Female stockings

Stockings and tights are an integral part of women's wardrobe. Although the current generation of today is so fascinated by wearing trousers that there is a real threat of extinction as a species stocking women's clothing. Undoubtedly, the pants do not create many problems and inconveniences that stockings and tights. However, in the opinion of men, nothing can enhance the beauty of women's legs as women's stockings and tights, which many of the fairer sex somehow neglected.

Stockings and tights: a little history

In Saudi Arabia, for a long time there was a law that prohibited the importation of drugs and women's tights and stockings. According to strict Arabs, women's stockings tights too indecent assault on inexperienced minds of the residents of the UAE. Agree, a rare woman with no heart can fade quietly marched past the windows with colored envelopes, inside which are hidden seductive covers for legs. The hands themselves and are attracted to beautiful women tights, which did attract the fairer sex, slyly winking in transparent windows of envelopes.

The privilege of wearing silk stockings to the sixteenth century belonged only to men, while the ladies of the time, having inspired example of Queen Elizabeth, not away from it stronger sex .  For centuries, ladies decorated their stockings and garter belts different .  Bejeweled, they became a real luxury item and male lust .  With the advent of new fiber - nylon, represented around the world in 1938 by DuPont, nylon stockings for women lined unthinkable queue .  Delicate goods while sometimes it costs a lot of money, but women do not skimp and save on their beauty .  Often to buy a new pair of chulochek, especially ladies came from the provincial small towns to big cities shops .  However, during the Second World War, this production stopped .  Fashionistas desperate drew back on their feet arrows pencil, simulating a seam on a stocking, thereby attracting the attention of the opposite sex .  In the 60-ies of the last century, almost at the same time miraculously coincided three phenomena: a crazy idea Englishwoman Mary Quant to shorten the length of the skirt to the minimum, which is relished fashionistas worldwide distribution incendiary rock 'n' roll and the invention new thread "elastic", which significantly increased oblegaemost hosiery .  It was then born, and the first women's tights .  With this lingerie tights allow to survey feet fashionistas throughout their length .

The elastic fiber "spandex", created by experts from DuPont in 1959, known to many branded lycra, was a real victory for women's nylon stockings over women's minds .  Lovely oblegaemost, comfort, beauty and imagination, plus increased strength of manufacturers of hosiery with Lycra provide a constant interest of buyers around the world to this very comfortable, practical and indispensable part of the female wardrobe .  It is no wonder that the ladies took so determined for that once-male toilet turned into a purely ladies attribute .  It is now we can not even imagine how ridiculous and absurd looked in tight stockings crooked male legs in those early Middle Ages .  And so it happened that, in the end, intelligent, smart and calculating the fair half of mankind forever robbed male beautiful, comfortable, warm and practical clothes for the legs .

At the time, stockings, tights and then were way to determine social status. Looking at women's stockings picture of those times, insanely expensive silk products could only afford the ladies of high society, while content with mere commoner jerseys. This lasted until the twentieth century, who gave the world the synthetics, causing rapid development of the hosiery industry, providing a great opportunity for realization of the most violent fantasies.

How to choose the right socks?

 women's stockings

Stockings: how to choose this rather specific and controversial subject of women's toilets, which occupies today the main place among the objects of fetish? Socks women - is perhaps the strangest thing of the twentieth century, the main advantage of which is, of course, their beauty. If a modern woman is still making its choice in favor of stocking, its main interest issues related to this intimate part of the female wardrobe: how to choose and how to choose stockings garter belt?

