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  • Features figure type "Pear"
  • Styles of dresses for pear-shaped physique
  • Evening dresses
  • Cocktail Dresses
  • Summer dresses

Perfect figure - a very rare occurrence, but even if your figure is not ideal, it's not a reason to complex. In today's world there are many ways through which you can greatly improve your ratio. These include a balanced diet, massages, sports, and the right choice of clothes. By the way, the latter method is undoubtedly the most simple, but for some reason, women often neglect them. But a very good reason! Today we try to understand what kind of dresses for pear shapes work best.

Features figure type "Pear"

Pear-shaped figure also sometimes called trapezoid, triangle, and a drop of a spoon. Such women have hips shoulders and neck are often subtle. Waist markedly expressed and curvy and rounded buttocks. Hips much wider waist (a difference of about 25 cm). Bust, mostly small. This must be taken into consideration when choosing clothes for the figure type of pear.

It happens that the owner has a pear-shaped physique upper body slightly longer than the lower. Very often the legs are boned type hand - uzkokostnogo, waist a little understated. This woman "droplet" can be any texture (and normal, and full, and even skinny) and any growth, but rarely high. It should also pay attention to the moment when you will choose the style of dress for a figure such as pear.

 dresses for pear shapes

Styles of dresses for pear-shaped physique

The main task when you choose styles of dresses permissible for girls with pear texture - is visually balance the bottom and top of the silhouette, and more specifically, it is necessary to make the shoulders seemed not so narrow, stress feet, distracting attention from too wide hips. To do this, it was imperative to draw the eye to the upper part of the figure.

Elongated and stretched silhouette style of dress with a V-neck, boat-shaped or square, decorative straps and bare shoulders. Will help to achieve the desired balance of ruffles, false breast pockets, bows, fabric flowers. Owners such as pear shapes should avoid mini-skirts and pencil skirts, and that's the year diverging flared and become a great option. Avoid choices dresses that conceal your waist, in this case, it would be difficult to isolate the upper part.

Evening dresses

  • The first rule, which are required to remember a girl with a pear-type physique: the shoulder and neck should be as open as possible.
  • The deep V-neck and long skirts flowing fabrics perfectly stretched silhouette. If all this is combined with a close-fitting or continuously diverging to the bottom of the skirt - the harmony of top and bottom is reached instantly.
  • Evening dresses corsets are considered an excellent option for such women.
  • Summarizing, we can say that the clothes styles "Mermaid," "Princess" and Greek - the best underlined by a thin waist and shoulder line.
  • Dark bottom and light top - another great way to visually balance the type of pear shape.
  • Pick outfit with a bright bodice, which can be decorated with various crystals and stones, beautiful belt just below the breast. All these elements provide additional volume and divert attention from the broad hips.

 dresses for pear shapes

Cocktail Dresses

In the selection of dresses for pear shaped figure all the tips that are mentioned above, are relevant. But now slightly different length dress - knee-length. The best will be shaped cocktail dress case, the top of which the most open and fitted silhouette. If somehow this option does not suit you, then choose a dress with a skirt-sun or trapeze. Again, the top part you can afford a variety of decorative ornaments that will attract the attention of others.

Summer dresses

In addition to the appropriate styles described earlier in summer dresses for pear shapes have to pay attention to the combination of colors and patterns. Images have to choose the bigger and smaller at the top to the bottom. For pear texture playful skirt suit with different colors, for example, oblique or vertical lines, which combine several shades.

In conclusion it should be supplemented: in any case, do not choose too tight or baggy clothes. Prefer flying fabric, but that's about the best hard to forget. The main thing, remember that attract the attention of others is worth it to the top of the figure, using different decorating materials. In addition they will help you correctly applying makeup and sincere smile.

 Dresses for pear shapes: allowable cuts

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 what to wear to a party

It is approaching the most wonderful day of the year - March 8. This spring festival is one of the most popular in our country. On International Women's Day ladies undoubtedly become the object of a special, close male attention, and just positive emotions are in the air. So many women each year are given all the same question: what is going to a party, to look attractive and impressive in this wonderful day. After all, corporate must incendiary spring to celebrate in the company of colleagues so that everyone is left in the memory image of your unrivaled.

Options for holiday dresses according to the nature

Russian designers this year recommended to choose clothes for a holiday in accordance with the distinctive features of your character, and there are four versions of festive toilets:

  • Calm

 what is going to a party

This style is best suited to those women who have a lot of attention in his life and career to dedicate his birth are patient, reserved and modest. The main differences between this dress will be the maximum simplicity and minimal decor. For example, you can choose a one-color dress low-key in combination with luxury brooch, large bright beads, or a wide belt. Minimalism clothing emphasizes femininity and draws attention to such details of your image as hairstyle and make-up figure. Therefore, you should save time and money on a visit to the salon. For a holiday it should be perfect.

  • Present-day

 What to wear on March 8

The most popular color of spring-summer season 2011- white. If you have a desire to conform to the latest trends in the fashion world, then do not regret in choosing attire for March 8 white. The light-colored clothing you will always be in the spotlight. Choose with tight fitting slacks, jacket or layered skirt combined with a satin blouse.

  • Romantic

 what to wear to a party photos

The advent of spring makes every girl's desire to be loved and become even more attractive than before. This objective can be easily achieved with the help of well-chosen closet. Romantic and mysterious image is suitable for almost all girls and women. Its main elements and features are accentuated bust inflated waistline, shoulders open, easy laid-cut skirts, ruffles, frills, bows and delicate pastel shades, nice looking. For example, deciding what to wear on March 8th, 2011, you can buy a cocktail dress, having a length of no more than knee. It must necessarily be form-fitting top and flared at the bottom. It is important not to overdo it with cuts, as it looks vulgar and vulgar, which is totally unacceptable in a subtle form.

