ways to protect cars from theft

Statistics are not happy. According to some estimates, every 10 minutes in the world of car thefts occur. Of course, nobody wants to get into the police reports to the offensive, "adding" to his surname - "a victim." What are the different ways to protect cars from theft?

Car Alarm

For a very large number of people, the word "car alarm" is strongly associated with reliable protection against vehicle theft. There are cases when the owner installed on his car two, or even three, alarm - well, so surely not stolen! But is it reliable anti-theft vehicle?

Unfortunately no. After all, the work of car alarms - "signal", ie just tell you what happened to your car trouble. Uncover and prevent criminal can not steal a car, no alarm. Moreover, if you are far enough away from your machine, you can simply do not hear it, "cries for help".

Several car alarm can correct the situation with a pager. In this case, no matter where you are, you'll learn about the trouble. But you have time to prevent theft? There is another point. Car Alarm has a very nasty "habit" to operate, for example, from heavy rain or if someone just touched the car passed. All the time check run - a little fun.

In addition to its core - security - features a modern car alarm has a number of nice additional "bonus". With this device you can easily find their car in the parking lot, remotely start the engine, open or close windows, switch on the lights in the cabin and perform a host of other useful things, make life much easier car owner.

By the choice of the model must be approached with the utmost seriousness. But there is another important point. You should not make life easier for the hijackers, leaving the car stickers, advertising model your alarm. This information will greatly simplify and speed up their work - because knowing what you're dealing with is much easier to get around all the "obstacles". Do you want it?


This is a "tricky" anti-theft device is responsible for the car's engine. Alarm is not visible from the outside. He will not "scream" and "call for help", and peace and quiet will do the trick - not allow the thief to leave your car. More precisely, the go-go car. ... Yes, that's only a short walk. After a short enough time security device disables the PPC and the power of the engine, stop the fuel supply.

Do you think that in such a case, make would-be hijacker? That's right, he probably just try to quickly leave your car and get lost in the crowd. Older models immobilizers simply did not start the car, but sometimes criminals still managed to "get around" it. Modern devices eliminate this possibility.

It is worth noting that most foreign cars regular immobilizer installed. But, unfortunately, it is quite simple, besides, its structure has been well studied hijackers, "specializing" on this or that model cars. Therefore, experts recommend to equip your car an additional device.

Disable "smart" device can be in direct contact - for example, a code key, hidden button or by entering the code manually - or remotely, using a magnetic card, a transcoder or a special label. The most "advanced" immobilizers respond to a fingerprint of the owner. The most convenient to assume, of course, the remote system - the device will turn off automatically, to "feel" that is approaching the key.

 ways to protect cars from theft

Satellite security system

Perhaps today it is one of the most effective devices to protect your car against theft. How it works "miracle of technology"? The machine sets up a special unit that receives satellite signals with information about the whereabouts of the car - its coordinates. Then these signals are sent to standby security department. There they are processed, and the information on the movement of the machine is delivered to the nearest traffic police patrol.

And that's not all. For example, in an attack on a car, the owner can simply click a button and the system will alarm. In the cabin can join audio and video. Some car owners refuse to install a satellite anti-theft system, fearing that so would violate their right to privacy. After all, very few people want to see its location could be so easy to install. However, these fears were groundless. "Calculating" coordinate begins only when the car entered illegally.

The truth is, this system disadvantages. The first - is its price. The system and its installation on the machine is quite expensive. Besides, for her service you will have to pay a regular monthly fee. But if your car brand ranked first in the ranking of "most favorite car thieves", it is possible that the installation of such a system would be a good solution. Another drawback is that sometimes even satellite protection does not help to find the car. For example, if you hide it in the garage.

Mechanical anti-theft systems

Mechanical methods of protection against theft of car no less popular than electronic. Practice shows that the need to overcome the "protective threshold" stops most of the hijackers. All the mechanical anti-theft tools can be divided into six groups.

The group first. Lock checkpoint. It is a kind of lock, securely locking the moving parts of a transmission. As a result, a car can not move at all or is possible, but in reverse. Clamps gearbox are besshtyrevye and pin. Besshtyrevye considered easier to handle - in order to "force" them to work enough turning of a special key.

