time, the Indian sari clothes, of course, has undergone some changes. During this time she has absorbed many of the customs and traditions of its people. Despite the fact that over time the peoples of India makes its own adjustments, the national dress Indian sari has kept its originality and is today known all over the world.

Indian woman in a sari - a fascinating spectacle

The Indian sarees any woman look just charmingly. Delicate and sensual clothes attribute profitable emphasizes the dignity of all Indian women, demonstrating their grace and hiding imperfections. In fact, the sari is not one, but three parts: his short blouse, petticoat and a long piece of fabric (12 meters), one end of which is wrapped around the hips, the other - is thrown over his shoulder. The ability to wear a sari - is an art, after all wrap it around the body need so that did not require any pins or fasteners. For many, it takes less than a minute. Indian sari clothes for millennia faithfully serves Indian women. It is no secret that about 80% of modern Indian women prefer it to modern dress. For the Indian men is nothing more attractive than the Indian woman in a sari.

Indian actress in a sari always compelling

 Indian sari photo

Indian actress in a sari - is the embodiment of the feminine.

Each of us at least once in his life had to watch an Indian film and admire the main characters in the national costumes. Actress dressed in traditional national dress, look just fine: attract and dazzle the eye with its femininity and grace. Needless to say that the leading actress in Indian saris, created by the hands of one of the most successful fashion designers Manish Malhotra India, captivated by its beauty and charm of millions of viewers.

Indian saris with their own hands - a real masterpiece

 Indian woman in a sari

Modern sari is a solid piece of fabric without a seam, the length of which is usually from 5 to 9 meters, width - about one meter. Side along the fabric to be used as clothing, visible border, which is usually the bottom edge of the sari pattern. The Indian sarees with their hands pattern can be woven, embroidered or applied colors and decorated with semi-precious stones. Looking at the Indian sari photos, which can be found in a variety of magazines, we see thrown over the shoulder edge of the fabric, which is called the Palu or pallav. Usually, he walking behind developing nicely. The beauty of the traditional garment can not be underestimated. That is why most Indian women prefer to wear such clothes every day. Despite the fact that it is almost completely hides the body of Indian women, many men find Indian women in saris graceful and seductive.

In contrast to the modern sari dress ancient Indian women affects their openness. In those days it was worn next to the skin, and upper choli was not simple. Ancient Indian women did not consider the beauty of his naked body reprehensible. Of course, this is not something that are today in India, modern women, which is prohibited to show his body. Indian saris photos of our contemporaries: they are on top of the sari choli, sarees and under poddevat little blouse.   And no matter how worn this outfit is now one there to this day it remains the same: the wealth of material that reflects the prosperity of his mistress. On it you can without error to determine not only the human caste, religion and region, but also a place on the social ladder. Along with the dresses worn by Indian women, there are also subtypes saris, such as "dhoti", which since ancient times is worn exclusively by men and wrapped around each leg.

Making a sari - exclusively men's work

 Indian sari clothes

In the ancient Indian woman wore only plain clothes, painted sap. However, with the development of the art of painting sari became iridescent.

And to create an Indian sari with your hands is not shy, even the richest and most respected people.   Making traditional Indian clothing in India are engaged exclusively by men from the caste of weavers. Who better than men know how a woman should look like? Sari can be very different - refined and modest, elegant and innocent, romance and wedding. In the manufacture of dress, made of the finest cotton or shimmering silk, richly decorated with ornaments and embroidered with gold thread, trim or semi-precious stones, sometimes it takes up to six months.

Particularly expensive clothes to make the young men entrusted with very sensitive fingers. Embroider and paint Indian sari clothes, too, man. Some colors in Indian culture have a certain importance, but today few people adhere to this color symbolism. For modern Indian women the main thing - to be beautiful.

Dressing the modern Indian woman

The Indian middle-class has in his wardrobe of clothes for all occasions, which usually has about a hundred, or even more. Although it is not cheap, women will never regret the money spent on their dresses. Sari in India have a wide price range - from 600 to 30 thousand rupees, why buy Indian saris are in good quality can not afford to every woman. Good quality saris never wear out and do not shed, so the Indian sari clothes in this country is often passed down from generation to generation.

Indian wedding dress

 Indian actress in saree

Traditional Wedding in India - it's exciting and elaborate event with a shy bride in Indian wedding saris in the spotlight. What should be the modern Indian wedding attire of the bride? Basically, Indian wedding saris are made of red color with rich gold embroidery and exquisite decorations, but in some southern regions of India, the bride wearing a wedding dress green.

Unusual bright clothes made of silk, chiffon, brocade, cotton or synthetic variety is intended to give the appearance of the bride unique charm and mystique. The length of the dress, usually in different regions of the country is different. The main difference between the festive saris from everyday wear is the abundance of gold and jewelry. In short, Indian wedding saris - a true work of art, and what is most interesting is the art created by man's hands. In addition to the bride wears a sari to the wedding a lot of different ornaments made of gold advantage. To buy them for the bride as much as possible, many families get into huge debts. It donated accessories - the only thing that belongs to a woman throughout her life. These ornaments subsequently transmitted from mother to daughter for generations.

Photos of Indian sarees can be viewed forever, and it is better just to try this dress. Among the residents all over the world today can be found a lot of fans of Indian traditional clothing. Of course, to go out in this dress dare not every woman, but as a home clothes can experiment with any of us.

 Indian saris and its history

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