There is now a huge variety of models, styles, sizes and types of women's tights and stockings from leading manufacturers allows each woman to make a choice of modern women's stockings, tights for all occasions. The assortment, presented today in our shops, will satisfy the taste of even the most demanding fashionistas and whimsical ladies. So, how to choose the right socks? Going to the store for a couple of new chulochek, take into service a few relevant tips that will help you make the right choice

  1. First of all, remember, white female stockings can only wear a bride in her wedding dress and nurses in uniform. By the light and pastel-colored clothing should be selected bodily stockings.
  2. By the shoe in the style of Casual (casual) is best suited matte model. And more elegant than the shoes, the stockings should be transparent.
  3. Owners of full feet better to abandon lingerie: stockings with a pattern or fishnet because they are visually heavier legs. For women who can not imagine my life without women's tights with a pattern, the best choice will be stocking with non-geometrical, random repeating pattern.
  4. How to choose stockings that they last longer? First of all, they should be in size, or whatever quality and expensive was not the product, tear stockings quickly on the heel, if will be small, and if it will be great - will be collected ugly folds and sagging.
  5. For every season there is a different density: for warm period should choose thin stockings and tights for women fishnet density of 5 to 20 den, while better suited for winter from 40 den. The more Lycra, the more impeccable sit stockings on your legs.

Hosiery "etiquette"

  • The basic rule of 'hosiery etiquette "- to the naked eye, it was impossible to put a woman tights or stockings. All this should be at the level of speculation and excite the imagination of man.
  • To work the best option - stockings in black or flesh colored. Bright, texture, opaque and patterned - all of this possible.

It is necessary to follow the fashion for ladies' stockings, photos of girls on the covers of glossy magazines they look just awesome. With the arrival of spring, transforming not only the nature of all women with the onset of warm days are prettier and bloom, attracting the attention of the opposite sex. Especially those in stockings. And it is not only in the game of the imagination, as in the men's room for imagination.

Nowadays such thing ladies' toilet, as a belt for stockings is a very controversial part of the female wardrobe. The modern representative of the fairer sex in stockings with a belt - this is an ambitious and self-confident woman. This kit makes it cranky, aggressive and challenging. Although today Stockings again compete with tights - insecure woman will hardly dare to put on a very juicy piece of lingerie. After the belt for stockings to this day remains most erotic part of the wardrobe rather than the mundane and everyday.

How to choose a belt for stockings?

 women's tights with a pattern

When it comes to date with a man - no tights, forget about them for a while. Only stockings and always with a belt. It is not for nothing that this accessory to women's underwear is considered to be very sexy and attracting the attention of the opposite sex for centuries. Since then, virtually nothing has changed in modern times female parts belts for stockings, opens all the most seductive part of a woman's body, continue to cause admiration and excite men.

But few modern women knows how to choose such an intimate part of the female toilet. Often belt sold separately, except for a few sets. And then find a suitable option turns into a real torment. Do not be upset about it. Knowing a few simple rules will greatly facilitate the selection of accessories for your underwear:

  • The belt should be ideally suited to your style of underwear sets.
  • This item has the most beautiful look on your figure, showing all its advantages.
  • Lace pattern and fabric products may differ slightly, but it is not evident.
  • As for color, then it must be combined with a hint of underwear, although not necessarily fully comply with it.
  • In addition, the belt must comply with the stocking and other parts of the female toilet.
  • Avoid strong tint difference, and the combination of different colors is simply unacceptable. This shows poor taste.
  • Remember that all items must fit the color of the dress.
  • Usually, belted look better thong panties or thong.
  • Once we picked up the underwear and times, as well as to choose the appropriate stockings, make sure that all the accessories together comfortable to wear. These things you have to be comfortable for a long time, otherwise you will not be able to feel confident and relaxed.

Women belt for stockings - a long way from the Middle Ages

The first attempts to create a women's belts for stockings dating back to the Middle Ages .  In those days, both men and women wore tight pants, stockings - highway, which were made from heavy fabrics such as ribbons .  Independently mounted on a belt or on foot, they could not, so they helped the garter, and later they became attached with the help of ribbons, laces .  Maker of suffocating corsets Foreol Dede gave the female and the first belt for supporting stockings .  However, while he was not yet part of the erotic wardrobe and had a medical purpose .  Since then popular stockings were attached to the thigh using garters, Dede found them harmful to blood circulation, therefore proposed to replace the belt, which connects with a corset and stockings firmly supported .  In the 50s of the last century belt for women's stockings fell into disgrace - feminine delicate images of that time gave it the status of accessory items for women of easy virtue .  And with the advent of 60-ies of tights, and they do no longer need .  They became simply not needed .