Group Two. Clamps steering. This unit captures the steering wheel of the car in a certain position. As a consequence, it becomes impossible to operate the machine. There are three main types of bollards - easily removable, flush mounting, and lock slot. Perhaps the most reliable of them - is locking lock.

Group Three. Clamps doors. This is an electromechanical device pins which pass through the rack and the door of the car body. The owner runs it using the key fob. The objective of such a lock - not to allow an attacker to get into the interior of the car. And, as a rule, it is triggered. The only problem is that the security device is that if, in order to get into the car, the thief decides to break the glass, then this lock will not stop him.

Group Four. Clamps for brake system. This device is driven by a single turn of the key. When the first pressing the brake or clutch pedal, a special mechanism is activated and the vehicle wheels are locked, and the clutch is depressed. Hijackers there is nothing left but to leave the car. Lock braking system - not a cheap device. Therefore, it is advisable to install it to frequently stolen or expensive cars.

Group Five. Wheel locks. This is a fairly efficient device which protects the car against theft. The problem is that these blockers is not easy to remove even the owner of the car. Wheel locks can be divided into three types of "traps", "crab" and the devices mounted on the wheels. The most reliable but also the most difficult - to 10 kilograms - "traps."

Group Six. Clamps hood. Pick the lock of a cowl, a criminal can easily turn off the alarm. Therefore, trying to crack them often enough. This lock will not allow the thief to get to the electronic engine control unit. Professionally installed blocker can save you from this problem.

The phrase "carjacking" continues to appear in the daily police reports. And, unfortunately, no system of protection does not give 100% guarantee that your car is not stolen. But the thief to make life more risky and difficult - is quite capable to everyone. Motorists know how to protect machines against theft are only good in the complex. Then the effect will be much stronger. Have you decided what to choose?

 Ways to protect cars from theft

 need in the car

Do you like surprises? A nasty surprises? That's just the same!

To minor troubles did not catch you by surprise, to a meeting with them need to prepare in advance. Any - even the short trip by car - is fraught with different surprises. So, you should always be "fully prepared". What should be in the car?

A standard set of motorist

Documentation. Where do without them? Driver's license, insurance policy, certificate of registration of the car. If the car is not yours - do not forget to bring a power of attorney. These documents may require you any traffic police officer. Spare wheel - "dokatka." It is useful if you accidentally puncture the tire. "Dokatka" is smaller than the usual wheel and drive on it is possible only to a service center or garage. And especially do not accelerate out - the maximum speed of 80 km / h. But in an emergency - irreplaceable thing.

But few have the spare tire - it is necessary that even had the opportunity to install it. And for this, of course, need the tools. Make sure to always lay in the trunk of the pump, wheel wrench and jack. There may also need other tools and means at hand - different screwdrivers, wrenches, nuts, rope, pliers, wire, etc. In order not to score himself this head, it is better to ask someone from the "knowledgeable" people create for you a list of what is, what size and how many to carry an "advanced" motorists. Better yet, if someone buys it all for you, and you will remove easily in the trunk and just remember where "it" is.

Warning triangle and fire extinguisher. Well, there's nothing to discuss - they just have to be. Firstly, this is required by the rules and, as a consequence, their presence can check the traffic police. If you do not they will be, and can be a fine "descend." You did have "extra" money? Yes, even if there are - they can spend on something much more pleasant. And secondly, and a fire extinguisher and warning triangle really need. You never know what happens on the road?

Tow rope. Of course, we must hope for the best. It may be that the cable you will never come in handy. All the more so over time this previously completely necessary thing loses its relevance. Indeed, in most situations in the event of failure it is possible to call a tow truck. And there are no problems! On the other hand, the cable will not take up much space. Also it is necessary to throw in the trunk of a scraper, a brush and a few rags. Let lie. Then, at any time of the year you will be able to clean and wipe the window of his car.

What else is put in the car?