  • Saucy

 what to wear to a corporate party

If you are impulsive, very energetic girl, active and constantly in motion, put something original, asymmetrical, unusual, expressive shimmering colors. Set in a women's holiday fashion, create a unique style, and you will stand out from all those present at the party ladies.

What to wear to a corporate party?

Holiday - this is a wonderful occasion for each woman to show all their charm, beauty and a perfect sense of style. When it comes to party it among employees and bosses, you have many questions regarding the choice of clothes for her. What to wear to a corporate party? - This is the eternal question of all working women, which is becoming of paramount importance on the eve of March 8, the New Year or any other festival. The difficulty is that outfit for a corporate party must meet certain criteria - to be discreet, but at the same time festive and fashionable. For example, a sexy mini skirt and open blouse and bright top is well suited for festive evening with your family, bachelorette party in the company of girlfriends or dates, but not suitable for corporate parties.

Absolutely a win-win and the best option for a party dress with colleagues is a dress. Remember Decide what to wear to a party, - a photo, where the ladies in dresses always look stylish, feminine and elegant. Universal has been and remains a "dress for every occasion," executed in pastel colors and in black or shades of cinnamon. It will be luxurious look, both independently and in conjunction with a jacket or cardigan. But in any case, do not forget that the clothes for the corporate party should not be provocative. Psychologists say that if the work you have chosen for themselves the image of prude, then the party is not necessary to shock the fellow is too open-neck, causing a red lipstick and immodest, cheeky behavior. From the perspective of psychology, all of this together can waft colleagues thought about your uncertainty and impermanence.

Sharp radical transformation into a vamp can send a signal to your alarm management and his subconscious encounter the idea that levity is your true character trait, and that the work you probably think of as frivolous. So, if you are in real life sex-bomb, and no one at work is not known, and the party is better to keep the golden mean, do not put on public display their sexuality.

Choosing dress for corporate parties

A large part of the day in many women being held at work. All the time you are in care, plunge headlong into the endless in-line case and very often do not pay enough attention to their appearance. Therefore, to have fun and not frustrating to have fun and how to relax, should carefully think about what to wear to a party, and photos from fashion magazines to help you with this.   Attire should be selected so that it is necessarily appropriate to the type of figure and at the same time meets the latest fashion trends of spring 2011.

 what to wear on March 8, 2011

This spring is definitely in the lead dress. Choosing an evening option for spring corporate parties, we may well afford to be somewhat frivolous, very cheerful, because the cold has passed. A variety of evening dresses and cocktail dresses in the collections of famous brands is so huge that to choose a suitable for such a case the toilet can even ladies with the most demanding taste. Because the designers of this year's offer dresses and tunics of varying length and any color, from knitted mini evening to luxury models in the floor. Style dress for a party should be chosen, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages of the figure. There are a few tricks that we recommend that you use, choosing what is going to a party:

  • It is better to choose dresses, made of light fabrics, because they look more solemn, and in the evening you will definitely not hot.
  • Remember that a deep cut on the back is not only more attractive than the neck, but looks much more stylish.
  • Corset Adjust imperfect shapes and simulates the desired shape.
  • "American" armhole, nice opening his shoulders, subtly soften the angular shape.
  • The dress has an oblique bottom, and diagonal lines cut, will give you harmony and pull growth.
  • The folds of soft draping to add in the right place at the desired volume.

 what to wear to a party on March 8

If you still feel more comfortable in pants, it is not necessary to experiment on that day. They, too, will look pretty impressive with elegant top and jacket. Such attire will suit either very tight pants-pipes or fairly loose trousers of flowing fabric with soft folds.

Attire should be appropriate

In order not to make mistakes, choosing what to wear to a corporate party, it is best to specify the dress code in advance. For example, ask the organizers of the corporate party or persons responsible for it. Requirements appearance depend primarily on the level of the event and the venue, as well as on the characteristics of the company. The main requirement for clothes - a matching theme evenings. If, for example, a corporate event dedicated to the Day March 8 goes to the bowling club, the business suit or evening dress are clearly inappropriate. At the same time, the emergence in a sweater and jeans in the restaurant will be regarded as disrespectful to all guests. Formal attire, you should emphasize the solemnity of the moment.

Often in informal activities with colleagues when, in spite of the non-working environment, it is necessary to adhere strictly and elegant style, men can change a boring office jacket in a trendy blazer or even dispense with it, and a shirt with a tie to replace the sweater. Women are better to choose a dress or pants with a blouse and diversify the toilet large (within reasonable limits) of accessories.

Sometimes the dress code is specified in the invitation for the evening, for example, it says that it is necessary to wear a cocktail dress a certain color or gray business suit. In this case, the implementation of these requirements is mandatory.

In recent years in fashion includes conceptual parties and balls, masquerades, where previously assumed that employees will be dressed in original costumes, clear themes relevant parties. For example, when the company organizes the "cowboy evening," all, regardless of position, must be in jeans, plaid shirt and cowboy hat. First of all, choosing what to put on 8 March 2011, the company and evaluate the situation, where you're invited. After all, one can not but agree with the statement that the outfits for the evening with friends in a circle of business partners will be radically different.

The dress for corporate parties will not seem too sad if you carefully approach the selection of hairstyles and makeup, wear high-heeled shoes, fine jewelry and accessories appropriate holiday. Here, too, what's enough of your imagination, from brooches, lace, beads and finishing with bright stylish scarves and a variety of bobby pins. But do not forget that on 8 March, you are the queen and did not shine peacock feathers, so do not overdo it.

 As you go to a party or corporate event on March 8th?

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