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  • The classification of types of female figures
  • Body type "A" or Triangle
  • Body type "X" or hourglass
  • Body type "T" or inverted triangle
  • Body type "H" or rectangle
  • Body type "O" or Apple
  • Conclusion

Not all women can boast of an ideal figure, because almost every one of us there are problem areas. But, be satisfied that the need to strive for the ideal, but it is simply impossible to achieve: the fact he is ideal. So just take for granted the fact that all types of female figures have some specific advantages and disadvantages. The latter can be cleverly hidden, if properly define the types of female figures in the parameters of which we'll talk. And we'll try to figure out how to mask the shortcomings of the figure, depending on its type.

The classification of types of female figures

Before you begin to study ways of masking, you should carefully consider your reflection in the mirror to determine your body type and decide what is the problem area the figure needs to be corrected clothing. Determine the type of the figure will help you build popular classification of the types of geometric forms. According to this classification all types of female figures conditionally divided into five varieties, which also indicates the name of the fruit or the Latin alphabet.

Type female figure is determined by the general constitution of the ladies (astenik, normostenik, hypersthenics), the proportions of skeletal bone (wide hips, long legs and so forth.), As well as places of concentration of fat. For example, if you are one of those women who get fat thighs first, then type your figure - "pear". If the extra weight first attack your waist, then you belong to the type "apple". If you are thin and narrow lady who dreams of better, it's likely your type - "banana".

But remember that any classification - this is only the designation of the structural features of the human body. How to determine your body type? That's what we are used to the classic (but note not perfect) proportions? 90h60h90, ie hip ratio, waist and chest. The basis of the classification of types of figures is quite another relation is not the volume of the breast and thighs. Types of figure determines the width of the pelvis and shoulders, as well as the severity of the waist, hips and bending line distribution of body fat. Everything else - weight, height, posture, size and shape of the breast, neck length, height and width of the waist and much more - it's nuances, which play an important role only in the visual perception and the choice of clothes for different types of figures.

 body type

Body type "A" or Triangle

The figure of women of this type resembles a pear (Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry). Women light pear-top and heavy bottom: thin waist, small breasts, narrow shoulders, wide hips. The accumulation of fat occurs in the buttocks and thighs. Advantages figure - slim waist and accurate chest disadvantages - hard ass, and usually full of feet. In addition, women with a figure such as Triangle has a tendency to the appearance of cellulite. Women with pear her figure most unhappy: noticeable obvious disproportion of the upper and lower body, and the clothes of a certain size such women choose difficult: blouses have to buy the size of (or even two!) Is less than the pants and skirts, and with dresses - generally insoluble difficulty.

However, it is the woman's body was and remains tempting for men (and it is - a huge plus). This type of figure is considered very feminine, and if a woman keeps fit, it remains attractive for years to come. However, keep in shape pears women hard enough - they tend to be overweight, and excess weight instantly grow ass and legs, from which fat is removed is particularly problematic. Because to preserve the ideal form they need not only to carefully count calories, but do gymnastics slimming legs and hips. But if losing weight pear type "A" substantially transformed and is close to ideal proportions.

The disadvantages of this type of figure women can try to correct with the help of clothes. When choosing clothes "pear" is necessary to give preference to models, visually increases the breast and shoulder-width apart, accentuating the waist and conceal ponderous lower torso. Wardrobe corresponding figure type "A":

  • V-shaped, as well as a deep cut on the diagonal blouses and dresses;
  • blouses and sweaters with wide horizontal stripes, or that visually enlarge the chest;
  • pencil skirt, made of dense tissue that makes the form and slimmer figure will narrow;
  • dark tone down garments, narrow, straight or flared pants from the knees;
  • Dress with a slightly high waist frill or under the breast;
  • top with voluminous sleeves;
  • scarves and brooches in the neck, ruffles and flounces on the chest, which focuses on the dignity of the figure;
  • Shoes with high heels and a little firm pointed capes.

  Body type "X" or hourglass

The ideal type of shape for a woman (Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren). Incidentally, the notorious 90h60h90 - just reflect the proportion of this type of figure, when the amount is equal to the volume of the shoulders hips, waist and clearly delineated. Even with a significant increase in proportion to the excess weight is deposited mainly in the thighs and chest that makes a woman more attractive and seductive. Deficiencies in this figure, there is little, except for the possibility of the emergence of so-called "ears" or "breeches" in the hips. To return to a form of "hourglass" usually need a little to strengthen the muscles and correct diet.

To maintain ideal forms (the proportions are retained even overly plump women-hours) or to improve the figures need to balance the power and maintain muscle tone. For this purpose it is also desirable to attend a workout in the fitness center, jogging, stepper, walking and aerobic dance.

Problems with the choice of clothes and women with this type of shape does not occur, their task - to emphasize dignity. Wardrobe women hours may include:

  • straight jeans and trousers with a belt;
  • skirts and high-waisted belt;
  • sweaters, blouses and dresses with a V-neck, which is advantageous to emphasize the elegant collarbone;
  • trapeze skirts that emphasize the natural beauty of the hips;
  • wraparound dresses and dress-up box;
  • a narrow belt, which visually makes the waist more pronounced and subtle;
  • wide belts, adding the image of sexuality;
  • strict sweatshirts, where a pair of top buttons undone.

 types of female figures

  Body type "T" or inverted triangle

The problematic figure for women (Anastasia Volochkova, Angelina Jolie). Ladies with this type of shapes differ Athletic, have broad shoulders and narrow hips, waist weakly expressed. The length of the upper body at the same time may be a little shorter than the bottom, which, incidentally, is often found in athletes. Women with a figure "T" looks very massive and even aggressive. Disadvantage - mannish silhouette dignity - slender legs. If this type of ladies put on weight, fat deposition appear in the upper body - arms, waist, shoulders and abdomen. Thus, the more a person weighs, the more it becomes a triangular shape, losing weight but it is noticeably improved.

