erotic lingerie

Each couple in love in their sexual lives, sooner or later is required diversity is influenced by erotic fantasies, a variety of tools and toys. For example, you can make a purchase erotic lingerie photos you've probably seen in men's magazines. It will not leave cold and indifferent any man. Today, specialty shops offer a variety of options: gowns, stockings, tights and entire sets, which consist of a variety of garments.

Proper selection of erotic lingerie

Every woman is often faced with the question of how to choose the right underwear, sexy and comfortable, ideally close to the body and discreetly under clothing. If your gum panties constantly cuts into the body, and bra straps have to correct all the time, try to follow these tips:

  • Keep in the personal wardrobe of at least one set of expensive sexy underwear female. Even if you do not give it much importance, and often not wear matching each other bra and panties, buy at least one set of the road. If you are not invited to a meeting for a long time, the wearing of beautiful erotic lingerie can do wonders: increases sex appeal and increases self-esteem. The realization that a dress or suit you are wearing this exclusive sexy lingerie photos that you have previously only seen in magazines, it will give you confidence.
  • Boldly experimenting, buy something, what you had never worn such as lace corset, body and thong panties. The result may be the most unexpected. Examine different models of erotic lingerie, because styles of bras and panties today there is a very large number. The size and shape of the breast for each woman unique and individual, and the erotic lingerie photo we contemplate on the covers of many fashion magazines, is suitable not for everyone.
  • Choose your ideal size and style. The wrong fashionable lingerie sitting not only ugly, but is also very inconvenient. Women with small breast size (up to 2nd), do not feel the need for special support, so they can wear lace lingerie on a very light thin spaghetti straps. Starting from the 3rd size women should opt for a bra made specifically for large breasts: soft cups, a wide strip of cloth underneath and wide straps tight, well supported by the chest and not to crash into the body. Choose a model of dense fabric or lace.
  • Fashionable lingerie 2011, as before, must be made of natural fabrics, or mixed. For example, nylon underwear, especially in hot weather, can cause irritation to sensitive skin. Bra too tight cloth, often synthetic, can also cause irritation and unpleasant itching. In addition, synthetic material often provokes allergic reactions. Therefore, carefully read the label when buying sexy lingerie photos that you relished. Just can cause itching and bras on the "bones".
  • Treat erotic underwear for women carefully. Always try to wash it by hand or use the delicate wash, and an even better option would be to wash in special bags for gentle washing. You should not wring out and dry it in the machine, so it does not lose its shape without the village, and last longer.
  • Rid yourself of such unpleasant moment traces of gum. Today is available a number of species of all kinds of fashionable lingerie that tolerate traces of gum is simply inexcusable. One way to solve this problem - sexy thong panties. But keep in mind the fact that if they are too tight, it will create another problem: the body from under them will stick out so hard that will be noticeable even under clothing. And if you are not comfortable in a thong, try on panties, shorts, beautiful line tight buttocks and tightens their shape. The best and the most simple solution - a seamless fashion underwear 2011.

The choice of such underwear as a body, grace or corset

 underwear sexy

Body - this is an interesting kind of sexy lingerie, combining bra, shirt and pants. It is perfectly worn, it tightens figure and focuses on its merits. It looks like a garment piecework swimsuit having a zipper at the bottom with hooks or buttons. The upper part of the body can be sporty - in the form of a conventional T-shirts straps, T-shirts with different length sleeves, or a feminine kind - dedicated to the bra. At the same time bodice body is different styles: strapless, balconette, push-up, etc., which makes it possible to choose a type of fashionable underwear 2011 is suitable for a variety of dresses with neckline. Body special cut of elastic fabric (smooth or lace) may adjust the figure.

The corset is a bra on the "bones", combined with the body, made of thick fabric. For the corset is usually taken bras with open type cups and detachable straps, because they look great with low-cut dresses. In some models, such underwear 2011 photos which can be seen in the comments to the fashion shows, the upper edge, namely the cut edge of the back (often very deep) and the edge of the cup bodice provided with ribbons of silicon. Sticky and transparent, they are well fitting to the body, so hard to fix the clothes, not allowing her to move. A distinctive piece corset lacing is, most often located on the back.

Gracia - a women's sexy underwear, consisting as corset, underwire of the bra and body, but has no lacing. Typically, front zip with hooks is at these clothes on my back. Grace is made of an elastic solid or fine lace fabric. Grace, depending on their tasks, may simply skin-tight body, and can greatly change the silhouette using dense joints and flexible cords-whiskers. The length of the article of clothing reaches the thigh bones, and length polugratsii - a waist line.

Bustier includes underwire bra, having or not having a removable straps connected with a short cast (slightly reach the waist) of very dense tissue, for rigidity stitched strong "bones." At half-open bodice cup breasts, so that you can put on top dress with an open back and a deep neckline. This beautiful erotic underwear sewn with the least number of seams. It supports the breast, adjusts it and, if necessary, pulls a little waist.