All about women's stockings and tights

Since the 60s of the last century, women's fashion tights from a purely functional object ladies toilet finally turned into an exquisite accessory. Sometimes add high fashion they yield the palm to the other accessories, and sometimes become almost its main focus. This season, proclaiming his main motto of elegance and femininity, on one of the first places brought exactly what adorns our feet. Pushing to the background liked by many women pants modern fashion designers offer a variety of women's tights, which are an excellent option to put on public display female legs.

Types of women's pantyhose and their differences

 Stockings Tights

Today the range of stockings and tights is very broad and diverse, ranging from relatively inexpensive to sophisticated models. In such a variety of beautiful female tights and it is easy to get lost. Therefore, it is sometimes very difficult to make the right choice and buy exactly what you need. But how true is selected tights depends very, very much, especially the attractiveness and comfort of your feet, as well as the length of socks products.

Today there are several types and forms of women's tights: decorative, warm, classic, curative, therapeutic and corrective.

  • Tights for women, whose pictures are presented in catalogs of manufacturers, is a more dense and opaque products manufactured using different fibers: cotton, wool or acrylic. These tights are usually used to keep warm during the cold season.
  • Female stockings decorative openwork now preferred by many modern women. This is not surprising, because the colored tights for women with a pattern, lace mesh, lace elements and fabric inserts are bright detail of the female image. Exclusive and expensive models characterized by exquisite design drawings and application.
  • Classic pantyhose for women are usually muted colors: white, transparent, black and body and usually are not allocated to any specific properties.
  • Medical tights are marked with a cross and accompanied by detailed medical instructions. Use these models only on prescription.
  • Corrective tights are replacing the elastic waist elastic "shorts" that good for slimming the hips, waist and buttocks. In a costly "Brazilian effect" corrective pantyhose female models photos look amazing.
  • Therapeutic stockings female models have a high density, which is achieved through a special pressure on the entire length of the product. Have a healing effect compression stockings are recommended to wear with chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins and other diseases of the feet. Massage, anti-allergenic and anti-cellulite models included in the category of therapeutic stockings, doctors recommend that all women, without exception, whose work is related to the heavy load on the legs.
  • Among the novelties of the industry today can be seen not only tights for pregnant women, but also sports, moisturizing the skin, flavored and various other kinds of "special effects".

The size lingerie: tights and stockings

The most important parameters to determine the size of women's fashion tights is the weight, height and hips. When shopping for stocking products should carefully study the package of women's underwear: tights and stockings, because it often has a table size, with an indication of height and weight. According to international standards adopted by the dimensions of 1 to 6, although the sale of the smallest size is extremely rare. Also, there are tights universal size, but better to give them, as they may cause inconvenience and discomfort when worn. In addition, the size can be denoted as: S, M, L and XL (small, medium, large and extra large).

To determine the size you want, get in the box to grow vertically and horizontally in the graph your weight. The field at the intersection of these two parameters will be specified your size. Taking into account when choosing your complexion, making allowance for the thickness and length of the leg, you will be able to choose the right tights that will sit perfectly on your figure.

Stockings and tights: stitching, effects, and color

Today, women's nylon tights can be seen as seamless and with round or flat seams. The first - the most expensive, but they can be worn even under the very thin and tight clothes. With sutures - the cheapest, but they are also the most uncomfortable.

Furthermore, they can be either semi-gloss and matte or semi-bright and shiny. If you choose should also be borne in mind that matte products look very strictly, and visual brilliance fills female legs.

Female stockings color: yellow, blue and red, as well as drawing and fancy patterns (openwork knit and mesh) are among today's youth very popular.

The beauty does not require victims:
Modern stockings are a true friend of women, as they not only do not give women's legs warm in the cold, but also allow you to look elegant in any weather conditions. In addition, the lingerie: stockings and tights, another massage, treat and correct the figure, making it more attractive.

 Stockings space for imagination