Diet T-type people should include plenty of complex carbohydrates, as well as fruits and vegetables. It is necessary to exclude the salty food, consume less dark meat. In favor will light dairy products and vegetarian dishes. With a figure type Inverted Triangle, you can perform all kinds of aerobics, which are utilized large muscle groups: exercise bike, krossrobiks, stair trainer, treadmill and more.

Women with this type of shape you need to choose clothes that emphasize the ideal hide massive legs and the upper part:

  • blouse with a V-shaped or oval with a deep cut (possible in vertical stripes) will visually shoulders already;
  • the lower part of the garment as possible should be tight, but not tapering;
  • the bottom garment is light, dark upper hand;
  • Accessories with angular forms, including earrings, bracelets and shoes;
  • Avoid standing volume sleeves, extra volume in the shoulders;
  • suit jackets, little is gathered on the waist and tops with straps, located close to the neck;
  • flared from the hip, wide, with patch pockets and decor in the hips pants with slightly low waist.

 how to determine the type of shape

  Body type "H" or rectangle

Body type Rectangle - is not perfect, but it is a harmless variant (Keira Knightley, Demi Moore). Its distinguishing feature - almost the same width of the shoulders, hips and waist, so the figure and takes a rectangular form, and it is often referred to as "banana" or "pod". Advantages - proportionality drawback - the lack waist silhouette manly. Most of the women of this type tend to be overweight and female banana in the accumulation of fat around the waist and on the back becomes rounded and Apple gets the type of shape. Fat Loss rectangular shape is always changing for the better.

The main problem of figures like a banana - a broad waist and protruding belly. It is hardly ideal, but the muscles strong from birth have a rectangular type shape very quickly respond to emerging training with weights. Therefore, people who have the type of shape banana is easier than the rest, to give your body a perfect view. The main purpose - to remove fat from the abdomen and strengthen his muscles. The best solution - is a combination of a low-calorie diet, aerobics and exercises aimed at abdominal muscles.

In the selection of clothing for the type of shape you need to be extremely cautious. Women-bananas are suitable:

  • rough, massive fabric fuzzy geometric patterns, "emerges" waist;
  • oval or square recesses for blouses form;
  • short sleeve or missing;
  • Asymmetry-best assistant in the correction of this type of pieces, so you need to choose to have an oblique edge of dresses, skirts and blouses;
  • different cut sleeves and a combination of different fabrics and colors to help correct accents;
  • emphasize the beautiful breasts and shapely legs dress with a high waist, and dress-up box.

 types of figures

  Body type "O" or Apple

Body type "O" actually resembles an apple or peach (Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet) and is typical for full-bodied women. The peculiarity of the figure - the same waist and chest, making a round body. Dignity - slender legs, lush breasts, lack of - a broad waist and a noticeable belly. But, interestingly, the "apple" can feel almost every woman during pregnancy.

To maintain harmony, or weight loss for women with this type of shapes needed low-carb diet and exercises, strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and chest. Easy growing belly - this is the main problem of women-apples, though, tolsteyuschie ladies with such figure gutter in the shoulders and back, grow a double and triple chin, but the arms, legs and hips they remain thin. Therefore the main task ably pick up clothes - emphasize the shapely legs and hide the massive top:

  • Dress-case and dresses with exaggerated waist (under the breast);
  • Tops, tunics and waistcoats, jackets and blouses with straight arms;
  • flared skirts knee-length;
  • pants with a high waist, a little shorter or a little narrower;
  • shoes with high heels.


How to determine the type of shape? Take a good look in the mirror and recall your garderoob.

  1. Pear you if there is a wide round hips, you have clearly expressed the waist and shoulders are narrow and fragile. This hip is much wider than shoulder width, and the bottom noticeably heavier top.
  2. You Apple, if you have shapely legs and a small ass, but the volume waist and magnificent breasts. Hips and shoulders at the same time may be the same width.
  3. You rectangle, if you have small breasts, wide waist, not massive, but the broad shoulders. The legs can thus be shorter than the body.
  4. You inverted triangle, if your hips are significantly narrower than the shoulders, waist expressed but very little (or not expressed), long and slender legs, chest is small, but the chest is broad.
  5. You Hourglass, if you have a measure of broad hips and shoulders the same width. Pronounced thin waist, full-bodied and fairly massive legs back. In women, this type of hands are also often full.

These proportions will help you more accurately determine the type of shape. And note that the hourglass and rectangles are, as a rule, all the clothes of the same size, but the ladies with other types of shapes have to combine the bottom and top. Pears are forced to look for pants and skirts larger than blouses and shirts. And Apples and inverted triangles are trying to fill your wardrobe with large sweaters, T-shirts and tops, and pants and skirts to buy a size smaller. Not comfortable!

The different types of shapes and clothes need to pick different. We need to learn how to combine things together, and then all the flaws become virtues. After all, the ideal figure - a very rare phenomenon. But that is no reason for the complexes, because the "wrong" figure can not become an obstacle in the career or a hindrance to love. A balanced diet, sports, massage, proper definition of the type of figure and well-chosen clothes will help to correct all the flaws and emphasize its shape dignity (figures without merit does not happen!). The latter method is very simple, so do not neglect them, and you'll look your best!

 The types of figures - how to define, and what to wear?

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