Outerwear and selection of underwear

Choosing erotic underwear for women, be sure to take into account that under some cloak you wear it.

  • Do not neglect a flesh-colored objects, although it is believed that they were only for grandmas. But skin color is almost invisible under clothing, and modern designers create the most sexy bikinis this color no less sensual than models of other shades.
  • If you have a wardrobe in addition to ordinary clothes are closed neckline and asymmetrical objects, opening one shoulder, it is meaningless to buy three different bra. Just buy a model with detachable straps. This bra you can wear a corset dress even neckline which bares his back and chest.
  • Under tight leggings need to wear seamless underwear 2011 photo, which you can already see in the catalogs of fashion this year. Lace thong on in this case, would be inappropriate.
  • Do not wear erotic lingerie very bright colors and hues (eg red) under the clothes of pale shades or a sheer fabric.

Today fashion lingerie 2011 has a value much greater than the simple hygiene items, this piece of clothing, which you can spend a lot of money with great pleasure. Any woman refers to the cherished details and would not deny myself in this pleasure as buying something new and erotic, for example, one of the sexiest bikini. Lingerie has always been the excitement and thrill of men, it is the best way to sexual stimulation. These items are simply converted to a woman in the embodiment of sexuality. Now lingerie an expression of the image of each woman. It is necessary not only as a means of seduction of men, but as a refined method of expressing their sexual identity.

 Sexy lingerie for women

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 business style clothing


  • Etiquette office fashion
  • Business Women's Suit
  • Beautiful office dress
  • Accessories and jewelry to office clothes
  • Comfortable and elegant business clothes for women

There are, as you know, on clothes, and escorted to the mind. And for business women first part of this folk wisdom no less important than the second. Because the image - this is one of the main conditions of a career. And the clothes - the main thing that makes our image. The weakening of the requirements for the dress code makes a confusing idea of ​​how to dress for work. For example, the dilemma of choosing between a business pantsuit pinstripe trousers and cozy hacks can be attributed to the category of the eternal questions.

Many people want to look fashionable, always and everywhere, that does good. But there are also situations and places where it is necessary to observe strict business style clothes and wear suits and dresses, to the perception of this style. Most often, it is at work, we are faced with the need to comply with dress code and wear business clothes.

Etiquette office fashion

Completeness business clothes for women today allows all the elements of women's wardrobe: dresses, trousers, skirts, blouses, tunics, shirts, shorts and even (oh God!) Corsets. Valid different styles of women's business suits with trousers or skirt, as well as the strict dress. The main difference of business clothes and casual - a restraint, austerity and a certain style.

  • Blouses

All have long known that a sign of femininity in office clothes - blouses. They are well combined with both a skirt and stylish trouser suit. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a business woman and in daily life free from need to comply with the dress code, you have in your wardrobe should still be blouses for all occasions. And if your high status regularly commits to comply with the business style of dress for women, blouses simply must become an important part of your wardrobe.

  • Pantsuit

Putting on pants, any businesswoman strive to look according to their status and at the same time to be a lady - a refined and elegant. Expressed his bright individuality and femininity help pantsuits. Sure, always helps out a classic. Classic stylish trouser suits for women emphasize sexuality more than a mini-skirt or a frank neckline. And, of course, a trendy business suit, picked up on the figure and size, will make any woman look no less elegant than elegant evening dress.

  • Office couple

So another option called a business suit for women. If you think that the traditional office suit - it is just a skirt or trousers classic cut combined with a blouse and jacket, you're wrong. Business suit for women today can be executed in the form of a pair (blouse - trousers, skirts - blouses, dresses - vest, shorts - jacket). Incidentally, the shorts are available in the office, straight, length just below the knee, made of thick wool with a very small figure or one-color fabric, with matching tights, usually dark.

  • Clothes

Office dress - bright trend of fashion business. In important negotiations, at a business meeting in the office there is no better means to emphasize the importance of employee competence and at the same time her feminine beauty. Stylish office dress will give confidence and will make it possible to solve business issues with grace and ease. However, we should not forget about the style and color of restraint, and not to be confused with everyday office dress, cocktail or evening.

 business style clothes for women

Business Women's Suit

Stylish business suits for women today are the basic element of a business wardrobe. Classic jacket, does not accept the variety of color variations - is a necessary component of any model pantsuits. Although women's business image more appropriate skirt rather than trousers, the latter become increasingly popular article of clothing business women. Slightly narrower straight trousers nemnuscheysya matte fabric - classic version, similar to the male model. However, others are less formal and more daring styles are not banned.

When in the office to observe strict dress code, some "liberties" business style clothes for women is allowed only in respect of blouses. If the official style is not strictly regulated, permitted the introduction of one of the components of certain models of a variety of women's suits. Pencil skirt just below the knee can be changed on the flared, wider version of the ankle. Particularly suitable is a woman who is better to hide his feet because of the problems with the figure. It is allowed to wear a jacket with a classic silhouette strict office dress knee-length, slightly higher or lower.

