The new spring-summer collection from the store TopBrands

That is not far off the midst of spring, and then summer, when you can throw a beautiful coat and dress jackets and dresses. Now begin to appear new collections and it's time to buy a necessary wardrobe items. If you are accustomed themselves to please high-quality and stylish clothing, then online shopping is an excellent choice TopBrands, in this online store, you can order things from the latest collections of best brands.

Shop-TopBrands will give you a wide selection of fashion apparel, accessories and footwear, as well as in the store are festive events, which you can buy items at a substantial discount.

Italian knitwear TWIN SET prepared for the new season, elegant dresses and clothes in the style of casual. The range of this brand is decorated with beads, crystals and embroidered appliques.

 Shop TopBrands - twin set

Glamorous American brand Juicy Couture prepared to fly new velor suits embroidered with gold thread, decorated with applications, comfortable shirts with bright prints copyright. And for cool weather woolen jumper with cute multi-layered drapery.

 Shop TopBrands - JusyCouture

Among clothes C'N'C COSTUME NATIONALE you can pick up in the summer graceful and comfortable cotton shorts with decorative seams, top viscose printed, or cotton sweater that that will be the perfect complement cool summer evening.

 Shop TopBrands - c'n'c

Daring, bold and free youth line brand Roberto Cavalli is designed for passionate and not fettered scope of people. If you consider yourself to be such, then for a hot summer day, choose a light silk dress with floral print or a cotton top with animal print. In the evening, feel free to wear a skirt with a high waist and elegant cut.

 Shop TopBrands - JC

If you priverzhenka classic models, you have to like the new collection of fashion house Valentino. Here is how elegant clothes for every day and for special occasions.

 Shop TopBrands - valentino

Brand Moncler produces not only sportswear, but also very stylish jackets, coats and feminine elegant parks. Waterproof jackets and trench coats bright save you from the wind and rain in all weather conditions.

 Shop TopBrands - moncler

Successful you shopping with an online store TopBrands and be fashionable!

 The new spring-summer collection from the store TopBrands

 Women jeans

Everyone in the world knows that is the most convenient for both male and female clothing - jeans, of course. They are suitable for young people, and for a solid business. The hottest jeans in 2011 - a necessary thing in the wardrobe of the modern fashionista. But their practicality - this is not the most important criterion in selecting the most fashionable jeans, a photo of which we see in the pages of many magazines. Choosing a women's fashion jeans, you need to pay attention to how it suits to your figure proposed model of women's jeans. Choose the right and at the same time the most fashionable jeans in 2011 - is no easy task. Therefore, we should carefully consider your wardrobe and mentally combine with trousers available blouses, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, bags and belts, that is all that will dress to fit your most fashionable jeans, a photo of which you see in the catalog spring 2011 and sent for shopping.

Denim fashion winter 2011

Latest fashion collections have convinced us that clothing made of denim, namely, beautiful women jeans - it's the fashion trend of the coming spring 2011. Almost every collection are the original model 2011 women's fashion jeans, it shows a photo showcase. At the top of popularity among the winter 2011 fashion jeans are not the classic styles of jeans, not the business model and strict these clothes, and creative women's brand jeans that will adorn any girl and turn it into a modern fashionista. Fashion show confirmed that the classic denim fashion thing of the past, and pay attention to is very trendy jeans winter 2011, executed in a variety of styles:

  • tight jeans for women;
  • Metal jeans;
  • Varenkov jeans for women, photos of which will not leave you indifferent;
  • torn;
  • Jeans for women in slinky;
  • with prints and embroidery;
  • grunge;
  • women's jeans with a high waist;
  • tucked jeans;
  • Jeans for women with low-slung;
  • Jeans - corset and other models.

Famous designers have proved in the last shows that trendy jeans 2011 confirm this picture, do not spoil the girl, and vice versa, decorate it, highlight the attractiveness and sexuality. What fashion jeans models in 2011? Consider the main spring trends among trouser denim.