What do I need to have a motorist in the car yet? During long trips may require an empty canister, hose and a funnel. They can help if you have "suddenly" run out of fuel. As to the gas station away - you can ask the gasoline from other drivers.

Leaving the house for a long time, such as going on vacation, make sure to reserve lights and driving lights, turn signals and stop signals. Even if you do not know how to change them. Change them to you in any workshop, but the desired model may not be.

Regulations stipulates that any vehicle must always be a first aid kit. And it is - not a mere formality. There are situations where no first aid kit just will not do. Better and easier to buy ready-made. It is desirable that in which a set of drugs more. Health - this is not something on which should save. Be sure to supplement the standard first aid kit "their" drug. For example, the "favorite" painkillers.

It will not hurt as a mild sedative - say, valerian - you know, what boors sometimes come across! And condoms - suddenly a date. Do you know how women differ from men's kit? That's right - the men you will ever find sanitary napkins and tampons, and feminine, they are essential. Someday you really praise himself for prudence.

 most necessary to travel by car

Women things

Well, this is clear. All these things must necessarily be that of any motorist. What else carries with him prudent auto-lady? It is known that female logic is different from men's. In addition, as a rule, women are much more cautious and hate be provided in situations where something is missing. The car - a second home. And, just like at home, everything should be convenient, all - "at hand".

Of course, in any machine must be a kind of "emergency reserve" - ​​NZ - which must be constantly replenished. What should go there? Drinking water - it is obligatory. And to drink and to wash your hands, and wash down the pill - the water is always needed. Further, the choice - chocolate, crackers, nuts, dried fruits - who like more. But some stocks have a better - then even if you have somewhere to be late, you can always have something to eat and not to go hungry all day.

Napkins - alcoholic, wet, cleaning, hygiene, etc. They must always be many and various. The thing is absolutely necessary. Using alcohol swabs can disinfect cuts and minor wounds. Wet useful if you want a snack in the car. A cloth to remove stains will help to save your favorite suit, if it turned out not very accurate.

Also, wet wipes very refreshing in the heat. They also can be wiped her purse and shoes on exit "out". Facial Cleansing Wipes are useful for long journeys, and hygiene - if a situation arises "from the ship - to the ball." That is, to work - on a date. It will not hurt as packaging disposable paper handkerchiefs.

Perhaps the most affected in the car hands - then get dirty with something incomprehensible, then the nail will break. ... To avoid this, it is impossible. But correct - please. The main thing that it was all necessary. In order to fix a manicure, you should always be with you: swipe of nail polish remover, nail itself, nail file, nail clipper. In any case, we should also have a nail adhesive for pastings - suddenly it can still be saved! It will not hurt as and hand cream.

Well, in order that such a situation occurred as rarely as possible, require gloves. Pour "nezamerzayku" or oil, to fill the car, and just open the trunk or hood should only be in them. Then there are all the chances to keep your hands soft and smooth. Yes, and nails will be more whole. Things are absolutely necessary in the "female" car - spare pantyhose. It is better if there are at least two couples - one black, the other - corporal. And why do they always rush? Clear nail polish - If you get very very "unlucky" day, and you have managed to break and replacement, the nail will stop the "arrow" and would not let her crawl on. Deodorant and toothbrush - suddenly have to spend the night at a party. Comfortable indoor shoes - high heels will not get far.

The more reserved? Of course, in our climate variability in the car better to bring a few things to "save" in any weather. Sunglasses and an umbrella should be in the car at all times. But the old warm jacket and blanket to capture, if go on a long journey. It happens that the car will stall, stove, of course, does not work, but on the street has not even hot. This is where you and save these things.

Well, perhaps the last - "nest egg." In the machine have to be some amount of money. Moreover, the better the different denominations. The situations are very different - something you forgot to take the money, and urgently needs to refuel, then lost or stolen wallet. This "reserve" to help out in a variety of situations. Well, perhaps the car is fully equipped and ready for any situation - everything you need to travel by car you have. Now you are almost impossible to surprise - for all occasions there is "an adequate response".

Let's go?

 What is needed in the car - a list of the most useful things auto-Lady

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