Those who do not like the skirt as business clothes for women can safely choose trouser suits. To take into account all the rules of dress code, pick a fitted jacket length to mid-thigh or shorter combined with straight pants. If you wish to give the image of freshness and conviviality choose an easy silk blouse.

In each new season has its own trends and fashion office - is no exception. However, classics of fashion does not go out. Of course, if you're an avid fashionista, it is necessary to comply with new fashion trends. For example, if the current season in a business suit for women dark shades are not welcome, wear light-colored costumes - elegant, beautiful, fashionable and in accordance with the dress code. If you are wondering select store, do not skimp. In the fashion business plays a huge role and the quality of clothes and fashion brands.

Beautiful office dress

Models dresses office should choose very carefully. This article of clothing should not be pompous. Office dress - a modest, simple, but with all of this refined and very elegant clothes. Ideal, if the choice of the fashion office dress - that dress-case. It will be like a business suit, quite relevant in any office situation. The preferred colors and pastel shades mandatory monotony. You can choose the dress of bright color, but the flashy colors of women's dresses in the office in any case not permitted. Acceptable compromise - a combination of black and white.

The best a psychoanalyst and an antidepressant in any stressful situation (at work and they can not be avoided) - it is a beautiful dress office. Therefore it is always good if it was this clothing is a significant part of the female business wardrobe. Modern office dress combines elegance, sophistication and formal style. The most important aspect of it is the elegance which emphasizes education, sense of taste and measure their owner. Many designers and fashion designers to stop the creation of modern business woman concise and very simple silhouettes.

The well-known dress-holder - a permanent trend and a symbol of sexuality - became famous in the 30s of the 20th century. Tight-fitting silhouette, the emphasis on the waist, a modest knee-length or slightly below - looks so discreet, extremely stylish, while official business dress, popular with business ladies all over the world. In the classic version of this sleeveless dress there, and the place of the collar - rounded neckline. First, these styles of dresses meant for office or evening cocktail. Modern women have great pleasure in wearing them in the office and on business meetings.

Dress-holder has a classic straight cut, they like (and is) not for all women. Fortunately, modern office women's dresses are so diverse that every business woman can find something that suits her. Flared downward and narrow in the chest; straight silhouette and skirt with tiny tucks; Dress in the style of a safari with the smell - and that's not all winter and summer versions of office dress. Important details of business dress - closed area chest of moderate length, severity and style. Always in fashion business dress in the colors and shades: gray, light brown, black, blue, beige and khaki. In the summer of preferred white, the color of champagne and ivory. And be sure to keep in mind the monotony.

 business style in clothes

Accessories and jewelry to office clothes

If you love accessories and jewelry, do not give up on them. Office style does not prohibit the addition of clothing interesting accents. Today it is fashionable for women's office clothes to choose not bright, but the big jewelry natural tones and materials. For example, the board office style suit beads and pendants or bracelets made from natural stones. Choose decorations, matching the style and color. Remember that massive gold jewelry - bad taste, as well as a combination of gold and silver. Jewelery with precious stones - only in a very modest form. Preference - pearls, amber, turquoise. The stylish and elegant attire in the office version will look agate, mother of pearl, ivory. Quality jewelry should look expensive and impressive. Very relevant in combination with stylish women's business suits wide belts with big buckles.

Who jewelry that may be worn in the office, much more than before. For example, a hairpin or brooch on his lapel - quite appropriate decoration, especially if it is a designer thing. Brooch with floral elements used to look old-fashioned, but today has become a very fashionable accessory, suitable for some models of office dresses. Replace it can be suspended on a chain or a stylish pendant on a shoestring, with small earrings here will not look superfluous. For business style clothes for women decorations should be chosen from the same material and in the same style. The best option will be made of silver.

Shawls and scarves are now often complemented by office dresses and suits. Today, they are considered the most fashionable accessories and accessible and inexpensive way of modeling the image. This compound prestige and functionality made scarves so popular top stylish office suits and dresses. It is almost impossible today to meet the business women who do not use scarves or handkerchiefs. Their diversity makes it possible to create in combination with the different styles of women's business suits truly individual and memorable images. A huge number of ways of tying shawls and scarves opens endless possibilities to create a unique image. In addition, the office beautiful dresses and accessories to allow it to transform the female form in an instant.

Comfortable and elegant business clothes for women

Working in a solid company, and established a dress code - this is not a reason to get dressed in a nondescript suit somber style Men in Black or a la the chairman of the union. Needless to follow the famous formula pupils' white top, black bottom. " After all, in the business sector also has a fashion, it is just special.

The main requirements for office dresses and suits - elegance, rigor and with the convenience and beauty. This means that it is not necessary to depersonalize their image and hide the identity of the strict view of black and white clothes. But excessive extravagance office dress styles also stand out to anything. To be different from all good, but do not try to look like an exotic bird in a strict office interior. All manifestations of personal creativity and originality to leave more suitable cases, preferring classical, fashionable outfits and strict, but keeping the business style of dress.

 Office Fashion: business style clothes for women

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