Skinny jeans - all are the same popular

 Denim Jeans in 2011

In the new season 2011 leaves at the peak of popularity different models of women's jeans tight. Many designers offer to wear jeans and leggings, made of elastic soft tissue. They come with a low and a high waist. Almost all models of women's jeans low-slung and leggings look great with tunics, turtlenecks and shirts. A women's jeans with a high waist are perfectly combined with short jackets, especially leather, and with shirts tucked in his belt.

In that case, if you prefer rigorous style, or you need a model for the office, to choose the right jeans for women, preferably black or the gray.   Elegant blouse, heels - and the image of a modern business woman ready. At a party you can wear jeans narrowed down to the women's dresses, short or lush topom tunic and shiny belt. In this dress you will always look festive and spectacular.

For the second year women's skinny jeans are all the rage. Only the 2011 women's fashion jeans, with a photo displays tell us about it, become incredibly narrow and tight-fitting. Some of the designer collections of women's stretch jeans were so sexy that female model closely resembled leggings. Today relevant customary black models, but with a low waist. New collections contain a large variety of models of female fitting jeans. Trendy tunics, T-shirts with prints, short knit dress and white tops are an excellent complement to jeans skinny women.

Varenko - is back in fashion

Models of the so-called women's jeans-varenok, photos which are increasingly caught our eye, do not hand over their positions today. In the fashion of black, gray and blue. These women's brand jeans look great with both sneakers and with heels, we need only to put them to the original belt.

If you have rubbed the old women's clothing, jeans, for example, do not rush to throw them away. Grunge style back in fashion today and the more in youth clothes holes, patches and scuffs - the better. Very bold female representatives can make their own. Wearing options such fashionable jeans 2011 picture which looks very original, can be a leather jacket, a jacket or a knitted sweater. These youth pants can be worn both with cowboy boots or shoes with flat soles and a shoe.

Trendy bold patterns

 jeans with a purse women

Original and unique look with any jeans, pants female attaches embroidery. You can buy a ready-made model with beautiful embroidery, but for a more impressive effect, it is necessary to try to resort to your imagination and make it their own hands. Then you get really the author, original and beautiful version of the beautiful female jeans. But remember that these pants are only a very slim girls. Also in the coming season, designers offer a variety of other very courageous models:

  • Jeans women's bananas, which are increasingly photo flash today in the pages of fashion catalogs;
  • women's jeans flared from the hip, very trendy this season;
  • jeans breeches for women, whose photo is also very often are seen in the most fashionable magazines;
  • Jeans with low female purse, decorated with geometric patterns or metal studs;
  • Jeans Women pipes decorated with abstract patterns, Scandinavian ornaments or decorative flowers;
  • wide jeans for women, in which denim designers combine with leather and suede, as well as different colors in unexpected patterns of patches of different textures;
  • breeches, photos of which can be seen too often, and models on elastics;
  • straight women's jeans metallic colors, very bright, gleaming seductively - is ideal for extravagant women who love to be the center of attention.

Jeans corset

If men's jeans should be with low waist this year, the women, on the contrary, it is better to buy one of the women's jeans with high planting. They still bear the name "jeans corset." If the corset is cut perfectly, these trendy jeans spring-summer 2011 will be accentuated by a beautiful figure and make you visually slimmer. In addition, they are even suitable for the office, combined with high heels and a white shirt. It's been a fashion for jeans with a low waist women in vogue jeans corset.

Narrowed down jeans

The real boom in today's fashion made jeans narrowed down female in sporty style. It is now the main trend of both male and female denim fashion.

Jeans for women, pipes, fitting ankle and lower leg fit, unfortunately, only the owners of high growth and perfect long legs. Therefore, although many models of women's jeans-horns are very convenient for everyday life, the women of small stature and overweight ladies best choose for themselves a different model. After all, in addition to jeans, women dudochek different options trouser denim there are so many. In addition, designers are planning to release in the future of denim clothing line for women of small stature.

Tucked jeans and applications - new trends

 women's jeans with a bunt

If you ask what is in fashion jeans, photos from fashion magazines tell you that this year, tucked trousers become the main trend of the new spring-summer season. Such a model, if you put it with suspenders, for example, has just two positive points: pants can be corrected by a certain increase, as well as to focus on the beautiful stylish shoes.

Trendy jeans spring and summer of 2011 will also be a model with original applications. The main thing is that they are small and appropriate. Also trendsetters offer to decorate women's jeans with a bunt, a photo of which you have seen many times, fringed leather or different metal studs. Pisco season are stripes in tight jeans female. They bring to the fashionable silhouette of military style. Options jeans with rhinestones women, as well as applications are suitable only girls with a slender figure on the plump ladies like jewelry will look ridiculous and defiant.

Jeans with a purse hanging and breeches

All of today's youth loves wearing different variants of jeans with low female purse, because it is convenient, and original and practical. But the famous designers talking about what trendy jeans in 2011, it is advised to both women and men hide pants bunt, photos which are now no longer so relevant. Today, asymmetric model completely go out of fashion, the more popular are various styles of women's jeans, bananas, photos from fashion catalogs confirm this.

Also replaced with bunt jeans and jeans breeches women, too, about this photo repeat, come on top of the fashion stretch jeans for women and a variety of styles of women's jeans flared from the hip. As you can see, despite the adulation and more popular women's jeans with a purse still pass this season, their position and give way to the classics, such as women's straight jeans blue. But if you still remain ardent fan of women's jeans with a bunt, a photo that you really like, especially on yourself, you should not deny yourself the opportunity to have fun, though sometimes show off your favorite trousers hanging from the bunt.

Choice of color jeans

Select color fashion women's jeans in 2011, this photo shows a bright show will be very simple. After pressing remain the same colors it blue pants and blue jeans for women, and black, and gray, and jeans with prints. The main trend of the spring-summer 2011 season - a white that has spread, of course, and this article of clothing. Therefore, the white women's fashion jeans 2011 photo that is already very common in the pages of the most popular women's magazines, will be relevant as ever. A lover of glamor and choose black models of women's jeans and pants in metallic. Do not forget that the abrasions on women's fashion jeans can visually slender girl, but they can also add to her extra weight.

How to wear jeans - some tips:

  • Wear under jeans pants female shoes with heels, it's a wonderful weapon of the modern woman has a dual effect. Firstly, increasing growth, and secondly, without diets visually removes pair kg.
  • Jeans for women with crystals, you can create yourself, to your taste, then this is the only thing of its kind.
  • Cover your belly if you can not keep it all day retracted. The more that the latest fashion trends offer quite a few options blouses and shirts, spacious in the abdomen and tight chest. Also, you can get help from women's jeans with high planting.
  • Never wear tight jeans for women, if you have wide hips. If such a model appeared in your wardrobe, then wear short dresses over trousers or long cardigans. The main thing is to combine the right fabric: model female jeans wide of dense materials can not wear a light summer dress.
  • There is another little secret: visually hips appear smaller in jeans with low waist female. Although the peak of fashion for them has passed, it is likely that such a style suited to someone or just enjoy. Very stylish they look beautiful with suspenders.
  • Trendy jeans flared in 2011 to help a woman who has no ideal form of legs, hide this shortcoming.

Do not forget about these fashionable styles like baggy jeans hanging, many fashion options for different models of white jeans with an elastic band, a variety of corduroy pants and trendy jeans flared in 2011 .  Others may go on about the fact that you just need to throw the old, worn, for example, ugly purse hanging jeans, and buy a glamorous and feminine clothes .  In no case did not retreat from their favorite things, even though what jeans are now in vogue, and what you see in the picture most famous editions .  The main thing is to have your jeans or trousers with a bunt women, and perhaps velvet version, or breeches, or one of the models hanging pants, photos that are often found in fashion magazines were properly combined with other items in your wardrobe, correctly picked up top and shoes .  Do not forget about such essential for every woman and girl accessories like handbag, belt and good jewelery .

 Fashion Jeans 2011 - creative and classic

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